Comic 1256 - Getting Up To Speed

22nd Oct 2015, 9:00 PM
Getting Up To Speed
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Dragonrider 22nd Oct 2015, 9:03 PM edit delete reply

People are getting an education, hope Dolly is 5X5 reading little miss time bomb. Lynn quit babbling like an idiot, introduce everyone, get on tram and get the hell out of there. Aeneas needs to know where Acantha is and that she is surviving, also Kyle may need some help fixing whats broken.
DLKmusic 23rd Oct 2015, 12:57 AM edit delete reply

Knowing that an extraction team is currently securing the palace, I think there's a good chance of a change in destination here...

Especially if "not-CeCi" insists.
Dragonrider 23rd Oct 2015, 1:19 AM edit delete reply

I have a feeling Dolly may be about to loose a "daughter" unless watchdog backs down. Plus with Noctis, Kali "The Men In Blue" and the sniper teams around the communications hub the palace is nowhere, nohow, noway secure for and exfil. @Stormcrow No way in hell will any AI get Taylor DNA and be able to unlock all the bad stuff. Don't think even the sees all knows almost everything Tokyo Rose have access to that stuff.
Speedy 28th Mar 2017, 3:03 PM edit delete reply
Well, Tokyo Rose will probably get ahold of Taylor DNA, when Kyle finally gets some alone time with Lynn. I'm guessing a micro DNA sequencer is part of the upgraded package that TR gave him. (Um... I mean upgrade package)
*imagines Lynn coding a DLC for Kyle*
sigpig 23rd Oct 2015, 10:32 AM edit delete reply

I STILL think that "not-CiCi's" new programming is to heal Aeneas...
Stormcrow 23rd Oct 2015, 12:58 AM edit delete reply
I would have thought that Kyle will need Tylor DNA to fix Aeneas.
Guest 23rd Oct 2015, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
No, aeneas is the baby AIS and ISN'T tied to the same restrictions as CentComm. All he needs is standard repair and rewiring.

Cent Comm (3C) has been hard coded that ONLY someone carrying Helios Taylor's Genes can take FULL control of Cent Comm, including the "Horrors"
Mark_L_A 23rd Oct 2015, 1:42 AM edit delete reply

And I forgot to Log In again. I hate these new meds the Dr has me on.
Lukkai 23rd Oct 2015, 8:25 PM edit delete reply

Happens to me regularily as well. Though I've noticed before hitting send so far. (Except once, I think.)
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 10:02 PM edit delete reply

SOrry to hear that about the meds Mark :(
cattservant 22nd Oct 2015, 9:05 PM edit delete reply

That just skims the surface...
The Old Scribe 22nd Oct 2015, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

"I didn't think androids could be so ... caring ..." That, in a nutshell, highlights the difference in tech and attitude between the two cities. Androids are both disdained and either killbots or slaves in Nova Roma. It's also telling how Lynn was so amazed at catching a cold in Nova Roma. Unfiltered and non medicated air will do that to one.
Mark_L_A 22nd Oct 2015, 9:30 PM edit delete reply

A very apt summation of some of the major differences.
Eldoran 23rd Oct 2015, 3:48 AM edit delete reply
Speaking of catching a cold - is Dolly now (in danger of) getting her first cold too?
Is she human enough to get the same illnesses?
Stormwind13 23rd Oct 2015, 7:07 AM edit delete reply

I kind of doubt it. I would expect Calliope to build the body so it is HIGHLY resistant to such things. Dolly's system would probably have to be compromised (injured or utterly exhausted) for her to have any chance of catching anything.
Greenwood Goat 23rd Oct 2015, 4:52 AM edit delete reply
Hehe... for another side of that, if Malati had been able to take Acantha for a girls' night out at one of her favourite venues...

Malati: WOOOOOOO! YEAH! FLAUNT THOSE MUSCLES, BIG BOY!! WAVE THAT FREAKING SWORD!!! YOU ARE VICTORIOUS, AND SOOOOOOO HOT!!! *throws underwear* YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! (to Acantha) Isn't he so freaking HOT!?! Linus Maximus is the sexiest damn gladiator- no, the sexiest damn thing that ever existed!!!!

