Comic 1192 - King of Swords ( Upright )

11th Jun 2015, 9:00 PM
King of Swords ( Upright )
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Haegan2005 11th Jun 2015, 9:07 PM edit delete reply

Well, looks like Malati had an eye opener! Maybe she should practice against gladiators as well on her off hours instead of throwing underwear at them? :D

Speaking of which, hope these guys either have really good medical insurance or have good life insurance!
Centcomm 11th Jun 2015, 10:47 PM edit delete reply

yep Malati has never had the "pleasure" of sparring or fighting Maxus ..

as for the dudes in blue.. they are boned.
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:28 AM edit delete reply

They are also slightly roasted, as Maxus is wielding a fiery sword!
Haegan2005 12th Jun 2015, 7:48 PM edit delete reply

Wow, give guys cool looking armor and all the tea and weather channel they can handle and don't get them insurance? Deci is truly evil....
DLKmusic 12th Jun 2015, 9:34 PM edit delete reply

boned and slightly roasted.... so you're saying that we now have a couple of boneless roasted turkeys? on a flaming skewer?

Did anyone remember to bring the mashed potatoes and gravy to go along with that?
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 3:47 PM edit delete reply

Yes, TeeDee brought lots.

It's slightly out of date, but that's allright, MurderTurds will eat anything. :)
Computant 18th Aug 2016, 8:01 PM edit delete reply
If I remember right, the blue means they are the Prince's hand picked sadists.
I have no sympathy, and in fact wish a lingering death upon them.
Dragonrider 11th Jun 2015, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

Two and one half down, two and one half left. Unfortunately the one half is a recovering Cassion, this fight has a long way to go.
Centcomm 11th Jun 2015, 10:47 PM edit delete reply

yes you are quite correct :D
anonymous coward 12th Jun 2015, 12:53 AM edit delete reply
Hmm, I'm starting to think that perhaps the stormtroopers would have been better served by dual-wielding pistol Uzis loaded with shattering AP flechettes and spraying out the full clips: They obviously didn't hit Maxus with stopping power so they needed more dakka.
Mark_L_A 12th Jun 2015, 1:27 AM edit delete reply

More Dakka More Dakka


Durka Durka Durka
plymayer 11th Jun 2015, 9:49 PM edit delete reply

Thanks for the slow motion. Everything would have just been a blur.
Centcomm 11th Jun 2015, 10:46 PM edit delete reply

your welcome and your correct :D this is all happening very quickly :D
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:30 AM edit delete reply

One of the things most people think, is that big muscular warriors are slow because of their bulk.

Nothing could be father from the truth.
A bodybuilder might be slow, but a fighter will never be slow.
anonymous coward 11th Jun 2015, 10:13 PM edit delete reply
I was wrong, the creators of this comic weren't feeling that audience hostile.
Say, question, is that sword literally making flaming cuts through dudes, or is that stylized artistic effect to render sword cuts in a static picture medium?
Centcomm 11th Jun 2015, 10:46 PM edit delete reply

Yes the Sword is actually "on fire" as it burns off the biological matter its passing though ( see the new Tech page entry on it for more info )

and nope we are staying on this until its finished one way or another :D
MirrorField 12th Jun 2015, 10:13 AM edit delete reply
Interesting. Does this field technology require a solid blade inside the field, or has someone already built a lightsaber? :D
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:36 AM edit delete reply

Could be a chemical effect too, like some compound that seeps out of the sword when it's handle is gripped, that combusts when it comes in contact with air. Or blood. Or both.

Such a sword would be relatively simple to make, even with todays technology.
It's the chemical compound that would be the biggest issue.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 11:00 AM edit delete reply

The sword requires the field effect array to be embedded in the blade. the closest thing to a light saber is the New Troy Taser blade.
Tango Xray Actual 11th Jun 2015, 11:06 PM edit delete reply
Never bring guns to a close quarters knife fight - especially if the guy with the blade really does know what he is doing.

Very nice art - like the concept of the bioreactive blade, a real showman's weapon, just the thing for the circus' pit. Also like the way you handled visual 'tunneling' in the first frame.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 12:31 AM edit delete reply

yep the flaming bit is a side effect :D

glad you liked the "focus point" effect .. I try to not abuse effects like that..
cattservant 11th Jun 2015, 11:21 PM edit delete reply

My my! Goodbye!
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 12:31 AM edit delete reply

Well said!
Stormwind13 12th Jun 2015, 8:32 AM edit delete reply

Let me show you the door!
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:45 AM edit delete reply

No, no, the door has run away with the lawyer, and has sued you for HALF of all your money.

