Comic 1343 - Exercise

28th Apr 2016, 9:00 PM
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Centcomm 28th Apr 2016, 9:45 PM edit delete
This serves as the Violence warning for next week. Thank you. :D
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velvetsanity 28th Apr 2016, 9:01 PM edit delete reply

Speaking of opening doors...
Stormwind13 29th Apr 2016, 4:37 AM edit delete reply

That is NOT Avon, velvet. :-D
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:58 AM edit delete reply

Hehe Maybe she just wants to talk about them and seeing the lord and savor.. Never mind I cant say that with a straight face.
Gilrandir 29th Apr 2016, 10:31 AM edit delete reply
Is she wearing the special underwear? ^_^
Sheela 30th Apr 2016, 3:33 PM edit delete reply

The lord and savor ?

*snerk* .. what is being savored here ? :D
CptKerion 1st May 2016, 11:44 AM edit delete reply
*Breaching charge explodes, filling the hall with dust, smoke, and shrapnel* "Hello! Would you like to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?"
Phil_ 28th Apr 2016, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
wow. BOOM!
cattservant 28th Apr 2016, 9:03 PM edit delete reply

Collision course!
Stormwind13 29th Apr 2016, 4:15 AM edit delete reply

Sound collision, repeat Sound collision!!! ::Klaxon sounds:: Brace for IMPACT!!!
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:57 AM edit delete reply

Shields up! Red Alert! ( sounds of Klaxon and campy star trek fight music! )
Sheela 29th Apr 2016, 9:37 AM edit delete reply

Wait what ?
Is someone playing Red Alert ?
Dragonrider 28th Apr 2016, 9:04 PM edit delete reply

We are about to witness dump truck loads of Bovine Excrement hit the osculating air mover. In Spades, I do hope the door slams down on her, because I don't think Acantha telling her to stand down would stop her from killing, dismantling and otherwise committing mayhem on everyone but Acantha and Lynn.
Centcomm 28th Apr 2016, 9:56 PM edit delete reply

The truck is here.. And the fan is spinning up to hurricane force!
Guest 28th Apr 2016, 10:20 PM edit delete reply
TeeDee and Ada are bringing a turbojet up behind all this as we speak, just in case. And it doesn't look like they'll have to stop to open any doors to deliver it.
Just_IDD 29th Apr 2016, 1:32 AM edit delete reply
Ohh do I sense a DeciMeated Sandwich smeared in blue shmutz? I hope someone brought a lot of fire, because thats gonna needs some cooking. Ideally with some free range nutrinos.
Just_IDD 29th Apr 2016, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
neutrinos. nutritious neutrinos.
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:56 AM edit delete reply

yes TD and Ada are on there way! :D
Sheela 1st May 2016, 6:10 AM edit delete reply

I dunno about feces, but I think that the Mama Bear is about to meet some opposition !
jamie59 28th Apr 2016, 9:06 PM edit delete reply

Dolly Kali
Kali Dolly
Stormwind13 29th Apr 2016, 4:19 AM edit delete reply

Somehow jamie, I fear it won't be THAT civilized (even with Dolly's Uppercrust British accent). With Douchimus driving the bus from one side I don't see how this can't end in a BLOODY mess.
Sheela 29th Apr 2016, 9:38 AM edit delete reply

Guardian vs. Guardian.
Gonna be an interesting fight!
velvetsanity 29th Apr 2016, 12:53 PM edit delete reply

Especially when you consider that drekhead is driving the *extra short* bus...while sandwiched between the fuel tank and rear bumper and blindfolded...
Mark_L_A 28th Apr 2016, 9:17 PM edit delete reply

Not good. Although I wonder if Kali saw the ladies and waved them to get into one of those lockers before his douchiness came through the door so he would just walk right on past.
Timotheus 28th Apr 2016, 10:42 PM edit delete reply

Time to put the Carmina Burana on the CD player (Fortuna, specifically). This will probably require it for background music. (I've got the Berlin Philharmonic, Seiji Ozawa version)
Stormwind13 29th Apr 2016, 4:54 AM edit delete reply

I was thinking of El Deguello from Rio Bravo myself, Tim.
mjkj 28th Apr 2016, 10:51 PM edit delete reply


Next week douchie and Kali against Dolly...

