Comic 1346 - Outta Here

3rd May 2016, 9:18 PM
Outta Here
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Mark_L_A 3rd May 2016, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

Is my count right? Am I seeing three teeth going for a walk?

As for blueberry there, probably the smartest thing he has done in his entire life.

Now if only Kali is either worn down enough or called off by Acantha fast enough.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:48 PM edit delete reply

Yep thats three count em three teeth that have been shattered.
Visvires 3rd May 2016, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
He didn't swallow a fourth? That's not nearly enough teeth.

Hit him again, Dolly!
StephenHFoster 4th May 2016, 9:12 AM edit delete reply
Now, let's see if he lives long enough to make use of the services of a dental surgeon.
TheD-Wrek 3rd May 2016, 9:24 PM edit delete reply

Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:45 PM edit delete reply

Beautiful.. Perfect!
CptKerion 3rd May 2016, 11:36 PM edit delete reply
I with there was an upvote function. I so wish there was an upvote function.
Mark_L_A 4th May 2016, 12:15 AM edit delete reply

May not be an upvote option but I AM swiping that.
Tokyo Rose 4th May 2016, 3:50 AM edit delete reply

I award you a shining internet point for appropriate usage.

Bonus for everyone:
HiFranc 4th May 2016, 2:51 AM edit delete reply

That remeinds me of this.
T1-G3R2501 4th May 2016, 5:32 AM edit delete reply
Hah that's the smartest lackey I've ever seen. Most of the ones I encounter are all wave after wave of meat shields
Wolfsbane 4th May 2016, 10:02 AM edit delete reply

I can hear him from here going "woob woob woob woob woob" <nyuk nyuk nyuk>
Dragonrider 3rd May 2016, 9:25 PM edit delete reply

Kali seems to be holding back she hit Dolly with a body block not a weapon that would have disabled her. Now if Dolly can bring the pistol to bear on Kali's ass she might survive. Or if Acantha gets her head out of hers and orders Kali to back off.

Edit note: I do love the surviving Praetorians comment as he rapidly exits stage left.
Gilrandir 3rd May 2016, 9:49 PM edit delete reply
Disclaimer #1: I know practically nothing about martial arts, armed combat, or the science of providing an armed escort.
Disclaimer #2: I have no idea what the creatrixes intend, have in mind, or consider reasonable given the physics, engineering, and biology of the DataChasers world. (And I mean that in a good way.). The following are purely my opinions and speculations.

I do not think, @Dragonrider, that Kali is intending to take it easy on anyone. I think she is responding to her established priorities. I expect that, in her assessment, if she were to pull one of her very sharp swords and disembowel Dolly, she expects that Dolly would have time, using the pistol already in her hand, to put a couple of rounds in Decimus' ear. If she were to try the much riskier decapitation or disarm (de-hand?), there's an unacceptably large chance of a miss -- meaning Dolly can do whatever she wants to Decimus before she would get another chance to stop her. Similar arguments apply for any projectile or ray attack -- unless she has an instant-onset, guaranteed incapacitation, light speed ray weapon available for quickdraw, which seems unlikely.

What Kali is doing is moving the main threat away from her principal and keeping that deadly weapon off-line for as many mill-seconds as possible to give the prince time to recover himself and get out of the line of fire. If you want the least possible chance of your attack being dodged, you aim for center-of-mass and you use the biggest projectile you have. And the best way to keep your enemy from getting a good shot at their target is to keep the range large and make sure it is contested, rather than an aimed shot.

So that would be my guess for she went with the tackle, as opposed to a weapon attack. Not from any desire to spare Dolly. Hypothetically, the next thing she might do is pop smoke, if she has it

But I could be completely wrong.
Dragonrider 3rd May 2016, 10:01 PM edit delete reply

@Gilrander understand your logic however she could have used an arm extended hand like a blade to pierce Dollys body. I think she is as The Old Scribe says acknowledging Dolly is Acanthas protector and has kept her from rape and worse also remembering she told Lynn she was under her protection after Lynn clocked Douchie with a heavy metal candle holder.
Gilrandir 3rd May 2016, 10:37 PM edit delete reply
Maybe, @Dragonrider ... <shrug> Unless the creatrixes weigh in, or the story unfolds, I guess we'll never know for sure.