You will have to make do with Windows ... Vista.
Stormwind13 12th Jun 2015, 2:10 PM edit delete reply

I've suffered that curse before. I'll take an etch a sketch over Vista! It is more useful for sure!
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 3:48 PM edit delete reply

You know what's curious ?
A company nearby has more trouble with Win 8 than with Vista. It seems Vista has been patched so much that it's pretty stable nowadays.
It's still slow though, but stable.
Mark_L_A 13th Jun 2015, 10:47 PM edit delete reply

I run 64 Bit Vista Home, and I honestly haven't had any issues. My mother has 32 Bit Vista Home on her computer though and it is nothing BUT issues.

I think it's just that Microsoft messed up the 32 bit version, since they were thinking that no one in their right mind would be buying a 32 it computer anymore.
DLKmusic 11th Jun 2015, 11:29 PM edit delete reply

I was expecting Malati to hold back until after the cannon-fodder was expended. This is why it never pays second guess the action!

It never pays to underestimate your opponent, Malati, you should know that by now.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 12:30 AM edit delete reply

She has a plan! :D
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:46 AM edit delete reply

She's going for the underwear! :D
Stormwind13 12th Jun 2015, 3:42 PM edit delete reply

LOL Sheela. Panty raid, female style. :-D
Haegan2005 14th Jun 2015, 1:49 PM edit delete reply

Malati is consistent!
Mark_L_A 11th Jun 2015, 11:49 PM edit delete reply

Malati is not surprised, but I think shocked that Maxus actually is fast enough to dodge her. Possibly enough to throw her off her pace.

And Maxus' sword is NICE!!!!!
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 12:30 AM edit delete reply

she is certainly surprised.. She knows hes GOOD but hes better than she expected.
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:48 AM edit delete reply

Well, he *is* genetically engineered.
Probably by Setorius, and Setorius knows what he's doing when he builds a superior warrior.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:59 AM edit delete reply

Your very correct and even better .. he survived the games.. thats over a thousand matches. and Grand melee's
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 1:02 PM edit delete reply

Next thing you know, Setorius wants to upgrade Maxus. >_<
anonymous coward 12th Jun 2015, 6:24 PM edit delete reply
Problem, humans are difficult to upgrade like that. Conventionally, it would require surgery and that's always hazardous and dicey at best with regards to how good your final results are. When dealing with something like improving your implementation of designer post-humans you're probably better off tearing down the old one for wear and tear data and making a fresh batch using what you've learned. Consider applying the logic of, "The parts that weren't injured are probably too fragile so reinforce and armour them more in the next batch." Applying basic iterative design principles for hostile-environment equipment like that would be a good chunk of what Setorious could do to improve on the model.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 3:54 PM edit delete reply

While biological upgrades makes more sense in an iterative format, we are talking about transhumans here, their regenration rate may just be high enough that extensive, and frequent, surgery might not be a problem.

Not to mention that this is in the future with medical facilities far ahead of our own.
anonymous coward 13th Jun 2015, 4:55 PM edit delete reply
We are, in the real world, centuries past the invention of surgery and have made many developments in its tooling and technique since it began to become part of standard western medical practice. We are poised, within the next century or two, to take direct human touch out of the process. Yeah, that probably could make surgery work better more often if we manage to lower the amount of dangerous incompetence in the process. Potentially that would make it easier to limit unintended cuts and other damage (and hopefully lower the incidence of the "did the wrong surgery" problem).
There are irreducible risks though, chief among them the human body has something like a hundred times as many parasitic cells in it as there are human body cells. Their mass tends to be about ten percent of an adult human. Their presence, and the fact that we can't get rid of them without risking worse problems than leaving them alone, means that no matter what we do infection will always be a severe problem with surgery which causes decidedly negative complications, including death. Because of this I'm not a fan of the idea of augmentative surgery: It would cause people to die, people would be crippled, people would lose years of their lifespan and gain other health complications from it. Maybe some future nanotech fabrication process beyond surgery might have fewer problems, but I remain skeptical that the, "Everyone is constantly living with a timebomb of bacteria that want to eat us," will be so easily solved.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 6:02 PM edit delete reply

Infection is highly dependant on the recovery ability of the person. And in this case we are looking at Transhumans, who may have straight up regeneration abilities akin to Salamanders.

