Comic 1220 - Cutting the Cord

10th Aug 2015, 9:00 PM
Cutting the Cord
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Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 8:07 AM edit delete
Brandy new TWC incentive !! I think you will like it!
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 11:07 AM edit delete
Today features a special guest star! From Pow Right in the Nostalgia! enjoy!

Pow Right in the Nostalgia! LINK

Also go check out Pow Today Dolly makes a Guest appearance!
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Mark_L_A 10th Aug 2015, 9:02 PM edit delete reply

Silver already has her programs in the system. I think Noctis will find that out shortly.
anonymous coward 10th Aug 2015, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
Maybe, but what I actually suspect she will notice is that Tokyo Rose has programs in the system. This will be noticed when attempts to restore from archive backups finishes the jobs that Doc Silver started.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 4:24 AM edit delete reply

Oh I think you are gonna like what happens next :D
That one guy 11th Aug 2015, 5:55 PM edit delete reply
Doc Silver has a lot of drones and she was expecting the hard line to be cut as per her dialog. Wouldn't surprise me if she's got something in place to repair the hard line and stop it from being cut automatically again.

Programs in the system already that don't require her interaction seem unlikely to trump Noctis' abilities, so I think she needs more than that.

As for TR, considering that she's been in for years, it's hard to say what she may have done or not and what may be set to trigger if the network line to the palace is cut entirely. Certainly could be interesting. Additionally TR might have some plants inside the palace set to continue/assist her hacking if external lines get cut off.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 7:39 PM edit delete reply

the main difference here is that Tokyo rose NEVER let anyone know what she was doing it was all covert.

Doctor Silver is literally nuking them to the ground. just hammer fisting the network into submission its a brute force method that does cover some more subtle things that shes done.

Another difference is Silver is not bothering to "hide" her actions at this point.
Haegan2005 10th Aug 2015, 9:07 PM edit delete reply

Silvers programs may already be embedded, but they will not be as effective without her control.

Unless we are missing an EM drone and it happens to be linking via hard link into the palace?
velvetsanity 10th Aug 2015, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

Pfft. We're talking about a genius with Tony Stark in her ancestry. An EM drone with a hard link into the palace is passé for her. :D

Also, who did Noctis' nails? I like! Especially the high gloss reflectivity of them! :D
Centcomm 10th Aug 2015, 10:33 PM edit delete reply

They are actually finger razors.. what your seeing is the protective metal sheath. :D its chomed
Sheela 10th Aug 2015, 11:29 PM edit delete reply

Aw, nail razor's should have cute little pink bunnies painted on them. :D
Stormwind13 11th Aug 2015, 2:58 AM edit delete reply

NOT Noctis' style, Sheela. Other Cassians might do that, but not Noctis.
That one guy 11th Aug 2015, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
I could see Malati doing that to Noctis as a prank. Depending on the affection intended between them, I could see Noctis taking something like that as a tribute to her departed friend.

From the pragmatic side, something happy/fuzzy/friendly on a death dealing part of a Cassian with a generally serious personality can be strategically helpful as a distraction.
Just_IDD 11th Aug 2015, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
If it's chromed, that means it came from Luna. LOL
plymayer 10th Aug 2015, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

Good old standbye. Turn it off (or unplug it) and turn it back on.
Wolfsbane 10th Aug 2015, 11:07 PM edit delete reply

'Ello IT. A hm. 'ave you tried turnin' it off and back on agin?

(don't know how to write Roy's accent)
Sheela 10th Aug 2015, 11:30 PM edit delete reply

The surefire way to stop a hacking attack, cut the line.
anonymous coward 11th Aug 2015, 4:29 AM edit delete reply
The only secure computer is one that is unplugged, with all connectivity, batteries and power sources disconnected, no input devices, locked in a lead box two feet thick on all sides, at the bottom of the sea.
That one guy 11th Aug 2015, 6:00 PM edit delete reply
I prefer a few feet of concrete between the system and the lead, and instead of being at the bottom of the sea, it's suspended by a cable in spotlights with a minimum of three teams of two guards 24x7 (one team looking down from above).
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 4:23 AM edit delete reply

hehe its kinda a Scottish / British accent .. and very funny :D

next Scene is Noctis at the door tapping her foot.. the next panel is censored due to the violence that happens next.

(( actually she wouldnt handle it that way . but its funny anyway ))
plymayer 10th Aug 2015, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

May I suggest this is where the real fun begins?
Centcomm 10th Aug 2015, 11:21 PM edit delete reply

in a way.. yes :D
Sheela 10th Aug 2015, 11:31 PM edit delete reply

Well, ofcourse, it's time for the Bosswave!
MST3KFan 10th Aug 2015, 9:17 PM edit delete reply

LOL Charlotte saying her catchphrase and being asked what it means. XD And her accent is unintelligible.