Scene: Dolly and Kali in a bar, years from now, reminiscing. "So, remember that time in the tunnels with the big door? What was going through your mind?" ^_^
HiFranc 4th May 2016, 2:44 AM edit delete reply

Dolly is Lynn's protector. It was Lynn, Max and Kali who protected Acantha.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:45 PM edit delete reply

Gil is actually on the right track here. Kali's main objective is to remove Dolly from the fight as fast as possible. She knows Dolly is wearing high end armor and possibly has a shield so simply went to physically remove her as fast as possible.

Mind you that arm bar hit dolly like a car moving at speed. It hurt a lot.
Pirtnac 3rd May 2016, 11:21 PM edit delete reply
This is also the closest she can come to hugging the person who finally knocked some of his teeth out.
Spellodello 3rd May 2016, 9:26 PM edit delete reply


Heck yes I am so pumped.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:48 PM edit delete reply

hehe you will really like Fridays page!
CptKerion 3rd May 2016, 11:38 PM edit delete reply
This. All of this. Everything this. This is my entire sentiment at the moment.
Tokyo Rose 4th May 2016, 3:53 AM edit delete reply

You think you're happy? Multiply your present state of all-consuming joy by eight-odd years of having to get inside this cockthistle's head and write for him. I'm so fucking high on glee right now that I'm pissing pure dopamine.
Sheela 4th May 2016, 6:55 AM edit delete reply

ooOhhhh ... can we let Dolly hit Dochebag again, I think Rose needs the good vibes from that. :D
Visvires 4th May 2016, 7:11 AM edit delete reply
Can Acantha and Lynn kick him while he's down? Can we get a .gif of it?
Wolfsbane 4th May 2016, 10:06 AM edit delete reply
The Old Scribe 3rd May 2016, 9:34 PM edit delete reply

Dolly gets a body block from Kali and it's on! I'm wondering why Kali didn't execute a more lethal attack, unless she's doing her programmed 'duty' to protect Doucheie without doing major damage to the princesses protector. Talk about a conflict of interest.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:49 PM edit delete reply

Kali has her reasons actually..
Sheela 4th May 2016, 6:56 AM edit delete reply

Lethal attacks can end up hurting the wrong person, and Dolly is well armored.

Better for Kali to to push her away, and get her in a one-on-one fight.
Stormwind13 4th May 2016, 7:42 AM edit delete reply

I'm thinking that Kali needed to get Dolly away from Douchimus. Remember she doesn't know Dolly knows that killing Douchimus is BAD! So it is imperative to separate them, shift Dolly's focus off of Douchimus.

Plus Kali probably wants more room to maneuver. She can't let anything happen to Douchimus, and she doesn't want anything to happen to Acantha as could if they stay too close.
Lukkai 4th May 2016, 8:10 PM edit delete reply

Plus this was just about the fastest possible response.
Gilrandir 3rd May 2016, 9:54 PM edit delete reply
Why is the door the Praetorian is running toward closed? If Kali has been forcing these, shouldn't they all be remaining open, just like the one they are currently fighting in? Also, what does the Praetorian hope to accomplish by running 40 yards or so away into a cul-de-sac? I don't think that's going to do much to let him escape the monstrous squad-killer.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:43 PM edit delete reply

Actually there are two side doors down there they are kinda hidden in the shot sorry about that. But yes he has a way out.. the fact that way possibly has TD and Ada in it is irrelevant.
Gilrandir 3rd May 2016, 10:47 PM edit delete reply
Ah, that explains it. Thank you.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 11:02 PM edit delete reply

your welcomne.
Greenwood Goat 4th May 2016, 1:03 AM edit delete reply
Teedee: +Another one!+ *shoots him*

Ada: +It would have been handy to interrogate him - we need to know-+

Teedee: +The whole top half is there. Knock yourself out.+

Ada: You! Speak quickly or you die more slowly! Where is-

Lynn: (in distance) Dolly!

