Comic 11 - Enter Dolly

8th Mar 2007, 11:21 AM
Enter Dolly
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Centcomm 4th Feb 2014, 10:50 PM edit delete
**This Page has been remastered** 2/4/2014
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mushroomisland 16th May 2012, 4:44 PM edit delete reply

This is actually a really well made CGI comic. How do you get all those different poses/face expressions? In most other comics I've read, they seemed to have a set limited amount of expressions/poses they could put together.
CG comics are really..really...alien to me, I don't know anything about it lol
Centcomm 16th May 2012, 4:47 PM edit delete reply

THANK YOU ! *hands Mushy a cookie* :)

All the posing is done by hand, that means i manipulated all the diffrent parts, and pieces for each pose. - the comic gets better as i do . the expressions are basicly combinations of almost 90 "dials"
its.. a bit of work
mushroomisland 16th May 2012, 4:56 PM edit delete reply

Oooh so it's not like you're using bought stock poses that's been pre-made, like some others I've seen.. (newfound respect)
Centcomm 16th May 2012, 5:12 PM edit delete reply

Heck no , thats the issue with 90% of the CGI comics they think they can just load it up and plop crap around. and its perfect .. without a shred of artistic ability, or trying .. it just gives other people a bad rap.
mjkj 5th Feb 2014, 12:51 AM edit delete reply

Yup, and the remastered page is great - and I believe is explaining more than the previous pages did.

Great job, CentComm and Rose.
Centcomm 11th Feb 2014, 12:59 PM edit delete reply

thats the major idea behind these is making the comic as a whole better!
mjkj 11th Feb 2014, 2:54 PM edit delete reply

I am looking forward to the text-less comics being re-done with text :D

(The ones where the text is in the blog...)
Centcomm 11th Feb 2014, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

im not sure what ones you are talking about *confused *
mjkj 12th Feb 2014, 7:37 AM edit delete reply

I meant these updates: Black Briefing.. and Black supplemental.. (should be "Gearing Up") and Stealing What's Yours and maybe others that I have missed finding in my quick search...
Tokyo Rose 6th Nov 2014, 2:45 PM edit delete reply

Those weren't really intended to be actual comic pages; we intentionally skipped over the briefing because it would have largely been repetition (with edits) of what was said to Marcus and Cella, and "Stealing What's Yours" was written by the actual Mr. Black. :D
DLKmusic 6th Nov 2014, 1:04 AM edit delete reply

I'm kinda torn on this one. on one hand, I like Dolly's look aesthetically much better on the Reboot, but on the other hand, the contrast on the original pages where Dolly was MUCH more mechanical in appearance kinda made Lynn's disdain a little more... understandable (still intolerable, but understandable)...
Centcomm 6th Nov 2014, 1:11 AM edit delete reply

The thing is - it wasn't meant to be "disdain" but teen " i want to do things on my own.. your just the family butler type of thoughtlessness .. :/
Mark_L_A 2nd Aug 2015, 9:27 PM edit delete reply

remastered 2/4/14?

Also here is Dolly's sidearm?
Centcomm 2nd Aug 2015, 9:38 PM edit delete reply

yeah thats the date when this Reboot was posted,

im confused about the sidearm comment..
Mark_L_A 2nd Aug 2015, 10:34 PM edit delete reply

I don't see her L-Shard pistol. Most handguns are commonly called a "Sidearm" in Law Enforcement and Military, of which I'm ex both.

And I could have sworn I saw the old artwork just a few months ago.
Braincase 24th Oct 2015, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
running through the arcives, is one of those cars the Asari ship from mass effect
Centcomm 24th Oct 2015, 9:44 PM edit delete reply

That it is! good catch!
GhostRider 20th Nov 2015, 7:56 AM edit delete reply
Hey! It is! Totally missed that. *applauds Braincase*
GhostRider 29th Oct 2015, 2:21 PM edit delete reply
Is there someone specific narrating this? Cause I keep reading the narrator as Morgan Freeman.
Centcomm 6th Jan 2016, 12:52 PM edit delete reply

Actually that's perfectly ok its just called narrator in the scripts
GhostRider 25th Nov 2016, 8:39 PM edit delete reply
So, definitely Morgan Freeman.
Oldarmourer 11th Jun 2019, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
so...Gary Owens isn't a good choice ?
GhostRider 6th Jan 2016, 11:57 AM edit delete reply
First frame, Dolly looks badass. Last frame, nice touch with the "Private Security on Duty" sign in the background. Little things like that make the comics awesome level go over 9000
Centcomm 6th Jan 2016, 12:53 PM edit delete reply

I really try to do things like that it makes the world more believable to me
GhostRider 25th Nov 2016, 8:40 PM edit delete reply
Although, I think "Private Security" is an understatement. More like "Private Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Doberman, Dragon, Apache Helicopter on Duty"
antrik 23rd Apr 2017, 4:57 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, she totally "rocks" that outfit ;-)
megados 28th Apr 2017, 5:25 PM edit delete reply

I always had a soft spot for the "old" Dolly! :)
J 14th Dec 2017, 3:54 PM edit delete reply
Dolly's neck...plates and armor/tech suit look badass! Much more "purpose built" and less "replicant" than Galinah. Yuo'd have to be mental to mess with her charges. The grayish/unmatched skin tone on her fingers is weirding me out though.
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