Comic 1090 - Lies...

19th Oct 2014, 9:00 PM
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DLKmusic 19th Oct 2014, 9:06 PM edit delete reply
And there it is! When faced with an intolerable choice, indignation is your best defense!
Wake up, Julia, you either want things to change, or you want to stay a victim the rest of your life. The time has come to choose which one you want.
Centcomm 19th Oct 2014, 10:45 PM edit delete reply

You will understand her reaction more in the next few pages.. :/
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 12:32 AM edit delete reply
I actually thought her reaction was very human, and very natural. That's what makes the two of you such great story tellers. Even when things take an unexpected twist *Cough*Kiku*Cough*, Everyone's reaction to the extraordinary circumstances that they are in is completely human, even if the character is not. That includes the good, the bad, and the ugly in all of us.
And best of all, there is no hidden moral or political message behind your writing. I can't tell you how impressed I am with your storytelling, and I consider myself pretty good with words.
Sheela 20th Oct 2014, 3:43 AM edit delete reply

I think it's more a reaction out of fear, than indignation.
She knows how twisted the prince can be.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 3:54 AM edit delete reply

I think part of it is fear and part of it is pure surprise. And I agree with DLK, it is a very human reaction. You guys are doing a great job in presenting your characters as REAL people. Thank you.
velvetsanity 20th Oct 2014, 1:59 PM edit delete reply

I think it's a combination of fear, surprise, and betrayal. Remember, they're lovers, and Miraiko's kept this secret from her for well over four years...
Hornet 21st Oct 2014, 6:27 AM edit delete reply
Battered person syndrome.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:18 AM edit delete reply

Well most of it is just writing like people talk.. Most of the Dialogue credit goes right to rose she sculpts the words into a pretty picture .. and honestly the comic would not be here if it werent for her..
Haegan2005 19th Oct 2014, 9:17 PM edit delete reply

This may not end as well as we think. I am curious as to why Roma thinks nothing bad is going to happen from this kidnapping.
DLKmusic 19th Oct 2014, 9:29 PM edit delete reply
Funny you should mention that... Go back and read the exchanges again between Max and Kali after Lynn Bopped the prince on the head.

It's safe to say everyone is a little... Anxious? Concerned? Frightened? ... I'll probably find the word I'm looking for at 4 am this morning during a brief wakeup between dreams.
Dragonrider 19th Oct 2014, 10:31 PM edit delete reply

Scared Sh**less sounds about right.
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 12:16 AM edit delete reply
Closer, but not quite there
Timotheus 19th Oct 2014, 9:45 PM edit delete reply

Anyone in Roma with more than 1.5 active brain cells (or the equivalent) that knows about it is fully aware of the FUBAR potential they are facing from this situation. Most are just hoping that nothing will happen as long as the hostage is unharmed and returned before their fearless leader decides to play "world class negotiator" again. They're either plotting on methods to overthrow him, forestall him, hide from him, distract him, neutralize him, or remove the temptation from his reach. It's a wonder the bureaucracy functions at all there.
Dragonrider 19th Oct 2014, 10:37 PM edit delete reply

Lets face it people in Nova Roma aside from those in the royal loop don't even know that Lynn was kidnapped they just think Acantha has a friend.
Centcomm 19th Oct 2014, 10:48 PM edit delete reply

Correct very very few actually know whats going with Lynn Taylor. Most don't even know who she is. Now most of the world is familar with "Helios Taylor" some are even aware of who Lt Col Halloran Taylor is but Lynn is not even a blip to most folks. even in her own city. They might recognize Calliope but thats it.
velvetsanity 20th Oct 2014, 6:53 PM edit delete reply

Are you sure they're not plotting all of the above? :D
Haegan2005 19th Oct 2014, 9:49 PM edit delete reply

I don't know about you, but I would be scared shi*less if Lynn was actually badly hurt. Her Mother controls a military force that would do really bad things to the city.

They do not now about 3C's wish to not open the pandera's box again.
Centcomm 19th Oct 2014, 10:49 PM edit delete reply

Very few actually knows what Cent-Comm has...
Sheela 20th Oct 2014, 3:45 AM edit delete reply

But they do know she has a fairly large, and quickly mobilized, drone army.

That would be enough to be very concerned.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 3:48 AM edit delete reply

We (the readers) have a lot better idea of what is going on then the world at large. We are watching ALL the command loops, whereas most people are barely aware the loops are there.

People in New Troy are seeing preparations for fighting (the warbots being brought out); however, they have NO idea what is behind that response. They rarely, if ever, get to see the Taylors so they wouldn't even know Lynn is gone.

