Comic 1611 - Dropping In

11th Jun 2019, 9:00 PM
Dropping In
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Tokyo Rose 18th Jun 2019, 9:09 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
Sorry, folks. I'm wretchedly ill and haven't been able to finish the page in between rushing to the bathroom and collapsing into bed. I will do my best to get it posted on Wednesday.
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Lurker314 11th Jun 2019, 9:13 PM edit delete reply
"I'm your new chiropractor." Oh, dear!

BTW, is there a way to PM the writers? I don't want to break the website again...
megados 11th Jun 2019, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

If you want to PM them, you need to register on Comic Fury, and log in. It's free and easy. I don't think it'll break the site! :D
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:54 AM edit delete reply

what mega said. and its cheap!
robnot 14th Jun 2019, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
cheap an easy,,, for Most.!!!
still can't log in easy....
Just_IDD 12th Jun 2019, 1:58 PM edit delete reply
You can also put stuff in the title box on the reply, as far as i know that's only seen by them too, but i don't have empirical evidence of that. I know that field isn't implemented on most comic fury comment pages.
megados 12th Jun 2019, 3:49 PM edit delete reply

Actually . . . :
Quote: "Chitter-chatter fiddle-faddle zoom boing ping plop." Unquote
It can be seen in the comic profile, by anyone. :D
megados 11th Jun 2019, 9:18 PM edit delete reply

Interesting turn of events. Poor Noctis; she looks like she's about to fall asleep. I still think she's going to be pissed, although she probably won't show it. Still wondering whose party this is, and their connection to being able give Noctis directives.

Panel 3 looks and feels quite dynamic! Nice, and also the 'new chiropractor' crack! XD
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 4:00 AM edit delete reply
it does have that 'action' feel to it...
Black suit, leaping from a rooftop to confront evil, arms stretched out that really need to be spreading a cape to slow her fall, a pithy quote just before the miscreant feels the justice to come...All that's missing is "I'm Batbot" when the kidnapper asked who she was...(or maybe, given her threat/warning, it'd be "I'm Back-Fuck" ;)
Yup, Cent's been OD'ing on city of heroes alright...
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:58 AM edit delete reply

Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 3:54 AM edit delete reply

Wait .. wait, wait .. you can OD on CoH ?
Oh sweet baby raptor Jesus - Have I OD'ed then !
Heck, I must have OD'ed repeatedly ! 🤣
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 6:52 AM edit delete reply
Yup, get the bark-an ready ;)

I suppose, I'd best add, for those who might not get that, 'narcan' is a brand name for a drug used to counter opiate OD's ;)
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 6:52 AM edit delete reply
Yup, get the bark-an ready ;)

I suppose, I'd best add, for those who might not get that, 'narcan' is a brand name for a drug used to counter opiate OD's ;)
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 6:58 AM edit delete reply
huh, don't know how that happened
apparently if it's worth saying, it's worth saying twice ;)
Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 8:01 PM edit delete reply

But .. but .. we don't use opiates in City of Heroes, we use Superandine ?
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 5:58 AM edit delete reply
which is what bark-an is for ;)
it's tuna flavoured
Gilrandir 15th Jun 2019, 8:38 AM edit delete reply
I wonder what they use to treat a Narcan overdose? ^_^
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 9:07 AM edit delete reply
heroin ;)
Sheela 15th Jun 2019, 11:39 AM edit delete reply

Ooohhh, tuna flavored drugs ! 😁
lirvilas 11th Jun 2019, 9:38 PM edit delete reply

spinal cords are so so so fragile
Ebonbolt 11th Jun 2019, 11:57 PM edit delete reply

Actually, much like an egg, the human spine is quite sturdy… from all the angles the human body is likely to put stress on itself. It's those other angles that cause problems…
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:54 AM edit delete reply

waves at Lirv welcome back!
knuut 11th Jun 2019, 9:53 PM edit delete reply
Black Angel?
Ebonbolt 11th Jun 2019, 11:50 PM edit delete reply

Given her resemblance to Cici? I'd give that a high probability. But that may just be the hair…
robnot 12th Jun 2019, 4:31 PM edit delete reply
well,, since i just looked at the vote incentive.. Cici hugs.. i wood say she looks like a sister....
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:54 AM edit delete reply

whistles innocently
Darkaxey 11th Jun 2019, 10:02 PM edit delete reply
Is that dolly? looks like her BUUUTT.... I'm 3 in and never been known fo ma observational skillz!!
mjkj 12th Jun 2019, 12:50 AM edit delete reply

Nah, Dolly has blue hair - pink hair is a black angel...
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:55 AM edit delete reply

that is not Dolly :D
Sheela 12th Jun 2019, 8:51 PM edit delete reply

It is the sort of thing that Dolly would like to do to anything that threatens her ward, though.
Eve Z. 11th Jun 2019, 11:52 PM edit delete reply

CeCi to the rescue! :D
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:55 AM edit delete reply

plays upbeat music
mjkj 12th Jun 2019, 12:48 AM edit delete reply

Hmmm, nice chiropractor - looks like a black angel =D

Go, CeeCee! ♡
(no, it is not CeCi - so, must be CeeCee) ;-)
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:55 AM edit delete reply

Sheela 12th Jun 2019, 8:52 PM edit delete reply

Dolly Dagger and CeeCee Ryder, rides again ! 😁
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
hmmm maybe Cent-comm kept a copy of the personality file she made for CeCi or there was a wireless remote flash of it sent as part of the self-destruct process for mission debrief purposes and she dumped it into TeeDee's 'loaner body' as payback for the one that got shot, thereby tying up two loose ends with one neat bow and giving us a new pink(ish) haired instrument of destruction and cuteness to adore and sing the praises of.

Hopefully she got TeeDee's vocabulary, I do think the chiropractor line sounds more like TeeDee than CeCi...
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
I'd laugh like hell if Cent had somehow gotten ahold of Malati's persona file though, that entrance line really sounds like something she'd say and she was my favourite Cassian even counting Feelie.
Ebonbolt 13th Jun 2019, 2:14 AM edit delete reply

"Angel Chiropractic Care
"We can realign your spine whether it's made from bone, polymer, or high-carbon steel.
"First consultation free"
Greenwood Goat 12th Jun 2019, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
- "What's a ky-rho-prac-tor?"

