Comic 1524 - Two weeks off...

20th Aug 2017, 9:13 PM
Two weeks off...
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Centcomm 20th Aug 2017, 9:13 PM edit delete
Heres Lynn with a announcement.
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Mark_L_A 20th Aug 2017, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

I would up my Patreon level but I just bought my daughter a car for her graduation from TLU with her teaching certificate. If I can, I"ll try to budget in an increase for October. Sorry I can't do any more right now. You Rose and everyone else please take care.
Centcomm 20th Aug 2017, 9:31 PM edit delete reply

its all good , and thank you its more the - i didn't have a buffer and we were floundering on the story. we have fixed that but i need time to build and do pages.
Cal 20th Aug 2017, 11:43 PM edit delete reply
You'd up your patreon level - and here I am feeling guilty that I can't even get a basic amount in to help, let alone pay my own gorram electric bill right now.

Centcomm 21st Aug 2017, 4:19 AM edit delete reply

dont feel guilty. whats funny is that if over 75 percent of our readers donated 6.00 ( or around that ) less than a cup of coffee per month we would be sitting way higher on Patreon. Not everyone has to do huge chunks of funds to be appreciated. Mind you we appreciate ALL of our readers period. And trust me i know what its like to not have any money. So just enjoy and chat! Subsribe to the comic on Comic fury ( thats free! ) And get a nifty icon!
That one guy 21st Aug 2017, 3:07 PM edit delete reply
You do have to take into account how many comics the readers might be supporting, though. Some of your readers read quite a few webcomics, so $6 across all they read might still be less than a dime.
Brian 21st Aug 2017, 6:06 PM edit delete reply
I read over 400 comics, so at $6 each, that's a lot of money. Still, I need to go add this one.
Brian 21st Aug 2017, 6:09 PM edit delete reply
knuut 20th Aug 2017, 9:31 PM edit delete reply
My income isn't steady enough for patron but when I can, I donate.
Centcomm 20th Aug 2017, 9:32 PM edit delete reply

again this isn't a service. Please dont hurt yourself. and thank you so much for what you do. We love all of you!
The Old Scribe 20th Aug 2017, 10:04 PM edit delete reply

Considering all the maladies and difficulties you've soldiered through so far, Cent, I'm amazed at the pace you've been able to maintain. Take whatever time you and Rose need to gain the necessary creative momentum and begin posting the strip again. Take care of yourself and we'll be here when you return. That's what the 'Refresh' button is for, right? :-)
Sheela 21st Aug 2017, 4:48 AM edit delete reply

I agree, take the time to do it right. :)
Carnifex 21st Aug 2017, 5:57 PM edit delete reply
DataChasers is dedicated to quality. Quality art, quality writing, quality community. Take whatever time you need to keep up the quality - including your own quality of life.
All the Pickles 20th Aug 2017, 10:19 PM edit delete reply

Thanks for keeping this going for over a decade. Data Chasers is definitely the most interesting webcomic I've come across.

About the redone pages, they're nice but I'd say prioritize new stuff. At the end of the day it's your comic, but IMO it's better to maintain a reliable update schedule than to make the old stuff look better.
knuut 21st Aug 2017, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
like Piclels said.
antrik 21st Aug 2017, 7:55 AM edit delete reply
Normally, I'd be in full agreement: however, it's rather unfortunate that some of the old pages are not consistent with the current story -- so I'm really of two minds here...
megados 21st Aug 2017, 5:35 PM edit delete reply

I like the new pages. The creative duo have learned a lot over the years, and want to apply it, as well as reconcile some of the inconsistencies. (It is totally worth going back and rereading IMO)

That said, I think it's totally up to the creatrixes, what course to take.
Timotheus 22nd Aug 2017, 12:11 AM edit delete reply

AS has been said often enough, it's your story and you can alter it anyway you want. But I would still like to be able to read through the old version of the story's start if only for nostalgia's sake. It's fun to compare how the story has changed between the two versions of costume changes, jolly trolls, and malfunctioning medical units.
cattservant 20th Aug 2017, 10:21 PM edit delete reply

DLKmusic 20th Aug 2017, 10:21 PM edit delete reply

Hey Cent, Hey Rose! We're all good here, we'll entertain ourselves by arguing about what we think your next arc is gonna be about, and then all die of embarrassment when you prove us all wrong!

Uhm, you asked about your Reboot pace. You're still recovering (whether you feel like it or not), so take your time and post them at a pace that's comfortable for you! if we don't see any redone pages for the rest of the year, but we have you for another 20, I think everyone here will call that a win!
Haegan2005 20th Aug 2017, 11:18 PM edit delete reply

Definitely a win.
HiFranc 20th Aug 2017, 11:37 PM edit delete reply

I couldn't agree more.
Sheela 21st Aug 2017, 4:50 AM edit delete reply

Yup, we need our creative team more than reboot pages.
megados 21st Aug 2017, 7:29 AM edit delete reply

I'm with HiFranc; I couldn't agree more with the last part. I have one exception to the first part, though. We all like to play the speculation game, and I know I'm often wrong, but not embarrassed, because my scientific side gives cause to note that I learn a lot more when I'm wrong than when I'm right! ;)

New Rome: Either political machinations involving ascension to the throne, or conditions on the ground with Maxus & Co. (just because it's unexpected, and we're taught to expect the unexpected :D )
DLKmusic 21st Aug 2017, 4:38 PM edit delete reply

New Arc: Kyle has a meaningful 45 minute discussion with Aeneas while Aeneas is in a relapse, followed by 400 pages of therapy for Kyle...

