Comic 881 - "Lucky strike..."

4th Aug 2013, 6:34 PM
"Lucky strike..."
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Centcomm 4th Aug 2013, 6:34 PM edit delete
Sorry for the late update - things have been kinda crazy - also moving back to Pheonix AZ-
trying to raise the money for all those costs.
FUN FUN - but its also been very stressful! so ive been lax on answering comments. and Roses computer decided to be a bad child so she was dealing with that! what a week!
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highlander55 4th Aug 2013, 6:42 PM edit delete reply

Something else for Teedee to bitch about her new body.
As for the move- Always something ain't it Centcomm?
Also in the first panel- that church in the background looks familiar.
velvetsanity 4th Aug 2013, 6:44 PM edit delete reply

Hopefully Teedee at least keeps her temper in check...
highlander55 4th Aug 2013, 6:47 PM edit delete reply

I would think she is professional enough not to make a scene and draw attention to the group. Ummm! hopefully I think!
Stormwind13 4th Aug 2013, 6:48 PM edit delete reply

I see blood splattered EVERYWHERE soon. :-O And TeeDee getting her own beer over the pile of bodies.
Centcomm 4th Aug 2013, 6:52 PM edit delete reply

LOL I can see that happening :D
Stormwind13 4th Aug 2013, 7:20 PM edit delete reply

TeeDee shoots first! :-D
Weiser 5th Aug 2013, 9:46 AM edit delete reply

And after that the sign appears: "Disqualified off mission before arriving at target. Go to jail for 3 rounds!"
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 9:51 AM edit delete reply

LOL I like that
cattservant 4th Aug 2013, 6:49 PM edit delete reply

A little pointed scrutiny was the point of this shore leave!
Zimriel 28th Feb 2016, 11:25 PM edit delete reply
For little miss pottymouth, the best we can hope for are barnyard epithets and not any insults that involve incest and/or bestiality in the offender's family line.
Centcomm 4th Aug 2013, 6:50 PM edit delete reply

hmm it shouldnt be - its a diffrent model entriely - :D
Sheela 4th Aug 2013, 11:35 PM edit delete reply

Oh my ... she didn't just "card" her ?

I wonder how much colleteral damage there can be in a bar in the future ?
cattservant 5th Aug 2013, 3:14 AM edit delete reply

cattservant 4th Aug 2013, 6:43 PM edit delete reply

Does TeeDee even have a card?

[RE: Movement;
When ya gotta go,
ya gotta go!]
dpallee 4th Aug 2013, 6:45 PM edit delete reply

Hard to trust a man in a black hat....
highlander55 4th Aug 2013, 6:50 PM edit delete reply

First panel, The black hat doesn't fit on his head. Looks like 2 inches too small and couldn't put it on completely. The part the head goes into is to small. Looks like a Fez with a brim that is long in the front and short in the back.
Centcomm 4th Aug 2013, 6:53 PM edit delete reply

geh - bad angle on the hat Sorry >_<
Stormwind13 4th Aug 2013, 6:51 PM edit delete reply

Trust Mr. Black to do provide whatever you pay him to get. Trust him to treat you with some respect if you play square with him. Trust him to turn your life into a living HE!! if you try to double cross him. :-D
Centcomm 4th Aug 2013, 6:53 PM edit delete reply

Oh you have NO idea how right you are...
Antonious 4th Aug 2013, 7:02 PM edit delete reply

We forgive you. Tell Rose to place a long handled sledge next to her computer and talk about playing computer golf while swinging the sledge like a golf club.
CyberSkull 4th Aug 2013, 7:21 PM edit delete reply

Why I am in fact a *gag* human female over the age of majority! How dare you!
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 9:54 AM edit delete reply

I think you will find her reaction quite entertaining..
Rashala 4th Aug 2013, 7:21 PM edit delete reply

I sense......a Rage coming
Marcus Ramesy 4th Aug 2013, 10:28 PM edit delete reply

new moving coming out.... "death of a bartender" its about this bartender that refused service to one too many people and ended up a blood smear on the wall... its going to be a direct to tri-Vid release so dont look for it in your local theaters.
Sheela 4th Aug 2013, 11:37 PM edit delete reply

Well, unless Dr. Silver has solved her Rage issues.