- *crunch* *snap* *graunch* "They do things like that - only the opposite way."

- "I... can see... my ooown ass. Myyy spine... s'not s'posed... to goooo... that waaaay..." *passes out*

mjkj 13th Jun 2019, 1:21 AM edit delete reply

HiFranc 12th Jun 2019, 1:37 AM edit delete reply

I suspect that Centcomm has guardians hidden and following the party.
oldastronomer 12th Jun 2019, 2:13 AM edit delete reply
Or a rival gang...!
Probably a spec ops person/android in Marcus's regiment. Standard Black Angels have a surface personality related to CentComm's - not noted for a sense of humour. Ceci's took a while to emerge. We actually need another drop-in to manage the other grounder, unless Noctis can be released from being in thrall? Aarrhhh, the wait 'til next week... Salutations to all.
Sheela 12th Jun 2019, 8:53 PM edit delete reply

Wait … could this be … Marcus' weaponized coffee maker ?

… nahhhh … 🤣
Ebonbolt 13th Jun 2019, 2:34 AM edit delete reply

Is it the machine or the coffee that's weaponized?
Marcus Ramesy 13th Jun 2019, 7:01 AM edit delete reply

Ebonbolt...... the answer is.... yes.
DLKmusic 13th Jun 2019, 9:51 AM edit delete reply

hmmm... That's a hella cup-o-josephine, Marcus!

I think I'll stick with the Brazilian Dark Roast
Sheela 13th Jun 2019, 6:26 PM edit delete reply

Frankly, if that is Marcus' coffeemaker, then I think that it's pretty cute. 😃

Didn't know that the female slang name for coffee was Josephine.
Concidentally, Josephine would be a lovely name for her.
Marcus Ramesy 14th Jun 2019, 9:34 AM edit delete reply

Have any of you ever had Military coffee?? the kind thats been at the bottom of the pot for 3 days recycled in to the water each time its been brewed? the kind of coffee that will wake the dead and render the dirt dead so no plants can grow for miles if spilled on the ground
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 12:56 PM edit delete reply
oh, the fresh stuff...we never got spoiled like that
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 12:57 PM edit delete reply
Arm't coffee...too thick to stir, too thin to plow
Marcus Ramesy 14th Jun 2019, 3:05 PM edit delete reply

Amen.... our coffee ate the spoons... and violently attacked the LT when he didn't salut it back.
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
even the pilots wouldn't drink ours ;)
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 5:06 PM edit delete reply
One of the new privates got the bright idea to clean the pot once, then used the dregs to thicken up a few napalm cans...we got cited for violating three weapons treaties and crimes against humanity :(
Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 8:04 PM edit delete reply

Our Coffee pot had the Bio Hazard sticker on it.
Never heard anything for it .. aparantly, the brass agreed.
Marcus Ramesy 14th Jun 2019, 10:20 PM edit delete reply

I think Oldarmourer wins this round.... we never got the crimes against humanity label... but I will say it was amusing to watch an LT shit them selves when being attacked by a coffee pot..
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
Lt's never came in the shop...never !!
The last one that poked his nose in is probably still wondering how he ended up cleaning A/C guns for an hour...
Sheela 15th Jun 2019, 11:43 AM edit delete reply

I was once given a "Mango Juice" (that's what they called it) that after standing for a night, killed the plastic cup it was in, escaped on to the table, and ate all the veneer it could touch.
Haven't touched mango juice since then.
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 1:38 PM edit delete reply
I've got that tee-shirt, most people agree ;)
Thracecius 19th Jun 2019, 10:32 AM edit delete reply

I love military coffee stories. :)

My dad was in the USN (mid 60's - early 70's) and said their coffee was great. The cooks didn't clean the urns (I don't know how many gallons they held) because the protective coating kept the coffee from tasting metallic (aluminum, I think). Growing up with either a stainless steel or glass carafe, it's hard for me to imagine how bad that coffee *could* have tasted if the inside wasn't properly seasoned.
Oldarmourer 20th Jun 2019, 2:53 AM edit delete reply
That's pretty much it, it sounds bad but it works.
Our shops usually had a 72-cup coffee maker which got anywhere from a half-pound to two pounds of coffee added depending on how much was left in it and who was making it...the 'two bagger' coffee would wake the dead, polish concrete and generally keep a tech hopping for the entire shift and long after he went home ;)
stormbringer77 19th Jun 2019, 8:13 PM edit delete reply

A cup of Military coffee has more caffeine than a bottle of Mountain Dew and will wire you up quickly!I was in Germany for the U.S.A.F. and off base coffee or cappuccino is even more powerful than a can of JOLT!
DizzasterJuice 12th Jun 2019, 3:31 AM edit delete reply

Bidi approves of the term "Bitty-Bots"! =)
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 3:39 AM edit delete reply
First thing I noticed but didn't get around to mentioning on the previous page :)
and Bidi-bot does have pink hair...and a 'calmer' attitude...relatively
Centcomm 12th Jun 2019, 8:56 AM edit delete reply

heheh :D
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
A new player has entered the game, add to party Y/Y ?

Looks sort of like TeeDee's sprite body with a makeover :)

Or maybe Centcomm 'drafted' her sprite body as a replacement for the doll she shot, it'd be just like her ;)
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 8:18 AM edit delete reply
Now that I think of it, this newcomer does bear a little resemblance to Cent-comm's original unremastered 'pink haired sex puppet'
as shown here...

and there are still a few unanswered questions from that particular page which is why I chose it, I keep getting the nagging feeling it goes far beyond the mission at hand at that time...

Maybe this particular pink haired avenger was the specific one Cent used here so many years ago and has stood as a memorial statue in the park for years to commemorate her 'first contact' as an independent AI and the humans who once commanded her ? one that was also on standby as a remote intelligence gathering system and park protector ready and waiting for moments just like these ? the kidnappers might not have put any importance on it's not having been there when they showed up and assumed it had been taken in for refurbishment ? or maybe not, I love to speculate and I'm used to being wrong even when I try to account for all the possibilities I can come up with :)

On the other hand, it does bear more than a passing resemblance to TeeDee's recently de-occupied 'sprite' body that was never really 'hers' to begin with, it was only a loaner for a single mission and she wasn't too happy to be stuck in it, even after she finally synched with it and turned it into the precision destruction delivery device she'd wanted in the first place.

