thank you !
by Centcomm

ok this is awesome 37 subscribers - *gleee* there is no way to thank each of you as much as i want!

set construction and other issues are still being worked out - my poor computer really really hates me, also on a personal note its well known that a lot of people happen to use the same tools as i do - however i constantly hunt for "diffrent" items and often spend hours trying to make something my own - recoloring / retexturing and so on about 4 years ago ( maybe 2 ) i picked up a aircraft with the intent of useing it in the story - its a nice model well constructed , good textures - a week ago or so the same model shows up in 4 other webcomics ..

this is the craft in question -

sighs found out DAZ put the bloodything on sale so now everyone seems to have bought it and used it the same week..

i go to a lot of trouble to make this little comic the best i can for you guys . and i dont want to seem as if im "copying" other daz / poser comics- trust me im not, any vehicle , prop or set that appears in datachasers is not "borrowed" from another comic nor are ideas. my universe is mine - it would be nice to do this as a tottally drawn comic but thats not possable at this time - so ill use the media i have. i know a lot of daz /poser also use a fuax "drawn" render style or post production in photoshop to make it seem "drawn" but its not - and i prefer the clean render sttyle im useing. so onward and outward - again i cant thank all you guys enough -

by Centcomm

been a busy busy week - trying to get Datachasers and Luna Star pages out - have to build sets for both comics and do all the setups and renders - and script bouncing


also BIG thanks to the Following people

Breaker Delesco ( second life for "Breaker" - Datachasers  )

CeeCee firecaster ( also in second life )  ( Dr. Cooper - Luna Star )

Marchande Dark  ( Marcus - Datachasers )

Dawn Hart  ( Dr silver - Datachasers )

Sam S- the editors Husband ( "Mister Black" )


Also Visoneer / Mushroomisland / and others ...


geh ...MK 2
by Centcomm

having a lot of trouble staying on schedule .. sets having to be constructed for Luna star and lotta side projects , as in previous we have added the modeler to the team formally , hes pretty awesome at it and a fine artist in his own right...

hopfully i can keep up the dayly for both but not sure .. LS may have to go bi weekly .. >_< poor Galina..


AUGH! and 3d modeling
by Centcomm

ok this thing just wiped my entire entry .. bastards...

ok was going to say that we have a modeler that has graciously offered to help make "props" for the comic

this person is Visoneer here at comic fury

this is the "New Troy" inhibitor collar

and a bit of insite to creation process..

concept art

refinement .. and discussion..

more refinement

and finally Gali modeling the near finished product ..


also the Q-drive...

WIPs and Info
by Centcomm

The new strip by rose is to help correct some comments made by me ... >_< also enjoy "Memory Shards" a self contained story about Dolly.. and due to program errors Dollys "old body" is having to be upgraded - so im going whole hog and ret-conning the change.. heres some teasers  Sorry about the image size .. i know what your thinking " But but you cant change Dolly!!! sadly . i have little choice . the old body has major errors that make it very very difficult towork with   so without fearther ado these are WORKS IN PROGRESS !! NOT FINAL!!!!!

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