@Megados: My scientific side has concluded that I'm wrong so many times that I've learned how to do at least one thing REALLY well....
megados 26th Aug 2017, 10:56 AM edit delete reply

Another speculative thought occurs to me: What of Democlus?
Timeghost 21st Aug 2017, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
All the Pickles 21st Aug 2017, 12:48 PM edit delete reply

I believe Cent said a while back that the next arc would be focused on New Troy while occasionally checking in on Nova Roma. I assume getting back to New Troy and talking for a few hours aren't the whole arc, so I would expect continued focus on New Troy. Of course plans for the arc could've changed...
miamistax 21st Aug 2017, 12:15 PM edit delete reply
Totally agree.
Rashala 20th Aug 2017, 11:31 PM edit delete reply

I do not blame centy for this.....

I blame decimus some how his royal cookoo ness despite being a pile of ash is to blame for this.

Prolly some of his ashes got into centy's air conditioner and made her I'll...or overheated her PC!

So yea decimus is the cause!!
Centcomm 21st Aug 2017, 4:22 AM edit delete reply

hehe i like that! ( and my PC is actually fine thank the gods. )
mjkj 20th Aug 2017, 11:56 PM edit delete reply

Take your time, Cent =)
Centcomm 21st Aug 2017, 4:22 AM edit delete reply

Thank you MJKJ and thank you for sticking with us
mjkj 27th Aug 2017, 3:44 PM edit delete reply

Yeah, thank you, Cent, for sharing with us and, toghether with Rose, providing us with great reading pleasure and excellent graphics...

...and you are welcome =)

megados 21st Aug 2017, 4:53 AM edit delete reply

Be well, and take whatever time you need! :)
chk 21st Aug 2017, 8:03 AM edit delete reply

OK ladies. Lets kiss and make up. We'll live without new or reboot pages.

If you need something to do, I would prefer new pages. (How far is the reboot anyway.)
DLKmusic 21st Aug 2017, 10:17 PM edit delete reply

The reboot pages are up to 123 now, pg 124 being the original page. There's a link somewhere to another site where you can still see the original work, and I'll edit this post with that link as soon as I find it, unless someone beats me to it.

EDIT: could someone help out pls, I couldn't find the link to the originals :-(
megados 25th Aug 2017, 6:05 PM edit delete reply

I wish I could, @DLKmusic, and I did try, but alas, I was also unsuccessful in finding it. From what I can remember, It was mentioned in an Authors Note, but I was unable to locate it. :(
chk 26th Aug 2017, 6:03 AM edit delete reply

Click 'Comic Profile' at the bottom of this page. Click 'Centcomm' under 'Authors.' Scroll down to 'Datachasers First Draft' and click.

Unfortunately there are only a few pages there. If there are more, I don't know where to look.
All the Pickles 26th Aug 2017, 1:29 PM edit delete reply

I think I found the old pages on
megados 26th Aug 2017, 3:59 PM edit delete reply

Don't get me wrong, I love the new versions. For nostalgia's sake it might be nice to see the old ones. I think the creative duo would rather not; I guess there has been enough flak about it. :(
Siren 21st Aug 2017, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
Given the differences between the old and new pages, I wouldn't mind if you reallocated one of your weekly updates to reboot pages. There are definitely some scenes I'm excited to see with the improved everything.

But cut Cent some slack, Lynn. Most comics don't update 3x a week, ESPECIALLY if the artist has health struggles. I have nothing but admiration for Cent's perseverance. XD

knuut 21st Aug 2017, 2:50 PM edit delete reply

Fuzzing up the boundaries between things organic and things electronic.
KarToon12 21st Aug 2017, 4:44 PM edit delete reply

Don't worry about trying to rush things. Take all the time you need. Your story is worth the wait.
highlander55 22nd Aug 2017, 6:38 PM edit delete reply

We'll still be here ladies. Do what you have too do then come back with a roar. (or a mew depending on your preference)
CptKerion 23rd Aug 2017, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
I made the comment "The Americas got Murder Turds, Australia got Drop Bears" on this photo of a wet koala to Cent earlier today. Should told me to post the comment on the comic.