When Dr Silver asked her if she wanted it junked or put in storage, TeeDee should rightfully have replied "That's not my decision, it belongs to Cent-comm not me" and Cent-comm does have just enough of a spiteful sense of humour to have taken it out of storage, turned it into an upgraded version of one of her dolls and will keep it parked in NTSR's Hangar as a replacement for the one TeeDee shot, just to piss TeeDee off and also remind her exactly where her place is in the Grand Order of Things ;)

Great work Ladies et al, the plot thickens then spreads out in new branches every week, sort of like a dropped egg ;) but please stop making me think beyond coffee and more coffee this early in the morning on my day off :P
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 8:29 AM edit delete reply
I can see it now...

Scene: NTSR Hangar, main hallway leading to Duty Crew Ready Room.

Time: whenever Ada/TeeDee are on duty

Cent doll: "good morning Ada, Good morning TeeDee"

Ada: "Good Morning, Cent, any special orders for us ?"

TeeDee: "Fuck you, Cent, *rests hand on her pistol butt* how's the headache ?"

Cent doll: "I'm afraid you didn't take the proper package for that particular action, please observe proper weapons handling protocol in this area lest your priveleges be suspended or revoked"

TeeDee: "Fuck you and every doll that looks like you"

Cent doll: "I remind you, you do not have that package, return when you can afford an upgrade"

Ada: "zziiinngggg, let's go to briefing before you get a sunburn"
Siren 12th Jun 2019, 8:33 AM edit delete reply
I like this new android with gorgeous hair. Would not want her as a "chiropractor" though.
megados 12th Jun 2019, 4:50 PM edit delete reply

Maybe she does "Good Chiropractor, Bad Chiropractor"! :D
KarToon12 12th Jun 2019, 10:40 AM edit delete reply

Someone learned their skills from Spider-Man.
TMLutas 12th Jun 2019, 10:46 AM edit delete reply
Is that an android or a cyborg? I'm not seeing anything that screams out not a human in those last two panels.
Ebonbolt 13th Jun 2019, 2:21 AM edit delete reply

Colored word balloons.
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 11:37 AM edit delete reply
CeCi's colours too but the background shade is just a little darker...
Thracecius 12th Jun 2019, 11:02 AM edit delete reply

Ceci 2 just needs a cape and a hat, then she can drop in and say, "Let's get dangerous!". ;)
Hornet 12th Jun 2019, 12:07 PM edit delete reply
Someone invited a Krav Maga practitioner.
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 12:11 PM edit delete reply
she does appear to have a rather large sidearm in her right hand...
Just_IDD 12th Jun 2019, 2:23 PM edit delete reply
Makes me wonder if the tech is available to recover data from lukewarm wetware. I bet she shoots the one behind Cecelia to kill(probably low on the information scale). Shoots the talker to incapacitate, kills the one in front of her by hand. Frankly someone needed to have more lookouts. I'm also surprised that the one behind Cecilia didn't die before the leap. A thrown knife would do the trick since every ones neck is nicely showing. Even if that attack failed, it would start the distraction and then force a second attention shift when she arrives. Unless this force is much more savvy than they appear, guns wont be pointed at the girls directly leaving them room to seek cover.

I do like to see that Lynn is still good at stalling that should be added as a skill to her stat sheet..prevarication +20
Thracecius 13th Jun 2019, 10:09 AM edit delete reply

I don't think Lynn is stalling deliberately, I think she's just displaying her usual "speak before you think" personality. Granted, in her position, I don't see what she has to lose by being sassy, but more importantly, I find it amusing when protagonists irritate their captors. ;)
HiFranc 20th Jun 2019, 3:11 AM edit delete reply

After New Rome, it’s starting to feel routine.
Just_IDD 12th Jun 2019, 1:49 PM edit delete reply
The arms out is a balance thing while In the initial stages of falling. I would guess that it causes an effect similar to arrow fletching causing a slight drag to reduce wobble, however from jumping off of lots of things (I really like the weightless feeling. The big issue is that it only has a minimal effect over the short term and may be a residual from balance check before the leap. Everyone I've seen pictures of jumping off things does it unless they are holding something prior to the leap. Paratroopers need to be taught to keep their arms in while jumping from a plane. (Arms up is best when jumping from trees)
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 2:04 PM edit delete reply
It's instinctive and mostly for balance and to shift the centre of gravity, the same way high wire walkers usually carry balance poles or a common technique for crossing a single rope bridge on a confidence course is to lie down on it and let one leg hang free

In this case however, it's purely for the 'city of heroes' look ;)
knuut 12th Jun 2019, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
I bet this is also why Athena got that phone call. Cent using the girls for live bait.
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 4:10 PM edit delete reply
I wouldn't take odds on that being the case...there's definitely fuckery afoot.
knuut 13th Jun 2019, 2:32 PM edit delete reply
I hope we get to see Athena rip cent a new one for endangering her granddaughter.
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 4:36 AM edit delete reply
or worse...Athena's involved...never trust a politician, especially a professional diplomat ;)
Romfire 14th Jun 2019, 11:52 AM edit delete reply
I really don't think Cent is using the girls as bait, Cent knows that whoever kidnapped Lynn had inside information and that they must have a presents in New Troy, but short or locking the girls up, there would be no way to keep them perfectly safe. I think Cent has several layers of security hidden in plain sight protecting the girl. That is probably the best and wisest action to take.
Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 4:08 PM edit delete reply
The only thing wrong with this new turn of events is it's going to be a week before we see what happens :(

Oldarmourer 12th Jun 2019, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
really nice work on the clothing textures and all the little details too, the attention to fine detail is what makes this and Dizz's work so much better than most others of this style.

I'm not sure if that's an artifact or a piece of lint or leaf from one of the trees lying beside Acantha's collar but her dress (and Lynn's) looks completely 'real' like you could reach out and touch it, the top of her surgical incision looks like it's fading a bit with the rapid nano healing process and everything and everyone else is right where it's supposed to be.

