Comic 1287 - Disarming

24th Dec 2015, 9:00 PM
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Tokyo Rose 24th Dec 2015, 9:00 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
Merry Christmas (or other applicable midwinter holiday) to all of our wonderful readers!
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 9:06 PM edit delete
Merry Xmas and stuff!!!
Tokyo Rose 24th Dec 2015, 10:06 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
For those who requested it (Sheela, mjkj, I'm lookin' at you), please note that you can go back into the rebooted pages, starting with the comic titled "Salvation?", and find that there are translations for Ellopp's dialogue in author's notes. (Said translations were actually added back on the 8th of December, but I only just now realized that I never mentioned it so y'all could go see.)
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Steven-Vincent 24th Dec 2015, 9:08 PM edit delete reply

"Yes, Unidentified Individual?" What a great line.

Merry Christmas to all.
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 10:04 PM edit delete reply

I know right? I giggled about that one when I read it .
Sheela 26th Dec 2015, 4:50 AM edit delete reply

I wonder what sort of threat ratings Aenas is giving Dolly and CeCi ?

CeCi definitly seems to rate Dolly as very dangerous.
Visvires 26th Dec 2015, 7:29 PM edit delete reply
For good reason. What I don't understand is why Acantha is twice as dangerous as laser-bot. Or what the red vs yellow coding means, as hostility is on line two.
Stormwind13 27th Dec 2015, 12:08 PM edit delete reply

Noticed that too, V? I'm thinking that the robot (under Aeneas'control) is more likely to be an ACTIVE threat than Dolly or Acantha. Hence the red color code, instead of the yellow. Dolly is less likely to shoot CeCi out of hand then Aeneas.
Falanin 27th Dec 2015, 11:38 PM edit delete reply
I initially thought that the red was denoting the negative number for the threat level, but I'm switching to it being a "team color" indicator.
antrik 14th Oct 2016, 10:04 AM edit delete reply
Acantha is more dangerous than the bot, because she has an actual weapon (remember?), rather than just repair tools.
Dragonrider 24th Dec 2015, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

I posted a Solstice Greeting a few days ago however May the Season bring us all what we want, NOTwhat we probably deserve.

And on to the comic, Ceci is going to lockdown Watchdog? Next thing I expect to hear is Mommy much to Lynn's astonishment and discomfort. Yes this who is fixing Aeneas is gonna be fun especially if he follows Rose's orders and ignores her completely. Ooops didn't read all the text first time through, Ceci is hacking Aeneas. Question who is she hacking for, we know she has been in contact with TR since arriving at the Black Palace, the next questioned was she hacked before CentComm got her in New Troy? Cent was not at all prepared for her greeting Dolly as Mommy and commented on her behavior prior to leaving New Troy. Question 2, Ceci should not have been able to "spark" should she if she were a standard "Black Angel" so this might add further credibility to the though Rose scrambled some of her software.
Tokyo Rose 24th Dec 2015, 9:30 PM edit delete reply

Watchdog's not actually a "weapons system"; Ceci's locking down things like the plasma zapper in her hand, the sonic fucker-upper in her throat, et cetera.
Dragonrider 24th Dec 2015, 9:35 PM edit delete reply

I did an edit of the comment can you respond to my questions or do you have to kill me if you do?
Stormwind13 24th Dec 2015, 9:55 PM edit delete reply

::BANG:: Answers Dragonrider's query! :-D
Tokyo Rose 24th Dec 2015, 11:11 PM edit delete reply

Remember that Watchdog activated Ceci's deep programming a few pages back. That might suggest to you who imposed that objective, if not the purpose of said objective. Yet.
Dragonrider 25th Dec 2015, 5:51 AM edit delete reply

I remember however if TR was able to access Ceci's core prior to her starting it could have been changed.
sigpig 25th Dec 2015, 8:32 AM edit delete reply

"sonic fucker-upper" - TR you DO have a way of words...
Gilrandir 27th Dec 2015, 9:33 AM edit delete reply
Or just lying about it. Black angels appear to have all manner of clandestine weaponry available that wouldn't show up on a conventional weapon scan (like psycho-active chemical saliva). We've already seen that CeCi's entire design raison-de-etre is to go from 'harmless' to 'incinerator' in 5.2 microseconds.

Once she has entered the core and pulled the pin, the black angel is no longer your friend. ^_^

Of course the sparked CeCi helplessly apologizing to her companions while her nuclear charge timer counts down against her will would make for a poignant scene. Almost like a Cassian in the grips of their directives being forced to fight on behalf of a master unworthy of such service against overwhelming odds.

But that would never happen, right? ^_^
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 9:53 PM edit delete reply

No Ceci was never supposed to spark at all no black angel does normally.

