Comic 1390 - Guest page by HerSerpenty of serpents of old.

10th Aug 2016, 6:24 PM
Guest page by HerSerpenty of serpents of old.
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Author Notes:

Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 6:24 PM edit delete
This amazing page was done by HerSerpenty of Serpents of old!!

Go to her comic and thank her for us! She did a awesome job here! ( and its a full weeks worth of normal updates for us )

And its the real script too..

sorry for my crappy linking..

Serpents of old
Tokyo Rose 11th Aug 2016, 3:18 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
Fantastic job :)
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Penni 10th Aug 2016, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
NICE! The art is defferant, but I like that I know who each person is. VERY NICE! *my spell chack is not working, sorry for misplellings*

Get better Cent. I love your work. I love your health more. (hugs)
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 6:39 PM edit delete reply

Thankys !
Marcus Ramesy 10th Aug 2016, 11:32 PM edit delete reply

Nicely done, im very impressed.. Cent.. I think you have competiton..
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:17 AM edit delete reply

Thank you very much, it was fun!

Also LOL X'D
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:30 AM edit delete reply

I know right, Marcus?
Guest 10th Aug 2016, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
WOW!! that is good!! And this IS canon right?
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 6:39 PM edit delete reply

yes it is Canon !
Sheela 11th Aug 2016, 3:18 AM edit delete reply

unless it's bazookaed.
Visvires 11th Aug 2016, 4:41 AM edit delete reply
CeCi broke the bazooka. Hard.

Excellent work, Serpenty.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:29 AM edit delete reply

yes she did. then she threw it out.
Sheela 11th Aug 2016, 10:44 AM edit delete reply

And danced around the garbage bin.
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 11:25 AM edit delete reply

Thank you very much! :D
Speedy Marsh 4th Apr 2017, 5:32 AM edit delete reply
"Are you gonna tell Ceci that bazooka wasn't bubblegum?"

"After the way she chewed it up? Heck no!"

"What I wanna know is how the hell didshe blew a bubble with it!?!"
Speedy Marsh 4th Apr 2017, 5:42 AM edit delete reply
"What I wanna know is how the hell did she blow a bubble with it!?!"

(Oops. Accidentally hit 'Post the comment' too soon. I've gotta register, so I can edit my comments)
revzet 10th Aug 2016, 6:43 PM edit delete reply

Holy cow Serpy outdid herself this is amazingggg
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 6:51 PM edit delete reply

she really went above and beyond on this! i actually hurt myself squeeeing over it.
Spellodello 10th Aug 2016, 7:02 PM edit delete reply

Holy crap this is incredible. Serpy did a beautiful job and the tension is very real. ;O;
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:04 PM edit delete reply

I agree.. she really nailed the emotion ( and in Noctis's case UN-emotinal ) levels :D
Gilrandir 10th Aug 2016, 7:03 PM edit delete reply
Thank you, @HerSerpenty. Nicely done.
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:04 PM edit delete reply

I so agree!
Gilrandir 10th Aug 2016, 9:07 PM edit delete reply
@Centcomm, did you get my Comic Fury PM's?
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 9:15 PM edit delete reply

I did and i passed it along via Email ! :D
Gilrandir 10th Aug 2016, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
Thank you.
HeSerpenty 10th Aug 2016, 10:21 PM edit delete reply

Thank you so much! It was my pleasure <3
lalverson 11th Aug 2016, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

Most excellent work! very well done and very crisp and clean!
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 6:21 PM edit delete reply

Thank you so much! :D
HeSerpenty 10th Aug 2016, 7:14 PM edit delete reply

I am at work but I just wanna say I am so happy you like the page, Centy!! It was my pleasure to do this thank you for trusting me with your characters and story!

