Comic 628 - M-Code 4

29th Aug 2012, 9:00 PM
M-Code 4
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cattservant 29th Aug 2012, 9:17 PM edit delete reply

Sometimes you need an authority figure to stiffen up your position!

Actually if the legal system were being honest with it's motivations, they would have commended her for purifying the gene pool!
Centcomm 29th Aug 2012, 9:30 PM edit delete reply

What shocks the folks in the NT legal is the sheer brutality of the killing...
cattservant 29th Aug 2012, 11:15 PM edit delete reply

Yes, that methodical and efficient* android mind set is always going to be a point of contention for Humans.

*(A tally made and a price extracted.)
Stormwind13 8th Oct 2013, 5:03 PM edit delete reply

But not the brutality that was done TO Kelly... and to her charge Leanna. Nevermind what he was in the process of doing to Minx. That... 'creature' deserved what Kelly did to him and WORSE. :-p
Centcomm 8th Oct 2013, 6:51 PM edit delete reply

I totally agree with you Storm :D
Oldarmourer 14th Jun 2019, 8:38 AM edit delete reply
and her case needs to be heard to determine where the Law applies in this case, she might well end up pushing android rights forward by many years...
Jack Munroe 29th Aug 2012, 9:26 PM edit delete reply
Solid Snake said it best while discussing the death of Big Boss with Otacon(after he had just finished delivering a stirring anti-war speech) in the classic Sony PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid: "Some folks just need killing"
Centcomm 29th Aug 2012, 9:31 PM edit delete reply

Hehe it was also used in Sling Blade (1996)
Fairportfan 30th Aug 2012, 2:37 AM edit delete reply

"Peace through superior firepower. Ain't nothin' more peaceful than a dead troublemaker."
Centcomm 30th Aug 2012, 9:16 AM edit delete reply

how very true !
Marcus Ramesy 30th Aug 2012, 10:14 AM edit delete reply

you will not hear any arguments from me on this philosophy
Stormwind13 8th Oct 2013, 5:17 PM edit delete reply

My thoughts are more along the lines of, “Violence is never the answer but sometimes, like with cockroaches, it is the only possible response.” (Tanya Huff). That guy was DEFINITELY a cockroach.
Rashala 29th Aug 2012, 11:56 PM edit delete reply

I am LIKEING this Mil-sec grunt now ALOT.
Centcomm 30th Aug 2012, 9:17 AM edit delete reply

heh hes not a bad guy :D
Marcus Ramesy 30th Aug 2012, 10:27 AM edit delete reply

I only dress bad....
KarToon12 30th Aug 2012, 7:05 AM edit delete reply

I really want that red outfit of hers. :D

And truer words couldn't be said.
Centcomm 30th Aug 2012, 9:17 AM edit delete reply

Its a really nice outfit ! :D
CyberSkull 30th Aug 2012, 1:03 PM edit delete reply

Convenient excuse for a new model!
Steven-Vincent 5th Jul 2015, 5:45 AM edit delete reply

'My old body is being held as evidence.' That really makes it sound very cold and cruel.... just like the real legal system can often be.
Centcomm 5th Jul 2015, 9:23 AM edit delete reply

yep it took some legal finaglaing to allow silver to load her into a new body.
antrik 6th Oct 2016, 9:33 PM edit delete reply
He actually impressed Dr. Bitchy. Quite the deed...
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