Also Ceci is not hacking anything yet. :D
DLKmusic 24th Dec 2015, 10:48 PM edit delete reply

I'm assuming that the operative word here is "yet".

BTW. Happy Yule-time to all, however you celebrate it!
Sheela 25th Dec 2015, 10:44 PM edit delete reply

Happy Yuletide to you as well. :)
Stormwind13 24th Dec 2015, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas Tokyo Rose, Mr. Black and kitties. Also a Merry Christmas to CentComm and your kitty. Hopefully you all got the gifts you need this year. :-)
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 10:02 PM edit delete reply

Thank you ! I hope you have lots of prezzys and fun too!
chk 24th Dec 2015, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas.

So, the primary objective now is to access the A.I.S. Core That's now more important than protecting Dolly? That does not sound good.
Stormwind13 24th Dec 2015, 9:16 PM edit delete reply

Yeah chk. Not sure why CentComm decided to enslave CeCi and send her into the Aeneas' depths. I can't imagine it is GOOD though. :-7
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 10:02 PM edit delete reply

Yep thats her only objective now.
TheD-Wrek 24th Dec 2015, 9:19 PM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas, Cent & Rose! :D
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 10:03 PM edit delete reply

Thank you so much ! You are awesome!
ProfEtheric 24th Dec 2015, 9:56 PM edit delete reply

Oh, that's... Was this part of the plan all along, or has the plan adapted?

I see there is still far more to come! This is a Very Good Thing.

Merry Christmas, ladies! <3
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 10:04 PM edit delete reply

things that make you go.. " Hmmmmm " And yes .. there is more to come ! Prepare for a E ticket ride!

And thanks!
Timotheus 24th Dec 2015, 10:53 PM edit delete reply

How many here have actually used an "E ticket" (at Disneyland)? Just wondering how dated I might be.
Centcomm 25th Dec 2015, 1:21 AM edit delete reply

As dated as me at least.
DLKmusic 25th Dec 2015, 6:02 PM edit delete reply

I still have ticket books stashed in a drawer somewhere that have unused B and D tickets in them
The Old Scribe 24th Dec 2015, 10:21 PM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas to you Cent and Rose, and to your spouses, partners, loved ones and kitties.

I'm thinking CeCi might be programmed to function as a direct relay link between CentComm and Aeneas so they can gossip and swap recipes. :D
Phil_ 24th Dec 2015, 10:34 PM edit delete reply
Let me be the first to point out, that Dolly registers as "Threat". (non-hostile at present)
DLKmusic 24th Dec 2015, 10:51 PM edit delete reply

I think it's kinda funny that Acantha Registers as twice the threat that the repair droid does...
Tokyo Rose 24th Dec 2015, 11:13 PM edit delete reply

Dolly is, hands-down, the most dangerous thing in Ceci's vicinity right now. Acantha's dangerous because she has a weapon (the gun Aeneas gave her) and because Ceci isn't yet 100% sure of her motivations. The repair droid does have built-in tools that could be used as weapons, but Ceci could easily destroy it or render it nonfunctional, so its threat level isn't all that high.
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 11:22 PM edit delete reply

On a totally unrelated side note.. Lynn is rated at -0.12 in threat .. >_<
Sheela 25th Dec 2015, 2:00 AM edit delete reply

Heh, that reminds me that Marcus was annoyed that he didn't even rate a "one" when one of Dr Silver's drones did a threat level assessment of him.

On a sidenote, that is one heck of a high threat level on Dolly.
chk 26th Dec 2015, 11:42 AM edit delete reply

I wonder if Teedee would break her 'threat level' calculator.
Stormwind13 27th Dec 2015, 6:11 PM edit delete reply

Probably not, chk. More like See TeeDee, shoots TeeDee. No threats detected.
cattservant 24th Dec 2015, 11:08 PM edit delete reply

Ceci is still not smiling.
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 11:23 PM edit delete reply

Nope .. she still isnt.
KittyHodge 24th Dec 2015, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
I'd like to thank Cent and Rose for this comic series, and specifically for the fact that the majority of the characters are female. Nothing at all against men (I love fellas!) but you may not know how truly rare it is for a fun, engrossing, well-written and beautifully-crafted story to have so many well-developed, kick-ass women in it. And now that I've used up my allotment of hyphens for the year, I'll go back to my lair. Merry/Happy Christmas/Yule/Solstice, everybody! :D
Centcomm 24th Dec 2015, 11:23 PM edit delete reply

Thank you! Well the reason most of them are female is both a technical issue and I do like working with girls more than men. Thank you for reading and supporting DC!
Haegan2005 24th Dec 2015, 11:36 PM edit delete reply

merry Christmas everyone!
Centcomm 25th Dec 2015, 1:21 AM edit delete reply

Thank you Haegan!
Cal 25th Dec 2015, 12:33 AM edit delete reply
Merry Yule, you two, to you and yours. Much love!
Centcomm 25th Dec 2015, 1:22 AM edit delete reply

