Comic 1608 - City of Heroes is BACK!

21st May 2019, 7:21 PM
City of Heroes is BACK!
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Centcomm 21st May 2019, 7:21 PM edit delete
due to Elsweyr in ESO dropping and the reactivation of City of Heroes I didn't get anything done..
( Also still taking care of my roommate and cleaning so .. ugh.
If you happen to find your self in COH look me up! ( Global @BLack Lilly )

City heros forums
Tokyo Rose 21st May 2019, 7:36 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
In short, Cent is being a fucking slacker and I invite you all to join me in expressing disdain for her laziness. She had an extra week to work on a page because of the situation in our family and she STILL slacked off. Ass.
Centcomm 21st May 2019, 7:40 PM edit delete
Fixed.. I prefer.. distracted.
Tokyo Rose 22nd May 2019, 2:21 AM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
Dammit, everybody is being nice about this! How am I supposed to efficiently outsource my spite?!
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DLKmusic 21st May 2019, 7:46 PM edit delete reply

Glad to see you back, Rose, we were worried about you and Mr. Black! let us know if there is anything you need or anything specific you would like prayer for. *HUGS*

TBH, I wasn't expecting a new page this week anyway, so all's good!
Centcomm 21st May 2019, 8:05 PM edit delete reply

yay! Oh em er ,, Yay?
Oldarmourer 21st May 2019, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
Now that's a completely understandable reason, I was rereading the pages where it got cancelled the other day and I hope you find it as enjoyable now as you were pissed off then :) Glad to see everything's fine and nothing horrendous happened, we all need a little break now and again...I plan on taking mine at the end of summer when I finally get to retire for real.
Oldarmourer 21st May 2019, 8:03 PM edit delete reply
Just out of curiosity since I never played that particular game but might later on, did you get all your old characters back or was it a 'start from scratch' reboot ? I have a habit of setting characters aside for new ones when they're half levelled up, keeps the fun fresh :)
Centcomm 21st May 2019, 8:04 PM edit delete reply

there was no player data left. so its all start from scratch. ":D
Oldarmourer 21st May 2019, 8:22 PM edit delete reply
it was a long shot that the servers would still have the old data in them and I didn't really expect them to since things degrade over time, but stranger things have happened so I was a little curious if the ones had stayed ones and the zeros stayed zeros :)
megados 21st May 2019, 8:20 PM edit delete reply

Good to see you guys are still kicking!

I'm not particularly worried about a page; just so your own concerns are taken care of.

Hugs, and well wishes. :D
Haegan2005 21st May 2019, 8:29 PM edit delete reply

I logged in and made a character. The game shows its age, but it is still a good deal of fun and I like the story arcs.

I also love playing super heroes and the number of options in this game is simply amazing.
Sheela 21st May 2019, 8:46 PM edit delete reply

I already have an Ice / Empathy Controller up to level 50, and started on the Incarnate stuff as well. 😁

I'm on the Excelsior server, which one are you guys on ?
Centcomm 21st May 2019, 9:28 PM edit delete reply

Everlasting :D RP server
Sheela 22nd May 2019, 5:05 AM edit delete reply

Ah, I should have known. 😁

It wasn't there when I created my first toon, there was only Torchbearer and Excelsior.

What did you end up creating ?
Make a screenshot - show us ! πŸ˜ƒ

Edit :
And here's two of mine :
The maid is an Ice/Empathy Controller - She's very popular with the groups.
And the other is an Invulnerability/Fire Melee Tanker - Also very popular with the groups.

chk 22nd May 2019, 6:22 AM edit delete reply

Centcomm 24th May 2019, 2:12 PM edit delete reply

Heres some of mine if i can get the image to show

Sheela 24th May 2019, 4:06 PM edit delete reply

Oh, nice !

And I see you use the cel-shader as well.

Edit :

And another alt is born … this one may, or may not, have ice themed powers. 😁

HiFranc 22nd May 2019, 2:40 AM edit delete reply

Outsourcing spite ideas:

Put a picture of Decimus on a dartboard (or one of his boys in blue)

Imagine a conversation between Noctis and Acantha after Acantha is found watching Lost in Translation several days straight (or even Max and Acantha)
Sheela 22nd May 2019, 5:05 AM edit delete reply

Make a story arc with Kyle … you will see ALL the hate !
HiFranc 22nd May 2019, 2:46 AM edit delete reply

*sends love to Cent and Rose*
HiFranc 22nd May 2019, 2:51 AM edit delete reply

Since living independently, there’s only really been one game that I wanted play a lot. I stopped playing after getting nightmares (the instructors did warn about that possibility).

