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28th Jul 2015, 9:00 PM
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Tokyo Rose 28th Jul 2015, 9:03 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
We hope you enjoy this lovingly-crafted explosion.
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:36 PM edit delete
For you Long time readers - We have redone the first 50 pages of Datachasers - check it out .. comment give us some love darn it!

(( So I can convince Rose to crank out more for you! ))

These reboots take care of Minor inconsistency in plot .. tech issues Plot holes.. BAD HORRIBLE ART! and Gavin and Dari are much more believable characters now.

Lynn gets a upgrade as well as far as personality and writing.

Rose did a fantastic job on cleaning these up! So give her a party!
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Haegan2005 28th Jul 2015, 9:05 PM edit delete reply

It is nicely done.
Centcomm 28th Jul 2015, 9:23 PM edit delete reply

thanks .. and this really does not do justice to the 4 tanks of explosive gas the 80 pounds of High explosive and the 2 canisters of Liquid explosives 10 gallons each AND the fusion core going boom..

and yes we are approaching the point where Ceci and Dolly will FINALLY link up with the girls !
Haegan2005 28th Jul 2015, 9:50 PM edit delete reply


Dolly! Dolly! Dolly!

I admit to a slight prejudice here!
Sheela 29th Jul 2015, 12:07 AM edit delete reply

'Tis a nice shrubbery ... erhh .. I mean, a nice explosion.
Now you must bring us another one, and place it next to this one, only higher, so we can have a lovely path down between them.
StellarJay 29th Jul 2015, 12:10 AM edit delete reply

We accept that what we are seeing is the beginning of the explosion and not the extent of it. To see it all would require pulling the point of view back a few blocks.
Anyway, reading this page was a blast!
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:35 PM edit delete reply

Yeah .. that pretty much was JUST the impact explosion.. then everything else goes boom .
That one guy 29th Jul 2015, 3:36 PM edit delete reply
I don't know, I think that looks pretty accurate for the explosion soon enough after triggering that you can recognize even the background.

Another 10-20 milliseconds or so and it's just fire or a zoom out of a large part of the city with the explosion (not mushrooming yet at less than 1 second).
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 6:14 PM edit delete reply

thank you. that makes me feel a lot better :D
jamie59 28th Jul 2015, 9:07 PM edit delete reply

Bidi go boom!!!!
Centcomm 28th Jul 2015, 9:24 PM edit delete reply

Oh yes.. Well at least it was painless.
Sheela 29th Jul 2015, 12:09 AM edit delete reply

Eh, betcha she survived it and went airborne.

Probably blew her all the way back to WhiteOut !
Lukkai 29th Jul 2015, 8:04 AM edit delete reply

I don't think it was. Just quick enough that it didn't really register. XD
That one guy 29th Jul 2015, 3:40 PM edit delete reply
I think the question "Is a death painless if your brain is incinerated before it can register the excruciating pain your body is put through?" is a bit more clear cut than "Does a tree falling in an empty woods make a noise?" question.
DizzasterJuice 31st Jul 2015, 5:35 AM edit delete reply

*snif* *snif* Is she?..... :(
Centcomm 31st Jul 2015, 9:33 AM edit delete reply

It was for a good cause. *pats*
DizzasterJuice 31st Jul 2015, 1:36 PM edit delete reply

The first thing I thought of when I saw her in that bus was I Love My Little Bus by One Eyed Doll. lol
chk 29th Jul 2015, 8:58 AM edit delete reply

Live or die, at least she got those piles of fuck.
Lukkai 30th Jul 2015, 4:11 PM edit delete reply

More like piles of ash now. If anything.
Dragonrider 28th Jul 2015, 9:20 PM edit delete reply

Bidda Bing-Bidda Bomb-Bidda Boom

Can just hear the first meeting between CeCi and Lynn.
CeCi: SIS..Mommy has told me all about you. I just know we're going to be the BEST of friends!!

Lynn: What the HELL...SIS? What hasn't Mother told me?

Dolly: Lynn this is CeCi, She's a bit excitable but she's on our side.