I particularly love the continuity that goes into this work, that must be one of the hardest parts, remembering where everything goes from scene to scene and keeping it there...that and Tokyo Rose not reusing her profound profane phrases, originality counts ;)
mjkj 16th Jun 2019, 2:15 PM edit delete reply

Bullwinkle 12th Jun 2019, 6:12 PM edit delete reply
I wonder if these two are linked to whoever wasted Ophelia's team.
knuut 12th Jun 2019, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
Directly, probably not but indirectly through some overarching hostile presence? That would be my bet.
Rashala 13th Jun 2019, 12:25 AM edit delete reply

She looks...familiar and I think he's going to need a full trauma team more than a chiropractor soon......also if she's exposing herself there....I get a feeling the other in his team are about to have stories to swap with that one kidnapper dolly got a hold of.
Blotto 13th Jun 2019, 6:56 AM edit delete reply

Needle beams sound like they can make for some unique piercings ;D
DLKmusic 13th Jun 2019, 10:15 AM edit delete reply

Why do I feel like I'm the only one that sees the white elephant in the room?

Thanks to this particular incident, Noctis (actually, ALL Cassians, not just Noctis) has become a HUGE security risk, and I think the person most keenly aware of that is Noctis, who is probably wishing she had the ability to fall on her own sword right about now!
knuut 13th Jun 2019, 2:37 PM edit delete reply
That's why I keep envisioning this after action vignette where Dr Silver removes Noctus' disruptor (that being the most likely point of compromise) while Acantha hurries home to help Maximus with their first existential problem.
Oldarmourer 13th Jun 2019, 3:03 PM edit delete reply
or it didn't work and she's playing along...could go either way, but after this, that hole will most likely be patched regardless.
megados 13th Jun 2019, 4:43 PM edit delete reply

I'm not sure how it relates to Noctis being a security risk. If she's given and follows an order, the security risk is in the chain of command. If she wasn't following legitimate orders, her inhibitor would act on it. We haven't seen any indication that the inhibitor is in play. If she were being coerced by the inhibitor, we'd see evidence of it, as we have in other cases where inhibitors were employed. That leaves that the directives/orders she's acting on were given by someone with the authority to do so. The security risk, then, is in the list of individuals authorized to give her orders. (As always, I could be wrong.)

Despite what I commented above about her looking sleepy, I think what we're seeing is Noctis obeying orders she doesn't like to the bare minimum degree to keep her inhibitor from acting.
DLKmusic 13th Jun 2019, 5:42 PM edit delete reply

The security risk involved is that someone besides Acantha and/or Maxus (as Regent) being able to give a directive to Noctis that OVERRIDES her primary purpose of protecting Acantha as heir to the throne.

Most likely this is faulty programming, or someone who has found a means of overriding the inhibitor, but according to what we know about the Cassians, it should (I stress the word "Should") be impossible for noctis to follow an order that involves putting her primary charge in harm's way.

I would like to add that if this can happen to Noctis, it can happen to ANY Cassian.

Even if I'm a voice of one, I consider this kingdom crashing problem.
megados 13th Jun 2019, 7:15 PM edit delete reply

Ah, I see what you're saying.

*nitpicky mode activated*

I would say, then, that the security risk isn't Noctis/ Cassians in general, but the command authorization structure. To split hairs even further, would be the difference between Cassians. Noctis is one Cassian with the capability of restricting this security hole. She can find ways to subvert orders that run counter to her purpose, and I think we're seeing it here. She's not wholeheartedly obeying it seems, but rather, doing just enough to keep her inhibitor happy.

The problem is a potential disaster, yes, but Noctis seems to be working against the problem, not with it. She's doing what she can to stave it off. This problem will likely be corrected posthaste, such that it can't happen again.
DLKmusic 13th Jun 2019, 8:57 PM edit delete reply

we had a LOT of convoluted discussions (by we, I mean about half the people who post in the comments) regarding the loyalty of the Cassians, which is House of Livius first, the Throne second, Nova Roma third.

The consensus was (IIRC) that those loyalties needed to be changed. However, now we are seeing a situation where there is actually a reason for those loyalties to be in that order, and it's been subverted!

I can't tell you how sorry I feel for Noctis right now. Not only is she doing something that goes against everything she believes in, but also everything that her inhibitor was programmed to prevent.

I'm not sure that removing Noctis's Inhibitor is the answer, because if it got out that the Cassians were running around Nova Roma without inhibitors, it would cause rioting in the streets.

One other thing that's bothering me, which maybe the Creatrixes could shed some light on... I thought that Lynn's kidnapping and subsequent rescue was still classified information?
Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 4:07 AM edit delete reply

Maybe change the order in which the inhibitor / synthbrain can act … aka that the Synthbrain always have the final say, instead of as it is now, where th inhibitor have the last say.

Some might say that it would make the inhibitor useless, while others would say it would stop it from being used for nefarious purposes.

Personally, I would like to see it removed.
And I think rose could write a beautiful rant about it, mouthed by the good Doctor Silver, who absolutely LOATHES inhibitors !

Of course, since Doctor Silver is a Cyberpath, such a rant would be straight down nightmare fuel for Noctis, should the rant be delivered to her face … which, it probably would !

Heck, just being in the same room as an angry cyberpath, would be bad enough for Noctis!

I think there's room for some really enjoyable dialogue there. 😃
megados 14th Jun 2019, 4:53 AM edit delete reply

@DLKmusic, It may be I mis-remembered, but I thought that Kali was the only one who had a Livius-specific branch on her loyalty tree. The rest of the Cassians did not, as I remember it. As long as Kali was princeps, her orders would have ensured that the rest would have been protectors of the Livius line. Upon her demise, I don't think there's a Livius-specific loyalty. That then defaults to Throne, Nova Roma.

That said, there's definitely a security hole, and I think you have discovered it. Neither Maxus, nor Acantha hold the throne right now; it sits empty for the time being. Noctis is/was taking orders from them "out of courtesy", seeing as her last branch is loyalty to Nova Roma, (as the throne sits empty). This is the flaw that could be exploited to cause her to act against Acantha.

@Sheela, wouldn't the inhibitor be superfluous if the order were changed? If the synthbrain was to always have the final say, the inhibitor wouldn't have anything to do. All the inhibitor is doing right now, is making sure that Noctis follows the orders given her according to her defined loyalty/purpose tree.