If you’re curious about what the game is:

And the download page for the free version:
Sheela 22nd May 2019, 5:07 AM edit delete reply

Not the game I would imagine someone getting nightmares about. 🀣

ah well, each to their own, I guess.
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
First game I got addicted to was D&D, I was in University when it first came out and put more time into that than study, at least it kept my student loans low when I bailed :)

Later on, it was Zork, I was an instructor at a military tech school when we first got a desktop write lesson plans...mmhmmm...that's my story and I'm sticking with it...I do remember asking one particularly f***'d up student "do you WANT to be eaten by a Grue ?" the bad part was that he instantly recognized the reference :0

Always been a fan of RPG's, still play one online occasionally, never cared much for single person shooters, I like to have someone to talk to or invent storylines with.
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 6:20 AM edit delete reply
My best man was an ATC and I knew several others. I contemplated shifting to that for awhile but never got around to applying, I ca nsee where something that complicated would give you nightmares, heck I've played computer solitare enough some days to have visions of cards dancing through my head at night, you think Alice had problems ?
megados 22nd May 2019, 6:41 AM edit delete reply

We still play D&D here. It's always a good time. I like single player RPGs, and local multiplayer, but I was never much of an MMO fan. I like an engaging story, and more 'fleshed out' quest lines. It was also always harder to schedule playing time to coincide with friends. That's not to say I never had any fun, just that it seemed to be more work. :D
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 7:32 AM edit delete reply
I've worked shiftwork or straight nightshift most of my life, 8, 10, 12 and 16 hours at a time, and that makes it hard to set up regular games when your days off change every week and you very often have to leave for work just about the time others are thinking about finishing supper and getting ready to play. Add in family life and it doesn't make for much dependable or scheduable free time.

Some online RPG's are really flexible, people come and go constantly due to time zones if nothing else and there's usually a story in the making that you can drop in on or you can start one or just chat with people you've never met and wouldn't recognize if you tripped over them on the street.

That's the thing about internet groups, you tend to be a little more open since people will sympathize and commisserate with you, share experiences and give you advice, talk your mood upward if you need it and generally help make your day brighter but they don't have to actually DO anything other than type a few sentences so they don't get their hands dirty and just because they get to know you that doesnn't mean they know who you ARE or even care if they do and the anonymity sometimes lets you become closer than if you were in the same room, if that makes any sense. A little back and forth in a forum like this or in a /chat channel in a game can be more cathartic than a roomful of professional therapists and a lot cheaper with better results :)
megados 22nd May 2019, 8:16 AM edit delete reply

Oh, sure! I've been on IRC, forums, message boards, met some of the people in person, and all. I have been mod, and an IRC oper, and a server co-admin. I have some good friends I met online, and many aquaintences. The points you make are valid. This particular community of DC commenteers are a very good example of what a first rate group looks like. For the most part, friendly, respectful, inclusive, and intelligent. I frequent a few internet places, and message with a few ppl. I have met quite a few friends on line. :D
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 9:16 AM edit delete reply
I'm not so sure I fit the 'intelligent' category anymore...once maybe, but I've raised children to adulthood and have been taking the Queen's Shilling for almost 45 years now...I might have to turn in my MENSA card when I finally retire and don't need to stay one step ahead of the lunatics any longer ;)
megados 22nd May 2019, 3:19 PM edit delete reply

Sorry to one-up ya, but I don't have a MENSA card, so I'm not out anything! XD
Blotto 22nd May 2019, 6:19 AM edit delete reply

Amazing shot! I love the glowy effects :D
megados 22nd May 2019, 6:24 AM edit delete reply

@Tokyo Rose, sorry to be letting you down here. I'm just not feeling all that spiteful. :D
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 9:10 AM edit delete reply
Well TR, I'd send you the blueprints for a convertible soft/hard restraint chair, with optional and adjustable self-flagellation attachment, and soft (or hard) cuffs that hold her hands just shy of the keyboard so it can be set up in front of a monitor to let her watch games online but not play them, but I don't know her specific kinks and it might be rewarding instead of punishing, your call. Other than that, all I can suggest is krazy gluing the caps on her Dr Pepper bottles.
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 12:35 PM edit delete reply
or to save time and add that personal touch...
megados 22nd May 2019, 3:17 PM edit delete reply