Acantha: Lynn how the hell do you have an Android for a sister?

Lynn: 'Cantha You tell me I sure don't know and this day can't get any weirder.
Centcomm 28th Jul 2015, 9:25 PM edit delete reply

hahah good one ! and yeah I kinda got confused and posted my response to this on the first one
Dragonrider 28th Jul 2015, 9:29 PM edit delete reply

That's OK I made about three edits, was thinking about couple more lines and decided enough was enough.
DLKmusic 28th Jul 2015, 10:46 PM edit delete reply

I'm still wondering how Lynn is going to react when she sees Dolly!

Dolly: Lynn! we're here to rescue you!
Lynn: Uhm yeah, sure... who exactly ARE you?
Dolly: Don't be Silly, Dear, it's me, Dolly!
Lynn: Dolly? Uhm, I don't think so... you're HUMAN....
Sheela 29th Jul 2015, 12:11 AM edit delete reply

Ha ha, yeah, there's gonna be some explaining to do. :D

That said, Dolly seems resourceful she's probably already thought that over while flying to Roma.
Lukkai 29th Jul 2015, 8:06 AM edit delete reply

Hey. If anyone's got the inside knowledge to prove his (or her in this case) identity to Lynn, it's Dolly!
Mark_L_A 29th Jul 2015, 8:13 AM edit delete reply

Dolly: ANGELA LYNN TAYLOR!, I changed your diapers and I KNOW about THAT birthmark you had removed.

Lynn: Nooooooooooooo don't talk about THAT!!!

Acantha/CeCi/Aeneas/Kyle (in Unison): Birthmark?
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:23 PM edit delete reply

LOL! watches Lynn turn pretty colors of red .. :D
That one guy 29th Jul 2015, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
I've been assuming that Calliope showed Lynn her work. Possibly requested her opinion on some aesthetics, too. After all, they both look at Dolly as a mother figure, and there's a very human tendency to want to share the anticipation of really big gifts like that.

I was assuming Lynn might be sad that Dolly emergency jumped to that body to save her rather than being able to consider it and make a choice about it as a gift the way Calliope had been intending.
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 6:14 PM edit delete reply

I cant comment on this yet. :D
Mark_L_A 29th Jul 2015, 6:26 PM edit delete reply

True, if she even remembers that at the time, with all of the stress she has been under.

Also the possibility exists that while Lynn knows her mother was working on a new body for Dolly, that's ALL she knows. She doesn't know it's design, nor it's features. Although with the reboot pages going up, it's possible that the face and hairstyle transferred over quite easily, so Lynn would know that instantly.

And Lynn's reaction would be something like,

"Dolly?, Ohhh you got your new body!!! SQUEEEEE. I'm sooo sorry I got us all involved in this, can we please go home now?"
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 7:04 PM edit delete reply

Actually I can comfirm one bit.. Dollys OLD face ( Ie her reboot looks ) the facial features are exactly the same. Just skin rather than the synth-flesh she had before. SO more than likely Lynn WILL recognize her after a few moments.. and her body language and expressions although the "Human"( Model 5 body) Dolly has a bit softer features than her android ones.
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 1:03 AM edit delete reply

Plus Dolly is in heavy armor, so only her face is showing up anyways.

So there's actually a good reason why Lynn could/should recognise Dolly.
The Old Scribe 28th Jul 2015, 9:31 PM edit delete reply

"I hear you knockin',
but you can't come in,
I hear you knockin'
but you can't come in,
I hear you knockin',
But you can't come in,
Come back tomorrow night and try it agin',

Little Richard, 1957.