Gilrandir 29th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
Why would Kali and Dolly fight? They should sit down, commiserate, and compare notes. Consider:

1) They have both been responsible for caring for disobedient or troublesome children,
2) They are both currently out of touch with the entity who wields an uncomfortable degree of control over their destinies,
-- Decimus is hearing, but he isn't listening,
3) They are both highly capable and experienced veterans of violent encounters,
4) Their names sound similar,
5) They both like Acantha,
6) They both _dislike_ Decimus,
7) They both would rather the Praetorians were not here,
8) They both had simpler lives before they heard of Lynn,
9) They are both wishing the door hadn't opened just then.

With so much in common, they should be sitting down together over a nice pot of tea, rather than getting their "energized plasma cat-fight" on. ^_^
mjkj 29th Apr 2016, 12:22 AM edit delete reply

You forget Kali's programming...
Gilrandir 29th Apr 2016, 4:15 AM edit delete reply
Apologies ... Forgot the "<silly>" tag again. My bad. ^_^
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:55 AM edit delete reply

exactly Mjkj - Kali doesn't have a lot of choices here.
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:54 AM edit delete reply

hehe I liked this :D Thanks Gilranadir
Gilrandir 29th Apr 2016, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
You're welcome and thank you for the kind words. Not to mention the far more impressive and wonderful story/art providing me with opportunities to make silly comments in the first place. ^_^
Greenwood Goat 29th Apr 2016, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
Is the door just inactive, or is it trying to close on Kali? Either way, she makes a great target there. Will Dolly be able to get a shot at her? Will her weapon be powerful enough? If so:

Kali: *BZZZZZTT* *dies*

Decimus: Stop that! You're not supposed to get taken out!!! Praetorians - attack!!

Lead praetorian: *boots Kali out of the way, takes shot to the face*

Decimus: Why am I surrounded by gunshot-catching incompetents!??!!!

If not:

Kali: BZZZZZTT *crumples in place*

Decimus: Stop that! You're not supposed to get taken out!!! Praetorians - attack!!

Lead praetorian: *boots Kali out of the way, takes shot to the face*

Decimus: Why am I surrounded by gunshot-catching incompetents!??!!!

Kali: (thinks) Because that's what you've recruited, idiot. Now, if he doesn't give me a direct command and I don't perceive a direct threat to him, I shall lie doggo here and wait this out...

Visvires 29th Apr 2016, 3:51 AM edit delete reply
Is Kali mashing "A"?
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:52 AM edit delete reply

Yes .. yes she is.
Sheela 29th Apr 2016, 9:40 AM edit delete reply

Lies, she's mashing F5 on her browser.
CptKerion 29th Apr 2016, 4:45 AM edit delete reply
I'm surprised they didn't have auxiliary locking mechanisms mounted well back into the wall and placed such as to render this impossible without first removing most of the wall.
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:53 AM edit delete reply

They used a power blade ( Kali's is still working. ) to slice though the lock pins. Then all Kali needed to do was overcome the dead weight of the doors. Shes effectively pushing apart two cars.
Sheela 29th Apr 2016, 9:42 AM edit delete reply

Really ?
Who would park two cars in a doorway ?
That's downright rude that is!
... oddlooking cars btw.
Tokyo Rose 30th Apr 2016, 3:19 PM edit delete reply

Concept car designs are weird.
Sheela 1st May 2016, 2:40 AM edit delete reply

Yes they are, yes they are, and we love them for it.
I particularly like the streamliner concept cars from the 1930's, they are just so out there! :D
And none more so, than The Light Dart vehicle concept by Maxime de Keiser, it is just insane ... and he drove it, on the road even! It's like a missile for the road, but with drumbrakes.
Not that they got any LESS mad later on, just looking at the Ford Gyron 1961, it only has two wheels!
Mark_L_A 29th Apr 2016, 7:08 AM edit delete reply

New SciFi award starting this year at DragonCon.

Free to register, Free to vote.

LunaStar IS going to get the recognition it so richly deserves even if it kills me.
Axmurders 29th Apr 2016, 7:22 AM edit delete reply
Registered. I stand with you on your mission.
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 7:52 AM edit delete reply

Can I just say that you guys are amazing. Thank you so much!
Mark_L_A 30th Apr 2016, 3:21 AM edit delete reply

I'm going to be posting this to book of face later as well.
chk 29th Apr 2016, 10:25 AM edit delete reply

What did you use as the publication date?