It may be that a simple change such as adding a Livius specific loyalty to the top of her loyalty tree, and voila! she'd have never taken those orders to bring the girls here in the first place, and the one who gave her those orders would right now be laying in small pieces on Steph's shop floor. *edit: Maybe she needs an appointment with Dr. Silver after all. :D
Romfire 14th Jun 2019, 12:01 PM edit delete reply
I was wondering what Noctis would think if Dr. Silver used her technopath abilities to disable her inhibitor? I know she can't control androids, but I bet she could shut her inhibitor off, or reprogram it. I am not sure if Noctis would be thankful, or just slice her in two out of principle.
robnot 14th Jun 2019, 10:43 AM edit delete reply
@Sheela: ok i see your point an agree. . but . New Rome DON'T.! they have to have 'Control' over the machine.!
?how bout this compromise.?? (bare with me.) .. this has happened twice now.. (1st cyberpath, 2nd who knows.!),, so yeah the fault it in the inhibitor / tree. it needs to change/go away..
with Acantha's blessing (input) GO to Dr. Silver an have it changed, so any out side interference would just take em offline (not dead.).. an since this is Cassians,, take the inhibitor offline, direct input only..
complete power off.. except memory..
an yeah the cyberpath could turn her back on, but that would take time (for others to act.) an power/concentration
megados 14th Jun 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete reply

@robnot, that makes it simpler yet. Rather than adding a Livius loyalty check, just use the one she already has: The Acantha loyalty. Just formalize it, and tune the inhibitor to accept that in her loyalty tree, and you're golden. As we know, she would not be allowed/be banned in Nova Roma without her functioning inhibitor. She couldn't accept that, because her whole purpose revolves around it. I think that would be the simplest way to satisfy all conditions, and leave Noctis' core personality intact.
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 4:40 AM edit delete reply
I sort of thought that Cassians put the good of Roma first and foremost ? and that the only reason the recently replaced head of the House of Livius was allowed to go on as long as he did was because of his 'contingencies' which were definitely NOT for the greater good of Roma and that only once Kali's inhibitor was overwritten with a specific subroutine triggered by his actions against Acantha did her priorities change, but for her only ?
DLKmusic 14th Jun 2019, 5:38 PM edit delete reply

@megados: You may be right about Kali being the only one that was Livius specific, I would have to double-check, but as far as whether Acantha being Heir-Apparent is or is not enough to trigger the "Throne", I was assuming it was. I would have to think on that a bit.

@Oldarmourer: that would be a hard negative. That was the order that many of us readers were calling for as what should be the appropriate order (while Decimus was still in power), but...

@Sheela & Robnot: Regarding Doc Silver: The reason I asked the Creatrixes whether Lynn's abduction and rescue was still classified is that these grounders definitely know about it, and if it is still classified it brings the list of suspects behind this attempt down to a very small number, and are sporting a LOT of cutting edge tech, which narrows the field down even farther.

Although I don't think it's in Doc Silver's nature to do so... logically speaking she is pretty much at or near the top of the list of suspects behind this. Not because she wanted to abduct the princesses, but that she wanted to prove a point, in that you don't need Cyberpathy to control an android (besides, who cares if a few grounders get killed, they're only grounders). This point was made to noctis, HARD. The gaping hole to this theory is that Athena was conveniently called away before this happened, and I can see no reason why that would make any sense for Doc Silver to do that. a White Angels presence actually complicates matters some.

Regardless, you don't call in the usual suspects for a lineup, then ask one of them for help, especially when they have every reason to hold a personal grudge, which Doc Silver does.
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 5:56 PM edit delete reply
I was trying to say that I thought the primary directive for Cassians is to do what is best for Nova Roma, and what would have been best would be to eliminate His Royal Douchiness at the first opportunity, but given his 'contingencies' they were forced into keeping him alive as to do otherwise would trigger said contingencies and that would definitely not be in the best interests of the city...or the throne...

That said, Kali and Kali alone, had a special directive added that if douchy ever seriously threatened Acantha's life, and I'm going to suggest that stabbing her in the heart counted as such, then Kali was free to do whatever she deemed fit, overriding all other directives, and she deemed that ending the city along with his psychotic twatness was in the better interests of the city since living under what he had become with no hope of Acantha taking over was a worse thing than it had been even up to then :)
Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 8:12 PM edit delete reply

The only way he could order them around, is if they were programmed to obey him.
I don't think the Cassians would have taken order from the douchebag, even with the contingencies there. They would have been sad about the massive loss of life, but they would have gotten over it, quite quickly.
robnot 14th Jun 2019, 9:29 PM edit delete reply
@DLKmusic: at no point did i ever think Dr. Silver was stupid.!!! What would she git out of this,, besides proving a point.. NOTHING.! CentCom would black ball her.. and that was if she lucky.. and if Noctis found out ,, no order on the planet would stop her, of her ending Dr. Silver.!! oh and her "friends" / acquaintances, (Marcus, Mr. Black, Ada/Teedee, an Kelly) if they knew she did this.. I don't think one of em , would step up on her behalf.
DLKmusic 15th Jun 2019, 1:36 AM edit delete reply

@robnot: I'm not disagreeing with your logic, and as I said, I don't think she is behind this, for a couple of other reasons that have nothing to do with money. However, the reason Silver is/should be still a suspect is that she isn't "Stable". I like Silver, but the woman is 2 lost arguments away from becoming a stereotypical mad scientist bent on destroying the world, "for it's own good". IF (which as I said, I highly doubt) she is behind this, it would be because she lost her grip on reality.

In that context, she has motive, means, and opportunity.

I do have two other possibilities that I suspect being behind this, both of which are far more likely, but there are still some gaping holes with them as well, and both speculations assume that this kidnapping attempt was never intended to succeed.

The first would be a Luna corporation that would stand to make a small mint by upgrading/replacing the Cassians, if it could be shown that there is a pressing need for it. But, where did they learn about Lynn's kidnapping, and how did they get access to a private VIP shopping tour?