Ada: Forget it! *shoots him through gap between helmet and gorget* Have a nice death!

Teedee: *smirk*

Lukkai 4th May 2016, 8:13 PM edit delete reply

"Speak quickly or die slowly!"

Gotta remember that one.
Tokyo Rose 4th May 2016, 4:01 AM edit delete reply


I noticed this inconsistency while working on the pages and brought it up, asking if Cent could do a quick reshoot to show the door partly open. Cent's reply was, basically, "no can do, half because of progressive scene saves and half because that's where the corridor model itself ends". It would have been quite a pain to arrange another section of hallway and partly-open door. We discussed it a bit and finally it came down to "if someone calls us on it, we'll 'fess up." 'FESSING UP NOW.
Sheela 4th May 2016, 6:58 AM edit delete reply


Reminds me of a certain troll in Terry Pratchets novels that became a policeman and would tell people to "FESS UP" repeatedly, until they did so. He was very effective. :)
DLKmusic 4th May 2016, 8:52 PM edit delete reply

If I recall, Sheela, that Troll had many interogation methods...

The straitforward method: "Did you do it?"
the accusatory method: "Just admit that you did it".
and of course, the subtle method" "ah, come on, you did it, didn'tcha"
Gilrandir 4th May 2016, 7:35 AM edit delete reply
"I just want to say one thing. The supercop story ... was working. And you guys just messed it up." ^_^

In all seriousness, @Rose, it's all good -- though I do appreciate the candor. I didn't mean to spoil the magic for anyone.
Centcomm 4th May 2016, 7:43 AM edit delete reply

There are actually two doors in the corridor though.. :P just saying.. :D
Gilrandir 4th May 2016, 3:56 PM edit delete reply
Fair enough, @Centcomm. But, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask a question:

Assume I took a trip to your residence. You graciously greeted me and invited me in to enjoy your wonderful hospitality. You fixed us a pot of tea and we settled in your parlor for a bit to discuss matters of mutual interest, like the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Hero System for RPGs versus Rolemaster. After a bit you invite me up to your private space, you fire up your devices and you load the latest model for this scene, including all the elements of the hallway. You pivot the point of view to show me all the intimate details, including both of these previously unseen passages. Tell the truth and shame the Devil ...

Are the doors open, or closed? ^_^
Centcomm 4th May 2016, 4:26 PM edit delete reply

the side doors in the model are closed the are the same kind of smaller doors that the girls used earlyer.
Gilrandir 4th May 2016, 5:33 PM edit delete reply
<nods> Thank you.
Lukkai 4th May 2016, 8:12 PM edit delete reply

I wouldn't exactly say TD and Ada possibly being there is irrelevant. Just that he doesn't know of it. Or them in general. ;)
Gilrandir 4th May 2016, 8:52 PM edit delete reply
@Lukkai, it's irrelevant to his choice about whether to run and which way to run if he doesn't know about them. Not that their presence is irrelevant to the ultimate consequences of his act.

And, since he has three possible ways to go, I calculate his chance of stumbling over the path along which they are fast approaching at ... %99.6. ^_^. Roughly one in three, as modified by Praetorian karma and the influence of a strong Narrativium field in these tunnels. ^_^
mjkj 3rd May 2016, 10:00 PM edit delete reply

I-is that Kali hitting Dolly??? O_O

...quick, Acantha, order Kali to stand down...
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:50 PM edit delete reply

Yes. It IS Kali.. and as much as Acantha would LOVE to call her off.. She cant. Not a long as Deck is breathing.
Just_IDD 3rd May 2016, 11:38 PM edit delete reply
Not breathing or unconscious? If your ruler is unable to communicate/is incapacitated and there is a member of the ruling family there, that should be enough for Acantha to order Kali to stand down at least temporarily. Kali was thinking along similar lines at dinner. what if say Deci-poop were made to knock himself out.
Sheela 4th May 2016, 6:59 AM edit delete reply

As long as he's alive, Kali has to try and keep him alive.
Concious or not, matters not at all.
She's a slave to her programming.
Lukkai 4th May 2016, 8:14 PM edit delete reply

Would Acantha be able to call her off if both she and Dolly would promise for Dolly not to hurt Decimus again?