(LOL did I really pick out a weeks worth of updates chunk of script ?? Leave it to me! Hahaha)
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:23 PM edit delete reply

darn near it. I do four to six panels genrally. you did 11 plus the layout is really nice. Five star material here Serp! and thank you again!
HeSerpenty 10th Aug 2016, 7:41 PM edit delete reply

Hehe weeell I DID say I'd treat it like one of my own pages (that's minimum of 10 panels rule LOL)

Only the best for my friend, Centy!! <3
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:46 PM edit delete reply

dang it.. now im gonna cry.. I swear im going to come to your place and buy you dinner!
Sheela 11th Aug 2016, 3:20 AM edit delete reply

I think that for once, I won't steal the dinner and just say "Good job" instead. :)
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 1:46 PM edit delete reply

Thank you! <33

Hahaha if/when Centy comes to my neighborhood I'LL be buying dinner heheh <3
pkrankow 10th Aug 2016, 7:17 PM edit delete reply

GaaAAaaa more productivity virus!!!

I need to stop binge reading every awesome looking link from these awesome looking guest pages.
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:24 PM edit delete reply

Hey her comic is awesome - I subscribed to it on the first day she posted page one long ago. ( Ive always had a secret wish that i could get a page out of her .. i got my wish! yay! )
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:13 AM edit delete reply

AWW Centy I will never forget you as my #1 subber!
(I remember feeling like "*gasp* a sub so fast!" and I was immediately eager to work on next page <3333. That's all you! :'D)
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 9:02 AM edit delete reply

hey you had me at Shira and the poem and the lovely rendered forest you did. :D
cattservant 10th Aug 2016, 7:27 PM edit delete reply

Or maybe not...
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:38 PM edit delete reply

Haegan2005 10th Aug 2016, 7:28 PM edit delete reply

OMG that is well done!

More guest art! More guest art!

Someone has another three to five weeks left to heal!
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:38 PM edit delete reply

hehe true im 3 weeks into a 6 to 8 weeks healing ..but i think i can start working in a few weeks :D and yes this is very very well done.
jamie59 10th Aug 2016, 7:43 PM edit delete reply

Where's this in the timeline? My guess this is a little before Ceci's save.
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 7:45 PM edit delete reply

yeah its a few moments before Ceci brings down the digital house..
Gilrandir 11th Aug 2016, 12:26 PM edit delete reply
On consideration, there is schadenfreude to be had by imagining it to take place slightly after CeCi's accomplishment. ^_^

After all, the people who know about the disarming of the apocalypse node are: Tokyo Rose, Kagami, Yasakani, Kusanagi, Aeneas, and Kyle. (I don't think I missed anyone. CentComm might also know, depending on the transmission lag of that 'mission complete' message, but I doubt she'd be sending any Intel updates back to her black ops team. That sort of messes up the 'deniability'.) Most of these are along for the ride, and two of them are actively looking for ways to make CentComm 'answer' (i.e., 'pay') for her misdeeds, so I doubt they're feeling particularly charitable towards New Troy and New Trojans at the moment. I could certainly see them deciding to just slip quietly away (except for Aeneas, of course) and wait to see how long it takes people to notice for themselves that the big red countdown clock has stopped counting down. ^_^

Which would mean, of course, that Maxus -- who is in communication with people who actually know and care about Prince Decimus' personal Nuke of Damocles on a daily basis -- might end up being the first of the 'tunnel gang' (or second, since Noctis is apparently being a communications relay) to actually get the happy news that it is, in fact, okay for New Romans to go out and buy the latest season of Lost in Translation on DVD. ^_^ How long can you keep the hostile invaders worrying and guessing about whether they are going to be vaporized in the next five seconds? (Probably not all that long, since Maxus is playing nice -- but there's no reason to expect that Tokyo Rose is. And the news about the apocalypse node would most likely originate with her.)