Acantha: (thinks) She sounds like... like a fangirl. I didn't think androids could be so... excitable, so... lustful!

Sheela 23rd Oct 2015, 3:46 PM edit delete reply

Yeah, and meanwhile Lynn would be thinking "Why did she throw *my* underwear?"
Tokyo Rose 23rd Oct 2015, 4:44 PM edit delete reply

Lynn would also be thinking "How did she get my underwear?!", no doubt.
Lukkai 23rd Oct 2015, 8:26 PM edit delete reply

Especially if it's the underwear she was wearing at the time.
Greenwood Goat 25th Oct 2015, 2:54 AM edit delete reply
As headfanon!Malati would have said: "Trade secret, boys and girls!"

Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 10:01 PM edit delete reply

lotta differences here between cultures .. time for Acantha to get a little C- shock
ProfEtheric 22nd Oct 2015, 9:25 PM edit delete reply

Yay! Mama Bear in the house! All's good!
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 10:01 PM edit delete reply

Damn right!
Haegan2005 23rd Oct 2015, 11:58 PM edit delete reply

This could get interesting.

The Prince will not stand for Acantha getting away. He might actually do something(more) stupid.Like attack the AIS. Who is armed with suborbital cannon, among other things...
Centcomm 24th Oct 2015, 4:18 AM edit delete reply

Aeneas would find the prince amusing.. as random atoms scattering on the wind.
StellarJay 23rd Oct 2015, 12:25 AM edit delete reply

Ceci never takes her eyes off of Acantha and Ari.

Dolly sure is vastly different from what Acantha has ever experienced before in androids, and is giving her a whole new perception to think about. Nothing at all like the cassians or slaves she's met.
Stormwind13 23rd Oct 2015, 6:19 AM edit delete reply

Yeah Jay. In Acantha's defense though she really only known the Cassians, which is NOT a good representation of Androids in general.
Sheela 23rd Oct 2015, 3:47 PM edit delete reply

Not only that, but Dolly is more human than the average android too.
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 10:02 PM edit delete reply

That she is sheela :D
Sheela 24th Oct 2015, 6:25 AM edit delete reply

I didn't mean bodily .. I meant mentally.
antrik 13th Oct 2016, 5:03 PM edit delete reply
Never mind Acantha -- I think it's Arianna who is having more of an Aurelia moment here.

(Ugh... The alliteration makes it sound all weird...)
Braincase 23rd Oct 2015, 1:08 AM edit delete reply
I am really loving the signs in the background.
"psycological contagion risk. Personel mus t wear aluminum hats at all time."
anonymous coward 23rd Oct 2015, 8:22 AM edit delete reply
That is an amazing warning sign. I kinda want that sign for my office.
Timotheus 23rd Oct 2015, 11:18 AM edit delete reply

Have you run across the "How to resuscitate a lizard" placard yet? (A real safety sign)
Another anonymous coward 23rd Oct 2015, 4:28 PM edit delete reply
That's because tin is no longer available for tinfoil hats. So you make do with aluminium.
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 10:00 PM edit delete reply

Aeneas got creative :D
HiFranc 23rd Oct 2015, 1:34 AM edit delete reply

I will not squee. I will not squee....

...Oh, what the hell?

mjkj 23rd Oct 2015, 2:31 AM edit delete reply

Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 10:00 PM edit delete reply

Squee-ing is allowed and encouraged ":D
Matt Knab 23rd Oct 2015, 1:57 AM edit delete reply

I caught a cold once. It was an overrated experience. ;)
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 9:59 PM edit delete reply

I hate colds.. augh >_<
mjkj 23rd Oct 2015, 2:28 AM edit delete reply

*lol* Very important: she got sick :P

...and yes, Acantha they obviously can - even your Cassians do so, though restricted.