Bad day on the job for sure today.
Centcomm 10th Aug 2015, 10:33 PM edit delete reply

and her first week too!!

also Silver can be a bit of a pain .. and a bit rude :D Shes actually kinda a snob :D
Sheela 10th Aug 2015, 11:31 PM edit delete reply

Luckily, she makes up for it by being very good at what she does.
Stormwind13 11th Aug 2015, 2:59 AM edit delete reply

VERY, VERY good, Sheela.
jamie59 10th Aug 2015, 9:20 PM edit delete reply

So how many worms got in before the plug was pulled. Noctis will be playing whack a mole for days.
cattservant 10th Aug 2015, 10:12 PM edit delete reply

Dr. Silver is letting herself distracted.
Sheela 10th Aug 2015, 11:32 PM edit delete reply

Well, to be fair, she knows that her drones has her back.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 4:19 AM edit delete reply

Yes she does.
Rms2000 10th Aug 2015, 10:38 PM edit delete reply

This seems like a counter-intuitive system to me. You have to ask the computer to cut the hardline, then the computer asks you if you want to cut the hardline, then you say yes and the computer cuts the hardline. Why not just have an access panel with a pair of wire cutters? Besides: suppose Silver had already breached the system and gained control of the hardline cutter. What then?

Don't misunderstand: I'm all for automation. I love automating things and finding ways to make them easier. But you're not supposed to automate the system that replaces the replacement automated system after the first automated system fails and the automated backup system gets taken down. That's just ridiculous. Also, you don't automate things you don't expect to need. It's fine to have a plan for "just in case", but it's important to have it be reliable and simple, because otherwise it's more likely to fail, and you'll just have to come up with another plan in case it does.
Centcomm 10th Aug 2015, 11:22 PM edit delete reply

had the automated cut not worked she would have eather A called down via the sub net ( witch seems to still be working ) or gone down there herself and yanked the cables.
Sheela 10th Aug 2015, 11:34 PM edit delete reply

In case you have multiple hardlines, you will need to be able to cut all of them at the same time, and that would necessitate a remote controlled system.
Tokyo Rose 10th Aug 2015, 11:48 PM edit delete reply

Thanks to you, Rms, the word "automate" now no longer looks like a word to me. ;D
Sheela 11th Aug 2015, 12:07 AM edit delete reply

Next thing you know, your superuser have to have a half hour long discussion with someone named "Eliza" before being able to cut the lines.

Much frustration will be had.
anonymous coward 11th Aug 2015, 4:24 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, overuse of a word like that in badly written documents gets to me too. My usual remedy is to seek purification on the other side, by doing things like re-reading the following until it makes sense:
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
Sheela 11th Aug 2015, 6:15 AM edit delete reply

.. did someone mention buffalo steak ?
I'm up for a buffalo barbeque. :D
Pirtnac 11th Aug 2015, 1:56 PM edit delete reply
You might say your response was...
(I don't have sunglasses)

Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 7:36 PM edit delete reply

actually VNV Nation has a album called "Automatic" :D
That one guy 11th Aug 2015, 6:04 PM edit delete reply
If "automate" no longer looks like a word, it's now freed of its meaning for you and can be repurposed to mean something dirtier.
Just_IDD 11th Aug 2015, 8:29 PM edit delete reply
If they are Automated, they cant be separate systems until death.
Mark_L_A 10th Aug 2015, 10:59 PM edit delete reply

Hmmmm please contact and the photo is of the young lady lying on the ground behind Dr Silver right now. Methinks she just swipes or enters her card to gain access OR she has to wake her up to get the access codes from her.
Centcomm 10th Aug 2015, 11:23 PM edit delete reply

Thats actually a standard error message .. in this case she would look at it .. shrug and call the palace.
Lukkai 11th Aug 2015, 2:00 PM edit delete reply

So... Is it showing the picture of the person logged in or of the person to call in such a case?
Tokyo Rose 10th Aug 2015, 11:50 PM edit delete reply

Now, for some reason, I'm reminded of what it's like when you call tech support because your internet is down, and one of the hold messages is, literally, "Are you having internet problems? Visit our website at for help!"
Sheela 11th Aug 2015, 12:09 AM edit delete reply

We put those messages up, just to annoy you. It's how we deal with working in costumor service.

Another good one, is when people call in to change the password on their account, you quickly change it and tell them it's been send to their e-mail, and then instantly hang up on them. My boss always tell me that costumors are always happy about the quick service. :)
Timotheus 11th Aug 2015, 12:46 AM edit delete reply

Do Cos-Players really require a lot of "Costumor" Service?

(I really hate being a spelling nit picker but I just HAD to ask this one for the humor aspect. Sorry.)
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 12:59 AM edit delete reply

I don't think English is her first language .. So I think shes doing pretty good :D That or auto-correct is being evil again
Sheela 11th Aug 2015, 6:17 AM edit delete reply

What Centcomm says is true.
Danish is my native tongue, and English is a language I picked up in school some 20 years ago.

I know .. I'm ooooooold. >_<

Besides, I think "Tumor" belongs in that word.
Stormwind13 11th Aug 2015, 7:02 AM edit delete reply

You do amazingly well for English (or worse still, AMERICAN) not being your primary language. I have enough trouble with it, and it IS my primary (heck ONLY) language. Having said that, you do manage to stumble across some humorous errors sometimes. :-)
Lukkai 11th Aug 2015, 1:59 PM edit delete reply

@Timotheus: Don't worry. Spelling jokes are always okay. And you did put a grin on my face.