People in Nova Roma are probably even less informed. Since the city has such a heavy military presence, they probably can't even tell if anything 'extra' is going on from that. And most of them probably NEVER see the Princess, let alone know she has a new friend.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:23 AM edit delete reply

Yes .. Most of the Palace staff may have seen Lynn - lot of them slaves or techs or staff. over 500 people live and work in the tower. Most work in offices and other jobs that keep them busy. thus how a lot of the corridors can seem empty. And anyone new gets noticed.

and Scence Lynn isn't in restraints they are assuming shes a friend and isn't wearing a collar.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 11:54 AM edit delete reply

500 out of what, something like 12 million wasn't it? I'm not sure about that, but not up for hunting it down right now. Still, NOT a large percentage in the know. And even those apparently don't realize ALL that is going on (if they think of Lynn as a friend only, not a hostage).
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 7:45 PM edit delete reply

yep stormwind - you got that right
Guest 21st Oct 2014, 8:05 AM edit delete reply
So there's no news in Nova Roma? No paparazzi that let everyone know Acantha's latest fashion in clothes or companions?

I'd think that as soon as more than 2 servants in the palace know something, that over half the 12 million know it the next day (the other half don't deign to read the tabloids). A day or two later, once reputable news outlets have confirmed the details (like anyone does real fact-checking), the other half know.
Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 8:20 AM edit delete reply

Any News hound that pokes around where they shouldnt gets a visit from A Cassian to "change the story" or from the Centurius

Remember Roma is Currently a Police state.

News is TIGHTLY controlled. and reporters know better than to write about things they shouldn't. Luna News is far more open but is mostly about exo-planetary things. They do not often report on City states. if Nova roma were more like Troy then yes Acantha may have to dodge reporters .. but not here.
DLKmusic 21st Oct 2014, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Cent-Comm had a pretty tight handle on New-Troy as well. Although not the same type of police state that New Roma was, I was assuming everything got Vetted by Cent-Comm before getting published (or censored).
Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 3:32 PM edit delete reply

New Troy news is about as reliable as a reality TV show Cent Monitors it and can kill a broadcast in a nano second should she need to
and then inform them to "kill" that story due to security concerns the main difference here is that you wont get KILLED for pushing a story. like you would in Roma.
xpacetrue 19th Oct 2014, 10:43 PM edit delete reply

I don't like the fact that the mouse-over for today's page is a frown.. :(

Bad omen....
Centcomm 19th Oct 2014, 10:48 PM edit delete reply

yeah these next few pages are .. interesting..
cattservant 19th Oct 2014, 11:23 PM edit delete reply

Well she's still asking questions so far.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 3:40 AM edit delete reply

Good point, cat. As long as she is still asking questions, she isn't running screaming from the room (which would probably get her killed).
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:24 AM edit delete reply

Still talking is good at this point..
Rashala 19th Oct 2014, 11:59 PM edit delete reply

WOW they were planning to get Acantha OUT of that Wacko's Reach...CAn we just let Tedee Turn him into a ventriloquist dummy already?
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 12:21 AM edit delete reply
More probably, getting her out, then assassinating Ceasar Nero, then bringing her back as the savior of the city while it's in Chaos. She would be in a position to make some sweeping changes of Nova Roma with minimum bloodshed.

It's probably safe so say that getting Acantha out is still a priority, and now is thier best chance, even though the timing isn't ideal.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 8:38 AM edit delete reply

Just getting Acantha out of his reach until she reaches majority, I think DLK. If Douchebag had succeeded in raping her, he very well could have destroyed her. Especially if he got her pregnant. :-\

To be the changes that is needed, Acantha has to be protected from that fate. Removing her probably seemed like the best bet. Though it sounds like everyone miscalculated a little bit on when she needed to be gotten out of Nova Roma.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:25 AM edit delete reply

whups .. someone has been peeking in Roses files.. please4 report for brain scrubbing - room 3 ^_^
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 2:04 PM edit delete reply
So, to get to room three, I follow the orange line?
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 2:08 PM edit delete reply

Yes sir!
Rashala 20th Oct 2014, 3:03 PM edit delete reply

*waits in room three*

Ok Please sit down you may feel a slight pinch *Shotguns head* Okay...get the AIS clone up and running to replace this....Stormwind13. I'll have maintenance drops this in the MT breeding pit. they need food
velvetsanity 20th Oct 2014, 6:56 PM edit delete reply

*starts wheeling neurosurgery equipment into room three along with dish soap and a scouring pad*
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 7:45 PM edit delete reply

heheh :D
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 8:39 PM edit delete reply
You know, I can always self-medicate this treatment....

(connects jumpercables to earlobes and starts to connect to a car battery)
Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 8:21 AM edit delete reply

mjkj 20th Oct 2014, 12:04 AM edit delete reply


I just hope that Dr. Julia will not do anything stupid - especially something that will get her killed. But since Cent and Rose seem to be on a murder trip all bets are off...