@alt text: so true :D

HiFranc 23rd Oct 2015, 2:40 AM edit delete reply

I've been thinking about that. Ideally, they wouldn't have those restrictions but, given that they do, Acantha would have a very short reign if she tried to get rid of them entirely. Therefore, I've thought about a set of restrictions that gives them relatively free rein and would inspire public confidence.

All of these directives have an implied "unless they conflict with the previous directive(s)":

1. Protect New Rome
2. Uphold Justice
3. Protect the Livus family line
4. Uphold the law
5. Follow the orders of the throne
Rms2000 25th Oct 2015, 1:11 PM edit delete reply

Although those guidelines would form a decent framework for morality, they do pose problems. In particular, concepts of patriotism and Justice have been proven to be remarkably fluid. It takes relatively few logical fallacies to turn patriotism against justice or vice versa. 4 and 5 can conflict readily, and their order becomes far less significant when you consider that whoever's on the throne makes the laws.
HiFranc 23rd Oct 2015, 2:41 AM edit delete reply

I suspect that rescueing the other person she promised to rescue would prove far harder. After all, her next target is in love with Decimus and may not want to be rescued.
Lukkai 23rd Oct 2015, 8:28 PM edit delete reply

Not sure whether she's in love with him or just happy with her place in the world.
DLKmusic 25th Oct 2015, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
Personally, I don't think either is the case, Lukkai... For the rest of the palace, she is an outcast, feared and reviled by everyone. No friends, no family, no hope. All she has is Decimus.

And if you think our fine upstanding prince charming DOESN'T treat her worse, physically, sexually, or emotionally than anyone else... She is his primary punching bag when things don't go his way. He can do anything he wants to her, and no-one even sees, and even if they did no-one gives a damm... except for the few that are glad and think she has it coming.

What happened to Julia was horrible, but it's nothing compared to what Katya endures on a regular, almost daily basis.

Of all the people in the palace, hers is the single most miserable existence of them all.

....and she has to take it and smile.
jamie59 23rd Oct 2015, 4:29 AM edit delete reply

Yes mommy Dolly.
Stormwind13 23rd Oct 2015, 5:24 AM edit delete reply

Yes Acantha, Dolly is a Mom. And you might wind up with her as your Mom too, if you are (lucky) not careful! :-D
rfaramir 23rd Oct 2015, 7:56 AM edit delete reply
"I didn't think androids could be so caring"

This sounds like a tectonic shift beginning. It may have bigger long-term consequences than all the fighting going on, no matter who 'wins'.
Stormwind13 23rd Oct 2015, 9:10 AM edit delete reply

Depends on who survives, rfaramir. The dead don't make changes, that is left to the survivors.
HiFranc 23rd Oct 2015, 3:08 PM edit delete reply

If she says something, Aeneas will have a record of it via her ring.

{edit} If she shares her insights with others, then the idea is likely to spread (even if she doesn't survive).
Stormwind13 23rd Oct 2015, 5:44 PM edit delete reply

Both valid points HiFranc. :-)
KarToon12 23rd Oct 2015, 9:59 AM edit delete reply

Time to introduce Dolly to her new friends. At least they gave Lynn cake! XD
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 9:58 PM edit delete reply

That is true .. and it wasnt a lie!
Stormwind13 25th Oct 2015, 7:09 AM edit delete reply

WHAT?!? The cake is ALWAYS a lie! O.O
Kitty 23rd Oct 2015, 1:06 PM edit delete reply
SO awesome!

Also, if Acantha doesn't straighten that one strap on her shirt...! Driving me nuts :)
Johninaustin 23rd Oct 2015, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
That strap and all the other little tweaks is one of the thousand things that make this comic so fantastic. You have to come back to page after page to catch things you missed the first time.
Nystran 23rd Oct 2015, 1:36 PM edit delete reply
This is what I love about this comic! The time taken for little conversations, the setting of the scene, showing so naturally how androids are part of society, and their feelings and the feelings towards them. The relationships feel real.

