Comic 1735 - Stick Figure Filler!

23rd Feb 2022, 12:00 AM
Stick Figure Filler!
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Tokyo Rose 23rd Feb 2022, 12:00 AM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
Good thing Cent is only insulin-resistant, and still has short-acting insulin and other medications to help regulate her blood sugar some, and is managing her diet. Usually her doctor's office is REALLY good about getting corrected prescriptions to the pharmacy; she spent some time on the phone getting it straightened out, and hopefully there won't be any similar issues going forward.
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Ryu Santos 23rd Feb 2022, 12:12 AM edit delete reply

I hope Cent's insulin comes through.
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 3:59 PM edit delete reply

it did :D
HiFranc 24th Feb 2022, 9:26 AM edit delete reply

Glad that you got your prescription sorted out.
mjkj 23rd Feb 2022, 12:59 AM edit delete reply

Sad to hear it got f... messed up...

hope you are still fine, Cent *hugs*
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 4:02 PM edit delete reply

yeah more or less.
huehueteot 23rd Feb 2022, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
We are constantly having to call the Dr. to ask for scripts with minimally different wording. I would be willing to bet that we fans would put up with a lot more stuff as long you two and your families (9ignificent others, etc.) are OK. As long as you are alive and kicking we know that we will see more of the story. Nothing else really matters.
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 4:03 PM edit delete reply

i am.. alive. :D
Miyto 23rd Feb 2022, 1:39 AM edit delete reply
some billionaire is doing an actually affordable online pharmacy as a pre-election charity. It might not last forever, but actually affordable insulin is amongst their wares
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 4:00 PM edit delete reply

walmart has the best prices around here .. but some of these meds are insane. i have a couple besides insulin that are 500.00 plus for a 30 day supply
Ictuan 23rd Feb 2022, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
There are 57 of us who are DC Patrons, if we all raised our contributions by at least $5/month (I already did), it would put a decent dent in that $500/month prescription.

It just seems so wrong that critical meds are so expensive. There are some things where we as a society should do a better job of sharing the costs. Life sustaining meds like Cent needs to take would seem to be one of those things. Whether one can get the meds that help them stay alive shouldn't be based on one's ability to pay.

I don't post often, but I read most of the discussions and really appreciate Cent's and Rose's talents as artists and storytellers. Cent and Rose has given us such a beautiful gift by sharing their talents. Being a Patron feels like such a small way to say thank you for sharing something that brings so much enjoyment.
Talonca 27th Feb 2022, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
I have one that i take that's 1800 Canadian per shot. Good thing its only once a month. and Canada has decent healthcare. Also love the comics been following for a long time but this is my first time commenting. Keep up the great art and story!
Andrew Armstrong 23rd Feb 2022, 3:10 AM edit delete reply
I hope you are much better now Cent. Having the blood sugar out of limits can cause long term harm, so I hope this *never* happens again. To me it seems scary that you can be denied insulin because the insurance doesn't allow it in time.

I'm now at risk of type 2 diabetes as a side effect of hormone therapy for prostate cancer, so I try to reduce carbs and eat less. I lack the will power do as well as I would prefer. The cancer treatment, though, was carried out by the National Health Service, using radiotherapy machines that reminded me of Startrek med bay, not dependent on my personal wealth or the policies of an insurance company.
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 4:01 PM edit delete reply

my diabetes is from the cardiac meds i have to take.. go figure
megados 23rd Feb 2022, 5:57 AM edit delete reply

Starting with: I'm very glad it's getting straightened out. No one should have to wait for needed stuff .

At times like this, I'm very glad each of you has the other to rely on. You both help each other out. Friendships like that are priceless. Also at times like this, I'm very glad and content to have "Stick figure filler". I'm happy to wait for Cent to get stable and evened out.