I think in this case Bidi did come in ... with a bang. Heehee!
DLKmusic 28th Jul 2015, 10:51 PM edit delete reply

I guess this makes Bidi the Big Bad Wolf... She huffed and puffed, and Blew the house down!
Sheela 29th Jul 2015, 12:12 AM edit delete reply

And then she went out with a bang !
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:24 PM edit delete reply

Yep .. Bidi's cameo is over :D Keep a eye out for more Cameos :D
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 1:04 AM edit delete reply

Next up, a Murderturd in camoflage clothes ?
Mark_L_A 28th Jul 2015, 9:32 PM edit delete reply

Big BOOM!!
Larodis 28th Jul 2015, 9:41 PM edit delete reply
Love the alt text
Just_IDD 28th Jul 2015, 11:10 PM edit delete reply
I just came up with a way to disable Nox. Nox almost certainly has the code to stun Lynn. If Lynn goes down cradling the gun, Nox may not check her as thoroughly asuming that she is out of the fight. I'd definitely go for a body shot since droids are not likely to keep the brain in the hard to armor external sensor lump. of course that ther android suicided by going in through the ear, so who knows.
That one guy 29th Jul 2015, 3:50 PM edit delete reply
I suspect Noctis is intending to step in with Nox. My only guess at the moment is that Noctis intends to place herself in a position to be first line with the two girls running so that Nox doesn't break their legs or something.

Alternately, since Nox is stated to be very anti-human, it's possible that she'll view Lynn, who was pretty well raised by an android in a society where androids are deemed to have damn near the same rights as humans, in a much more positive light than anyone from New Rome and will behave somewhat atypically to what Malati expected anyway.
Just_IDD 28th Jul 2015, 11:13 PM edit delete reply
Could someone put up a comment with the Alt Text?

Its not possible to hover the mouse on mobile.
mjkj 28th Jul 2015, 11:30 PM edit delete reply

Just long click on the image then you will find it above the options - at least with Firefox on android...
Larodis 28th Jul 2015, 11:43 PM edit delete reply
Alt text: Oh, so THAT'S what the noise was.
Sheela 29th Jul 2015, 12:15 AM edit delete reply

On a sidenote, the android brains are in fact placed in their heads. They were made to mimic humans to begin with, a design they stuck with.

But, on combat android, such as the cassians, the skull is armored.
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:22 PM edit delete reply

Correct .. All android Brains are in the head.
NTAS Standard do not allow non standard placement of critical components ( Brain MACCS Power core things like that.. ) this standardization actually is meant to help allow androids to be given emergency help in a timely manner .

Cassians do have some non-standard builds but generally the brain ( designed after the human one sits in the skull ) Malati drove her blade into the MACCs junction and severed her own spine. The power feedback is what killed her instantly.

MOST Andriods who expect combat get a "skull armoring system" made of Carbon Biphase Dualloy making the brain-case one of the toughest locations on a Android to damage a direct shot with a MK 3 weapon and lower will not damage the brain in any way.

Now the eyes and senses are another thing.

Drones and Robots can have there SID core anywhere the anatomy allows it.
mjkj 28th Jul 2015, 11:24 PM edit delete reply

Woah... beautiful...

Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:25 PM edit delete reply

the explosion?
cattservant 29th Jul 2015, 12:10 AM edit delete reply

Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 8:05 PM edit delete reply

StellarJay 29th Jul 2015, 12:15 AM edit delete reply

Well, it looks like the gate is now open. Drastic measures to get through a massive gate always seem to be called for. After all, "one does not simply walk into Mordor."
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:33 PM edit delete reply

Indeed :D
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 1:06 AM edit delete reply

Wait no .. one can TOTALLY walk into Mordor !
Matt Knab 29th Jul 2015, 2:44 AM edit delete reply

I don't think they were ready. Nope.
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:33 PM edit delete reply

Not for that .. no :D
Stormwind13 30th Jul 2015, 7:04 PM edit delete reply

I don't think they were HALF ready for what came after them, Matt. I mean they are getting turned into kitty litter with very little to show for it.
Greenwood Goat 29th Jul 2015, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
♫Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time,
I feel alive, and the world it's turning inside out, yeah!
I'm floating around in ecstasy, so,
Don't stop me now, don't stop me-
'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time!

I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky,
Like a tiger, defying the laws of gravity,
I'm a racing car, passing by like Lady Godiva,
I'm gonna go, go, go,
There's no stopping me!

