Comic 387 - Enter.. Dolly 2.0

2nd Jan 2008, 9:38 PM
Enter.. Dolly 2.0
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KarToon12 8th Aug 2012, 3:34 PM edit delete reply

Oooh...I'm REALLY liking the new Dolly. :)
Centcomm 8th Aug 2012, 9:31 PM edit delete reply

Thank you ! She came out really well - and she gets better later on !
antrik 23rd Apr 2017, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
Actually, I think she looks prettier here than on the newer pages... Though admittedly less like a grown-up human.

Personally, I like the face of post-reboot "old" Dolly best. It clearly looks somewhat artificial, but nevertheless very sweet -- and fits really well with her character IMHO. (OTOH, she seems to have gotten more grumpy after the body swap -- so perhaps the new look actually suits her new personality better...)
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