I just hope Miraiko can tell her that though the cake is a lie her love is not. She has to talk fast though.

Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:26 AM edit delete reply

Insert evil laughter and thunder behind her ..
Rashala 21st Oct 2014, 7:55 PM edit delete reply

*turns On the lights and the RAinbow Unicorn Set piece behind Centy is revealed.*
Draginbeard 20th Oct 2014, 12:23 AM edit delete reply

This would never be an easy conversation under normal circumstances... and with the person you thought you knew and trusted suddenly revealing she is not at all who you thought she was...

Oh man.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 8:40 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, Draginbeard. Someone you love turns out to have secrets that BIG they have been hiding from you. Makes you question everything.

Not going to be a fun conversation for either of them.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:26 AM edit delete reply

Oh yeah this just .. nuked what Julia thought she knew about Miriako. not a good place to be.
SquallLion 20th Oct 2014, 1:27 AM edit delete reply

the real title should be 'revelation' :p
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:27 AM edit delete reply

The title refers to all the lies Miriako has told to keep things under cover..
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
Nah, that comes later...

"Behold, the third angel blew his trumpet, and I perceived androids falling from the sky. and a lone voice was crying, Roma has fallen, Roma has fallen. and the number of people dead was one third of the city"

(TeeDee, do you always have to overdo EVERYTHING?)
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

TD : and you wonder why I cleaned out the Armory before I left.. Cent will regret giving me a "open ticket" MUHAHAHAHAH! * lighting crashes behind her...I have become Shiva.. destroyer of worlds!
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 10:27 PM edit delete reply
OMG, that would be an hilarious pic. with the mini-nuke cannon in her arms and the lightning crashing behind her....
I would put that on a T-Shirt! especially now, in the "sprite" style body!
Tokyo Rose 21st Oct 2014, 2:11 AM edit delete reply

Okay, Cent. Whip up a Teedee-plus-lightning pic for Sunday or something :)
mjkj 21st Oct 2014, 2:37 AM edit delete reply

Seconded... :D
Stormwind13 21st Oct 2014, 3:01 AM edit delete reply

Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 8:22 AM edit delete reply

ok ok... goes back to work :D
Kamy 20th Oct 2014, 3:05 AM edit delete reply
For "Acantha" ?, the discussion gonna get bumpy...
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 3:51 AM edit delete reply

GET, Kamy? No, I fear it is going to start registering on the Richter Scale. :-p
mjkj 21st Oct 2014, 2:38 AM edit delete reply

I believe that would be #9 or #10 of the Richter Scale... least
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:28 AM edit delete reply

Turns on the no smoking sign and fasten seat belts sign.
Skweeee 20th Oct 2014, 5:56 AM edit delete reply

I would be all like; "cool!"
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 8:41 AM edit delete reply

And the funny thing is, Julia MIGHT get there too, Skweeee. Right now though, she is in too much shock to think about that. Her nice little (relatively) safe and stable world just had a major overturn.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:29 AM edit delete reply

Julia is in that weird sick falling feeling that comes with having everything you knew yanked out from under you. Miriako is hoping Julia's rational and Logical mind takes over.. rather than the scared "girl" shes talking to.
Dragonrider 20th Oct 2014, 10:58 AM edit delete reply

Question what are they gonna do when Lynn refuses to go without Acantha?
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:30 AM edit delete reply

Are you kidding.. they are planning on it. ( maybe )
Sheela 21st Oct 2014, 9:19 AM edit delete reply

Oh, they won't have to do anything, because that will be about the same time that Dolly goes <RAWR> and beats up the new roman army.

That's why TeeDee only gets to beat down two-thirds of the army, because the first third of the army hadn't recovered from Dolly yet. :D
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 11:05 AM edit delete reply

I just noticed in the 3rd and 4th panel, something happened. Look at how close Miraiko and Julia were together in the first two panels. Then look at the 3rd and especially the 4th panel. Someone (and I'm guessing Julia) backed up a step or so.

Unconsciously trying to distance herself from the weirdness that just invaded her world? A step away from the relationship she had with Miraiko? Something else altogether?

The one thing I'm sure of is that it was NOT an accident. The team making the comic seem to delight in making use of such techniques to convey deeper things than just the words. :-)
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 11:31 AM edit delete reply

HAH you caught it .. You get a gold star!!
DLKmusic 20th Oct 2014, 2:07 PM edit delete reply
Wow, great observation, I didn't notice it.
of course, I'm still reeling from the dialog, so....
Stever 20th Oct 2014, 1:18 PM edit delete reply

I'm interested to see how this operation goes forward.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 4:36 PM edit delete reply

Oh wait till Wednesday ..
DizzasterJuice 20th Oct 2014, 3:26 PM edit delete reply

You always do a great job of making sure hands and feet are posed right when touching something like in the second frame. Most other CG artists don't and I always notice that.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 4:37 PM edit delete reply

Thanks .. I noticed that in yours too ..badly done hands and feet are often the sign someone didnt bother taking the time to make sure they are right.
Matt Knab 20th Oct 2014, 3:33 PM edit delete reply

What a bomb to drop!
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 4:37 PM edit delete reply

Oh shes not done yet.. She still has a few strafing runs to make sure there are no survivors.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 6:36 PM edit delete reply

I think this was your bomb, Matt. At least that is what it FELT like to Julia!