@Sheela: Same for me, pretty much. Only that I'm somewhat further South of you on the other side of Germany.
Dragonrider 11th Aug 2015, 7:10 AM edit delete reply

How about the second and third time you have to call Microsoft because Windows 10(The OS to end all OS) has popped a critical error again, and you have to run things out of the program folder to get anything done.
Dragonrider 11th Aug 2015, 7:10 AM edit delete reply

How about the second and third time you have to call Microsoft because Windows 10(The OS to end all OS) has popped a critical error again, and you have to run things out of the program folder to get anything done.
Howard 10th Aug 2015, 11:40 PM edit delete reply
Don't turn your back on the innocent cute looking girl! That's when you get you head caved in!! Not that I am speaking from experience or anything...
Sheela 11th Aug 2015, 12:14 AM edit delete reply

Loyal Death Bots keep your head from getting caved in.
Matt Knab 11th Aug 2015, 2:32 AM edit delete reply

Haha, how did Char get in here?
Awesome cameo!
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 4:19 AM edit delete reply

Well in this case - shes a Nova Roma girl who really really liked the "Vid" and decided this would be her persona.. or shes Charlottes great great great descendent .. you decide! ( or she snuck over using the D- hop device shes got . )
Lukkai 11th Aug 2015, 2:01 PM edit delete reply

Why not both?
Hornet 11th Aug 2015, 5:40 AM edit delete reply
Awaken the Krakken! err. Sleeper programs!!
Draginbeard 11th Aug 2015, 6:44 AM edit delete reply

I like the attention to detail here especially with the reflection off Noctis finger nails =)

And yeah Doc, I totally get how this ladys voice would grate on the nerves. I would be horribly tempted to stun Ms. Foghorn Leghorn into next week, as soon was convenient.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 11:04 AM edit delete reply

hahah - thanks - I went with full raytrace reflections on it .. ( thats why its reflecting the room and the screens )

Poor Charlotte gets no love!
The Old Scribe 11th Aug 2015, 6:49 AM edit delete reply

Heh! Charlotte's accent seems to be annoying Doc Silver for some reason. I think it's cute.

In that vein:

King Arthur: "I say my good man, are you French?"

Rude French Soldier: "Of course I am French, English pig dog, why else would I speak in this rrrrridiculous accent."

Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 11:03 AM edit delete reply

I love Charlottes accent .. but Silver would find it very annoying.. she finds a lot of things annoying actually :D
Stormwind13 11th Aug 2015, 11:43 AM edit delete reply

Unless it is something bringing HER pleasure, Dr. Silver finds it annoying! :-)
That one guy 11th Aug 2015, 6:13 PM edit delete reply
Or something that she believes proves her superiority over Calliope Taylor (reference Comic 712 - Transfer success! , 21st Sep 2012, 12:00 AM ).
Stormwind13 11th Aug 2015, 8:02 PM edit delete reply

Perceiving herself as superior to Calliope brings her pleasure.
Dragonrider 11th Aug 2015, 7:02 AM edit delete reply

No conceit in her family, she's got it all. Also she has all the social skills of a starving rabid pit bull with distemper and mange.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 11:03 AM edit delete reply

HHAHAH! good one :D
mjkj 11th Aug 2015, 10:39 AM edit delete reply

Wow, I wonder what the doc has in her sleeves...

...and also I wonder why everything is in English - If I were those nova romans I would keep everything in lamod - that would make hacking it more difficult...

Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 11:03 AM edit delete reply

actually the English is just for you readers.. Roma nor Standard would be readable otherwise.
moizmad 11th Aug 2015, 12:21 PM edit delete reply

Dang, the twang's the thang!
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 7:35 PM edit delete reply

Why Yes'mam! it surely is!
Wolfsbane 11th Aug 2015, 1:13 PM edit delete reply

Say, if you look at Noctis' top right monitor (above the city-cam), doesn't it look like she's got a game of *Othello* there? Hmmm?

You are so busted, Noctis. Now we know you *do* have a few fun particles floating around in there after all. <grin>
DLKmusic 11th Aug 2015, 1:23 PM edit delete reply

That actually looks like a grid of the city to me, with the hexes in black being the areas currently in disorder.

Too bad though, I'd bet Noctis would be pretty good at othello! and chess... and I would refuse to sit at a poker table with her, not with THAT poker face.
Lukkai 11th Aug 2015, 2:18 PM edit delete reply

Isn't that still one of the screens borrowed from NGE?
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 7:34 PM edit delete reply

Yes Lukkai - it is .. :D its from the Absolute Terror field display if I recall correctly and the Eva function screen.
highlander55 11th Aug 2015, 3:55 PM edit delete reply

I like the incentive Cent. Can't wait for Lynn to see Dolly for the first time in her new body. The look on her face should be priceless!
Centcomm 11th Aug 2015, 7:34 PM edit delete reply

Oh it will be .. trust me! glad you like it! I have more planned :D
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