Comic 1393 - Memory Shard - Noctis/Aurelia page 1 ( Guest comic by argylefox )

30th Aug 2016, 9:00 PM
Memory Shard - Noctis/Aurelia page 1 ( Guest comic by argylefox )
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Centcomm 30th Aug 2016, 9:00 PM edit delete
Aurelia thrashed in the tangle of her silken sheets, fighting her way out of sleep. Damp with sweat, the acid reek of her own fear souring the sultry perfumes of her bedroom, she lay panting and wide-eyed. The softly colored light of the small, tinted glass lamps set around the room played over her body. No darkness for her, no, never since she was a child.

In the nightmare, in the memory, she was a child. Five? Six? It was hard to recall exactly, her entire early life muddied by a brief yet everlasting terror.

Heres the link - And it should have been here but im a idiot. Now go check out his comic!

Indifferently Evil
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ProfEtheric 30th Aug 2016, 9:04 PM edit delete reply

I recognize this style! Good ol' argylefox! YAY!
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:20 AM edit delete reply

Oh he totally owns this segment. I was sitting here going Wow.... on every page i saw.
Gilrandir 30th Aug 2016, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
Nice page, @argylefox. Well done. Thank you for stepping in.

@Centcomm, you should know better than to post an update without pre-emptively addressing the intrusive curiosity of the rabid fan base about your ongoing health drama. Private, personal details should always be kept private in the first person (such as "that's my private business") and shared freely in the third person ("tell me about her private business"). ^_^

I suggest a compromise -- tell us all about how Krissy's nose is doing. ^_^
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:19 AM edit delete reply

Yes - Im doing ok ive been sleeping a lot - most of my delay is now just trying to get some kind of normalcy back. With the changes to diet and giving up smoking i feel totally disrupted. thank you so much for putting up with me guys.

As for Krissy's nose ill have her do that.
Wolfsbane 31st Aug 2016, 7:25 AM edit delete reply

Krissy's nose? Is that related to Chekov's guns?
velvetsanity 1st Sep 2016, 5:14 AM edit delete reply

It was Sulu that collected antique firearms, not Chekov
Sheela 1st Sep 2016, 8:38 AM edit delete reply

Krissy's nose is a firearm ?

That explains so much. XD
DLKmusic 30th Aug 2016, 9:51 PM edit delete reply

Very Kewl, Argylefox, well done!
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:23 AM edit delete reply

wait till you see the next page.
HiFranc 30th Aug 2016, 11:03 PM edit delete reply

I wonder what the support services for PTSD are like in Ahta.
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:23 AM edit delete reply

ehh they aren't bad but Romans tend to be very ashamed of mental problems. She will probably try her best to ignore it.
Mark_L_A 30th Aug 2016, 11:28 PM edit delete reply

Very Cool. And thank you for posting the description (Script). And thank you @argylefox, this is very good.
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:22 AM edit delete reply

I felt it made a good lead in.
argylefox 30th Aug 2016, 11:31 PM edit delete reply

Thank you all. Just a slight warning: It does get a bit graphic, violence-wise.
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:21 AM edit delete reply

true that on the violence. And thank you! :D
sigpig 31st Aug 2016, 6:18 AM edit delete reply

We've seen you make Phil, Max, and Kara dismembering zombies and ninjas for years, so we're not too afraid of graphic violence... lol

BTW - Panel 2 just jumps right out at you...
argylefox 31st Aug 2016, 9:33 PM edit delete reply

There's silly cartoon violence, and then there is... this.
Centcomm 1st Sep 2016, 2:51 AM edit delete reply

I have to agree. But I think your work excelled here. Thank you a thousand times over. :D
Sheela 1st Sep 2016, 8:42 AM edit delete reply

Even with violence, I'm sure it'll still be interesting.

I must admit I have not read the blog, so this will be new to me. :)
mjkj 31st Aug 2016, 12:26 AM edit delete reply

Wow, great one, Argyle...

I guess this is canon as the rest...

So, now we get to know what had happened to her that made her so hateful of androids - and still stay loyal to rome...

Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 2:21 AM edit delete reply

Yes this is totally canon
Timotheus 31st Aug 2016, 2:44 AM edit delete reply

Does it involve tap dancing? I bet it does. I bet it involves tap dancing androids. Dressed as mimes. Oooo! There's a nightmare. Tap dancing mime androids.
(Could you see Noctis dressed as a mime? Tap dancing?)
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 3:45 AM edit delete reply

it might involve bunny's.
argylefox 31st Aug 2016, 3:45 AM edit delete reply

How did you guess?
Gilrandir 31st Aug 2016, 7:07 AM edit delete reply
Errr, @Timotheus ... Noctis is dressed as a mime. Full black, tight, bodysuit? She isn't wearing a traditional mime's makeup, but clothing ... straight out of the JC Penny for Mimes Catalog. ^_^

(As for tap dancing, we saw her doing that around the topic of 'what her plan for the greater glory of Nova Roma was' when she was last speaking with Decimus. ^_^ So, tap dancing mime nightmare ... check! ^_^)
Tokyo Rose 1st Sep 2016, 1:50 AM edit delete reply

The story's been in the blog for a while :D
Combat Medic Z 1st Sep 2016, 7:55 PM edit delete reply

Oh I can see Noctis tap dancing easily enough, but she only would if there actually was a reason to.

Tokyo Rose: is the resemblance to Yuuka Kazami a coincidence? ;)
Tokyo Rose 2nd Sep 2016, 3:36 PM edit delete reply

It's safe to say that any resemblance is 100% coincidental; I had to google "Yuuka Kazami" to find out who she is, and I don't know anything about Touhou Project other than the name (I didn't even know it was a game series, just knew there was a manga by that name).
Combat Medic Z 2nd Sep 2016, 4:15 PM edit delete reply

She's also an MMD (MikuMikuDance) model, while she often has green hair, the R-18 version usually has black hair. I could post a link to a great example but it's somewhat NSFW, so I don't know if that's ok. The resemblance is pretty striking :)

Edit: Actually it's probably better if I just PM it :p
Stormwind13 31st Aug 2016, 4:47 AM edit delete reply

Now we get to find out (maybe) why Aurelia was such a bitch back in Atha.
highly irregular 31st Aug 2016, 7:21 AM edit delete reply
Spoiler, but I recognized this story from the page that could be roundaboutly transcribed as "honey-producing dead tree".
Naldru 31st Aug 2016, 11:29 AM edit delete reply
It looks like doesn't always load properly. The sidebar sometimes doesn't show up. I found and seem to work better and include the various side and top bars. Could the site be a backup site?
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 7:35 PM edit delete reply

Sorry about that im not having any issues with it. Might be the connection.
Sheela 1st Sep 2016, 8:45 AM edit delete reply

Naw, as far as I can see, the two pages are a bit different.
argylefox 2nd Sep 2016, 9:29 PM edit delete reply

The IS a mirror site. Phil, the writer, focuses on the main site, and I focus on the mirror. TBH, most of the pages on the original site are grossly out of date, so I stick with the mirror.
Tahg 31st Aug 2016, 7:08 PM edit delete reply
Did we end up skipping a guest artist? Just trying to make sure I haven't somehow missed a page or anything.
Centcomm 31st Aug 2016, 7:34 PM edit delete reply

yes that one has been pushed back a bit. sorry ! Spell is still working on her page "D
HeSerpenty 1st Sep 2016, 2:59 PM edit delete reply

Wow great page, Argyle!!! You did a great job capturing her emotion here! Look forward to the rest! :3
argylefox 2nd Sep 2016, 9:29 PM edit delete reply

It certainly gets... interesting.
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