Keep up the story!
Tokyo Rose 23rd Oct 2015, 4:47 PM edit delete reply

Hang on, I need to roll around in this praise for a while. *roll flop grunt*
Lukkai 23rd Oct 2015, 8:29 PM edit delete reply

That's... kind of a disturbing sight. XD
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 9:58 PM edit delete reply

I agree - I have loved Roses Writing from day one .. and she keeps getting better all the time!
Sheela 24th Oct 2015, 6:26 AM edit delete reply

*adds some chocolate to the praise*

Rms2000 25th Oct 2015, 1:13 PM edit delete reply

Uhoh. This could get sticky.
Wolfsbane 25th Oct 2015, 2:02 PM edit delete reply

Deliciously so.
Sheela 25th Oct 2015, 6:06 PM edit delete reply

Just a few more moments, guys, and she should be completely covered in chocolate ... then we call for the paparazzies, and enjoy the spectacle !

I have popcorn ready 'n' everything! :D
chk 23rd Oct 2015, 3:58 PM edit delete reply

That look on Acantha's face, in the third panel, is among the most expressive pieces of art I have ever seen. This comic just keeps getting better.
Tokyo Rose 23rd Oct 2015, 4:47 PM edit delete reply

I'm constantly amazed by Cent's steadily increasing mastery of the art side of this project.
chk 23rd Oct 2015, 4:56 PM edit delete reply

Ain't that the truth.

But, at risk of getting too sugary, she's illustrating a damned good script.
Tokyo Rose 23rd Oct 2015, 5:58 PM edit delete reply

Dark secret: A good 70% of the time, Cent creates the renders and sends me pages with a sort of proto-script dialogue to give me an idea of what's being conveyed. Some of that dialogue gets saved and polished up, but a lot of the time, I rewrite completely to present the information or interaction in a way that flows better. There are a handful of segments where Cent worked from a script I wrote beforehand, like Irene's backstory and Malati's mission. Sometimes I wonder if there's a noticeable difference between the two approaches. :D
chk 23rd Oct 2015, 6:02 PM edit delete reply

Either way seems to work.
Centcomm 23rd Oct 2015, 9:57 PM edit delete reply

Just from my side I love working from Roses scripts. it actually makes my job a lot easier. :D and we generally chat about things so it stays on point.
Sheela 24th Oct 2015, 6:27 AM edit delete reply

Even so, boy has the art improved over time, something that is very appearant when reading the new reboot pages.
Stormwind13 25th Oct 2015, 7:15 AM edit delete reply

I enjoyed the comic from the day I found it. Having said that, the art and the story telling has only gotten BETTER. So the enjoyment approaches BLISS now. :-)

And the commentors are enjoyable too. You all add to the enjoyment of the comic with you zany theories and thought provoking posts.
Sheela 25th Oct 2015, 6:07 PM edit delete reply

Zany theories? Provoking posts?

... surely, none of us would do that!
*looks innocent*
Haegan2005 23rd Oct 2015, 4:47 PM edit delete reply

Ladies! the scene is looking good! and Acantha is learning some interesting things as well.

Like Dolly is now totally human looking. Though I suspect the secret is safe with the present group!
anonymous coward 24th Oct 2015, 2:22 AM edit delete reply
Uhm, really? Aeneas might be watching through that bot for one thing, and the two Nova Roma residents here are a slave who would be well within her rights to trade any and all secrets for an end to her slavery, and someone in the higher ranks of the Nova Roma government and society that now has vital intelligence with regards to the invasion/insurrection wrecking the palace. I'm not saying it will happen, but any of the three Nova Roma residents could plausibly spill the beans when they get an opportunity.
Centcomm 24th Oct 2015, 4:16 AM edit delete reply

Actually AC you missed the part about Arianna NOT minding her " Slavery " She adores Maxus and Irene. and if it weren't for him she would be MUCH worse off.
Sheela 24th Oct 2015, 6:28 AM edit delete reply