I'm burning through the sky, yeah!
Two hundred degrees,
That's why they call me Mrs. Fahrenheit,
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light,
I wanna make a supersonic stain out of you,

You, Deckhead - you, Deckhead - you, Deckhead...♫

Kitty 29th Jul 2015, 6:51 PM edit delete reply
RIP Freddy Mercury, you were gone too soon!!

Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 7:06 PM edit delete reply

Agreed Kitty
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 1:11 AM edit delete reply

On the bright side, we did NOT get to see him grow old, fat and pass out on the bathroom floor, after suffering for some time of high blood pressure, liver damage and an enlarged colon.

So there is that. :)
Hornet 29th Jul 2015, 6:21 AM edit delete reply
Just going to put this here.
VanEzzania 29th Jul 2015, 6:48 AM edit delete reply

It looks like Bidi has a explosive reaction to corruption.
Sheela 29th Jul 2015, 11:17 AM edit delete reply

Bidi has an explosive reaction to everything, except hot girls. :D
velvetsanity 29th Jul 2015, 1:33 PM edit delete reply

Bidi has an explosive reaction to hot girls...a different, more pleasurable sort of explosive reaction of the sort that leaves underwear dripping wet, but still :D
Dragonrider 29th Jul 2015, 4:46 PM edit delete reply

@velvetsanity knowing how much Bidi loves things that go BOOM in the night (and day) would offer good odds her panties were dripping wet by the time she pushed the go button.
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:33 PM edit delete reply

She really does.. :D
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 2:55 AM edit delete reply

No, no, Bidi has wet reactions to hot girls.
velvetsanity 30th Jul 2015, 5:43 PM edit delete reply

Yes, explosively wet ones, of the sort that Taoist philosophers referred to as 'high tide' :D
Lukkai 29th Jul 2015, 8:08 AM edit delete reply

That's gonna leave a mark!
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:34 PM edit delete reply

Just a wee bit of one..
sigpig 29th Jul 2015, 8:21 AM edit delete reply

After three weeks of binge-reading, I am finally caught up; and what a time to get here!
Stormwind13 29th Jul 2015, 8:44 AM edit delete reply

Welcome to the craziness. :-)

Things are only going to get CRAZIER from here!
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:34 PM edit delete reply

Welcome to the present! :D
KarToon12 29th Jul 2015, 11:54 AM edit delete reply

Michael Bay would be so proud of that explosion. XD
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 12:34 PM edit delete reply

Aww thanks! :D
MrBill 29th Jul 2015, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 1:32 PM edit delete reply

Well shes got her own comic :D :D
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 1:54 AM edit delete reply

True, there's plenty more Bidi over at the WhiteOut comic. :)
Draginbeard 29th Jul 2015, 12:40 PM edit delete reply

OOOOO love this page! All nice and explodie!
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 1:33 PM edit delete reply

hehe oh theirs more Boom and bang a coming :D
Just_IDD 29th Jul 2015, 3:16 PM edit delete reply
If you zoom in really close, you can see that one of the canisters is in the passenger seat wearing a cowboy hat and aviator's --- Riding the Highway to Hell.
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 6:13 PM edit delete reply

That would be "Mister happy Fusion" ie the modified fusion plant.
JustNoPoint 29th Jul 2015, 6:21 PM edit delete reply

Is it the 4th of July again already? Oh wait, less carnage!
Centcomm 29th Jul 2015, 7:06 PM edit delete reply

Yeppers ! I just threw up a Patreon page that shows more detail AFTER the blast! So if you are on Patreon check it out! There is quite a bit of carnage.. :D hehe
Lukkai 30th Jul 2015, 4:17 PM edit delete reply

Fun fact: This saturday is our (Swiss) national holiday. Including fireworks, of course.
Mark_L_A 29th Jul 2015, 10:37 PM edit delete reply

A special Thank You to Cent and Rose for the reboot pages.
Centcomm 30th Jul 2015, 12:14 PM edit delete reply