Ah, the old Katana-monitor trick XD
Oldarmourer 22nd May 2019, 7:51 PM edit delete reply
missed it by...THAT...much
megados 22nd May 2019, 8:25 PM edit delete reply

~ Maxwell Smart
Oldarmourer 23rd May 2019, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
Zis is DATACHASERS !!! Ve do not 'trope' here !!
Oldarmourer 23rd May 2019, 8:54 AM edit delete reply
wait, yes we do, carry on then
Centcomm 23rd May 2019, 10:13 PM edit delete reply

megados 24th May 2019, 6:05 AM edit delete reply

Sorry about that, Chief. :D
DLKmusic 24th May 2019, 1:23 PM edit delete reply

Would you believe....
SeanR 22nd May 2019, 11:24 AM edit delete reply
That is a game which I've always wondered about, but never purchased.
I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
Gilrandir 22nd May 2019, 11:47 AM edit delete reply
I think making stick figure renderings of all of @CentComm's City of Heroes characters would be very effective. "Pages! Or this is the next filler we're using! Bwa-ha-ha!"
DLKmusic 22nd May 2019, 1:57 PM edit delete reply

Credit given where credit is due! @Gilrandir's idea is... BRILLIANT!!!!

Evil, but brilliant!

@Gilrandir, sometimes you scare me!
knuut 22nd May 2019, 8:10 PM edit delete reply
Why stop with renderings? Make stick figures and have a bonfire! At least we could toast marshmallows.
Guest 24th May 2019, 8:33 PM edit delete reply
Stick figure story pages?
Rashala 22nd May 2019, 11:57 PM edit delete reply

@Rose if you really need to vent that spite

*pulls on a bullseye T-shirt*

Hit me with all you want ;) I can take it!
Oldarmourer 23rd May 2019, 8:13 AM edit delete reply
If TR really needs to vent that spite, she can put something sweet, fatty and generally not good for you in front of Cent to make her, I don't know...some cheesecake ? ;)
Thracecius 23rd May 2019, 10:24 AM edit delete reply

Waitaminute! You can outsource spite???
megados 23rd May 2019, 1:00 PM edit delete reply

Didn't you read the brochure?
Thracecius 24th May 2019, 10:39 AM edit delete reply

There's a brochure?! Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?!
robnot 28th May 2019, 6:57 AM edit delete reply
@Thracecius: we did.. but it comes across as instructions ,, an how many males read instructions ..
Oldarmourer 24th May 2019, 10:55 AM edit delete reply
I was thinking about vote incentives or filler pieces that I'd like to see and thought that "Datachasers:Origins" might be fun to see.

It's been mentioned that the world and people in it came from a tabletop RPG, and this could be moments from the very first concept of the story and characters as they were played out around the gaming table and didn't know they'd be a hit webcomic.

I'm sure there were more than a few hilarious hijinks from the players and characters that would be suitable for standalone or even small arc bits and the best part is you get to play yourselves.

It's either that or TeeDee riding a Murderturd into battle, swinging douchewaffle's carbonized spine as a flail ;)
Centcomm 24th May 2019, 2:04 PM edit delete reply

Actually Datachasers was meant to be a porn comic.. >_>
Oldarmourer 24th May 2019, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
It's never too late...
Sheela 24th May 2019, 4:18 PM edit delete reply

You would make a porn comic ?

… I'm trying to imagine all of Roses swearing in a porn comic. 🀣
Oldarmourer 24th May 2019, 5:04 PM edit delete reply
I say go ahead, follow your first instinct, live your dream....BOOOORRN FREEEEE!!! ;)
megados 24th May 2019, 7:56 PM edit delete reply

FWIW, (and I may be in the minority), my 2Β’ is that there are many comics that lean that way, if that's what a person is after. DataChasers has done well as it is, and to change it now, . . . well it wouldn't be DataChasers. It already has scenes which lend themselves to the story, but it's a balance.
Guest 24th May 2019, 8:32 PM edit delete reply
Porn comic? You do realize that idea went right out the window the instant you gave it the slightest hint of a plot and actual characters rather than caricatures, right? :P
DLKmusic 24th May 2019, 10:31 PM edit delete reply

I have to agree with Megados on this all the way! If datachasers was just a porn comic, I wouldn't have gotten any farther than page 20 before giving up on it. Instead I got an engrossing story line, a world I can "escape to" once a week, and enough food for thought over the years to make my brain morbidly obese!

