Comic 1100 - Malati's Mission #08

11th Nov 2014, 11:16 PM
Malati's Mission #08
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Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 12:58 AM edit delete
Ignore the numbering glitch sorry this is the next in line ...
Tokyo Rose 12th Nov 2014, 2:59 AM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
*fixes glitch*
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velvetsanity 11th Nov 2014, 11:22 PM edit delete reply

Wow. Malati's so fast her blade shows up in still images as a motion blur afterimage. :D
Aetrun 13th Nov 2014, 2:49 PM edit delete reply
It looks to me as if it were thrown actually.
velvetsanity 13th Nov 2014, 11:05 PM edit delete reply

It's attached to some sort of glove she's wearing.
xpacetrue 11th Nov 2014, 11:30 PM edit delete reply

Or, maybe the blade was buried into her heart from the back, without it actually protruding out the front? (At least, that's what came to mind for me.)
velvetsanity 11th Nov 2014, 11:55 PM edit delete reply

In the last panel, you can see the afterimage blur across the terrorist's throat.
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 12:24 AM edit delete reply

cant comment yet..
Deo 11th Nov 2014, 11:39 PM edit delete reply

malati used cutthroat. it's super effective
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 4:32 AM edit delete reply

mjkj 12th Nov 2014, 12:34 AM edit delete reply

The silent voice got silenced... :p

So, did I miss something? After mission #07 follows mission #9?

Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 4:32 AM edit delete reply

numbring got fubared when I was uploading .. ill have to fix all of them now.. sighs
Timotheus 12th Nov 2014, 9:35 AM edit delete reply

Maybe #8 was originally the mission where the ninja plumbers sneak in the classroom and replace the old cast iron radiators with the modern radiant heat exchangers under the windows (good for heating and cooling) without anyone noticing.
Tokyo Rose 12th Nov 2014, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

Followed by #9, where the Ninja Aestheticists engage in furious battle with the Ninja Plumbers, and #10, where the Ninja Diplomats negotiate a compromise to make the modern hardware look like the old-style radiators.
Sheela 13th Nov 2014, 5:02 AM edit delete reply

Followed by a pirate raid.
Antonious 12th Nov 2014, 12:43 AM edit delete reply

Talk about cutting it short.
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 4:33 AM edit delete reply

and another zinger!
Rashala 12th Nov 2014, 12:50 AM edit delete reply

Well she's really lost her head with that rant.
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 4:33 AM edit delete reply

Timotheus 12th Nov 2014, 2:54 AM edit delete reply

No, no, no, disarm her first (literally), then the silent voice can spill all it knows to the world's interrogators. "Slik" just makes silent voices really silent.
(And someone is using just a tad too much eye make-up.)
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 4:33 AM edit delete reply

LOL wait for it :D
SquallLion 12th Nov 2014, 5:12 AM edit delete reply

'SLIK' oh! her throat is cut!
'didn't get that the first time i watched the pannel ^^
very good cliffhanger
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 5:42 PM edit delete reply

hands out plastic smocks .. your gonna need this :D
Draginbeard 12th Nov 2014, 7:02 AM edit delete reply

"The silent voice will not go unheard..." good lord. Hasnt been a dumber saying since "What is dead, may never die." Mal should have smacked her upside her empty head first, just on general principle!
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 5:42 PM edit delete reply

would a blade though the skull be ok?
Draginbeard 13th Nov 2014, 12:34 AM edit delete reply

Actually yeah. This way is clean, quiet, and efficient.
Dragonrider 12th Nov 2014, 8:11 AM edit delete reply

Are these people Douchie's Private Secret Police? They have the same goals as he does.
Hornet 12th Nov 2014, 8:54 AM edit delete reply
Secret Police? yes. Sharing Deci's goals? no. Preserving the peace? yes. Course I don't think Deci's has any real goals besides protecting himself and his lifestyle.
Dragonrider 12th Nov 2014, 12:45 PM edit delete reply

Yes, Pax Romanas and World Domination through the Superiority of Nova Roma Arms.
anonymous coward 12th Nov 2014, 1:02 PM edit delete reply
You mean the generic, repressed, violent fanatics preaching hate and violence here? You think this might be war-gaming with the prince sacrificing intelligence assets in a live-fire training op for Malati the combat gynoid here? Seems a little unlikely, but they could be intentionally armed and duped 'useful idiots.' Those would be used by the prince to justify increasing police and military mobilization, and perhaps other policies.
Tokyo Rose 12th Nov 2014, 3:34 PM edit delete reply

They're terrorists who are fighting against Decimus's reign via mass killings of civilians to prove he can't protect the people, so the citizens will rise up against him. There are big holes in their logic, but that's how fanatics do.
anonymous coward 13th Nov 2014, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
I noticed your answer doesn't actually rule out mine, Rose. Of course it might be overestimating prince fuckwit's grasp of history to think he'd read about the CIA's 1953 Operation Ajax in Iran, or things like it.
Tokyo Rose 13th Nov 2014, 6:13 PM edit delete reply

Decimus won't even tolerate his own sister saying anything critical of him in a private setting. No way in blue hell he would ever countenance a group like this.
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 5:42 PM edit delete reply

Rose pretty much covered this one :D
rfaramir 13th Nov 2014, 11:49 AM edit delete reply
They almost had me on their side when I MIS-read this: "You're making them into soft, weak little sheep that think real peace is possible without force to impose it!"

I thought she said "sheep that think real peace is IMpossible without force". Took a few minutes to disengage from agreeing with that version in my head!

Peace is possible without force being used to impose it on others, although it takes both sides to agree. It's what you do with those who disagree with you that matters most for peace. Do you let them live their own way? Or do you try to force them to live your way?

Force is allowed to defend yourself, your property, and your loved ones (and the helpless), but not allowed when aggressing against others and their property. So force is still justly 'used' (or the threat of it is) to defend peace, but not justified to impose any particular situation on a non-consenting peaceful person.
Aetrun 13th Nov 2014, 2:53 PM edit delete reply
Internal peace is possible without force, external peace usually requires the strength to be forceful since there is always someone who wants peace only as long as the world acts/looks like them.
Boren 12th Nov 2014, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
Just another slice of life, however I'm afraid this one just got cut short
Thomas 12th Nov 2014, 11:32 AM edit delete reply
And neither will you!
DLKmusic 12th Nov 2014, 7:43 PM edit delete reply

After listening to this lady rant here, all I can say is that the duct tape is on the wrong mouth.

Oh, and Cent... Is it my imagination, or did you make that teacher to look like a young Patrick Swayze?
Centcomm 12th Nov 2014, 9:00 PM edit delete reply

yesh.. yes I did :D
Nystran 13th Nov 2014, 1:57 PM edit delete reply
Am I the only one thinking that this blurred line in front of the throat means Malati missed her target?
VanEzzania 14th Nov 2014, 7:59 AM edit delete reply

One of my fears of becoming a professor/teacher
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