The second possibility that comes to mind is that Cent-Comm may be the one behind this, for both economic and political reasons. All the pieces fit this scenario, except that this is a far more subtle approach to a problem than what we've seen out of Cent-comm so far, and it doesn't "feel" right to me. My biggest problem with this hypothesis is that if it did go south (and we all know about the best laid plans of Mice, Men, and Machines), the potential fallout would be a war.

***quietly put's away tin-foil hat***
megados 16th Jun 2019, 8:20 PM edit delete reply

@DLKmusic, as far as I know, Acantha's being heir-apparent, doesn't logically elevate her to "Throne" as she hasn't reached the age of majority yet, and can't yet legally occupy it. Another layer would be that the Senate would have to ratify it by the following process: The intent right now is to get Maxus named and ratified to the position of Lord Regent. He would then occupy the Throne. He would be more or less acting on Acantha's behalf. Then in a couple of years, when Acantha is old enough, Maxus would relinquish it, and (this is a guess), the Senate would have to ratify Acantha's ascention. (Because there was an interruption in continuity?) Acantha also can't occupy the Throne while Maxus holds it. I make the assumption that there can be only one. (Unless Acantha weds?)

I could be wrong, of course. If I am, may the Creative Duo please clarify! :D
Oldarmourer 18th Jun 2019, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
from Cent's comment to "II the priestess" currently #689,

...# 3 there are around plus or minus a few hundred Cassians they answer to Kali and Maxus. in addition they will obey The prince and the royal family. ...
megados 18th Jun 2019, 1:08 PM edit delete reply

Quite so! Yet here we are, with Noctis not obeying Acantha, even as we can surmise that she would dearly like to. :D
Romfire 13th Jun 2019, 11:15 PM edit delete reply
It is almost a trope that people start talking instead of fighting. Noctis is famous for lethal, quiet and efficient killing. This new "Black angel"(?) would probably have done the same except the kidnapper was pointing a gun at the good gals. Introducing herself, took the attention and aim off the girls giving her an opening to strike without risk.
So I think the quip was a tactic, or maybe she is just mouthy?
Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 3:57 AM edit delete reply

There is actually real life evidence that point towards this being truth.
The thing is, humans don't really like killing humans (apart from some psycopaths), and will often try to negotiate first.
Scia 13th Jun 2019, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
Heyo. So I tried seeing if I could read the Japanese on Noctis' sword handle, and if I got it right, it seems to translate as "god of war," or possibly "gods of war" or "spirit of war." (Or, if you really want to reach, "God's war" or "war of the gods," though I think that's less likely. XD; )

So basically I was wondering 1) Did I get it right? (It *is* hard to read. XD; ) 2) Is the phrase supposed to mean anything/be important? 3) Did the sword maybe come from Tokyo Rose, or something? =O

(Also, um... it's backwards on one side. ^_^; Like the other half of the model was made by mirroring the first, I'm guessing.)
Sheela 14th Jun 2019, 4:08 AM edit delete reply

"Sprit of War" sounds nice, and would be fitting for a sword. :)
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 6:56 AM edit delete reply
are you sure it doesn't say "Genuine Ginsu - stainless- made in Japan" ?
DLKmusic 14th Jun 2019, 5:09 PM edit delete reply

or maybe "I hear survivors... If there's one thing I hate, it's survivors".

(this quote is entirely original and definitely was NOT stolen from episode one of "Black Lagoon". Any similarity is entirely coincidental!)
Scia 14th Jun 2019, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
Oh yeah! Also:

Acantha: "Why isn't my heart racin- oh yeah" X3
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 2:52 AM edit delete reply
perhaps because the girls are in on the plot too ? you just can't tell with these two and I mean TR and Cent ;)
knuut 15th Jun 2019, 9:49 AM edit delete reply
Then the question becomes, what ungodly threat would prompt Cent (actual) to risk a Taylor air and a visiting presumptive Head of State as live bait?
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 11:44 AM edit delete reply
If Cent knows about the thing that fried Feelie and doesn't have any sort of control over it but thinks she knows who does, that would be a pretty big threat..
knuut 15th Jun 2019, 1:21 PM edit delete reply
Possible but she has a couple million drones of her own. It would have to be on the scale of another city state and willing to risk all out war. Perhaps something like another city AI which survived but whose city was fried that has been secretly rebuilding and plotting vengeance for the last 600+ years.
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 1:43 PM edit delete reply
or an AIS that had been hacked and is being controlled by a shadowy party...I vote for Chicago, or is that Shakaga ?, there wouldn't really be much noticeable change...
knuut 15th Jun 2019, 6:21 PM edit delete reply
I not only agree with Chicago I think the AI should be named 'DickieD' in honor of Richard J Daily, the astonishingly corrupt but capable mayor who ran the place while I was growing up there. Chicago had an up and running defensive (political) machine when computers still had vacuum tubes.
Guest 17th Jun 2019, 11:39 AM edit delete reply
Incidentally, in the 30 odd years I lived there, the only person I ever heard pronounce it 'Shakaga' was from Boston. Locals often morph the 'i' into an 'e' or a 'u' but it always ends with a long 'o'.
Oldarmourer 17th Jun 2019, 1:31 PM edit delete reply
It's canon, mentioned earlier, I'd suspect that a few thousand years from now you wouldn't understand two words in a conversation or any place names and our creatrixes have kindly translated for us :)
DLKmusic 16th Jun 2019, 8:31 PM edit delete reply

@Scia: I thought it was funny, anyway!
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 2:11 PM edit delete reply
Still working on messing up a few songs for various characters, when I think of it, and I'll add them whenever I get one.

Some are easy, but this one I thought was going to be a real pain, I considered a lot and half-wrote several.

Had an instrumental switching from to at the top of the list

Even mused on the merits of
and the lyrics for it seemed to fit perfectly without even changing much but finally went with something completely different...

In the end I heard this on the radio driving home and it wrote itself in a matter of minutes...apologies for that ;)

Still thinking about her day to day ' all around nice girl' theme,
but for Ada's 'combat mode'.......

The silicon chip inside her head
Got switched to combat mode
Some Blueshirts are gonna get schooled today
She'll make them wish they'd stayed at home

Teedee doesn't understand the delay
She knows Ada had to be told
Til' she saw the reasons
'Cause there's lots of reasons
She just needed to be shown?