Please don't change a thing...
Oldarmourer 25th May 2019, 8:12 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, we've got enough of that all over the place as it is, but it's always fun to goad our creative crew a little ;)

Comics with multi-thread plots and storylines all skillfully woven together into the intricate tapestry we see here are few and far between.

There's over 10,000 comics listed on topweb alone and out of that, I could maybe come up with a couple of dozen truly 'X' rated ones where there's a really immersive story and interesting characters that make it work and the adult moments outnumber the out-of-bed ones. The ones that aren't just eye candy but a carefully crafted concoction from the hands of a professional dessert chef. Using it for pure comedy, on the other hand, is an artform all in itself and can't really be compared to something like this, they function on completely different levels and while the comedy here is sublime and fits so well, it's rarely "here's a joke, laugh at it, LAUGH DAMN YOU !!!"

There may be a few 'adult' moments here (gotta keep that R licence active, as Cent says) that were part of a definite story and very well worked in and the story lines wouldn't have worked nearly as well without them, I'm thinking Minx's story for one, but I'm not so sure that a steady diet of mindless, or even mindful, porn and pulchritude would be as filling. Still, a little snack now and again is as tempting as a full buffet and vote incentives are incentives to vote.

tl/dr it myself, not going back to edit.
knuut 25th May 2019, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
I think that, for the purposes of this discussion, it would be useful to distinguish between 'porn' and erotic art/literature. The one goes to the (already overcrowded) spam folder. The other endures.
DLKmusic 25th May 2019, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

@knuut: Very true, but even so, given a choice I would rather binge-read Data Chasers than suffer through another Anne Rice novel!
mjkj 25th May 2019, 11:57 AM edit delete reply

Hmmm, the SLTs are ready to be deployed...
Oldarmourer 26th May 2019, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
saw this in the news..
Calliope will be pleased her model 5's are such a hit ;)
megados 27th May 2019, 10:20 AM edit delete reply

Remember our Heroes this Memorial Day!
Oldarmourer 27th May 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete reply
We celebrate Nov 11th up here, but from one old Cold War vet...thanks to all who served so others could know peace.
Oldarmourer 27th May 2019, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
does this maybe sum up our wayward artist's activites, TR ?
Centcomm 28th May 2019, 4:18 PM edit delete reply

I deny. Nothing.
Oldarmourer 28th May 2019, 3:08 PM edit delete reply
Have I mentioned I never could get the hang of Tuesdays ? ended up taking an ambulance ride to the ER at 0500, not my favourite way to start the day, but after extensive tests, the discovery that while most opiates set me flat on my ass, I can't even take Tylenol 3 and stay awake, apparently for all the hype around Fentenyl it may as well be water..either that or someone's pilfering ward stocks and I did get water ;)

Poked, prodded, cabled, piped, x-ray'd, IV'd blood drawn over and over and over, horrible crushing chest pain going into shoulders, arms, neck and jaws still remained despite all efforts to classify, clarify, identify and rectify it...finally abated enough to go home about 1630 after another painkiller tried.

Upshot is, apparently my heart is going to outlive me, nobody can really say what the pain was/is but after taking 40 or 50 emergency and standard first aid, CPR, and advanced first aid courses, I couldn't ignore the signs...completely wasted day, other than the not dying part, no phones allowed in that part of the hospital to read news/comix and I forgot my glasses in the rush anyway...maybe an update will make tomorrow better :)
Centcomm 28th May 2019, 4:17 PM edit delete reply

Owch.. HUGS well i can tell you from my end that the page is with Rose for her to lovingly craft the words you guys love so much!
Oldarmourer 28th May 2019, 5:10 PM edit delete reply
so it's going to R-rated for language ? :)
Oldarmourer 28th May 2019, 5:14 PM edit delete reply
At least I didn't have to go through what you did. As my mother once said "I don't mind the getting old, it's the getting decrepit..."
Esiyanne 28th May 2019, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
Thank you for making this post, I would probably missed it otherwise. Its such a trivial matter but you made my day with this news.Thank you.
Centcomm 28th May 2019, 4:18 PM edit delete reply

your welcome feel free to say Hi if you are on Everlasting and see me.
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