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Comic 1184 - Yet another clue..

1st Sep 2014, 12:00 AM
Yet another clue..
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Stormwind13 1st Sep 2014, 12:03 AM edit delete reply

And Dari hears NO answers to her questions. Just the sounds of the firing squad. :-D
Rashala 1st Sep 2014, 12:05 AM edit delete reply

*hands HEr a picture of CAlli, Dolly AND Centcomm with a caption (You Screwed with these folks. Have a nice life....all five minutes of it you have left ebfore the agony hits.*
jamie59 1st Sep 2014, 12:14 AM edit delete reply

I think the name of those Gods is Centcomm & Tokyo Rose.
Haegan2005 1st Sep 2014, 12:17 AM edit delete reply

This is one of those occasions where more is redundant...
I have a feeling Dari dropped Lynn off and never looked back.
cattservant 1st Sep 2014, 12:36 AM edit delete reply

Wait till she finds out
what 'asshole god'
she did piss off!
velvetsanity 1st Sep 2014, 12:36 AM edit delete reply

I have a feeling that as soon as Dari's jaw is fixed she'll warn her jailers in hopes of getting off easy. At which point the fecal matter will quickly make high velocity contact with the rotational atmospheric movement device
Tokyo Rose 1st Sep 2014, 12:59 AM edit delete reply

That'd go kind of like this:

"The crazy bitch that kicked my ass and brought me in is a security agent from New Troy!"

"Her identification checks out. She's a licensed bounty hunter."

"But she said she was a Troy security agent!"

"Sure, sure. I can say that I'm Santa Claus."

"BUT -" *taser*
Rashala 1st Sep 2014, 2:34 AM edit delete reply

actually Rose I see it going more like this

Ah the Merc that His highness posted a reward for.....Yes yes *no healing done* lets see Ah yess....Special orders for this one

*Guard tazes She wakes u p Conscious and awake but mouth gagged on a organ harvest table* His highnesses orders you are to be harvested Awake for your crimes....sorry *starts cutting out parts with no anestetic
XMinusOne 1st Sep 2014, 2:27 AM edit delete reply
Depending on Dari's physical condition, she may be more valuable alive as spare parts which means New Roma makes out on the deal. She won't be harvested all at once, mind you, the remaining parts have to be kept fresh for use as needed. At least she'll be doing some good for a change.
DizzasterJuice 1st Sep 2014, 3:32 AM edit delete reply

Okay skag. Just because Ceci knows all those "special" techniques, it does not make her a fuckbot!
mjkj 1st Sep 2014, 5:03 AM edit delete reply

I wonder how the reception will be - and if dari is granted an immediate audience with deci to relieve his anger and frustration...
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