Just a thought.
azureXtwilight 10th Aug 2016, 8:23 PM edit delete reply

Wow, Serpy's style is amazing in this one! <3
Centcomm 10th Aug 2016, 8:44 PM edit delete reply

I totally agree,, I love the angles shes got in here and the dynamics :D
DLKmusic 10th Aug 2016, 8:53 PM edit delete reply

Wow, Serpy, you outdid yourself here. all characters are distinct and can be recognized even without the text (including Nox! nice touch btw).

You said you promised to treat it like your own comic? I would say you kept that promise, and then some!!! (Spoken as someone who loves both comics!)

HeSerpenty 10th Aug 2016, 10:39 PM edit delete reply

Aw thank you so much, sir! It was reeally important to me to try to make sure they were all recognizable and distinct from one another <3

I'm so happy you like it and so happy you like Serpents too!!! <333
Personalhalo 10th Aug 2016, 9:41 PM edit delete reply
Tee-dee absolutely cracks me up. You've found one of your strip's centers. :-)
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:29 AM edit delete reply

hhe well TD will be more in the second arc than she was in the first .. So will Ada.
Combat Medic Z 10th Aug 2016, 9:53 PM edit delete reply

Wow, that's very good! Surely it can't be easy to step in and draw someone else's characters. And Noctis' pose in the second panel, perfect!
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:12 AM edit delete reply

Thank you so much! Indeed, it is very different than what I normally work on... but it was a pleasure! And great learning experience :D
mjkj 10th Aug 2016, 10:43 PM edit delete reply

Woah, great update - thank you, HeSerpenty...
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:08 AM edit delete reply

Thank you so much, mjkj! It was my pleasure <333
plymayer 10th Aug 2016, 11:07 PM edit delete reply

Great page.

HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:11 AM edit delete reply

Thank you!
HiFranc 10th Aug 2016, 11:26 PM edit delete reply

Hopefully, Aeneas (or someone there) will explain to the group that the doomsday scenario has been cancelled.
HiFranc 10th Aug 2016, 11:29 PM edit delete reply

The best compliment that I can give HerSerpenty is to treat this update as a normal one.
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:09 AM edit delete reply

Indeed it is! Thank you so much! I'm glad it isn't TOO jarring <33 :D
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:28 AM edit delete reply

Your right Hifranc - Normally when the artist gets back on there feet they replace the guest art .. Im kinda hesitant to do that.
sigpig 11th Aug 2016, 10:27 AM edit delete reply

Terri, PLEASE don't replace the guest pages - they are awesome on their own, and you can really tell the amount of effort the artists put into them.

Serpy, I recognized your style in Panel 1. I know that it would be a great page from that point on...
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 11:27 AM edit delete reply

Aww thank you very much! <3333

I really tried hard to make this a nice page for Centy! And it's quite a different environment than my usual work so...good practice!! :D
antrik 13th Aug 2016, 12:54 PM edit delete reply
Well, I'd say there is no "normal" here, as I don't remember ever seeing guest artists carrying on the main storyline... Side-stories, yes, but this? I believe it's unique.

And I guess we see the reason for that right here: keeping these pages *instead* of the "regular" ones would be weird; but dropping them would be a shame -- neither seems an acceptable option :-(
HeSerpenty 14th Aug 2016, 2:00 AM edit delete reply

WHat I have done with page swaps on my comic is just post the other person's page UNDER my real page in the author comments section :D

Sure people havta scroll down a little more but..*shrugs* at least they both still there. ANd it's also fun to see the different interpretations of the same script

That being said I wouldn't be offended with whatever dear Centy decides to do with this page <3.. it was an honor to work on it ^__^
StellarJay 15th Aug 2016, 12:41 AM edit delete reply

This is an excellent solution! I would like to see both interpretations as well. This would also allow for a consistent style should this ever be put into book form (paper or PDF).
Tokyo Rose 15th Aug 2016, 2:31 AM edit delete reply

I like the idea of putting your page under Cent's page. :)
Sheela 15th Aug 2016, 6:15 AM edit delete reply