I know it's probably rather academic, but I still wonder.
Tokyo Rose 5th May 2016, 3:41 PM edit delete reply

No, Acantha wouldn't be able to call Kali off even if she and Dolly pinky-swore that Dolly wouldn't pop Decimus again. :D
mjkj 4th May 2016, 10:23 PM edit delete reply

Hmmm, CentComm, what about when the senate decides that douchie has done enough damage and votes Acantha as new ruler with Maxus as stand in until she is of age. When Kali receives that as a burst on the cassian radio, then Acantha should be able to give Kali orders...
Tokyo Rose 5th May 2016, 3:43 PM edit delete reply

Even if the Senate were to do such a thing (and given the hour, the situation in the city, and the state of communications at the moment, they aren't going to), Kali is still compelled to obey Decimus, and he's long since told her that Acantha is not on her authorized-access list. Acantha couldn't order her to go get a can of soda, much less call her off of someone who attacked Decimus.
cattservant 3rd May 2016, 10:02 PM edit delete reply

The revolution is just about over.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:50 PM edit delete reply

or just beginning ..
Sheela 4th May 2016, 7:00 AM edit delete reply

Or outsourced to others.
Lukkai 4th May 2016, 8:14 PM edit delete reply

D) All of the above.
lirvilas 3rd May 2016, 10:10 PM edit delete reply

Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:50 PM edit delete reply

sounds like a twitter would do.. :D
Timotheus 3rd May 2016, 10:19 PM edit delete reply

Come on people! This just screams as requiring "O Fortuna!" as back ground music! Someone agree with me. (whimper)
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:52 PM edit delete reply

heh - I have my own theam for this but it you like it go for it!
ProfEtheric 3rd May 2016, 10:26 PM edit delete reply

Definitely "nope".

YES! Douchimus missing teeth. Now PLEASE do something else stupid, ass-clown...

Kali on Dolly fight?




I'll be in my bunk...
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 10:59 PM edit delete reply

hehe .. oh wait for it. This is just the warm up act.
CptKerion 3rd May 2016, 11:49 PM edit delete reply
I do hope it's rated for collisions of two masses of badass of this density and at this velocity.
Wolfsbane 4th May 2016, 2:26 AM edit delete reply

Ah, if it were only our beloved Malati...
Visvires 3rd May 2016, 10:43 PM edit delete reply
Beautiful page. The teeth. The tackle. The nope.
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete reply

thanks Vis
Gilrandir 3rd May 2016, 10:44 PM edit delete reply
Of course the next thing for Decimus to do is get out his pistol and order Dolly to stand down or Lynn gets two in the head. Now that Kali has moved her out of position, that would give Dolly a really hard choice. (Just speculating, of course.)
Centcomm 3rd May 2016, 11:01 PM edit delete reply

he actually does not have his pistol. he blew though his rounds shooting door panels in frustration. So all hes got visually is a sword. he expected to have 2 Praetorians and Kali with him.
Gilrandir 3rd May 2016, 11:09 PM edit delete reply
Guess it's a bummer to be Prince Decimus. ^_^
Just_IDD 3rd May 2016, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
Wouldn't he still have the pistol though? I can't see him discarding the weapon simply because its out of ammo that would be silly. The real question is, is he mentally capable of bluffing that he has ammo when infact he doesen't

Centcomm 4th May 2016, 12:52 AM edit delete reply

it is in his holster but hes not good at bluffing Acantha knows him too well.
xpacetrue 4th May 2016, 3:36 AM edit delete reply

HOPEFULLY, Acantha or Lynn can take advantage of Dec being all shocked and stunned to grab a weapon. (Perhaps a sword or a gun from the fallen Preatorian?)

