Comic 751 - Little Bird and Hawk...

23rd Jan 2013, 8:55 PM
Little Bird and Hawk...
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cattservant 23rd Jan 2013, 8:59 PM edit delete reply

Zap goes the weasel...

Of course, the first thing a smart Imperator would do upon checking the location logs, would be to change the code and upgrade the surveillance levels the first moment he could get his hands on said device!
Centcomm 23rd Jan 2013, 10:26 PM edit delete reply

hopefully he forgets! :P
hoppy 24th Jan 2013, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
and this Imperator has a rebellious subordinate to punish and loopholes to close.
Rashala 23rd Jan 2013, 9:31 PM edit delete reply

I think Lynn just Missed having her arm blown off
cattservant 23rd Jan 2013, 9:36 PM edit delete reply

Certainly having her consciousness razed!
Centcomm 23rd Jan 2013, 10:26 PM edit delete reply

as stated before the cuff does not contain explosives - just a hard core stun device. >_<
Rashala 24th Jan 2013, 3:11 PM edit delete reply

hey Even a stunn device can explode
Draginbeard 23rd Jan 2013, 9:37 PM edit delete reply

Oh thats right, Lynn was LoJacked too! Hopefully A can throw a monkey wrench into the works!
Centcomm 23rd Jan 2013, 10:27 PM edit delete reply

I think you will be pleased - some one pointed this out yesterday - not realizing this was already scripted . :P you guys are really good at seeing what we are doing hopfully we arent that predictable !
CyberSkull 24th Jan 2013, 1:36 AM edit delete reply

But has the nest heard the cry of the hawk? And how drunk do you have to get a hawk to make it forget anyways? I mean, birds will eat fermented berries like crazy.

What does a hawk with a hangover look like?
Death2Bravo 24th Jan 2013, 2:00 AM edit delete reply

Watching raptors and gulls riding thermals I have a hard time trying to figure out which ones are sober.
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 11:30 AM edit delete reply

very .. drunk hawkish? i dunno but its a funny image..
Tokyo Rose 24th Jan 2013, 10:06 PM edit delete reply

Not sure, but I'm positive that they drunk-dial their ex-girlfriends at 3 in the morning.
Death2Bravo 24th Jan 2013, 2:02 AM edit delete reply

1-2-3 that's the code an idiot would use on his luggage! Who let a Spaceball code it?
cattservant 24th Jan 2013, 8:41 AM edit delete reply

Here's a possible clue!
GntlTch 5th Dec 2015, 9:38 PM edit delete reply
Old page 861 ==> New page 781
[Personal questions... (24th Dec 2012, 12:00 AM)]
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 11:28 AM edit delete reply

actually I guess that wasnt clear - the 1.2.3 isnt the code hes saying that its that easy to crack. :D
Rashala 24th Jan 2013, 3:12 PM edit delete reply

I think most folks think Deci is -that- moronicly paranoid
KarToon12 24th Jan 2013, 8:38 AM edit delete reply

I'm biting my nails right now; I REALLY hope that thing isn't about to explode or something. 0.0
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 11:29 AM edit delete reply

could be - but it wont explode. :P why does everyone think it will ? no ones told her that. :P
Kuratenshi 24th Jan 2013, 11:20 AM edit delete reply

I'm trying to figure out the odds of him popping it off to take a look at, and the putting it back on her before she can get over the shock to say anything.
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 11:29 AM edit delete reply

hahh next update and all shall be clear!
cattservant 24th Jan 2013, 2:14 PM edit delete reply

Appearances are important!
And sometimes tactical...
Dragonrider 24th Jan 2013, 4:33 PM edit delete reply

Wonder what Vinegar and Water would do if Aeneas reprogrammed the locator beacon to show it was transmitting from New Illium,as well as added a few bells and whistles, possibly an alarm that would go off when Vinegar and Water pushed the button to stun that played a little ditty for all in earshot to hear. Suggested lyrics in his own voice of course;
Douche-bag-I'm a Douche-bag,
Just a dumb slag, just a Douche-bag,
I like to brag, that I'm a douche bag,
This is a family rated comic best stop the lyrics he before they get out of hand.
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 10:17 PM edit delete reply

family rated ?? actually its rated R 18+ *eye roll* nudity remember?
cattservant 24th Jan 2013, 11:57 PM edit delete reply

What is this "nudity" you speak of?
Centcomm 25th Jan 2013, 12:20 AM edit delete reply

its there.. trust me.. ^_^
Death2Bravo 25th Jan 2013, 5:17 AM edit delete reply

The MPAA would probably give a PG-13 for the nudity. One can get away with a lot these days.
Centcomm 25th Jan 2013, 5:35 AM edit delete reply

thats true... it was R when *I* was growing up >_<
Hornet 25th Jan 2013, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
Hunger Games was rated PG-13 but a movie about HS bullying with one F-word gets the R, crazy world I tell ya.
cattservant 24th Jan 2013, 8:40 PM edit delete reply

Lynn needs a belt to keep her pants up!
She's not hipish enough to hold up the extra hardware.
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 10:18 PM edit delete reply

as Rose said in a IM .. she is a bit on the slim side...
cattservant 24th Jan 2013, 10:26 PM edit delete reply

Lynn would look quite chic in a Sam Browne belt!
Centcomm 24th Jan 2013, 10:37 PM edit delete reply

hehe I think your right! :D
mushroomisland 1st Feb 2013, 1:49 PM edit delete reply

hopefully it doesnt blow up or something...
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