Take care, Cent and Rose! You guys rock!
mjkj 23rd Feb 2022, 2:32 PM edit delete reply

Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 4:01 PM edit delete reply

Rose and Mister Black are two of the most awesome people i know of.
Oldarmourer 23rd Feb 2022, 6:21 AM edit delete reply
It seems like it's always something this year..I spend most of the day waiting to see what new hell is going to be visited on us and I'm rarely disappointed.
Running out of anything is never good, especially diabetic supplies.
Here in the land of socialized medicine, you're only allowed to order a certain amount at a time and that was cut back during the 'scamdemic' and I ran out a couple of times.
When healthcare is rationed, that's when you find out what rationing means.
megados 23rd Feb 2022, 9:28 AM edit delete reply

Scamdemic? The friends and families of over 900,000 in the US alone will be thrilled to learn their loved ones aren't really dead! >_<

Additionally, the limitations on medication quantities is NOT confined to socialized medicine. Insurance companies do exactly the same thing.
One-eyed Mike 23rd Feb 2022, 11:36 AM edit delete reply
This discussion is about Cent's illness, and we don't want to be diverted. But I lost three good friends to Covid-19. Casual use of the term "scamdemic" makes me really sad for the person who uses it.
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 3:58 PM edit delete reply

having had covid, i would rather not see the word scamdemic again please.
Tokyo Rose 25th Feb 2022, 7:06 PM edit delete reply

I had it as well. I make a distinction between the actual danger posed by this infectious disease, and the tool it's been turned into just to further blatant, aggressive power-grabs, authoritarian overreach, and political destabilization. It makes me VERY ANGRY that sources I formerly trusted to give me honest information have joined in the political theater.

That said, it sounds like the damn prescription STILL hasn't been corrected, but at least Cent has some time to get that hammered out before her supply runs out again.
Romfire 27th Feb 2022, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Well said Tokyo Rose.

I had Omicron about a month ago. (5 day on Aleve, lost sense of smell.)
I got most of my information from England. Dr. Cambell.
None of the local news was even close to accurate or unbiased.

I hope things go well for you Centcom, My Grandmother died from un-diagnosed diabetes. They figured it out after she went into a coma.

Wishing you all the best, and I thank you for all you do bringing these stories to life.
Tooniator 23rd Feb 2022, 9:11 AM edit delete reply
I once needed a work form filled out so I could get partial and sporadic time off, and could find no doctor who could fill it out correctly. I guess medical school explodes that part of the brain that fills out forms correctly?
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 4:02 PM edit delete reply

i have nothing to say.. :(
sigpig 23rd Feb 2022, 10:23 AM edit delete reply

Ladies, may I offer a suggestion?


I am sure there will be at least one (cough, cough) reader who would be able to forward you some money for an emergency supply of medication. Insulin, nitro, you know - the stuff that keeps you alive.
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 3:57 PM edit delete reply

dude.. the stuff is like 100 bucks a pen..
Dave 23rd Feb 2022, 6:03 PM edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure he understands it isn't cheap.
Andrew Armstrong 25th Feb 2022, 11:56 AM edit delete reply
Tell us if you need that and I will add a contribution. The words "price" and "gouging" spring to mind.
Andrew Armstrong 25th Feb 2022, 11:58 AM edit delete reply
Actually I left a modest donation via paypal anyway.
sigpig 24th Feb 2022, 8:28 AM edit delete reply

That's $50 each if two people contribute. $33.33 each for three people. $25 each for four people. You can see where I'm going with this...

I asked that you post an update if this happens, because I don't regularly re-read pages, so I might miss an Author's Note or something like that. I get a notification on my CF "dashboard" page when there's an update, and that's when I read a comic (unless I'm binging).
Tokyo Rose 25th Feb 2022, 7:08 PM edit delete reply

Thank you very, VERY much for this suggestion. If it does occur again--which it hopefully won't--we will let y'all know.
sigpig 26th Feb 2022, 10:01 AM edit delete reply

I have been on the wrong end of prescription SNAFUs (when I was on opiates for pain, try getting a refill or "bridge dose" without a valid Rx - the withdrawal was...not exactly fun). You guys have posted notes asking for help for Terri before. This goes for YOU too, Krissy - AND Mr. Black.