Thanks cal!
Sheela 25th Dec 2015, 2:02 AM edit delete reply

Glædelig Jul ! :D
(Merry Yule)

From me as well. :)
Sheela 25th Dec 2015, 2:08 AM edit delete reply

Still rank 10, huh ?
Been at rank 10 since 16th december. :)
Wolfsbane 25th Dec 2015, 4:30 AM edit delete reply

Look at what it takes to make it to 9. I'm happy we are solidly #10. It wasn't so long ago that 15 was a good month.

BTW, did you get the box of doggie treats I sent, Sheela?

Happiest of Holidays to all!
Sheela 25th Dec 2015, 4:52 AM edit delete reply

Some say the box got buried in the backyard, others say they have "no idea how that happened", and then promptly washed their paws in the kitchen sink.

And yeah, Rank 10 seems our limit .. for now.
However, someone said he would take Dr Silver on a date if we reached Rank 10 for a week. XD
velvetsanity 25th Dec 2015, 7:49 AM edit delete reply

I bet they were both praying that we'd forgotten about that, Sheela :D
Stormwind13 25th Dec 2015, 10:18 AM edit delete reply

NO chance of that, velvet! Not unless they eliminate us at least!
Sheela 26th Dec 2015, 4:28 AM edit delete reply

Well, I just find it funny. :)

It's one of those things that would both of them roll thair eyes and go "dammit".
Maybe I just enjoy being mean to them, who knows?
mjkj 25th Dec 2015, 2:14 AM edit delete reply

Wow, I wonder what that seraphim protocol entails, gaining entrance... and then?

Yeah, merry Christmas, all...

Thank you, Rose!!!

PS: nice new avatar, Cent.

Stormwind13 25th Dec 2015, 10:24 AM edit delete reply

I believe the Seraphim protocol activated when she went into FULL Black Angel mode, mjkj. So probably indicates that, being in FULL Angel mode.
Matt Knab 25th Dec 2015, 4:03 AM edit delete reply

Well, better to be upfront about it than have the AI freak out once inside.

Merry Christmas!!
Sheela 25th Dec 2015, 4:50 AM edit delete reply

Just went back to "Salvation" and read the babelfish troll translations .. and now I cannot get the idea of Choda wearing a tophat and a monocle out of my mind !

Thanks for the laugh, Rose. :)
Tokyo Rose 25th Dec 2015, 4:34 PM edit delete reply

Welcome ;D
DLKmusic 28th Dec 2015, 12:16 AM edit delete reply

I can't help but see him with a Pipe and a magnifying glass.... Spinoff"

"Come, Doctor Denmark, the Game is afoot!"
Karyl 25th Dec 2015, 5:37 AM edit delete reply
Much seasonal happiness, cheer, and good health to all!
HiFranc 25th Dec 2015, 8:42 AM edit delete reply

Happy Christmas!
HiFranc 25th Dec 2015, 8:44 AM edit delete reply

I take it that Ceci can rearm quicker than an AIS can react?
Lukkai 25th Dec 2015, 6:09 PM edit delete reply

Repaired one? Probably not.

In disarranged state? Probably.
jamie59 25th Dec 2015, 8:45 AM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas! I love that Acantha is a bigger threat than the robot.
kraznor 25th Dec 2015, 9:04 AM edit delete reply
Happy Holidays all :)
Stever 25th Dec 2015, 9:29 AM edit delete reply

I'm with her, better to be paranoid and alive then chill and worm food.
gmg2dave 25th Dec 2015, 11:05 AM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas TR and Centcomm and to all your loved ones (plus Kittens!!) & thank you for a wonderful comic. I have enjoyed every bit of it and I am glad I found it.
xpacetrue 25th Dec 2015, 3:11 PM edit delete reply

Yuletide greetings, all around :D
KarToon12 25th Dec 2015, 4:52 PM edit delete reply

Happy holidays! :D
plymayer 25th Dec 2015, 11:15 PM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas.
Timotheus 26th Dec 2015, 2:25 AM edit delete reply

Happy discount miniature lights and ornaments stock up days to one and all.
(I'm sure this will help Aeneas's repair/rebuild project, low cost Hollywood blinking light computer boards.)
Sheela 26th Dec 2015, 4:31 AM edit delete reply

Maybe he just plays city builder games ?

I wonder if he messes up with Nova Roma too ?
highlander55 27th Dec 2015, 11:23 AM edit delete reply

Merry Christmas to all. (sorry late but was not near a PC all week until today)
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