I agree, that's a good idea.
Gilrandir 15th Aug 2016, 8:51 AM edit delete reply
Please don't tempt me into wanting to see @Centcomm's version of Comic 1409 - Phenomenally Crappy Stick Figure Filler!. ^_^
Centcomm 15th Aug 2016, 1:31 PM edit delete reply

Nope. Those are exclusively Roses.
Centcomm 15th Aug 2016, 1:30 PM edit delete reply

ok. Ill go ahead and when I get my page done ill put it above Serpentys and keep both on the same page :D
DLKmusic 16th Aug 2016, 1:30 PM edit delete reply

Don't do it too soon, Centy! You still got 3 to 4 weeks before you should be doing anything!

Tokyo Rose 16th Aug 2016, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

Cent's main problem right now is that her usual habit (for YEARS) has been to finish setting up a shot, clicking the Render button, and... going out to have a cigarette while the scene renders. Obviously, this habit has to be changed pronto.
Gilrandir 16th Aug 2016, 8:14 PM edit delete reply
That is a tough situation. If she's been using cigarettes as a 'reward' for completing a challenging task, it will be pretty ingrained. Plus she's going to need to find some new (hopefully healthy) reward for future task completions. I'd have extra trouble with this as (to steal a quote) everything I like is either illegal, immoral, or fattening. ^_^

@Centcomm, do you like Sudoku? ^_^
Timotheus 10th Aug 2016, 11:31 PM edit delete reply

A superb guest strip that both complements the series normal art and the guest artist's style. A very nice contribution to fill the gap. And a very typical Teedeeism.
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:10 AM edit delete reply

This is a wonderful compliment, thank you so much! :')
It was a pleasure to work on this and be a part of this amazing story! <3
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:27 AM edit delete reply

Yep she kept all of them perfectly in character.
MST3KFan 10th Aug 2016, 11:39 PM edit delete reply

Wow, HeSerpenty!

You really outdid yourself on this. Amazing work!

HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 12:10 AM edit delete reply

LOL! That gif XDD
Thank you so much, MST3K!!! <3
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:27 AM edit delete reply

I am utterlly happy. She really did a fantastic job!
Greenwood Goat 11th Aug 2016, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
Next issue:

Kagami: +Actually, the contingencies have been disabled, Dolly-san, thanks, and no thanks, to your Centcomm.+

Dolly: Actually, I just got word that the specialists have disabled the contingencies. New Rome is safe!

Noctis: ... *cracks 0.1 of a smile* I believe you are correct. Then let us get Princess Acantha to a medical facility as soon as possible. Also, I and my remaining sisters are free. *0.2 of a smile*

Maxus: I'll go and double-check on the late Princeps.

Teedee: Hey! Which part of "carbonised" was unclear?!?

Dolly: Never mind him, come on!

Noctis: Yes, this way...

And so:

Maxus (dancing on Dec's remains): ♪...Down, down to Tartarus/ A squeaky toy for Cerberus/ Ding dong, the little shit is dead!♪ *step, step, turn*

Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:31 AM edit delete reply

heheh as always your comments need to come with a medcal warning now .. May cause minor pain to chest read with caution :D (( KJK or am i ? ))
Rashala 16th Aug 2016, 12:14 AM edit delete reply

Now now....first he would say something heartfelt and touching in Kali's memory.

Then get his groove on onto of Devi's ashes!
Matt Knab 11th Aug 2016, 3:20 AM edit delete reply

Wow, great job, Serpy!
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:32 AM edit delete reply

I agree.,. Sets up a small cheering post.
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 8:29 AM edit delete reply

Haha thanks so much, Matt! <33
Wolfsbane 11th Aug 2016, 3:31 AM edit delete reply

Serpy, you. are. AWESOME!!!