Um, I was under the impression Miraiko wanted Julia TO survive, CentComm. :-p
velvetsanity 20th Oct 2014, 6:59 PM edit delete reply

I think the 'survivors' in question here are Julia's doubts and fears...
Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 8:22 AM edit delete reply

Sheela 21st Oct 2014, 9:21 AM edit delete reply

Just wait until you see TeeDee's bombs.

... they are all shapely charges ! XD
DLKmusic 21st Oct 2014, 12:56 PM edit delete reply
See "I am become destroyer of worlds" comment above!!!
highlander55 20th Oct 2014, 4:00 PM edit delete reply

First Douche bag physically abuses her then Miraiko mentally abuses her.
Julia will end up with a B.O.B. just so as not have to worry about anymore abuse.
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 4:38 PM edit delete reply

Well up till now Miriako has been the perfect companion/slave/partner..
Phil 21st Oct 2014, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
When something seems perfect... it probably isnt...
velvetsanity 20th Oct 2014, 7:20 PM edit delete reply

I think the only thing that could even remotely be considered to have been abused by Miraiko *any* way you look at it would be Julia's trust. There are two very good reasons for having kept this from Julia before now: minimize chance of blowing her cover, and (hopefully) protect Julia in case her cover had been blown before it was time to act.

There are several reasons for telling her now (some definite, some merely possibilities that upcoming pages will likely clarify which are at play).
1. It's crunch time. Meaning that things are in motion that make it time to act.
2. Miraiko's cover, as stated, will be blown. This means that either she escapes, or she dies. Presumably the plan includes Miraiko escaping to safety (or to return to Rose). Either way, Miraiko will no longer be in Roma.
3. Miraiko does actually love Julia and doesn't want to leave her behind.
4. Julia's assistance is needed for a key part of the plans to ensure optimal results.
5. Having been Julia's property and lover for the past four plus years, once Miraiko's cover is blown, Julia will automatically be suspected regardless of her involvement or knowledge.
6. Once Acantha's extracted, it will be beneficial to have someone around that not only does she know and trust, but also knows her medical history.

As I said, several of these are definite, but 3 and 4 are merely possibilities though one or both being true is likely. 5 and 6 are primarily tactical/strategic considerations.
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2014, 7:28 PM edit delete reply

Well reasoned, velvet. Now to see how true even the most likely of them are (with the EVIL duo trying to keep us all guessing).
Centcomm 20th Oct 2014, 7:44 PM edit delete reply

Well done Velvet.. :D
someone 20th Oct 2014, 9:42 PM edit delete reply
Man, usually cliff hangers are more like, omg do they find her hiding in the dark. what will become of our hero now that the arch villain has discovered a key flaw in his strategy.

This is my first "can she accept in a 15 second conversation that her world is upside down, or does she die". And let me tell you I think it is the toughest cliff hanger, for me to wait through, I've seen in years.
Tokyo Rose 21st Oct 2014, 2:06 AM edit delete reply

I will take that as a high compliment. Thanks for reading. :)
Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 8:23 AM edit delete reply

:D Rose does a fantastic job doesn't she .. :D
Stormwind13 21st Oct 2014, 2:57 PM edit delete reply

Yes, Rose does a super job. The dialogue carrys so much of what is going on and keeps the great art company. :-)
plymayer 20th Oct 2014, 9:48 PM edit delete reply

So much for everything!

The whole universe just took a wrond turn at Albuquerque.
Stormwind13 21st Oct 2014, 3:03 AM edit delete reply

Wrong turn into the TWILIGHT ZONE, plymayer! :-)
Centcomm 21st Oct 2014, 8:23 AM edit delete reply

oh so very much!
Sheela 21st Oct 2014, 9:24 AM edit delete reply

That's because someone stole the right turn !
velvetsanity 21st Oct 2014, 10:17 AM edit delete reply

Wish I'd known. I had dinner in Albuquerque just the other day...
Stormwind13 21st Oct 2014, 3:05 PM edit delete reply

LOL velvet. Was that by design or by a wrong turn though? :-D
velvetsanity 21st Oct 2014, 8:38 PM edit delete reply

By design. It was a fuel stop enroute to deliver a load to California.
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