Comic 728 - The unquiet dead..

26th Dec 2012, 9:00 PM
The unquiet dead..
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cattservant 26th Dec 2012, 9:04 PM edit delete reply

Not quite...

This explains the flash light.

(Full Moon tomorrow 1717)
Centcomm 26th Dec 2012, 10:35 PM edit delete reply

the flash light does have a purpose !
lalverson 26th Dec 2012, 9:12 PM edit delete reply
it's ah, maintenance..yeah, that's it.
Centcomm 26th Dec 2012, 10:35 PM edit delete reply

yeppers , lots of it!
Draginbeard 26th Dec 2012, 10:29 PM edit delete reply

wow, this is just a phenomenally well done page!!
Centcomm 26th Dec 2012, 10:35 PM edit delete reply

thank you very much - its kinda hard to get the sense of scale of the tower in the background. trust me its huge.
Death2Bravo 26th Dec 2012, 11:50 PM edit delete reply

When you "thought" you're wrong. It was just "mostly" dead which as Miracle Max says is a little bit alive.
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:04 AM edit delete reply

hehe yup wait till you see tomorrows update!
LooeyQ 27th Dec 2012, 6:41 AM edit delete reply

Well then you thought WRONG! Dun! dun! dun!

I know the dude before me said it already, but I totally thought of it before I saw his comment, lol!
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:42 PM edit delete reply

Thats alright - everyone gets to have a word or three :D
cattservant 27th Dec 2012, 7:34 AM edit delete reply

A double fuzzy, bathrobe morning
If you get up morning!!!
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:42 PM edit delete reply

yep verrrry chilly this morning !
mushroomisland 27th Dec 2012, 7:39 AM edit delete reply

The sky is beautiful o_o and the angles are great. And lol, what environmental regulations :P
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:43 PM edit delete reply

thank you ! the sky was a pain to get right. and get the lighting to look right with it! glad it came out so well!
wright1 27th Dec 2012, 8:25 AM edit delete reply
Love the aerial perspective in frame 2.
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:44 PM edit delete reply

glad that came out well :D
that was a pain to motion match - its really hard to convey speed without the useual comic tricks hopefully it came accross :D
KarToon12 27th Dec 2012, 9:33 AM edit delete reply

All of these landscape shots look amazing. :D
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:45 PM edit delete reply

took a lot of research to find the right aerial shots to match up with the craft :D
its basicly like layering a shot in the movies :D
Kuratenshi 27th Dec 2012, 11:15 AM edit delete reply

Back from holidays and caught up. Really enjoyed the past few pages. Morse code from a search light. Hope nobody gets seizures down there, ow >.<
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 12:47 PM edit delete reply

really glad you liked it :D
heh its not actually a spot light..
I was expermenting with the gravity thuster sfx / and I guess it came out too much like a spot light. the grav-panels from diffrent manufactures have diffrent visual effects , ill have to modify it I guess >_<
cattservant 27th Dec 2012, 2:05 PM edit delete reply

I agree with what @Draginbeard said yesterday.*
This whole scene starting with Comic 859 has been so surface simple and smooth yet densely packed with layer after layer of information.
The art work is almost cinematic. All you need is motion!

*(Comic 864: comment; 26th Dec 2012, 8:45 PM)
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 3:25 PM edit delete reply

we do try to please!
Rashala 27th Dec 2012, 2:51 PM edit delete reply

*is finally back!!!!.... PC got a trio of viruses on the 22nd that farked up the bios and worse....just got it back today.....Got a lot to catch up on*
cattservant 27th Dec 2012, 2:55 PM edit delete reply

Things have been progressing significantly in Nova Roma!
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 3:26 PM edit delete reply

glad your back and got your comp working ! ive missed your comments!
Dragonrider 27th Dec 2012, 6:03 PM edit delete reply

I've seen abandoned manufacturing complexes with adjacent real estate in shambled but this place makes them positively homey and welcoming. If this isn't the lair of the evil Troll King it sure as hell will do until the real place is found.
Centcomm 27th Dec 2012, 6:08 PM edit delete reply

awesome ! wait till you see the ground! :D
antrik 7th Oct 2016, 6:24 PM edit delete reply
Uh... Environmental regulations, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?...
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