I just have to join the chorus. You did a great job! Right in the canon, advancing the story, you da bomb.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 6:34 AM edit delete reply

yep - little back story here. She offered to do this way back when i was still in the hospital i think a couple of days after my surgery. I remember it put a huge smile on my face when she did. Even though i was in a horrible amount of pain and discomfort. So three Cheers for Serpenty!



Dragonrider 11th Aug 2016, 9:53 PM edit delete reply

Just had a thought wonder if any of the crew from Serpents of Old could tame and control a Murder Turd.
DLKmusic 12th Aug 2016, 12:29 AM edit delete reply

@Dragonrider: I don't think so, but I would sure love to see Kalverick try and fail!!!
HeSerpenty 13th Aug 2016, 1:29 AM edit delete reply

I think the cast of SoO would be uh... ill-equipped.... to handle a murder turd from THIS comic LOL!

The DLK has a point! Let's put turd vs terd! X"D
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 8:30 AM edit delete reply

Aww thank you! It really means so much that everyone is enjoying it! It was my joy and pleasure to do this for Centy! <333
Sheela 11th Aug 2016, 10:46 AM edit delete reply

Ah yes, something about laughing causing you pain, right ?

Well, maybe you shouldn't watch this then.
Everyone else, knock yourself out - But Centcomm gets to be healthy!
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 12:39 PM edit delete reply

well yes it does hurt when i laugh but it also hurts on coughing or sneezing and that sort of thing.
Sheela 11th Aug 2016, 5:39 PM edit delete reply

Aw, that's a bummer.
Still, I hope for a speedy recovery .. despite the pain.
ProfEtheric 11th Aug 2016, 8:24 AM edit delete reply

Wooo! Serpy plus Data Chasers equals MAX AWESOME!
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 8:30 AM edit delete reply

Stormwind13 11th Aug 2016, 12:55 PM edit delete reply

Great job HerSerpenty. Thank you.
HeSerpenty 11th Aug 2016, 1:48 PM edit delete reply

Thanks so much! It was my pleasure <3
Stormwind13 11th Aug 2016, 7:21 PM edit delete reply

From a story standpoint, I wonder why Lynn didn't speak up. She has meet Maxus before, though admittedly not in POWER armor. I would have thought she could still recognize his face and/or voice (speaking style) though.
cattservant 11th Aug 2016, 8:49 PM edit delete reply

Adventure overload?
Just_IDD 11th Aug 2016, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
Probably that exchange took place really quickly. And with them a bit spread out to allow TeeDee to take point, Dolly is the slowest mover of them at this point. After Maxus who is leading that party tells TeeDee to check in, the rest come into view. Maxus only has time for an "Oh no..." befor Prince Crispier is talked about. Everyone else is Droiding it up.
Centcomm 12th Aug 2016, 1:34 AM edit delete reply

Lynn didnt speak up because shes mostly occupide with worry and helping dolly :D
Just_IDD 11th Aug 2016, 8:58 PM edit delete reply
Oh Noctis.....If you can't save the ones you love, save the ones you're with!

PS: Get better Cent! I wont send wishes your way because I think theY belittle the real effort and determination that it takes to get better. Do what the Doc's say, and concentrate on doing what's needed to recover. eat right, plenty of rest. Wait at least 7 weeks before you start pushing yourself. Screwing up the recovery may not be fixable. Take that advice from a pig-headed person who didn't follow similar recommendations and screwed up their own recovery.

You'll have good days and bad days, try not to let a string of good ones convince you that you're back to 100% before you are. Among my bad physical judgement was taking a brisk 5 mile hike 4 weeks into an 8 week recovery after cracking 3 ribs. I was fine until about half way in then we hit a steep part. I walked out, Very slowly. And waited 3 more months to get back into the swing of things properly having essentially negated the first month of healing. We are not 18 and invincible any more.
Centcomm 11th Aug 2016, 9:47 PM edit delete reply

yeah the good days and bad day thing sometimes scares me. But i take each day pretty easy. do what i can and yes follow instructions .. I still have my heart pillow for coughing and stuff .. and I keep it nearby :D
Just_IDD 11th Aug 2016, 9:56 PM edit delete reply
I just realized something. This scene would have to take place well after the the end of the world as they knew it. Maybe as much as 30 minutes.