So, mutant Koalas and what Australia might look like in the DC universe, any tinfoil hat theories like those I am so fond of making myself?
megados 23rd Aug 2017, 2:31 PM edit delete reply

LOL that's funny/scary! Glad Cent got a kick out of it.
Gilrandir 24th Aug 2017, 7:22 AM edit delete reply
No living man knows what Australian shrimp look like any more. But we do know that Australian tradition demands their barbecues be made twelve feet long, and of reinforced steel. ^_^
CptKerion 25th Aug 2017, 5:19 PM edit delete reply
My completely unfounded crackpot theory with no basis except that it amuses me:
Australians survive because they domesticated a species of mutated wombat, the War Wombat (Warbat for short), and ride it through the wilderness. This creature is comparable to a scythe lizard in many ways, it is, however, much more intelligent, functions well in large, coordinated herds, and has been selectively breed for generation to produce a fierce, loyal, and massively dangerous steed. With their mighty animal companions at their side, the Australians of the post-apocalypse face the ferocity of dog sized spiders, crocodiles 80 feet long, and mutated highly territorial kangaroos that have been known to wipe out entire armored convoys.

Did I pull this all out of my ass? Yes. Yes I did.
Tokyo Rose 25th Aug 2017, 6:34 PM edit delete reply

I am so tempted to make this canon. Partly because the ass-end of a wombat is a primary defense, being made mostly of cartilage and having quite a tough hide; they will dive into a tunnel and use their own butts to block the entrance. Also, their shits are cubes, and I find that hilarious. Any creature which uses its ass as a defensive emplacement and literally shits bricks deserves to be recognized.

However, you failed to mention the potential role of the savage battle-platypus. (The platypus is my personal Exhibit A in the argument that Mother Nature may have a bit of a drinking problem.)
CptKerion 25th Aug 2017, 7:52 PM edit delete reply
Australia, the one place in the world where the Scythe Lizard is not the top of the food chain.
megados 26th Aug 2017, 6:12 AM edit delete reply

Drinking problem, @Tokyo Rose? Some of Nature's examples seem to imply that there are some pretty decent drugs involved! :D

I don't have ducks.
I don't have rows.
I have squirrels,
and they're drunk!
Centcomm 27th Aug 2017, 12:56 PM edit delete reply

think giant Pistol Shrimp. with actual pistols.
Speedy 24th Aug 2017, 2:16 PM edit delete reply
Oh, great... You got it wet and exposed it to sunlight. Did you feed it after midnight, too? ;)
CptKerion 26th Aug 2017, 9:15 AM edit delete reply
I think I just figured out how a War Wombat saddle would work, it's a two person saddle similar in general design to those for camels, with downward facing spines to prevent many of Future Australia's fierce creatures from attacking the riders. One rider faces the front of the animal, this guy is the one with the reins or whatever equivalent they'd have, the other faces the rear, and mans a heavy machine gun/railgun/whatever emplacement. The rear of the wombat is covered in spiked armor as an added layer of protection.
Sheela 26th Aug 2017, 10:09 PM edit delete reply

Don't forget that the other half of the Redneck Australians, will be building MadMax style vehicles, capable of battling said WarBats and Murderturds... if nothing else, than for fun. :D
knuut 27th Aug 2017, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
And playing Aussie rules football in the off season.
Centcomm 27th Aug 2017, 12:55 PM edit delete reply

I like mutant Koala's they are fucked up scary!
Sheela 28th Aug 2017, 12:04 AM edit delete reply

If a cute little Koala can become something so terrifying, imagine what the Box Jelly Fish would become then ?
Oberoten 24th Aug 2017, 3:58 PM edit delete reply

You are a source of inspiration for me. So I figure I should pay it back somehow. :)
megados 26th Aug 2017, 6:07 AM edit delete reply

I know that we're waiting to see what the creative team has come up with, but in the meantime remember that we can keep up the TWC ranking with a quick vote. It just takes a minute, and it's a way we can help.
Timotheus 27th Aug 2017, 12:04 PM edit delete reply

Are you implying I've been neglecting in my daily duty to vote for this fine exercise in the graphic arts? Them's fighting words!
megados 27th Aug 2017, 2:26 PM edit delete reply

H'oh, no! I would never accuse someone of such an egregious and heinous omission out of neglect! I was thinking that someone might feel kinda shitty if they forgot! :0
knuut 27th Aug 2017, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
I am always conflicted about this as there are usually 3 or 4 comics that I also like between Datachasers and number one.
DLKmusic 27th Aug 2017, 7:58 PM edit delete reply

@knuut: My own take, don't feel conflicted. Vote for who you thinks deserves your praise, whether they are ranked number 3, number 30, or number 300.

I only vote for a handful of comics, and only 3 of them are in the top 20, but they all deserve that honor, so they all get my vote!
knuut 28th Aug 2017, 12:11 PM edit delete reply
doesn't help that the other comic I think should be in the top 10 is now at 463
megados 28th Aug 2017, 5:05 PM edit delete reply

Well, @knuut, I agree that the comic rankings don't make a lot of sense sometimes, but DLKmusic is right. Each person should vote for the comics they feel are worthy.
velvetsanity 28th Aug 2017, 2:23 AM edit delete reply

Hope you're enjoying your vacation :D
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