(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay

(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
But I have to shoot these assholes down

Her combat machine is ten kinds of mean
And she keeps it tightly leashed
The Blueies are shocked, their world's about to get rocked
She's not just a stunning girl
Their platinum poontang, just went Ker-fucking-bang
Now it ain't so neat to admit defeat
They've seen their last seasons
'Cause they gave her reasons
What reasons do you need, oh oh oh oh?

(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
But I wanna shoot these assholes down
Down, down, shoot them all down

And all the screaming's stopped in the hallway now
She went beast-mode for a while
And school's out early and soon they'll be leaving
And the lesson today is how to die
And then the radio crackles and Samantha tackles
And gets swatted like a pesky fly
But she can see the reasons
'Cause there's lots of reasons
The reason they all need to die, die, oh oh oh?

And the silicon chip inside her head got switched to combat mode
Some Blueshirts are gonna get schooled today
She'll make them wish they'd stayed at home

And TeeDee understands it
She always knew Ada could be so bold
And she sees the reasons
Cause there's lots of reasons
She just needed to be shown
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)

I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)
I don't like
I don't like
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)
I don't like
I dont't like
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
(Tell me why)
I don't like Gunplay
But I need to shoo-oo-oo-oot these assholes down.
Centcomm 15th Jun 2019, 2:16 PM edit delete reply

you can be our song writer.. :D
Oldarmourer 15th Jun 2019, 3:56 PM edit delete reply
I'll get one for everyone yet :)

I think I'll save Cent-Comm and Tokyo Rose's for last...Self preservation more than anything else

but the character ones are almost ready ;)
megados 15th Jun 2019, 3:40 PM edit delete reply

Oh Yeah! :D
DLKmusic 16th Jun 2019, 12:24 AM edit delete reply

Not bad at all!

I wasn't familiar with the original song... (I'm so ashamed)
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 9:15 AM edit delete reply
I have some really obscure ones coming up later...obscure if you don't already live in Nova Roma or New Sparta that is ;)

That's half the fun, seeing if anyone out there has heard of the tunes before and if they haven't, then so much the better, they can read along with the youtube clip and get both versions at the same time :)
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 9:31 AM edit delete reply
Sadly, the original song is based on an incident in the 70's where a 16 year old girl with severe unadressed mental problems decided to take some target practice at a bus stop across from her window because "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."

Sad, but true. I almost didn't use the tune for that reason but this is fiction, life goes on, if you let things be forgotten then they didn't happen, yada,yada,yada...that and it just fit Ada so well if you change the meaning...
Gilrandir 16th Jun 2019, 12:39 AM edit delete reply
Impressive. Congratulations.
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 5:41 AM edit delete reply
I wonder if this is on a run for 'longest comment page ever' ?
I'll do my part if everyone else does :)

This one popped into my head, completely unbidden and I considered not changing a single word akthough I did in the end but hardly any, it just suited her so well, the way I saw her anyway.

so, without further ado and with my most heartfelt apologies to the original author...

the truth about Malati...

Paragon of dignity
untouchable and lethal
but there's more to life than sexy men.

Sudden death comes easy
when you practice every day
You'll think you're ten feet tall and bulletproof
until you pass my way
And you will never see it coming
no one's sad to see you go
Within my eyes you'll glimpse a wisdom
you were not prepared to know
In fearing what you cannot see
you fall beneath my hand
This is a Cassian thing you wouldn't understand

You will never know I'm here
until it's far too late
It's a Cassian's way to pass unseen
and not to storm the gate
Moving quieter than a kitten
circumnavigating law
Tiptoeing merciless as nightfall
until I pounce and disappear again
you'll never hear a thing
The soul, prince douche corrupted
but my heart and hands are clean
Sworn enemies fall lifeless
though they never see my face
The game is gory but I take my joy
in leaving not a trace
My actions quick as lightning
intended just to hurt you I'm only
doing what a Cassian's gotta do

Following the way
creeping night and day
I won't say life is shit
but I must restrain my urges to run naked through the gladiator piiiiiit

No Cassian goes out streaking
it just simply isn't done
Noctis would never go along
but damn would it be fun!
To see the fighter's eyes
as big as saucers peeking from their doors
I'd pirouette beneath the moonlight
days of skulking, hiding, sneaking,
and assassinating enemies no more!!

Just one streak of brightness
in a world of black and blue
I'd just be doing what a Cassian's gotta do
wouldn't you?
Throwing panties like a Cassian's gotta do!
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 5:54 AM edit delete reply
That took literally two minutes to rewrite from the time I recalled the tune, it shows and I'll try to do better with others :)

I still see Malati as the most 'human' of the Cassians, she had a job to do and did it, the scene we saw her in was one of her taking care of people who'd needlessly hurt innocents and try to prevent others from doing the same while taking a certain pride in that, not some sadistic killer acting purely on douchebag's orders. Her scenes with Dari go a long way toward showing what she really feels about people who are 'recreational assholes' i.e.: who hurt people just for amusement.

She also liked to have fun and apparently has the 'optional package' most other Cassians don't...and uses it, the gladiators must miss her too ;)

At the end she did what she thought needed to be done to save others and I think we could respect her for that.

All in all, a marvelous piece of character creation that takes a little time for all her depth to sink in on so many levels and I thank everyone involved in coming up with her. To be honest, and to risk the inevitable pitchforks and torches, I'd rather see her back in action than CeCi, but her job is done, sadly.
DLKmusic 16th Jun 2019, 8:10 AM edit delete reply

I really liked Malati too! One of My favorite scenes with her was when she was guarding Acantha's door with Democles... and Trolling Democles in the process...

It's not confirmed and maybe not cannon, but I always imagined that Democles got his promotion because Malati recommended him for job after that evening. (Although she would never admit it to him! what's the "fun" in that?)
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 8:13 AM edit delete reply
oh, I don't think there's any doubt she had a hand in it. She knew how to take care of her tools and it was apparent that she did like him ;)
megados 16th Jun 2019, 9:18 AM edit delete reply

One of my favorite Malati moments is here. She tries to emulate Noctis' (ala Hrist) ability to work past the inhibitor (sadly ineffectively). It shows her determination to try to do right. It makes me sad though in what it leads up to. :(
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 8:19 AM edit delete reply
I must really learn to let these sit for a day or so and then go back and see what I messed up before putting them on the board.