With something like that, infections would be a LOT less severe.
Oldarmourer 1st Jul 2019, 6:33 AM edit delete reply
Which is similar to the way A/C were upgraded in WW2, the logic went "these A/C are coming back with heavy damage to certain areas, but they're coming back' therefore the ones that didn't return must have taken damage in the areas that weren't hit on these ones so we'll armour those undamaged spots instead", and lo and behold, the loss rate dropped...
CptKerion 12th Jun 2015, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
I forgot something.
The sight of intestines spilling out of a person's abdomen makes me ill.
Nothing against this page. I just... won't be looking at it much.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 12:30 AM edit delete reply

actually thats the worst shot in the entire fight.. Sorry about that >_<
FJames56 12th Jun 2015, 6:00 AM edit delete reply
Nothing against those it bothers, but the intestines look great, just a touch of reality, most death in the entertainment media is over or underdone. Nicely done here. (imho)
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:30 AM edit delete reply

Thank you .. I try to keep it reasonable .. but I often do actual research on injurys and such .. you know how hard it is to find " Body blown apart " and then actually look at the pretty and often color high rez pictures ..

the same with gunshots and knife wounds..
Hrist landed a pretty decent cut accross Maxus .. however his hyped up biology has already sealed the wound and is dumping massive amounts of endorphins into him and andrinals .. Hes as much a killing machine as Malati or Hrist.
Stormwind13 12th Jun 2015, 4:42 AM edit delete reply

Agreed CptK, bleh. That is VERY graphic demonstration of what a very sharp blade could do to a human body. Well done, but definitely not something I want to look at often (if ever again).
CptKerion 12th Jun 2015, 6:35 PM edit delete reply
It's that they're so good that makes it so hard for me.
Mark_L_A 12th Jun 2015, 1:25 AM edit delete reply

Panel three just over Maxus' right shoulder I detect 3 rather ominous red glows.

I WONDER what those could be.


Edit: Ahhh it looks like it scrub bums blood RATS!!

Edit AGAIN: In panel two, We know Malati is overspeeding, but she looks like she is standing still, while Maxus looks like he is at Ludicrous speed. Which shows just how fast he really is. Or does it? Mayhap he has something faster than ludicrous speed?

Edit Three Why do I have the feeling the Prince Dou**imus is watching the monitors in his private rooms and gulping and getting extremely dry in the mouth?
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:52 AM edit delete reply

Decimus is already planning the next step in his plan.. ( although you KNOW who hes betting on )
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 11:03 AM edit delete reply

While decimus might be betting on himself, TeeDee is betting on the MurderTurd .. just because it's awesome. :)

Even without it's legs, it's still a match for Decimus, now she just needs a plan on how to get the Murderturd into Decimus' throne room!
Her plan is a work in progress. >_<
Haegan2005 12th Jun 2015, 5:04 PM edit delete reply

Sheela, those are the best kinds of plans, as they require fast thinking and a good deal of ingenuity(and explosives, lets not forget the explosives!)
Hornet 12th Jun 2015, 8:30 PM edit delete reply
Thinking the gene priest already regrew the MurderTurds legs. But yeah while seeing Teedee riding a MurderTurd into the throne room would be funny it lacks a certain realistic quality.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 3:56 PM edit delete reply

Plans with explosives in them are always awesome.
All TeeDee's plans have explosives in them .. a LOT of explosives, actually.

And the murderturd doesn't need legs to eat Decimus, it just needs transporting to the throneroom. :)
Aetrun 13th Jun 2015, 5:04 PM edit delete reply
Sheela, we don't need to move the murderturd to the throne room, we'll just use the explosives to bring the throne room to the murderturd.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 6:03 PM edit delete reply

I like how you're thinking, Aetrun! :D
Hornet 12th Jun 2015, 8:30 PM edit delete reply
Thinking the gene priest already regrew the MurderTurds legs. But yeah while seeing Teedee riding a MurderTurd into the throne room would be funny it lacks a certain realistic quality.
mjkj 12th Jun 2015, 2:43 AM edit delete reply

Well, Maxus is dishing out - I wonder how long it takes for the auto defense to kick in.

...and I am glad that Malati did not hurt Maxus...

I wonder what they will do when it is only Maxus, Irene, Malati and Hrist are left...

Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:52 AM edit delete reply

The Defenses are already active and working .. :D
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:53 AM edit delete reply

Even if Maxus aquires some damage, he's likely to heal pretty quickly, as he's geneticaly enhanched for stuff like that.