The last strip was 30 Aug 15
Centcomm 29th Apr 2016, 11:07 AM edit delete reply

Thats what I think was used .. I dont really know that much about such things.
TheSkulker 30th Apr 2016, 1:24 AM edit delete reply

Right behind ya, Mark
DLKmusic 30th Apr 2016, 1:31 AM edit delete reply

I'm afraid I have to agree completely with Mark. Your work is too good for us to allow it to go unnoticed!
chk 30th Apr 2016, 2:00 PM edit delete reply

chk 30th Apr 2016, 2:03 PM edit delete reply


Are you going to put this on the 'Luna Star' site?
Mark_L_A 30th Apr 2016, 5:04 PM edit delete reply

Thought I had, but I was mistaken, doing so now.
chk 29th Apr 2016, 8:34 AM edit delete reply

KarToon12 29th Apr 2016, 3:30 PM edit delete reply

Walk into the club like, 'what up'? XD
Romfire 29th Apr 2016, 6:15 PM edit delete reply
I wonder what kali would do if the princess order her to stand down? She must be aware of Noctis's plan. How would she repond?
HiFranc 30th Apr 2016, 5:33 AM edit delete reply

Noctis didn't tell her so that as Kali can be ordered to reveal what she knows. She may suspect what Notis is doing but "suspect" and "know" are completely different things.
Lukkai 30th Apr 2016, 10:17 PM edit delete reply

The awesome power of plausible denial.
Sheela 1st May 2016, 2:56 AM edit delete reply

Unfortunately, Decimus trumps Acantha, he is after all the imperator.
Haegan2005 29th Apr 2016, 6:44 PM edit delete reply

yes, the friday ending...

Sigh. Just when it was getting good.
Guest 30th Apr 2016, 5:30 AM edit delete reply
As Billy Ocean said (well, sung):

When the going gets tough
The tough get going
When the going gets rough
The tough get rough
HiFranc 30th Apr 2016, 5:31 AM edit delete reply

Sorry, this was me. I logged out before I hit the button to submit it.
Lukkai 30th Apr 2016, 10:18 PM edit delete reply

I can't ever hear this song again without thinking of Tagon's Toughs. XD
Gilrandir 1st May 2016, 7:56 AM edit delete reply
An interesting dilemma for Kali:

Assuming she wishes to preserve Acantha's life, as soon as she recognizes what is happening should she take the initiative and attack as forcefully and quickly as possible? Or should she stall, delay, work-to-rule, and generally await orders?

The argument for stalling is obvious, if risky. The longer violence is delayed, the greater chance the situation can be managed to reduce threats to her principals. Additionally, she has to expect that, with the Praetorians in reserve, she has the advantage of numbers and firepower -- so they might be able to intimidate the opposition into surrendering without a fight -- which would avoid unfortunate circumstances for at least a little longer while she can pray for Noctis' scheme to pan out. The risk is that, ceding the initiative to the opposition increases the chance that something unexpected will happen and things will get out of control (i.e., 'pear-shaped') in a hurry.

Attacking immediately, on the other hand, offers the attractive possibility that she might get things under control before Prince Decimus has time to feel threatened or outraged and do something stupid like give an order. ^_^ (The most likely order being "Kill them! Kill them all!" Even though he would later slam her. By saying "Why did you kill my sister? You _knew_ I wanted her taken alive!"). Contrariwise, it immediately escalates the situation and more or less obliterates any hope of a non-shooting solution.

So, if you're Kali, in those few precious milliseconds while you still have some free will before your "Lord and Master" realizes he has a situation over which to start "exerting his dominion", what do you do?
Anonymouth 2nd Apr 2017, 5:13 PM edit delete reply
That's pretty impressive, considering she doesn't work out with a ThighMaster™... Unless that's one of Decimus' pet names for himself, and he orders -

Y'know what? Forget that. I just don't wanna know.
Lurker 29th Oct 2020, 9:42 PM edit delete reply
Don't know why, but this time around, the following popped into my head:
"And Kali was kung-fu fighting..."
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