That said, I'm kinda sad we didn't get to see what they talked about.
cattservant 5th Aug 2013, 12:17 AM edit delete reply

It's more flexible this way!
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 7:50 AM edit delete reply

theres only so muc vitriol before it starts getting boring .. and TD is a one track mind on that..
Draginbeard 5th Aug 2013, 3:36 AM edit delete reply

Oh, its not trickery, its financial wizardry. Those who say accounting isnt exciting, never experienced the logistics and dangers of a shadow depository.
CyberSkull 5th Aug 2013, 3:55 AM edit delete reply

You know, a shadow depository is more honest than an actual legal bank.
Draginbeard 5th Aug 2013, 4:44 AM edit delete reply

And a safer place to keep your valuables to boot.
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 8:10 AM edit delete reply

Mister Black knows all the ins and outs of shadowy moneys :D
highlander55 5th Aug 2013, 5:51 PM edit delete reply

Actual thought!! Who trained Mister Black? Makes you wonder about his background doesn't it?
KarToon12 5th Aug 2013, 7:02 AM edit delete reply

No beer for Tee-Dee? Looks like heads are going to be busted...^^;;;
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 7:50 AM edit delete reply

Oh she is NOT a happy camper... :D
mjkj 5th Aug 2013, 12:44 PM edit delete reply

I just missed the update by one minute :(

Hmm, what is the drinking age there?
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 12:47 PM edit delete reply

That question will be answered tonight actually - sorry about the late update but Rose had to really book to get this out. her computer JUST got repaired on sunday. and she spent the next few hours getting this all done. ":D
mjkj 5th Aug 2013, 12:53 PM edit delete reply


I am not complaining that it was late - just that I had missed it by one minute... :S
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 1:04 PM edit delete reply

No its all good.. I hate missing updates.. >_<
mjkj 5th Aug 2013, 1:24 PM edit delete reply

I know how dedicated you are -- and that is exactly why I do *not* mind if you update late once in a while (and also especially since I am fast asleep at that time -- most of the time at least). Though I happened to be awake for today's update and thought it would be nice to read it before sleeping, so, I waited and then I thought it is getting too late and went to bed -- and then at that moment, exactly one minute after I closed the browser, you updated (at least according to the time stamp).
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 1:34 PM edit delete reply

oh maaaan talk about close.. :Di posted it litterally the min I got it from her :D
This is what I love about you guys. so i try to do right by you;.
Stormwind13 5th Aug 2013, 1:52 PM edit delete reply

Yeah I'm curious to see what the bartender actually says on age for drinking. I mean in many parts of the world if you can see over the bar, they will serve you (provided you can pay, of course).

Atha in Datachasers gives me the Wild West feeling. Most Wild West towns didn't have a drinking age either prior to Prohibition.

And by any road, TeeDee looks young, but I'm not thinking she looks THAT young. And I guarantee that her attitude isn't that young, nor is her language! :-D I wonder what her voice sounds like though, because that would play into the bartender's perception.
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 2:02 PM edit delete reply

the bartender is erring on the side of caution - its her Bar. and she doesnt want the Justicars busting her for serving underage. Unlike Joleet Ahta is a lot more technical savvy. metal and concreate and most of the town is underground.

and TD sounds young esp with her attatude.
Stormwind13 5th Aug 2013, 2:21 PM edit delete reply

True, if she owns the bar she can sell or not to whomever she wants; however, SURVIVING a pissed off TeeDee might be another matter! :-D
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 2:22 PM edit delete reply

Yes the old Right to refuse service. enforced by whom :D
CyberSkull 5th Aug 2013, 4:09 PM edit delete reply

I can't believe I forgot this until now, but:

"My robot brain needs beer…"
Centcomm 5th Aug 2013, 4:20 PM edit delete reply

Bender ran on Alchol... >_<
JustNoPoint 5th Aug 2013, 5:12 PM edit delete reply

Surely she can digitize fake ID cards on the fly :P

Seriously, I would hope they gave her ID saying she's over 21 at least!
cattservant 5th Aug 2013, 5:32 PM edit delete reply

You'd think the Perfect Pink Planner would think of it!
Stormwind13 5th Aug 2013, 5:36 PM edit delete reply

Maybe, maybe not. They may not want TRACEABLE ids, so didn't provide any at all. Covert missions frequently are CLEAN. No ids, no serial numbers on equipment, everything sanitized so that it can't be traced back to the person that organized the mission if things go BAD.
cattservant 5th Aug 2013, 6:00 PM edit delete reply

That's a pointy point indeed!
Consider this a test of TeeDee's situational secret stealth social skills.
Speedy Marsh 18th Nov 2016, 11:56 AM edit delete reply
In the background, sensing a massive power spike in a nearby micro fusion reactor, "Oh heck, no. I want nothing to do with this! <i>I'm</i> not even <i>that</i> lucky!"

*bzzrt* (The four leaf clover smart light blinks out)
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