We'll just have to wait and see how smart and quick on their feet they are.
Centcomm 4th May 2016, 7:09 AM edit delete reply

Acantha is armed. She has the pistol Aeneas gave her. :D
Pirtnac 4th May 2016, 10:50 AM edit delete reply
Is that the one with the "no workie" switch when it is in Aeneas' area? Do the tunnels count?
Visvires 4th May 2016, 7:25 AM edit delete reply
Swords and pistols aren't great options when the death of your target initiates doomsday protocols. For Decimus, I think they'd be better off taking his sword away, when able, and beating him within an inch of his life - it requires less finesse than slashing or stabbing him within an inch of his life. Sure, he's bigger and stronger, but there're two of them, and we know Lynn, at least, has proper training. If they recover from their shock before he recovers from his pain...
Wolfsbane 4th May 2016, 10:11 AM edit delete reply

Just shoot him in the leg, Dolly.

"I used to be the Imperator, but then I took a bullet to the knee..."
plymayer 3rd May 2016, 11:24 PM edit delete reply

He's not used to taking what he gives out.
HiFranc 4th May 2016, 2:56 AM edit delete reply

The prince got of lightly (link to "Thoughts...")

{edit} Even better The Dance and the pages after it.
velvetsanity 4th May 2016, 9:21 AM edit delete reply

He *always* gets off lightly, to avoid accidentally setting off the contingencies...
Stormwind13 4th May 2016, 10:50 AM edit delete reply

I'm thinking his pass just expired, velvet. Though Douchimus might STILL get off lighter than he should, like with his head still attached to his body.
Sheela 5th May 2016, 4:47 AM edit delete reply

To be fair, one of the reasons why he has such a big ego, is because he always got away with stuff. And if you keep getting off lightly, it's not that farfetched that you begin to think you are superior to others.
xpacetrue 4th May 2016, 3:37 AM edit delete reply

TOP PANEL: The Douchebag just lost his crown! Let's hope this is foreshadowing rather than purely symbolic coincidence. :D
sigpig 4th May 2016, 5:01 AM edit delete reply

Spittin' Chiclets!
chk 4th May 2016, 5:37 AM edit delete reply

Shit, Shat, Will be shot!
Sheela 5th May 2016, 4:48 AM edit delete reply

Shoots Shat, shit is left with what ?
Stormwind13 4th May 2016, 7:24 AM edit delete reply

Well in response to speculation from comments on the last page, sure doesn't look like Kali is low on power to me!!! Damn she is FAST! O_o
Lukkai 4th May 2016, 8:17 PM edit delete reply

She's still got some fight in her for sure.

Question is, how much?
Morituri 4th May 2016, 10:23 AM edit delete reply
Hm. With Kali on his side, the blueberry might actually have had a chance of surviving if he hadn't run. Not a good chance, but anyway a chance. As matters stand though, he is double screwed.

According to the New Troy faction, he's some anonymous clown wearing a Royal Guard uniform. They'll just shoot him.

According to the Nova Roma faction what he's doing right now is called Cowardice, Dereliction of Duty, and Desertion Under Fire. On the battlefield two of those three are shooting offenses all by themselves.

But it's even worse than that. He's taking it to the next level with a side order of a Derelictio Rex. Derelictio Rex carries a death penalty in every outfit that ever had a royal sovereign, and if torture is even remotely acceptable to the society (like it is in Nova Roma) it gets the absolute worst available penalty.

That guy? That guy is screwed no matter who he runs into next.
Stormwind13 4th May 2016, 10:46 AM edit delete reply

Unless he just KEEPS running. Turns gutter or something to get away from his past. Maybe turn into an itinerant priest to make up for his past sins. :-D
Tokyo Rose 4th May 2016, 3:02 PM edit delete reply

Or he throws away his armor (all but the codpiece, which he spray-paints green or black or any color but blue or red) and starts a little falafel stand in Ahta.
Sheela 4th May 2016, 6:04 PM edit delete reply

Or he finds an abandoned bunker, turns Ranger, and earns a bunch of money by doing favors for old contacts and builds himself a little hightech outpost, just like so !!
Morituri 4th May 2016, 8:26 PM edit delete reply
@TR & Sheela: I don't even know if he could go far enough to get clear of that.