Wouldn't be much of a Gladiator, if he was fragile.
A good physical recovery system, would be high on the list of wanted traits.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:58 AM edit delete reply

Correct Sheela .. :D that biology is a lot of the reason the Transhumans were created by the church.. and Maxus is a Transhuman he may not be a animal hybrid but he is engineered within a razors line of being a actual superhuman.. he can already handle cyborgs and combat andriods .. as you can see here. There is NOTHING he is a afraid of.. he respects the Cassians for what they are .. and to a degree to the Pretorians.. but it is a careful respect. he knows one mistep and hes a dead man.
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 1:04 PM edit delete reply

Does he respect Murderturds ?

TeeDee wants to know!
T1G3R-2501 12th Jun 2015, 5:25 AM edit delete reply
*Eyes shimmer with whimsy as I watch. Tail swishing madly* It makes fire and gore?!! Oh Joyous panels! I want that blade something fierce! (But he already has 6)
And that fantastic dodge! He's like a murderous ballerina! All "Leaf on the Wind" and shit.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:53 AM edit delete reply

Yessss remember what happened the last time someone said.. "Leaf on the wind"...
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:57 AM edit delete reply

A murderturd farted and the wind became poisonous?
Lukkai 14th Jun 2015, 1:52 PM edit delete reply

I'm rather sure there have been several instances since where other people have said this.

And it wasn't Maxus saying it either.

Doesn't mean he's all safe and certain to win. Just that it's all still undecided and could go all ways.
VanEzzania 12th Jun 2015, 5:45 AM edit delete reply

Malati sounds more sad and disappointed than surprised.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:53 AM edit delete reply

She expected at least a flesh wound.. >_<
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:54 AM edit delete reply

Possibly also a little bit relieved, as it means he's still able to fight, so she gets to have more fun with him. :)
The Old Scribe 12th Jun 2015, 5:55 AM edit delete reply

This bunch is used to fighting 'ordinary' people and is waaay overconfident. Either they slept through the briefing on whom they were facing or embraced their badass image and thought this would be a piece of cake.

I like the decapitation and evisceration shots and the angles. You can hear the blade sizzle in your mind as it carves up his attackers. They don't even have time to scream. Of course, that's tough to do without a face or a head.
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:54 AM edit delete reply

THe Royal Pretorians honestly have never been in a "losing fight" so this is rather a eye opener.. Many people know the Legend of Maxus.. but few of them have actually WATCHED him fight in the games.
The Old Scribe 12th Jun 2015, 2:12 PM edit delete reply

Now they have a front row seat. Hehheh.
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:57 AM edit delete reply

Well, to be fair, they were not supposed to be on the frontline, the cassians were meant to do that - Meanwhile the guards were just supposed to stand back and fire into the mess with their guns.

Surprise, surprise - The first casualty in a fight, is the plan.
A good general makes sure of that, and Maxus is a very good general.
anonymous coward 12th Jun 2015, 1:05 PM edit delete reply
If he were a little bit better at exploiting chaos he'd probably want the prince's guard still alive and still shooting: Making them shoot at each other and the droids would be a legend renewer. He'll just have to settle for doing however well he does against the Cassians after he finishes dispatching the dudes shooting him to little effect.
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 1:33 PM edit delete reply

Well, he wants them to shop shooting, so they don't accidentally hit Irene.

Not to mention, he wants them to stop messing up his house.
anonymous coward 12th Jun 2015, 6:28 PM edit delete reply
Not injuring or killing Irene is a big, valid, reason to get them to shoot less, I grant you. She dies anyway if he dies, so I'd hope he's picking his tactics for maximum effect: You'd think logically that hanging close to the gunpeople where they aren't pointing their guns would make it harder for the blade-wielding combatants to have a good angle of attack without getting hit or risking friendly-on-friendly damage. If you could lead the hostiles into each others' attacks that would just be gravy.
Lukkai 14th Jun 2015, 2:02 PM edit delete reply

I don't think the Cassians would mind all that much cutting the odd Praetorian or two to get Maxus.
The problem there more of lies in the Praetorians blocking attack lines or strikes that were meant for Maxus with their bodies.
velvetsanity 13th Jun 2015, 8:27 PM edit delete reply

Jackbooted thugs are, as a rule, overconfident and don't care who they're facing because, in their minds, their victory is preordained.
anonymous coward 14th Jun 2015, 5:57 PM edit delete reply
Depends on the thugs, depends on their target. Yeah, bullies make a point of avoiding fights they think they could lose because they don't want to lose. When a fight looks tough like that they usually try to find some way to cheat and make sure the other guy either doesn't want to or can't fight back, like waiting until they are asleep or something.
chk 12th Jun 2015, 6:32 AM edit delete reply