(I use your given names for emphasis - it's a thing I got used to in the military. 90% of the time - especially in professional settings - we go by last names (usernames on CF); but when we want to make a point, or discuss something more serious, or we're in an "office" (workplace) setting, we use given names. I extend this mindset to here, as it's a habit I find difficult to break.)
Naldru 27th Feb 2022, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
The scary thing about prescription SNAFU's is that the first two letters stand for "situation normal". It's FUBAR that we really hope to avoid. (Of course, they then came up with Charlie Foxtrot for when FUBAR isn't enough.) Let's hope for better than normal in the future.
sigpig 28th Feb 2022, 10:18 AM edit delete reply

The last two rungs on that ladder are TARFU (Things Are Really Fucked Up) and, finally, BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again).
Naldru 28th Feb 2022, 1:09 PM edit delete reply
I thought TARFU was Navy and BOHICA was just a related term instead of being in the same sequence. Charlie Foxtrot's relation to FUBAR was indicated by the meaning of Cluster FUBAR (as in cluster munition). By the way, have you ever seen the Private Snafu and Seamen Tarfu training/morale building films from World War II. You can find them on YouTube. They were designed to keep the attention of the men in the military (some might consider them slightly NSFW today), if you know what I mean.
sigpig 28th Feb 2022, 8:28 PM edit delete reply

I always used "Charlie Foxtrot" for "Cluster Fuck".
Comic 2nd Mar 2022, 4:07 AM edit delete reply
“King Conan.”
Gilrandir 23rd Feb 2022, 10:52 AM edit delete reply
< … searches for deep, insightful commentary that will awe and impress the readers, leave the creatrices with a warm, happy feeling of appreciation, and defuse any lingering tensions inspired by diverse opinions … >

“Why does Terri have three legs in the last panel?”

< … Nope. That wasn’t it. …>. ^_^
Mac 23rd Feb 2022, 10:55 AM edit delete reply
Three legs is better for balance ... especially important while one melts
Gilrandir 23rd Feb 2022, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
Ah! That explains it. Thank you. ^_^
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 3:57 PM edit delete reply

thats my torso sliding off into the viod.
Tokyo Rose 25th Feb 2022, 7:08 PM edit delete reply

Yep, it was Terri's torso :D
KarToon12 23rd Feb 2022, 12:24 PM edit delete reply

I hope you're able to get everything straightened out! <3
Centcomm 23rd Feb 2022, 3:58 PM edit delete reply

yes i have all my meds. finally.
Rocket Fueled 26th Feb 2022, 12:17 PM edit delete reply

I'm so glad your prescriptions are sorted. I am diabetic (type 1, I have an insulin pump) and I asked my doctor to prescribe more units/day than I actually use. This has allowed me to build up a little bit of a buffer for when things like your recent snafu happens. As far as costs go, they're INSANE. When I took my current job, I naturally signed up for my employer's insurance because I was on Medicaid while unemployed. I found out from their "insurance" when I tried to get my insulin refilled and my pump supplies "oh, we don't reimburse diabetic supplies." I had to pay for my own stuff 100% for a year ($1200/mo for insulin alone). I almost quit my job after about three months of that. I told them "I can't afford to work for you", but fortunately by then, they liked my work and offered a pay bump to cover my expenses.

Sorry for the long post. TL;DR - I've been where you were, and feel for ya Centcomm!
Lost Dutchman 23rd Feb 2022, 6:01 PM edit delete reply
So glad you are doing better. Hang in there and don't worry about the strip until you are ready. Group Hug!!!
Rashala 24th Feb 2022, 11:29 PM edit delete reply

Okay... l.that had to be a real pain to clean up I mean liquid sugar and chocolate are the worst things to try and get out of carpeting.
Eli... 27th Feb 2022, 1:53 AM edit delete reply
I'm very hesitant to post this, as its already been said that Cent manages her diet... I've had Type II Diabetes for over 10 years,
and also have COPD.

Here in the U.K. meds cost pocket change by comparison, but it's still a hassle when scripts get messed up.

2 years ago I discovered the Keto diet and Intermittant Fasting. I'm now down 70 pounds on my original weight, off all meds, although I do keep an 'Emergency Pack' in the kitchen cupboard, and I'm a damn sight more likely to see 70 than I was (I'm 63).,,

I'm not offering this info as a panacea, simply pointing out that it has been of help to me. I happen to work in the NHS (not as medical staff) and know of at least 4 other people in my NHS Trust who've benefited from Keto and I.F.


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