Comic 1040 - Sunday Q&A 4

6th Jul 2014, 12:05 AM
Sunday Q&A 4
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Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 3:02 AM edit delete
Pay attention now.. As kind of a than you for all your support and for being such a great readership ( We have 5 pledges on Patreon !!! )

We are holding a contest .. the rules will be posted as well as the rest of it on next Saturday. and run for 2 weeks .. The WINNER \
gets a custom piece of art with UP to three characters of the winners choice ( certain restrictions will apply )
there will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd as well :D SO pay attention to this space :D
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Sheela 6th Jul 2014, 1:09 AM edit delete reply

Oh my, Acantha has a bit of a mean streak, doesn't she just ?

And dang, seeing Mira again is nice, she's been missed a lot.
... but my target practice is coming along!
anonymous coward 6th Jul 2014, 5:04 AM edit delete reply
Whose sister is she? A lot of forms of crazy tend to have either environmental or heritage risk factors.
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 11:00 AM edit delete reply

Shes the daughter of Valerius however Her and Deck have diffrent mothers.
Stormwind13 6th Jul 2014, 5:17 AM edit delete reply

Windage and elevation, Sheela; windage and elevation. :-D
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 11:00 AM edit delete reply

VanEzzania 6th Jul 2014, 5:58 AM edit delete reply

The cast really seem to hate my questions xD
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 11:01 AM edit delete reply

eh- they are just being pains in the asses .. IM sure I can give them a "attatude adjustment later " :D
Stormwind13 6th Jul 2014, 1:07 PM edit delete reply

::Hands CentComm a BIG A$$ attitude adjustment wrench:: You might need this. :-D
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 4:37 PM edit delete reply

Thanks .. Oh MIRA!

* Screams echo *
Stormwind13 6th Jul 2014, 6:56 PM edit delete reply

Not sure going after Mira with a big wrench is a GOOD idea. She'll probably take it away from you and show you how to USE it! :-D
highlander55 6th Jul 2014, 7:55 PM edit delete reply

Is that where the saying "Wench" came from?
jamie59 6th Jul 2014, 8:39 AM edit delete reply

Come on & tell us how you really want to torture Douchebag
Stormwind13 6th Jul 2014, 9:30 AM edit delete reply

Video games aren't graphic enough for that, jamie. :-D
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 11:02 AM edit delete reply

Well its not like he doesnt give her ample reason :D
DeathBuhda 6th Jul 2014, 10:03 AM edit delete reply

I happen to know the contents of Folder 201

"Oh, what sites we have to show you." - Pinhead
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 11:02 AM edit delete reply

* insert evil laughter *
Rashala 6th Jul 2014, 1:42 PM edit delete reply

Wow Acantah A simm psycho killer .....well with her broth as a sim.......who knew....wait that's not right...Who DIDN"t know that's better ;)

hmm I might send in a few more Q's To other cast members mind you ;)
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 4:34 PM edit delete reply

heh hey Didn't you ever torment your sims?
It was FUN!
dougwarner59 6th Jul 2014, 2:04 PM edit delete reply

I know you get tired of these types of questions, but did you make these models your self. I mean from scratch?
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 4:36 PM edit delete reply

I make the final "look" of the figures - the mesh itself is from DAZ Studio :D I also use a LOT of things from diffrent places .. and sometimes someone is nice enough to provide a custom mesh for the comic :D
mjkj 6th Jul 2014, 3:02 PM edit delete reply

Wow, one of my questions :D

Thank you, Acantha *hugs*

Yeah, Mira is well missed... *sighs* ...I hope she will show up more often...

Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 4:36 PM edit delete reply

hehe :D there are more :D
Stormwind13 6th Jul 2014, 3:31 PM edit delete reply

Actually, I'm kind of surprised by Acantha's answer there.

I thought she was more the manage the big things and let the people get on with their own lives kind of ruler. I never figured she would be into micromanaging all of them. That gets tiring and frequently leads to resentment. Most people don't like being micromanaged. :-)
Centcomm 6th Jul 2014, 4:37 PM edit delete reply

thats why she only does it in a game.. She treats people as People :D
Stormwind13 6th Jul 2014, 6:02 PM edit delete reply

So she is 'secretly' wanting to control people? But (so far) only does it to pixels? :-D
Tokyo Rose 6th Jul 2014, 8:50 PM edit delete reply

Acantha has no interest in micromanaging real people. Part of the draw for her is the catharsis of watching Sim Decimus suffer cartoonishly; part of it is the reminder that micromanaging people SUCKS. It does keep her mindful that the big picture is made up of a lot of little moving parts, though.
GhostRider 16th Nov 2015, 9:21 AM edit delete reply
Okay, I don't know if you're still doing these, but I have a question for Prince Douchebag himself. Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?
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