Still, there must be times when her slave status must upset her.
anonymous coward 24th Oct 2015, 11:07 AM edit delete reply
And if Acantha gets laid up and Arianna is transferred that gratitude and rapport won't make a hill of beans difference should the person who takes over be even half as vicious, stupid and crazy as Decimus. Slaves don't have control of their lives, they don't get to give palace interrogators lip either. There's *lots* of ways Arianna could be put in a position to spill the beans because her personal alternatives in the hypothetical situation would be worse.
Haegan2005 24th Oct 2015, 12:15 PM edit delete reply

by then it should not matter. Dolly and her secret will be long gone!
Centcomm 24th Oct 2015, 12:46 PM edit delete reply

Yes there is but the same could be said of anyone. Not just Arianna.
Haegan2005 23rd Oct 2015, 4:49 PM edit delete reply

Up to 13th place! Keep voting guys!
Sheela 24th Oct 2015, 10:46 AM edit delete reply

Seems like we hover around 12-15th rank at the end of the months nowadays.

Which is pretty darn nice.
It used to be much lower.
highlander55 23rd Oct 2015, 8:10 PM edit delete reply

So now we may find out Ceci's 4th protocol is to hell with Aeneas and get Lynn out of New Rome. If Aeneas is left crippled then New Rome will not have control of any of his weapons.
Centcomm 24th Oct 2015, 3:39 AM edit delete reply

well one of them is Protect Dolly.
Ofgud 24th Oct 2015, 7:07 AM edit delete reply
"Not-Cici's" hidden Objective ( and this is a guess here) is two fold. Primary Objective would be to ensure the survival of Cent-Comms Security(in other-words, Kill Lynn if it looks like the plan to get her out will not work) and secondary would be to ensure the survival of Dolly) Here is my Reasoning. WAAAAY back when Lynn was first abducted. Cent-Comm made the Comment that the prince" ALREADY HAD the key" to control her. (namely Lynn's DNA) Cent-Comm then proceeded to form a team to retrieve her, AND then she sent Dolly and Cici. Following the logic that if one team failed the other would succeed. Then Dolly's Ship got sabotaged(Probably by "Not-Cici") in order to try to fulfill the secondary objective.. This would fit the contradiction of creating the mission and then intentionally throwing in a monkey wrench. But what about if both teams fail. Cent-Comm Would Hedge her bet and remove the threat before allowing herself to be controlled by Prince Duchebag.. namely killing Lynn. my 2 cents
CptKerion 24th Oct 2015, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
Of course there is a different problem. Namely, I suspect the medical wing hereabouts has some of her genetic material.
Sheela 24th Oct 2015, 10:49 AM edit delete reply

It was Centcomm herself that sabotaged Dolly's ship.
Dolly was never meant to arrive in Nova Roma before the other team.
anonymous coward 24th Oct 2015, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
The black angel had contradictory orders to keep Dolly away from Nova Roma that was conflicting with its directives to protect her and avoid letting on about that secret order, precipitating its change into the autonomous gynoid Ceci. So far it looks like Centcomm has launched only a single, overt, intentional, rescue plan, but who knows what else Centcomm has been hearing, saying and doing?

Trying to figure this entire situation out is confusing, and one of the deeper reasons why is answering the question of just what's so special about Lynn Taylor, Calliope Taylor, and this, 'Taylor Legacy.' We don't know the nature of the supposed macguffin in the Taylor DNA, how it's inherited, how it's expressed phenotypically, and how much discretion Centcomm has regarding it. Honestly, unless they're doing serious genetic, epigenetic, nutritional and environmental manipulation to make sure specific genes are expressed into particular traits I'm not sure how Lynn Taylor would have any particular 'key' in her genes. Consider, by standard inheritance she should have some small fraction of the genetic distinctiveness of the original Taylor ancestor with this key. In Mendelian theory, if that person were Lynn's grandmother she should have a 25% or 50% chance of inheriting and expressing it if it's a dominant trait, and in real-world genetics it's lower than that unless there's been devoted inbreeding or test-tube work done. If Lynn isn't a product of engineering, either this is a hand-waved syfy-translation for the fantasy trope, "Heir of the kings of Numenor," or instead it's, "Centcomm recognizes this person as a descendant, because she decides so."