Holy Shit!
T1G3R-2501 12th Jun 2015, 7:51 AM edit delete reply
Centcomm 12th Jun 2015, 10:55 AM edit delete reply

oh so very much...
Sheela 12th Jun 2015, 10:58 AM edit delete reply

Not so much holy, but more like "neck deep in shit", when it comes to the blue guys.
chk 12th Jun 2015, 1:54 PM edit delete reply

Good point Sheela.
Rashala 12th Jun 2015, 2:59 PM edit delete reply

the Idiot with the gun was the firt to die.....

Raise your hand if you were surprised?

No one... good And yeah vivisection girl really is probally kicking herself...though Honestly I think she's not really trying since she thinks this is total BS
DLKmusic 12th Jun 2015, 6:32 PM edit delete reply

I don't know about that, Rashala. we got a good enough glimpse at Malati's psyche to know that she takes pride in how she does her job, even if she can't take any pride in the jobs she's forced to do.

Once committed to the fight, I don't think she would hold back, even if she hates herself for it afterwards.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 4:00 PM edit delete reply


But at the same time, if she thinks that doing this job would ultimately be detrimental to Nova Roma as a whole, she would probably try to find ways to circumvent the orders.
Draginbeard 12th Jun 2015, 7:02 PM edit delete reply

Max surprised me, did not know he was that fast.
anonymous coward 13th Jun 2015, 2:30 AM edit delete reply
Training, practiced skills and experience count for a lot of 'speed' in quick-moving situations, as anybody who does paintball regularly, plays FPS*, skateboards, plays a high-speed sport or what-have-you could explain. He might have dodged it despite not being faster than Malati--or perhaps even slower--through reading her position and movement to analyze intentions and act on them faster than she could change tactics effectively. She seems to have human proportions, and human comparable limb joints, which means that skill at recognizing the options of movement from a given position would carry over at least somewhat.

*"Cover based shooters" don't count for this, they're so slow and low-skill you can play them on a D-pad controller, bleh.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 4:06 PM edit delete reply

Also, lets not forget that Maxus is the genejoke based variation of a cyborg or android, he's basically the Nova Roma variant of what Marcus Ramsey is.

The chances of those two clashing later on, is higher than average! I don't think they will kill one another, but some fighting is definately possible.
Melody_Whyte 12th Jun 2015, 7:08 PM edit delete reply

Malati, no. Bad dog. You're supposed to double agent Prince Douchebag, you dumb greyskin.

Wait, did I accidentally just refer to her as the racial term for Dunmer? Shite.

Hornet 12th Jun 2015, 8:36 PM edit delete reply
Hope it wasn't a sausage.
CptKerion 12th Jun 2015, 8:56 PM edit delete reply
or Hagis.
Sheela 13th Jun 2015, 4:08 PM edit delete reply

Wait ... Malati is a doggy ?
anonymous coward 13th Jun 2015, 5:00 PM edit delete reply
I doubt it, although some might characterize her behaviour towards gladiators at times as resembling, "A bitch in heat."
Lukkai 14th Jun 2015, 2:05 PM edit delete reply

Hmm... Haggis.
Aetrun 13th Jun 2015, 5:08 PM edit delete reply
Perhaps she is trying to double agent Prince Douchimus. That looks like she was aiming to sever the spine of someone who may actually be able to heal from that. Take him down, bring him to the Prince and be "surprised" that he recovered that fast.
CptKerion 13th Jun 2015, 11:27 PM edit delete reply
Quite often you must go to town to do your work.
I daresay Maxus is indeed one of those who must.
Skweeee 14th Jun 2015, 6:42 PM edit delete reply

Amazing set-up and beautiful action on this page!

Great work guys!!!
Morituri 14th Jun 2015, 7:12 PM edit delete reply
If I were the guy monitoring the security cams, I would be making a copy specifically to sneak out and sell to whomever broadcasts the gladitorial games. Can you imagine what they'd pay for "Legendary Pit Champion vs. two Cassians and a squad of Prince's Own?"

Obviously, not much if this all comes through with Decimus still on the throne. But somehow I have a feeling that it'll come through in some other way.
GhostRider 16th Nov 2015, 1:34 PM edit delete reply
It's very convenient that Douche gets his soldiers from the Imperial Stormtroopers (or at least they're trained to aim by the same people.)
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