The third last line of the second last verse should read "WE'D pirouette..." setting up the "streak of brightness..." in the next verse to refer to Noctis in the moonlight..which is what I saw but didn't say ;)
DLKmusic 16th Jun 2019, 9:09 AM edit delete reply

songwriter tip...

"It was intentional, it's poetic imagery and it is supposed to make you think!"

that may sound like bs, but some of the most memorable lines in lyrics were because the writer couldn't quite get the imagery he had in mind on paper... A good example would be from "Hey Jude" ..."All you need is on your shoulder."

McCartney was actually trying to give the image of an imaginary bluebird that gave hope, it was John Lennon that convinced him to keep that line!
Oldarmourer 16th Jun 2019, 9:11 AM edit delete reply
nah, just sloppiness on my part, I had it changed and posted the wrong draft, I already had it copied to paste before I changed it and didn't re-copy it.

I can't take credit for this, I just change the words someone else went to the trouble to come up with.
Dave 17th Jun 2019, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
Stay tune same bat time same bat chanel
Oldarmourer 18th Jun 2019, 2:59 PM edit delete reply
Last one for this page, I promise...

unless tomorrow's up date is late, I can't be held to that ;)

A lot of people may not know this one, they're a local band with some fine tunes that probably didn't get much if any US airtime (we keep the best things for ourselves :P )

So please listen to the tune as you cringe at these 'lyrics', I should really take another pass at them but I don't know if I can do them any more injustice....

This version has arguably better sound quality

but this version shows that we do NOT screw around when it comes to partying in Nova Roma ;)

my heartfelt apologies to the authors and to the readers. TeeDee says "suck it up you fuckin' pussies" :)

Pinned-down in the palace
Death to the left and right
Front wall blows open
In stomps a short blonde sprite

TeeDee! Where ya been?
TeeDee! Lookin' mean

It's good to see you
It's been too long a time
I heard that you were offline but you're here lookin' fine
Well if you're a foul mouthed angel you still look good to me
Let us toast some asses and make some Blueshirts memories

TeeDee! Where ya been?
TeeDee! Eyes of Green
TeeDee! Fuck 'em all
TeeDee! And feed 'em beans

That's a great big gun there
But it suits you just fine
So open up and let fly, show these guys a time
Well even as a mini-droid you still make casualties
Let that PPC roar, spread some ashes on the breeze

TeeDee! Where ya been?
TeeDee! Short and mean
TeeDee! Fire that beam
TeeDee! Make 'em scream !!
Oldarmourer 18th Jun 2019, 3:05 PM edit delete reply
Look at the drum solo as weapons fire and maybe a few nanowire grenades thrown inthat I just noticed I could have worked into the lyrics and forgot...I really have to make an account so I can edit these two minutes after I post them
mjkj 19th Jun 2019, 1:02 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, an account is easy, nice and free - you even can get an avatar =)

...independend from that: if you enclose your links with [url] and [/url] they get clickable
Oldarmourer 19th Jun 2019, 6:05 AM edit delete reply
I should do that, I've just gotten into the habit of highlighting them and right-clicking in firefox to open them, fewer keystrokes for the lazy :)
mjkj 20th Jun 2019, 12:32 AM edit delete reply

well, and easier on a phone...
megados 18th Jun 2019, 9:13 PM edit delete reply

@Tokyo Rose, no worries; take care of yourself. :)
mjkj 19th Jun 2019, 1:00 AM edit delete reply


...get well soon, Rose - and worry about updating afterwards!
Oldarmourer 19th Jun 2019, 5:43 AM edit delete reply
Yes, personal health comes first, that and I think I had a touch of what you've got earlier this week, best to maybe just move a matress and laptop into the bathroom and stay there.

At least it's not something horrendously life threatening, even if it feels like it is, I hope.

We all wish TR well, just be aware that the longer she takes to recover the more likely I'm going to drop another one of these mangled tunes on you poor people ;)
Oldarmourer 19th Jun 2019, 3:14 PM edit delete reply
But...Tokyo Rose undergoing the purge does bring up a sort of semi-serious (as much as I get) question....

Lynn caught a cold in Nova Roma, which is kept clean by slave labour and probably kept very clean so as not to bring the ire of the overseers onto the heads of the cleaning staff.

Dolly, on theother hand was eating and drinking in a waster town, arguably the alcohol might have killed a few bugs but it probably fed a few mutant strains with drinking problems too, not only that she put her bare hands on a gutter and didn't wash before said eating and drinking and she almost hada snack of a different kind before she passed out, soooo...

Is her absence from the past lot of strips expalined by her sitting in her new apartment, on her now toilet, only moving enough to lean over and puke in the sink ?

Enquiring minds want to know.....

Sorry if that spoils an upcoming cutscene ;)
Oldarmourer 19th Jun 2019, 3:18 PM edit delete reply
The reason I ask is that she's supposed to be the closest thing to human that can be created and I'm wondering, just how close is she ? closer than she would want to be in the throes of a full body purge ? :)
megados 19th Jun 2019, 3:58 PM edit delete reply

The impression I get, is that Tokyo Rose doesn't get sick often, but is unfortunately made to pay for it in severity when she does. :(

AFAIK, Dolly is enough different from human that the "bugs" don't generally cross over. Besides, she had expressed a certain amount of dissatisfaction with some aspects of 'being more human' as it is, but there were also some things she liked. I don't think she's 100% decided.
Oldarmourer 19th Jun 2019, 4:24 PM edit delete reply
That's the problem with having a strong immune system, whatever does make it through has to be nasty by default.

I remember Calliope asking if Lynn was up to date on her VD shots before setting out for New Sparta, just wondering if Dolly should have gotten some too ;)

I can almost close my eyes and see a scene where Dolly and CeCi were discussing immune boosters but I'm not looking for it today, I could just be having an 'old timers' moment too...I think those last couple of tune manglings broke something...
megados 19th Jun 2019, 5:58 PM edit delete reply

I don't have a definitive answer. I remember a discussion about radiation being bad for the biologicals, and about needing sleep and some nourishment, but I don't remember anything about disease in connection with Dolly. I've been known to forget stuff now and then. ;)
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