Comic 720 - Controlled anger...

17th Dec 2012, 9:00 PM
Controlled anger...
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Centcomm 17th Dec 2012, 9:00 PM edit delete
the fight "slices" are "excerpts" from going back and forth. these are the highlights..didnt want to drag the fight out for 3 pages...
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ranger_brianna_new 17th Dec 2012, 9:28 PM edit delete reply

So basically a seriously messed up training montage. :P
Centcomm 17th Dec 2012, 9:35 PM edit delete reply

yep, and yes this has a point :D
plymayer 17th Dec 2012, 9:34 PM edit delete reply

He's getting more than just training.
Centcomm 17th Dec 2012, 9:35 PM edit delete reply

yes he is :D its a lesson in pain.
Speedy Marsh 1st Nov 2016, 7:31 PM edit delete reply
I'm watching Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix, right now, and I could swear they stole this fight scene! I just hope Max is bulletproof too.
Rashala 17th Dec 2012, 9:53 PM edit delete reply

*Cheers with every hit Upping the odd AGAINST DEci WALKING out of this and Sellign Pay-per-view- rights to Centcomm's entertainment system *
Draginbeard 17th Dec 2012, 10:44 PM edit delete reply

Really good flow here, nice work!

Max needs to kick him more though, after all those were the instructions on that little bit of paper work Kali finished working on.

I'm sure that it is all official and that she even used royal stationary to endorse it. I'm even more sure Kali did not forget that she was supposed to tape an official 'Kick Me' sign to Prince I-was-dropped-on-my-head-as-a-child-many-many-times-and-now-it-rattles-when-I-walk's back.
Rashala 17th Dec 2012, 11:54 PM edit delete reply

When Max is done with him Picking up a pen MIGHT be the most mobility he has
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:09 AM edit delete reply

thank you - Im really glad this came out - it took several re-shoots to get what I wanted. and if max had kicked him I think it might have killed him.
Rashala 18th Dec 2012, 6:33 PM edit delete reply

I bet deci just LOOOOOOVED those reshoots...BEt he hates not having a stunt man now!
cattservant 17th Dec 2012, 11:00 PM edit delete reply

Maxus has the power of anti-gravity!
Guest 18th Dec 2012, 2:02 AM edit delete reply
not antigravity.... just realy realy strong.... worth watching him work..
cattservant 18th Dec 2012, 2:51 AM edit delete reply

The ability to radically alter his opponent's vector.
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:07 AM edit delete reply

^_^ glad you liked it !
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:07 AM edit delete reply

yup - hes lucky Max held back.
Death2Bravo 18th Dec 2012, 2:07 AM edit delete reply

It does work as a straight-forward cascade of moves proving that the poor guy never had a chance. And in fiction everybody can fly in hand-to-hand combat. It is the sense of depicting action at the most extreme limits of movement. There's some guy around here who manages to do it with posed dolls no less.
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:05 AM edit delete reply

I was wondering if the first panels were too chatoic - I guess it worked ^_^

hehe - actually if it wasnt for the armor Deck is wearing that last punch would have snapped his spine like a twig max is very very strong , actually hes strong enough to press engine blocks like you pick up gallon milk containers, the last hit probaby cracked ribs and sent him flying.
cattservant 18th Dec 2012, 4:16 AM edit delete reply

Good very early morning to you!*
Unfortunately it wouldn't be very politic
to kill him outright, so Maxus will have to sum up the lesson soon.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, they can get Dr.Willis to treat his medical complaints.

*(Or very late night...)
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:30 AM edit delete reply

danke ! no killing him outright is out of the question. im wondeirng if anyone realized just how percise max is being with his strikes. side and back of head , face right side high cheek.. where have we seen that before
cattservant 18th Dec 2012, 4:37 AM edit delete reply

'Pay Back' is perhaps a very hot dry pleasureless location run by humorless management who strongly believe retribution?
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:44 AM edit delete reply

its a nighbor of "revenge" with a diffrent location :D
cattservant 18th Dec 2012, 4:49 AM edit delete reply

This couldn't be "revenge",
Maxus isn't serving it Cold...
CyberSkull 18th Dec 2012, 1:58 PM edit delete reply

Sometimes revenge isn't a dish, but a fist sandwich.
cattservant 18th Dec 2012, 2:37 PM edit delete reply

Knuckle food!
LooeyQ 18th Dec 2012, 5:41 AM edit delete reply

I imagine that last panel going innslow motion, until he hits the door, once he hits the door it speeds up in fast motion for the big crash! :D
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 6:25 AM edit delete reply

hehe - thats a really awesome image :D
Hornet 18th Dec 2012, 8:53 AM edit delete reply
Next week on Jerry Springer:
"Quadriplegics and the people that love them."
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 10:10 AM edit delete reply

CyberSkull 18th Dec 2012, 12:33 PM edit delete reply

What will give first? The calcium-carbon human skeleton system or the reinforced ceramic-steel blast door?
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 3:39 PM edit delete reply

um if I were to hazard a guess. the skeleton!
KarToon12 18th Dec 2012, 1:22 PM edit delete reply

Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 3:40 PM edit delete reply

ka - BOOM baby! hehe
Kuratenshi 18th Dec 2012, 1:55 PM edit delete reply

Iam ALL for draging out this beating for 3 pages. Or 30 for that matter!
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 3:40 PM edit delete reply

oh I think you will like the ending :D
Dragonrider 18th Dec 2012, 4:38 PM edit delete reply

Too bad that wasn't an upper cut in panel 5 with the precise aim Maxius is using Princey Poo-Poo would be singing Soprano and loose all interest in bedding even the most cooperative hooker.
Centcomm 18th Dec 2012, 4:46 PM edit delete reply

hehe - wouldnt that be a hoot :D
Sleel 18th Dec 2012, 7:57 PM edit delete reply

And what we have here, is a good dose of the definition of schadenfreude. Let's savour this a moment or three, mayhap wallow a little. >:} (in the comments, I mean, tho I've no doubt ol' Max is sampling the Schadenfreude Wine too.)

More pweeese *puppy eyes* @.@
WitUnderPressure 19th Aug 2015, 9:38 PM edit delete reply

All right, Maxus. Glad I had a chance to teach you a lesson. I think you learned it quite well, so I don't think we'll need to be doing this again anytime soon.
GhostRider 13th Nov 2015, 8:28 AM edit delete reply
"Are you not entertained?"
Zimriel 27th Feb 2016, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
Someone just took delivery of a full crate of top-shelf whoop ass.
Centcomm 27th Feb 2016, 11:55 PM edit delete reply

Yep .. he sure did!
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