Comic 782 - Random Art Sunday

2nd Mar 2013, 11:26 PM
Random Art Sunday
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Centcomm 2nd Mar 2013, 11:26 PM edit delete
enjoy .. another piece by Dianna Silver
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ranger_brianna_new 2nd Mar 2013, 11:39 PM edit delete reply

"Out of all the times to break a nail, I had to do it now?!?"
Dianna Silver 3rd Mar 2013, 2:31 AM edit delete reply

Somehow I don't think Tokyo Rose would give a crap about breaking a nail. *Chuckles*
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 3:38 PM edit delete reply

more than likely not :D
LooeyQ 3rd Mar 2013, 7:27 AM edit delete reply

Very cool! She looks asian! My compliments to the chef! ;)
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 3:39 PM edit delete reply

bows at Dianna silver :D
KarToon12 3rd Mar 2013, 7:58 AM edit delete reply

I love the pose! :D
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 3:39 PM edit delete reply

thats all her!
Dianna Silver 3rd Mar 2013, 8:52 AM edit delete reply

Oh,yes. Usually Terri drops in what I've actually called the render up in her author notes, but she didn't this time. It's called "Cerberus of the Cybergates", which alludes back to Tokyo Rose's description on the Cast Page.
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 3:39 PM edit delete reply

thats a oopsy on my part :D
Dragonrider 3rd Mar 2013, 11:12 AM edit delete reply

Congrats, that pose looks like it would look if a real live human did it. Too many 3d users put too much here or take off too much there to make the figure look idealized or over proportioned. This post looks like it came from real life.
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 3:40 PM edit delete reply

thats one thing we pride ourselves on is realistic body types and poses here :D Dianna's work is as good as mine any day of the week sometimes even better ( she has a beefyer system than me :D )
Shotgun15 3rd Mar 2013, 2:58 PM edit delete reply
Not all caught up yet - but wanted to jump ahead to comment on 14th Dec 2012.

Arrived here and can say nothing but WOW !
Re: "14th Dec 2012" I had to wonder if Maxus was modeled on James Arness . . . I have seen that look on "Marshal Dillon" as he approached like-type individuals.
I was hoping Decimus, Impirator Anusicus, was going to get everything he had coming!

That said - want to add: "Hai!" But then I repeat myself - Awesome work!
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 3:42 PM edit delete reply

Hi welcome to the fun! and Maxus is modeled on some of the old style "hard -bitten " good guys ones that disliked backhanded deals and saw things in shades of black and white sadly almost none of this is in black and white terms - and Deck well he only got a taste of what he deserved .. :P
Rashala 3rd Mar 2013, 4:05 PM edit delete reply

The Rose of Tokyo

Flower of the rising sun

Eturnally Youthful at heart forever young

Three silly drunken angels at her call

Locked in the neverending Game of Chess

Yet none can see her peices on the board.

Always moving, plotting and planning...

He hand never moving her pawns...or so it seems

Knowing and seeing more than other's would think

Her only worthy foe.......

The one who's Hair is bright pink.
Centcomm 3rd Mar 2013, 5:50 PM edit delete reply

awesome poem! :D
Tokyo Rose 3rd Mar 2013, 7:07 PM edit delete reply

Hahahahaha Pinky a worthy foe hahahahahahaha oh God my virtual ribs hahahahahaha
Rashala 3rd Mar 2013, 8:40 PM edit delete reply

QUick Centy NOW whil'e she's incapacitated
velvetsanity 18th Apr 2013, 4:47 AM edit delete reply

Very beautifully done. *steals to use as desktop wallpaper* :D
highlander55 4th Sep 2013, 5:36 PM edit delete reply

Agreed velvetsanity- it is beautifully done.
I always wonder how the hell those high boots stay up though and the skirt stays down?! Glued to the legs and ass maybe? Sheesh!!
Fred Stoll 21st Dec 2013, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
Don' think I'd wanna piss her off. But I do think I wanna try and make her smile!
Fred Stoll 21st Dec 2013, 12:31 AM edit delete reply
Best 'you done pissed off the wrong dude' look I ever saw was in one of the 1950's "Peter Gunn" series. He had it down pat!
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