Your very welcome ! some more should be coming as soon as rose gets them scripted and ballooned :D
Mark_L_A 30th Jul 2015, 7:39 PM edit delete reply

Will you keep the original artwork to show just how both your story telling and your artwork has progressed?
Centcomm 30th Jul 2015, 8:04 PM edit delete reply

There will be a comic site called "Datachasers 1st draft" where all the old stuff can be seen ill get the url up later.
Mark_L_A 30th Jul 2015, 9:11 PM edit delete reply

Very cool. I want to show both on my blog to show my readers WHY I'm addicted to DataChasers and Luna-Star.
Stormwind13 30th Jul 2015, 7:03 PM edit delete reply

Seconded, Mark. They are doing an awesome job on the redo pages. I enjoyed the original pages enough to keep reading the story for sure; however, CentComm's art has improved and Rose has added layers to the dialogue. :-)
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 8:15 PM edit delete reply

And then ... the Mockingbird chapter.
Centcomm 30th Jul 2015, 8:24 PM edit delete reply

Oh .. you just WAIT till I redo that.. If it does not send chills down your spine than ive failed.. Art wise there will be major revisions - story wise only a few points will change .. when we first did it we hadn't finalized a lot of the world building about androids . and we now have .. SO those will be taken into account :D also Ray and Minx have gotten major upgrades sense mockingbird so they will look even better Im hoping :D
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 8:41 PM edit delete reply

Nice to hear that.

How far do you intent to go with the remastered pages ?
I'm guessing up to where you change from single frames into pages at least, but what about after that ?
Ranger Logrin does look quite a lot different in the cast pages, than in the comic.
AeonOfTime 30th Jul 2015, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
Somehow I managed to misread "So give her a party!" as "So give her a panty!". I blame it on those awesome 50 pages you've redone :)

So, errrm, I suppose Rose gets a party with a panty as bonus.
Centcomm 30th Jul 2015, 12:14 PM edit delete reply

yay! im glad you like them! I didn't see any new comments :D

Rose likes *GURK!*

Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 3:14 PM edit delete reply

Dammit, now I got a very weird mental image of what just happened !

Centcomm : Hey Rose, our commenteers are weird.
Tokyo Rose : If by weird you mean awesome, then I agree.
Centcomm : No, I mean weird!
Tokyo Rose : What have they done now?
Centcomm : They're throwing a Panty Party because we have remastered the first 50 pages.
Tokyo Rose : Told you, awesome.
Centcomm : They are japanese schoolgirl panties.
Tokyo Rose : Totally awesome.
Centcomm : They have initials embroidered on them, they are not just some they bought from a shop.
Tokyo Rose : Epically awesome.
Centcomm : This means they stole them from some girls laundry.
Tokyo Rose : Astronomically Epically Awesome!
Centcomm : The initials are T.R.

Lukkai 30th Jul 2015, 4:18 PM edit delete reply

So that's how the world as we knew it ended.
Stormwind13 30th Jul 2015, 6:57 PM edit delete reply

Rose likes... GURK? I didn't know that Rose was Roman Catholic. :-D
CptKerion 30th Jul 2015, 11:52 AM edit delete reply
So during last night's D&D session a friend of mine sent me a link to a song that is actually quite suited to the rebels fighting here.

Van Canto, Last Night of the Kings
Centcomm 30th Jul 2015, 12:13 PM edit delete reply

Ohhhh I LIKE this!!! throws it on repeat! :D
thank you!!
Dan 30th Jul 2015, 11:56 AM edit delete reply
Really surprised nobody said "Big Boom Bada Boom."

My work here is done.
Centcomm 30th Jul 2015, 12:14 PM edit delete reply

actually this panel was labled this actually when I was working on it :D
Sheela 30th Jul 2015, 3:16 PM edit delete reply

Bidi Boom, not Bada Boom. ;)
Lukkai 30th Jul 2015, 4:19 PM edit delete reply

And there definitely was an earth-shattering kaboom!
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 12th Mar 2017, 11:46 AM edit delete reply

"Piles of fuck" -- that's a Shakespeare quote, right?
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