When Decimus saw the bright flash of Kali's capacitor discharge but did not have time to kiss his ass goodbye, the contingencies would have been triggered on life sign cessation. Rose facilitating spike redirection happened in vr space timelines.

Since that point, Lynn had been trying to put direct pressure on the wound. TeeDee and Ada arrived immediately after, but not before all H-O-N gave up the ghost. Which even considdering artistic license would have taken beyond loss of lifesigns. They then scanned and did the pre-treatment of Acantha and induced the coma, and started walking back. Where was the tram in this path? It was multiple pages to reach the computing center, yet here we are back at the room with the (not so) burnt, but now detached head of a casian that happened to get smoked by Dolly on the way in. We are still missing one awesome Democoules. Someone should probably mention to Maximus where his favorite attendant is. However the point of all of this is the contingencies should have fired some time ago, and I hope Noctis recinds the kill order before DR. Silver comes out of her magic room.
DLKmusic 12th Aug 2016, 12:23 AM edit delete reply

I'm pretty sure that Cent mentioned that they skipped the tram-ride back. The fight between Kali and Dolly took place just a couple of rooms over from where Nox was killed, Decimus had been slowed down (to a near standstill) by the locks on the doors.
Timotheus 12th Aug 2016, 11:38 AM edit delete reply

I'm willing to bet from the number of times we've been over it that there's a complete floor plan of the area between Aenea's summer home and the hallway of scorched chemical drums floating around the author's files. With notes as to who died where.
How else could they keep track of the freeway?
Centcomm 13th Aug 2016, 7:29 AM edit delete reply

Actually yes.. there is. I even calculated out how long it takes who to run from point a to point b and ect :D
Cal 11th Aug 2016, 10:27 PM edit delete reply
Aaaaaand... I'm following yet another awesome strip.

Y'know, guys, I'mma have to quit workin' t'keep up with y'all.

DLKmusic 12th Aug 2016, 12:17 AM edit delete reply

I fell in love with Serpents of Old about a year and a half ago. Serpy definitely has a unique style of story telling that is so good it almost makes you forget how good her art is, until you see her do something like this!

I was able to recognize Cent and Rose's style of script right away, but was just blown away at how well Serpy adapted her art to it.
HeSerpenty 13th Aug 2016, 1:30 AM edit delete reply

This is truly a beautiful compliment I will always hold very close to my heart <3

Thank you for always being a wonderful support! You have no idea how appreciated you are! :D
Gilrandir 13th Aug 2016, 7:05 AM edit delete reply
Random thought for the day: If someone wanted to stage a telenovela (like Lost in Translation) in a fictional New Rome setting, but they only had access to the rumors that Aeneas had been totally destroyed (rather than just mostly destroyed) might they posit a new city A.I.S. to perform the city maintenance and management functions? And would they name that system "A.I. Claudius"?
Timotheus 13th Aug 2016, 12:06 PM edit delete reply

*** Winslow, attack. (TEEK!}
DLKmusic 13th Aug 2016, 12:59 PM edit delete reply

Winslow: "hi!"
Wolfsbane 13th Aug 2016, 2:06 PM edit delete reply

That's right, @Gilrandir, because since he was only mostly destroyed he had a chance. If he had been totally destroyed all you could do would be go through his pockets and look for loose change.

Sheela 14th Aug 2016, 4:32 AM edit delete reply

Winslow : "Hi hi!" :)
chk 14th Aug 2016, 3:42 PM edit delete reply

I realize I'm in the minority, but I would love to see CentComm's version of this page.

