Comic 1310 - Backup

14th Feb 2016, 9:00 PM
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Author Notes:

Centcomm 15th Feb 2016, 12:33 AM edit delete
Today has a Host of Cameos and Guest Stars
We have '

Gwynn from Serpents of Old - She is playing Laetita Sapiro Thank you HeSerpenty for letting me use her likeness!


Kat from Twenty four seven is playing Katherine Thank you D- Wreck


Dust is playing Dust ( He belongs to CiciXnena Who does From Dust to Ruination. ) Thank you Cici!


And Finally Kylie playing Charis ( Shes from Serpimina Flare Done by Rufiangel ! )
Thank you Rufi!!

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MikeyLikesIt 14th Feb 2016, 9:04 PM edit delete reply
They'd better hope that Cassian is voting for regime change . . .
anonymous coward 14th Feb 2016, 9:33 PM edit delete reply
She might....
Lukkai 15th Feb 2016, 5:49 PM edit delete reply

Unless I misremember the timestamps, she is.
Sheela 15th Feb 2016, 10:42 PM edit delete reply

Hrm, from skincolor and outfit, that could be Noctis.
rfaramir 16th Feb 2016, 10:14 AM edit delete reply
Looks like she could take out 3 of the 4 goons in one swipe from behind. The last wouldn't stand a chance.

Oh, *black* goons? Are these a variation on the blue ones?
Sheela 16th Feb 2016, 3:18 PM edit delete reply

Nah, it's just shadows making the blue armor look darker.
Speedy Marsh 31st Mar 2017, 7:57 AM edit delete reply
I believe they're about to get the brightest blade of the darkest (k)night.


Slay "Night Knight" to them, good Noctis.
Stormwind13 14th Feb 2016, 9:05 PM edit delete reply

Well guess the new vote incentive is canon. This may not work out quite as Dust is expecting.
Dragonrider 14th Feb 2016, 9:11 PM edit delete reply

Where have we seen those skintight black pants and that well shaped ass before? Might they receive aide from a very unexpected quarter? I believe Cassions were told to stand down in this fight. Also the skin tone and sword seem to match Noctis.

cattservant 14th Feb 2016, 9:12 PM edit delete reply

An informed Cassian one hopes...
Stormwind13 14th Feb 2016, 9:18 PM edit delete reply

Looks like Noctis. So she gets to put her plan into action starting now, catt.
DLKmusic 14th Feb 2016, 9:55 PM edit delete reply

I personally think she put her plan into action the moment she surrendered to Maxus. Now she gets to harvest first fruit of that plan!!!

Noctis, you sexy porcelain faced Goddess of Terror, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!
T1-G3R2501 15th Feb 2016, 6:33 AM edit delete reply
Don't say you love her too loud or the powers that be will kill her off.
sigpig 15th Feb 2016, 7:44 AM edit delete reply

What fruit? The blewberries in front of her? lol
Stormwind13 15th Feb 2016, 4:07 PM edit delete reply

Most likely; however, we don't know if the rebels are going to survive too. She might take them ALL out and let the powers that be sort them out in their afterlife.
anonymous coward 14th Feb 2016, 9:37 PM edit delete reply
Congratulations on making a cliffhanger that's interesting to wait for, because it gives us a chance to try and imagine things as interesting as what you'll end up doing. (Or better, if we're overachieving maybe.)

Does anyone want to make some guesses how this scene plays out?
DLKmusic 14th Feb 2016, 9:58 PM edit delete reply

Uhm, Noctis tries to negotiate a peace? The Rebels demand Acantha on the throne, and Captain Isadick's head on a spike...

Noctis considers these demands very reasonable and beheads Captain Isadick.

just a guess....
Haegan2005 14th Feb 2016, 10:13 PM edit delete reply

I scream for ice cream!

note that this has nothing to do with predictions!
anonymous coward 15th Feb 2016, 4:47 AM edit delete reply
I hadn't noticed your name in the character list, so you screaming for ice cream didn't seem likely to be part of the plot.

That beheading and negotiation idea is a nice start, but it seems a little overly complicated to me.
Visvires 15th Feb 2016, 7:03 AM edit delete reply
Noctis drops the blueshells in a time period measured in tenths of a second. Our cameos take this as a convincing sign of which side she is on and welcome their new ally. They make their introductions, discuss who CeCi would be most likely to kill if she were present, and then cheerfully kill the four blue squads upon their arrival.