Even if this key were something relatively straightforward like special robots implanted in the Taylor legacy, we really don't know if Lynn's ova being harvested is a problem, or even Lynn's kidnapping. The eggs really shouldn't be because it's not hard to steal hair/skin samples and sequence someone's DNA from them, to make into genetically altered ova and spermatozoa. I'm mystified by the question of why Decimus might think he can get apocalyptic weaponry instead of just a kick in the face from Aeneas and/or Centcomm using either Lynn or Calliope. It just doesn't make sense for Centcomm to hand down a divine right of genocide by inheritance, and even less sense to have one with no safeguards against the designate turning out to be Nero 2nd or in some way controlled by Nero 2nd. Individual people are failure-prone, no sane system safeguarding the end of the world relies on any without integrity checks, sanity checks, backup measures, quality-control and outside verification.
Timotheus 24th Oct 2015, 4:49 PM edit delete reply

Based on the earlier confrontation between Ms. Taylor and Centcom, the "Legacy" is not so much a pure genetic thing as it is being the "designated" Taylor descendant. Centcom, as a machine intelligence, has no option but to designate one Taylor of each generation as the heir and respond to him or her as required. That heir in turn must be educated in the proper pass codes and phrases to fully utilize their power over Centcom and can't just go fishing in Centcom's files.
Thus what they don't know about they can't force Centcom to do and "she' may not be under any compulsion to voluntarily tell them.
Tokyo Rose 24th Oct 2015, 5:45 PM edit delete reply

@anonymous coward

Without giving away too many plot points and background information that we haven't chosen to release yet, I can present two parts of the answer to the question of the "Taylor Legacy".

1) The Taylor genetic "keys" are contained in mitochondrial DNA. Normally this type is inherited through the maternal line, but Helios Taylor was a gene-mechanic.

2) Each child born into the Taylor line has a gene-print taken at birth by a White Angel and entered into Cent-Comm's permanent records, with a flag that marks them as an acknowledged "successor" to the bloodline.

Thus, it is not possible to create a "fake" successor with authority over Cent-Comm. Without those two elements being present--the encoded pattern and the neonatal gene-print--Cent is free to ignore any attempts to override her.

Bonus round 1: Lynn's ova are not an issue (and I seriously can't wait for the reboots to progress to the point where that goddamn scene is canonically erased).

Bonus round 2: Decimus really does believe that he can use a Taylor hostage to force the compliance of New Troy in his plans. They are, after all, Troy's "most prominent family". He assumed that the Taylors had the same position of power that the Livius family has in Roma--but as demonstrated in the conversation between him and Calliope, he's pretty ignorant of how New Troy does things. The Taylors do have a great deal of eminence in Troy, thanks to wealth, ancestral recognition, political connections, and Cent-Comm's personal involvement, but they're not a "royal house" the way that the Livius family is.
Sheela 25th Oct 2015, 6:14 PM edit delete reply

In other words, since Calliope and Lynn would rather die, than giving Decimus control over centcomm through them, that means that he was doomed to fail in his endavour from the very beginning.
anonymous coward 26th Oct 2015, 2:18 AM edit delete reply
I notice this explanation specifically said nothing about whether or not Calliope could open up the vaults and fire off bioweapons for kicks.
Stormwind13 25th Oct 2015, 7:16 AM edit delete reply

New avatar, CentComm? Looks good, though I don't recognize her. :-)
Centcomm 25th Oct 2015, 1:10 PM edit delete reply

Its the player character from Life is Strange. Max :D Shes awesome! AND my current crush.
chk 25th Oct 2015, 1:39 PM edit delete reply

mjkj 25th Oct 2015, 5:31 PM edit delete reply

Great Avatar, Cent... She indeed is awesome... I love her, too... XD
Sheela 25th Oct 2015, 6:15 PM edit delete reply

No pink hair anymore, eh ?
Centcomm 26th Oct 2015, 9:32 AM edit delete reply

Not for a bit ! :D Ill keep Max for a while :D
antrik 13th Oct 2016, 5:40 PM edit delete reply
Why is Dolly shocked at hearing Lynn got sick? She already knew that, from when it was mentioned in "Just missed them...", presently
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