Perhaps on Patreon some day.
Stormwind13 14th Aug 2016, 4:44 PM edit delete reply

Actually, I'm ALWAYS in favor of more art from CentComm chk. :-)
Just_IDD 14th Aug 2016, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
Μinor nit piciness. Ada's second word bubble should be "... potentially lethal injury". If it were a lethal injury she would already be dead. As she still has vitals, it is vital that she receive treatment. People misuse this often.

The other wrong usage is "partial electrocution." The word electrocution means shocked to death with electricity.
mjkj 14th Aug 2016, 10:36 PM edit delete reply

Hmmm, I would say the injury _is_ lethal - unless it is treated immediately - though with the timely help she might be saved...

(afaik lethal means leading to death...)

Gilrandir 14th Aug 2016, 11:15 PM edit delete reply
<perks up> Are we going to split semantic hairs about the differences in definition for terms like lethal and fatal? ^_^ Can anyone play?

I love Dictionary Jenga. ^_^
highly irregular 15th Aug 2016, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
Etymologically yes, but generally considered to be any painful or otherwise dangerous shock.

And I would consider lethal (or fatal) injury to indicate you will not heal by yourself. Injury just means Not Dead Yet.

-Regular reader, irregular commenter
who brings tribute: biscuits for everyone!
DLKmusic 15th Aug 2016, 3:02 PM edit delete reply
*ears perk* Biscuits? Where!!!!
highly irregular 16th Aug 2016, 4:50 AM edit delete reply
What? Where are those biscuits! There were two dozen here a moment ago…
Gilrandir 16th Aug 2016, 11:44 AM edit delete reply
That's the way the cookie crumbles.
DLKmusic 16th Aug 2016, 1:28 PM edit delete reply

but.... it wasn't a cookie... it was a biscuit! I LOVE biscuits! I wanna biscuit!
Gilrandir 16th Aug 2016, 2:00 PM edit delete reply
Whether it was a "cookie" or a "biscuit" may well depend upon which side of "The Pond" you are. ^_^
DLKmusic 16th Aug 2016, 7:59 PM edit delete reply

I'm on the side of the pond that DIDN'T GET A BISCUIT!!!!

Tomorrow's my day off, and instead of sleeping in, I have to drive to Hardee's for a biscuit in the morning.... it's YOUR fault, Gil, you hear me? YOUR FAULT!!!!

... and before anyone says anything, rational, reasonable, and logical thought have absolutely nothing to do with biscuits...

I wanna biscuit...
Gilrandir 16th Aug 2016, 8:21 PM edit delete reply
This is just a guess, but I'm speculating that @highly irregular is using the term 'biscuit' in the European sense, which is much closer to what we mean by 'cookie', rather than 'biscuit' in the sense of 'biscuit and gravy'. Of course, I could easily be wrong.

However, @DLKmusic, I feel your pain. We lack Hardee's in my part of the world, so the easiest source of over-the-counter biscuits is KFC -- most of which don't open until 10:00! Where's the sense in that? ^_^
DLKmusic 16th Aug 2016, 9:43 PM edit delete reply

in my part, it's actually Carls Jr, not Hardees, but they're the same thing, and they are Hardees biscuits from scratch.

They're pretty damn good, actually. Only fault I can find with them is that they don't serve them with butter. Gravy, Jam, or as a sandwich, but not with butter???? C'MON!!!!
Timotheus 17th Aug 2016, 12:41 AM edit delete reply

Then there's McDonalds plain biscuits (such as they are), Captain D's hush puppies, and as an aid to people stopping smoking, glutin and salt free hard pretzel rods. (You can have fun trying to light them!)
The European biscuit is often referred to as a Tea Biscuit here in the states.)
highly irregular 17th Aug 2016, 6:28 AM edit delete reply
This intentionally ambiguous word was meant to be able to imply a cookie, a dog treat, or a nice tall fluffy American biscuit with ham and gravy…
DLKmusic 17th Aug 2016, 10:06 PM edit delete reply

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