Comic 284 - Epic Chewing

18th Jul 2007, 10:52 AM
Epic Chewing
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CyberSkull 30th Jun 2013, 6:28 PM edit delete reply

I have to say, I really hate fax machines.
Centcomm 30th Jun 2013, 6:33 PM edit delete reply

me too :D
Stormwind13 19th Oct 2013, 8:34 PM edit delete reply

I should have said it before, but Rose... GREAT job on the dialogue here. I mean, it had me laughing which after the situation on the preceding pages is HARD to do.
Tokyo Rose 19th Oct 2013, 10:19 PM edit delete reply

I can't take full credit. Mister Black wrote the majority of the rant; it's presented here in almost its original form ;D
Stormwind13 20th Oct 2013, 5:27 AM edit delete reply

Ah? Well then tell Mr. Black, Great Job. :-)
Centcomm 19th Oct 2013, 10:56 PM edit delete reply

thats totally true :D it was awesome :D
Style 21st Feb 2014, 11:32 AM edit delete reply
I had been really enjoying data chasers, up until "Horror Show". Don't get me wrong, that part of the story was pretty powerful and the art was spectacular, but it was a little too powerful, if you know what I mean. Rape, torture, mutilation: these are not things I want to see.

With that in mind, can anyone give me a feel for what to expect going forward? Is "Horror Show" typical fair for DC? I'd like to keep reading, but I don't think I will without assurances that I've seen the worst, and nothing else going forward will be that horrific.

Thanks in advance!
Centcomm 21st Feb 2014, 11:38 AM edit delete reply

no ... the mockingbird story was THE worst as far as DC goes.. mind you there are some bad injurys but no more horror - this story doesnt pull any punches but we do our best to handle the subject matter with taste and decoram and not make light of anything or use it for "cheap thrills" Im really glad your enjoying it please let me know if you have any other concerns :D

Also the "mockingbird" story has far reaching effects as well ..

There is one other situation that deals with "near" rape but it has a epic awesome ending ..
Style 21st Feb 2014, 7:29 PM edit delete reply
OK, thanks Cent. I'll keep going. Very good stuff overall, I just didn't have the stomach for the last few pages.

Luna Star is awesome too.
Centcomm 20th May 2014, 11:49 AM edit delete reply

Thank you - I understand about some of it being brutal - we do try to minimize that sometimes :D
Thomas 17th Apr 2014, 1:48 PM edit delete reply
Wow, that android has epic chewing out skills. Just really impressive. I also agree with Styles assessment of this arc. Though i have different emotional feelings about my reaction to it. Mostly that it is AWESOME. I almost teared up when Kaylee's story was revealed.
Centcomm 17th Apr 2014, 2:31 PM edit delete reply

Yeah thats one of the horrible/ good things about that arc.. it showed the very depths of human depravity .. good thing this is mostly about the awesome people in the world .. except prince Douchebag..
Imateria 5th May 2014, 10:19 AM edit delete reply
Reading through Datachasers for the first time and I just had to comment on this arc. The way it's been handled has been all round stunning, some of the most powerful story telling I've ever come across.
Centcomm 5th May 2014, 11:14 AM edit delete reply

Thank you - looking back on the art i really hope sometime to get this redone. but the story ... wow Rose really outdid herself on this whole arc. im really glad you enjoyed it.
GntlTch 8th Nov 2015, 9:50 PM edit delete reply
I have to concur. I am not a horror story or gruesome scene fan but the overall story telling was so awesome that it belies words. Unfortunately, the depicted depth of depravity and psychosis is not unknown in real life. I'm just glad I don't have to see that.

BTW, who is Mr Black?
Lopriest 20th May 2014, 2:05 AM edit delete reply

Great panel here. Rachel's expression is perfect.
Centcomm 20th May 2014, 11:50 AM edit delete reply

Thank you so much- much of her rant was dreamed up by Mister black
Oldarmourer 13th Jun 2019, 5:38 AM edit delete reply
very, VERY similar to some debriefs I've attended...cleaned up a little, but similar ;)

NTPD basic rules of engagement should be:

We don't pay for criminals, they pop up every day
We DID pay for your training, fucking well USE it !!
Scan, assess situation, acquire information, detect threats, eliminate threats, rescan.

SAADER or you'll be the sadder for it.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to set up, train and equip an Officer ?
xpacetrue 25th Dec 2014, 2:57 AM edit delete reply

"small caliber sidearm"

Heh! Nice chewing out!
antrik 18th Apr 2017, 10:50 PM edit delete reply
"Whip out your pecker"... Epic indeed :-)
SkorpionFan 3rd Sep 2020, 8:43 AM edit delete reply
His ass-chewing could be summarized in this quote:
"When You Have To Shoot, Shoot. Don't Talk."
Tuco in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 1966
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