It's not like anything he's doing right now will endear him to Acantha. I mean, it's clear that he's not doing this for her. If she takes the throne, would she want this clown defending her? Not bloody likely. And if she DOESN'T issue a death warrant on Derelictio Rex, she will never have the respect of the Praetorians again. And if Shinedo still honors the Three Treasures, they likely still have a pretty darn stiff code about warriors who betray their emperor.

TR, obviously you know the setting better than me. But I just don't think that guy could find anything like safety short of getting the hell off the planet.
Tokyo Rose 5th May 2016, 3:46 PM edit delete reply

Should Acantha take the throne, or Maxus step in as regent, very high on the priority list would be the disbanding of the Praetorian Guard. They're all violent convicted criminals. Acantha doesn't want any of them within a mile of her. :D
Visvires 4th May 2016, 8:30 PM edit delete reply
He needs to get that armor off, though. With it, he's a target. Without it, he's an unfortunate man who was taking a shower when all hell broke loose, and is desperately searching for pants. Who has the heart to shoot that?
Sheela 5th May 2016, 4:51 AM edit delete reply

Also, he's probably the kind of guy that knows a guy with some brand new identification papers that tells the authorities that he's just a humble trader.

Meanwhile, a garbage man finds a fine set of armor in a back alley dumpster, with the words "Nope" written all over it.
Lukkai 5th May 2016, 2:05 PM edit delete reply

He channels Forrest Gump and starts crossing the continent on foot.
Thundarl 4th May 2016, 2:30 PM edit delete reply

I am wondering if there were a few extra teeth that Decimus swallowed from the force that Dolly smacked in the face with. That force may still have broken his jaw and if Acantha is lucky; he'll drown in his own blood from the hit.
KarToon12 4th May 2016, 2:50 PM edit delete reply

One of the best "nope"'s of recent history. XD
Matt Knab 4th May 2016, 4:42 PM edit delete reply

Haha, for once one of those guys has the right idea!
dpallee 4th May 2016, 6:28 PM edit delete reply

Nice effect on the second panel-great job!
Stormwind13 5th May 2016, 12:16 PM edit delete reply

We need to send Lynn to the Sydney Scoville School of Cursing. She graduates from there we can send her Rose's Finishing School. :-D
Meska 5th May 2016, 3:41 PM edit delete reply
Unless he has a dentist withing a hours crawl... those teethe are gone PERMINATELY. Cell death and all that.

Say hello to Dentures...jackass. If he lives that long. Also, speasth itthuse fom ere on.
Tokyo Rose 5th May 2016, 3:47 PM edit delete reply

New Rome actually has the bio tech available to re-grow teeth.
Meska 5th May 2016, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
TRUE. But they will not be HIS teeth. I imagine, giving everything I have seen so far, that might drive him to a psychopathic rage and he would kill his dentist for their trouble...

Still laughing at how funny he is gonna sound if he ever manages to speak again. well anything but expletives and "owww ow owowowowowoww..."...then crying. Tooth loss HURTS. Add that plus all the soft tissue damage to his lips and gums. I am amazed his lips are not hanging by threads of flesh. (I know we cannot see that.. it's WAY too icky) He's gonna need stitches.
Gilrandir 5th May 2016, 5:37 PM edit delete reply
If they regrow them, then technically they ARE his teeth. (In my opinion, of course.)

Since we know that you can exchange teeth for coins, and we know that Charon asks two coins for passage to the Underworld, does that mean that in extremis, Decimus is now prepared to ride the Tooth Ferry? (With one left over.)
Haegan2005 5th May 2016, 7:06 PM edit delete reply

Okay guys, that first panel gave me warm fuzzies. Problem is that i don't think he is going to figure out what just really happened until he spends some time in a jail cell. Otherwise he is just going to lose his little mind.
Romfire 5th May 2016, 7:45 PM edit delete reply
Does the princess have her pistol, or does Lynn have it?
Romfire 5th May 2016, 7:47 PM edit delete reply
Never-mind, I found the post that she still has her pistol.
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 12th Mar 2017, 1:53 PM edit delete reply

Oh, that last panel... so perfect.
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