Comic 1450 - Sarah Zero Valentine's Sex drive 2017

14th Feb 2017, 12:36 AM
Sarah Zero Valentine's Sex drive 2017
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Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 12:36 AM edit delete
Heres Doctor Demark Practicing on the Home ship Aster with Tulip. And its my entry for the Sarah Zero Valentines Sex drive event.
Sarah Zero VSD 2017

Heres the full list of peoples in the VSD thing! Sarah Zero list
Tokyo Rose 14th Feb 2017, 7:21 AM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
Heheheh. Bewbs.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody.
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mjkj 14th Feb 2017, 12:49 AM edit delete reply

Nice, Cent :)

(you missed the = in the url though...)
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 1:03 AM edit delete reply

SO i did .. fixed.
mjkj 14th Feb 2017, 1:54 AM edit delete reply

Great. Thanks. =)
Evervigilant 14th Feb 2017, 1:20 AM edit delete reply
There's some NSFW puns just begging to be made regarding Tulips and this lovely picture.

I shall endeavor to take the high road and just say that the staff she is using is sure to leave Demark if it hits you.
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 2:01 AM edit delete reply

Its called a Psionic Lance .. if that tells you anything.
All the Pickles 14th Feb 2017, 4:16 AM edit delete reply

It reminds me a lot of the staff weapons in Stargate SG1. Were they an inspiration by any chance?
megados 14th Feb 2017, 5:27 AM edit delete reply

It does remind me of a Stargate staff weapon, too.

Great job Centcomm! Beautiuful! Happy Valentine's day!

Creative Duo: Would it be possible to get a message to Astraea, and tell her to keep an eye on anyone who does not vote? ;-)
Sheela 14th Feb 2017, 6:18 AM edit delete reply

As a shape shifter, maybe Tulip has a backup staff to use on Dr Demark ?
All the Pickles 14th Feb 2017, 6:30 AM edit delete reply

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I think it was mentioned that Epiphytes take weeks to shift their form, but who knows how long the training is...
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 3:02 PM edit delete reply

Demarks training was from around 14 to age 20 she learned to control her empathy and make it work for her rather than be a hindrance. The Epips dont really care about clothing. they do like Jewelry and other diadems. Demark doesnt think anything about being nude around them because there is nothing sexual about it.
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 4:11 PM edit delete reply

Tulip has a gravity rod. its more powerful. but it is also psionic controlled as is most of there technology.
velvetsanity 14th Feb 2017, 12:45 PM edit delete reply

Jaffa staff was my first thought as well
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 2:59 PM edit delete reply

Kinda sorta? I wasn't really thinking of it when i picked the mesh
velvetsanity 14th Feb 2017, 4:30 PM edit delete reply

Not consciously, maybe LOL. The Egyptian themed color palette just enhances the connection on a subconscious level. Not to mention the object on the right that makes one think of the Eye of Ra LOL.

TL;DR Your subconscious is a genius :D
Timotheus 14th Feb 2017, 3:24 AM edit delete reply

That's one heck of a wheel of chance you've got there in the background. Is it adopted for a lottery or gambling?
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 3:02 PM edit delete reply

hehe its just a decoration. :D
chk 14th Feb 2017, 8:05 AM edit delete reply


That reminds me. Wasn't someone going to take a shower?
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 3:03 PM edit delete reply

Huh.. I could have done that one.. Damn.
chk 14th Feb 2017, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

I can wait.
oldarmourer 14th Feb 2017, 12:23 PM edit delete reply
this should be a weekly event on Datachasers...or a voting bribe on topweb ;)
Centcomm 14th Feb 2017, 3:03 PM edit delete reply

Well i cant really do NSFW ones on Topweb comics as lots of people go here at work. But i may do more for Patreon.
Sheela 14th Feb 2017, 3:57 PM edit delete reply

Just add a link to them in the comic description and remember to add an NSFW tag ?
jamie59 14th Feb 2017, 6:36 PM edit delete reply

I've always had a thing for green skinned women sense an Orion Slave girl I saw on TV as a kid.
DLKmusic 14th Feb 2017, 6:45 PM edit delete reply

I am normally "meh" about NFSW pics, because more often than not they don't really add to the story...

That being said, for today.... "BEWBIES!!!!!"
Gilrandir 14th Feb 2017, 7:28 PM edit delete reply
Apparently these 'bewbies' (or -- as the great Steve Martin advises us they are more properly called -- 'Hooters') are all over the InterNet today. Possibly some kind of virus? A boob-onic plague, if you will? ^_^
DLKmusic 14th Feb 2017, 7:37 PM edit delete reply

I feel like I'm gonna get sent to the principals office for this, but...

Can't we just nipple this in the bud?
Gilrandir 14th Feb 2017, 7:40 PM edit delete reply
But it's a holiday, @DLKmusic! And on this day, @Centcomm has provided us gland tidings of great joy. ^_^
Gilrandir 14th Feb 2017, 7:56 PM edit delete reply
Or maybe the user base has been sufficiently strident in it's urging for more fan service that we have exceeded the preset limit and @Centcomm's inhibitor has activated code 'Liber-TaTas'? ^_^
DLKmusic 14th Feb 2017, 8:24 PM edit delete reply

*quietly puts revolver to head*

What have I done? It's all my fault, what have I done?
Gilrandir 14th Feb 2017, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
Easy there, @DLKmusic. No need to be overcome by despair. Or dat pair. Or de pair on dat one over dere.

Just enjoy the pretty pictures and you will have good nudes to lift your spirits. ^_^
megados 14th Feb 2017, 8:31 PM edit delete reply

Perhaps it's <CLASSIFIED> :) It's not your fault; it was inevitable.
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