Well, most of those things, anyway. We might have to take care of one ourselves.
jamie59 14th Feb 2016, 9:44 PM edit delete reply

I wouldn't be so sure which side she's taking.
Stormwind13 15th Feb 2016, 7:22 AM edit delete reply

Possibly neither, jamie. I mean, she might take them BOTH out. The Blueboys to weaken Douchimus and the rebels as being damaging to Nova Roma.
anonymous coward 15th Feb 2016, 2:15 PM edit delete reply
A crisis of legitimacy theoretically can be solved by genocide, but legitimate authority rules through monopoly on the threat of violence more than poorly discriminating mass murder for many reasons. One of those reasons is that you need to have someone left to have a government. Another is the question of legitimate order and government: Caligula 2 Electric Boogaloo here came to power through assassination and usurpation and maintained it through terrorism, corruption and violent repression. Those features of the current situation, and the clear and present danger his ill-considered ambitions pose to Nova Roma, mean that most philosophies and moralities would consider resisting Decimus' authority either defensible or an outright moral imperative.
Noctis obviously accepts on at least some level that it is 'right' to oppose Decimus' regime. The real question is just what her watchdog will force her to do versus what it will let her get away with. If she's convinced it to accept Maxus and Acantha as legitimate rulers in Nova Roma whose authority she needs to protect then the declaration in the last panel about whose backup she is may be... viscerally wrong.
Haegan2005 14th Feb 2016, 10:13 PM edit delete reply

Hmmm. I recognize that cassian.Yep, one side is doomed!
Mark_L_A 14th Feb 2016, 10:41 PM edit delete reply

Noctis is approaching from the rear. I think their savior has arrived.
The Old Scribe 14th Feb 2016, 10:56 PM edit delete reply

That's Noctis all righty. I'd recognize those ivory hands and dat fine ass anywhere. Methinks that douchey Nova Roma OIC is about to become Captain Crunch.
Tokyo Rose 15th Feb 2016, 5:27 AM edit delete reply

Of all the characters in this comic, Noctis is possibly the last one I'd have expected to earn an approving "dat ass". I am pleasantly surprised. :D
Stormwind13 15th Feb 2016, 7:23 AM edit delete reply

It is an exquisitely fine ass, Rose... Not that anyone wanting to live would SAY it in her hearing. :-D
chk 15th Feb 2016, 9:35 AM edit delete reply

Yep. Definitely a sweet ass.
T1-G3R2501 15th Feb 2016, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
Pretty much every booty that's considered legal booty that's been shown has been good.
Wolfsbane 15th Feb 2016, 12:02 PM edit delete reply

HeSerpenty 15th Feb 2016, 12:40 AM edit delete reply

O MAN I am seriously nervous for these guys!!! I hope help will come in time!! D':
Vivocateur 15th Feb 2016, 1:03 AM edit delete reply

Aha :)
I detect the Queen of Swords.
(Really loving all of these cameos Cent!)
Timotheus 15th Feb 2016, 1:28 AM edit delete reply

I believe their future depends entirely on how quickly and thoroughly they can convince the high commander and his representative that they are true and loyal "Soljers of the QUEEN".
Greenwood Goat 15th Feb 2016, 3:35 AM edit delete reply
If it is Noctis, what will she inflict on those before her?


"Dust": *freezes up*

Praetorians: *attack*

Noctis: *cuts down praetorians* I said "ALL OF YOU". The price of disobedience is death. Even when orders are unclear. *grabs "Dust", marches him back to his comrades* CEASE FIRE. THAT'S AN ORDER.

Rebels: *!!!* *!horrors!* *cease firing*

Canoi's squad: *continue firing*

Noctis: *grabs gun, shoots down Canoi and his squad* More disobedience. Now you soldiers - are you loyal to Nova Roma and to its Laws?

Rebels: *nod* *nodnodnod* Yes ma'am! Yes, my captain! Yes!

Noctis: Good. Then carry on. *exits*

>:=)> ...or then again, this might actually be what our Cassian here is planning.
anonymous coward 15th Feb 2016, 4:52 AM edit delete reply
Not goal-oriented enough. She wants to collapse the smurfcorps communications and organization so that Caligula can't give her more orders.
Visvires 15th Feb 2016, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
I don't think she's going to say anything before she drops them. She's got her sword out and powered up, she has their backs, and they are focused on enemies in front of them. Given the clarity of thought that she's demonstrated in the past, I'm expecting immediate and lethal utilization of her advantage.

Their first clue that they're under Cassian attack should be the glimpse they get of her as their heads spin to the floor.
Lukkai 15th Feb 2016, 6:05 PM edit delete reply

It would suit her favoured m.o. I guess, but I'm not sure she's willing to give even half a chance to those she feels need removal from this place.

And we still don't know exactly how this situation came to pass. Just that the two captains having beef with each other definitely played heavy part of it. But we're still missing some important details, I think.
Johninaustin 15th Feb 2016, 7:18 AM edit delete reply
Oh!! VERY good. I did not even think about Cassian Carnage. (Carnage by Cassian)?

I hope somebody has a mop. :O
Matt Knab 15th Feb 2016, 8:13 AM edit delete reply

I dunno, I'm getting the feeling that those soldiers are not long for this world.
Lee 15th Feb 2016, 9:32 AM edit delete reply
Pretty sure that's not backup for the blues.

Watching a temporarily unshackled Cassian tear them up (Thank you Decimus' stupidity!) should help me get through my wait for some TeeDee action.
chk 15th Feb 2016, 9:37 AM edit delete reply

Love your new vote incentive. What is that emblem in the corner?
Tokyo Rose 15th Feb 2016, 3:08 PM edit delete reply

What emblem in which corner? :D
Stormwind13 15th Feb 2016, 4:10 PM edit delete reply

I think that is the Nova Roma emblem, chk. And it looks like it is the corner, until you scroll right and see it is in the middle of the image. :-D
chk 15th Feb 2016, 5:46 PM edit delete reply

Yeah. I saw that after I looked at the entire picture.
Guest 16th Feb 2016, 12:58 AM edit delete reply
Scroll right, curious, copy the image, increase the brightness and discover a blue soldier on the ground but still wearing his head. Foreshadows?
TheD-Wrek 15th Feb 2016, 10:55 AM edit delete reply

Ooh Kat... You can do it! Just dun dieeeeeee! :'D
Lukkai 15th Feb 2016, 6:06 PM edit delete reply

What are your thoughts on her possible future date here?
Stormwind13 15th Feb 2016, 8:15 PM edit delete reply

Sadly, they both have to survive first Lukkai. Then he has to (gulp) get up the courage to ASK her... before Kat can formulate a reply. If they both survive though, shared experiences might bring them closer together. :-D
Lukkai 16th Feb 2016, 10:55 PM edit delete reply

Hence the "possible". ;)

Though I wager seeing a Cassian in action and surviving the experience would help in asking a girl out as soon as you've got your voice and bowel movements back under control.
Spellodello 15th Feb 2016, 11:13 AM edit delete reply

Oooo snap. Cassian power. This could be really bad. REALLY REALLY BAD. And Dust! You look so cool. o_o You're a good modeler, Cent! I was able to tell who everyone was in the cameo set without seeing the banners!

(Dust's being cool broke the universe)
KarToon12 15th Feb 2016, 1:15 PM edit delete reply

Their backup is a Cassian with a great booty. XD
mjkj 15th Feb 2016, 2:25 PM edit delete reply

Woah, great :D

...and who knows who she will support - they will be in for a biiiig surprise (I hope and guess)

I guess this is Noctis, is it?

PS: Great new vote incentive <3 <3 <3 - very nice =D

Dragonrider 15th Feb 2016, 4:54 PM edit delete reply

As sexy as Noctis is it's too bad she did not get the fun factory options. She could have provided even more interesting possibilities in ways to take care of Hiz Nutjobiness.
Tokyo Rose 16th Feb 2016, 10:11 PM edit delete reply

Teeth. There'd be teeth in there. Made of razor blades.
Stormwind13 15th Feb 2016, 6:25 PM edit delete reply

First panel, Captain Sapiro orders Kat(-erine) to contact the Trojan... So, this sounds like they are officially part of the rebels. And they are trying to contact Marcus.

Does anyone else read it that way? Or am I way off base here?
Dragonrider 16th Feb 2016, 9:17 PM edit delete reply

Sounds like a solid assumption.
Tokyo Rose 16th Feb 2016, 10:15 PM edit delete reply

"Dust" is, as noted, actually one of the Damnatio Memoriae; the other four aren't really members of the "rebel" forces, but members of the Roma military. They are objecting very strenuously to being attacked by the rampaging Praetorians, trying to protect members of the palace staff that have taken refuge from said rampaging Praetorians (as indicated by Charis's words on the previous page), and Captain Sapiro's seeing an opportunity to wrap up a personal vendetta.
Lukkai 16th Feb 2016, 10:57 PM edit delete reply

And that's the bits that we were missing. Though I already suspected something in that direction.
antrik 14th Oct 2016, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
Private Denzic is definitely not the only one who thinks that Katerine's *super* hot.

(She looks disconcertingly young, though...)
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