Comic 920 - The players...

26th Sep 2013, 9:00 PM
The players...
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Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 9:00 PM edit delete
The movers pick up stuff on Monday soooo after the 29th Ill no longer be able to comment and stuff .. Rose and the others will have to pick up the slack. there is some filler planned.

My plane flys out the 5th, so hopfully my computer will make it there intact and safe :D
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 9:59 PM edit delete
update on computer issues.. looks like it was a blown motherboard. they should have it done monday or tuesday. *crosses fingers*
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plymayer 26th Sep 2013, 9:03 PM edit delete reply

Good luck on the new life/adventure. Be safe and have fun too.
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 11:51 PM edit delete reply

danke - so far everything is on track.
jamie59 26th Sep 2013, 9:09 PM edit delete reply

Galina algorithm created by our little injured girl on Luna?
velvetsanity 26th Sep 2013, 9:51 PM edit delete reply

I'd say created FOR her rather than by her...
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 10:18 PM edit delete reply

Its based on her, yes. but it was actually created by Torfim Kotko, Galina's creator.
the one he has is not the same as hers. its more limited in what it can do. the original version only worked as well as it did due to Galina's origin and notice Kyle knew exactly who Galina was :D
cattservant 26th Sep 2013, 9:10 PM edit delete reply

There are those mysterious energy spikes down in Fukuoka...

[Panel 2:
Good save Kyle!
Even Ms. Rose would object to being reminded of the passage of large amounts of time.
(I imagine.)]
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 11:50 PM edit delete reply

yeah he kinda backtracked there :D
Tokyo Rose 27th Sep 2013, 12:25 AM edit delete reply

Originally, he was supposed to be saying "Are you kidding me? That translation program costs a fortune. Oh my God, wow."

Then I discovered I couldn't fit it all comfortably into the panel, so he wound up talking exactly like I do when someone casually gives me something awesome. :D
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 12:57 AM edit delete reply

hehe - ive seen it happen too :D
Rashala 26th Sep 2013, 9:33 PM edit delete reply

only mach 5 TC crazy?
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 11:42 PM edit delete reply

just a tad :D
Rashala 27th Sep 2013, 11:45 AM edit delete reply

So In the future the level of Crazy is the Tom Cruise scale?

Daaaaammmmn How mmuch nuttier is he gonna get
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 12:08 PM edit delete reply

you will have to ask rose about that one :D but i thought it was funny as hell.
Tokyo Rose 27th Sep 2013, 4:23 PM edit delete reply

I like Jonathan Coulton!
Rashala 28th Sep 2013, 3:50 PM edit delete reply

I mean tom cruise He's already pretty Wacko now how much worse is he gonna get before the apocalypse there?
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:03 PM edit delete reply

Tom Cruise is not quite a Wacko Jacko just yet, though. He still has a way to go, plus he needs to mutate some more, and loose his nose.
Rashala 28th Sep 2013, 11:28 PM edit delete reply

UGH Thanks for that Mental image now SHeela
Sheela 29th Sep 2013, 7:25 AM edit delete reply

Eh .. I'm sure he'll get right on the mutation part soon.
Guest 30th Sep 2013, 8:03 PM edit delete reply
I thought he would be Charlie Sheen level, or at least Mel Gibson level.
Kanela 26th Sep 2013, 10:34 PM edit delete reply

Hey! have a nice moving! (:

Back to the page, I think this Kyle model is starting to grow on me, oh yes *u*
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 11:41 PM edit delete reply

oh good.. im hoping people will like the new body :D
Stormwind13 27th Sep 2013, 6:12 PM edit delete reply

Quick Kanela, scrap it off before it grows all OVER you! :-D
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:12 PM edit delete reply

Uh-oh .. Kanela has got the Datachaser fungus on her !

Quick, establish a quarentine zone!
mjkj 26th Sep 2013, 10:35 PM edit delete reply

Ah, Galina is still known. I wonder if and hope that she will show up... :)

Great one. Have a good move :)
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 11:41 PM edit delete reply

sadly Galina ( the one we know and love from Luna Star wont be in Datachasers except possably as a historical image.
mjkj 27th Sep 2013, 1:53 AM edit delete reply

Awww, what a pity...

The way Rose talked seemed to imply Galina is still about. Though it can be that she meant the Galina algorithm, now that I have re-read it...
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 7:37 AM edit delete reply

even if Anti agathics worked on Dear Galina its been 900 years. ...
mjkj 27th Sep 2013, 11:36 PM edit delete reply

Yeah, that is a long time.

And I wonder how she would have coped with everybody around her whom she knows and loves dieing of old age again and again...

She is too gentle and caring to endure it too often.
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 11:47 PM edit delete reply

Actually ... that question amoung others will be answered.
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:06 PM edit delete reply

Hrm .. I wonder is less advanced robots have the aging algorithm added to them ?

Ie. would Edict and the auto-Doc still be around ?
Technically, I reckon you could repair them for pretty much forever.
Centcomm 29th Sep 2013, 12:40 AM edit delete reply

that would be spoilers .. sorry ... but assuming proper maintance and care yes Edict and Doc are just programs.
Sheela 29th Sep 2013, 2:45 PM edit delete reply

Ah, I figured as much.

I wonder how far a robot could evolve over, say, a thousand years ?
Even if they are just posi-brains, they could conceivably still update their programming to some degree, or even just have such a complex data set in their memory that they have the answer to almost any occurance.
Highlander55 29th Sep 2013, 6:47 PM edit delete reply
900 years! How did Rose survive then? Galina could have been implanted/ transferred into a body way back when!
Centcomm 29th Sep 2013, 7:40 PM edit delete reply

@ Highlander -- just have to wait and see.. no spoilers :D
velvetsanity 26th Sep 2013, 10:49 PM edit delete reply

I'm loving the portrait images Rose is using. They actually capture their personalities perfectly ^_^
Centcomm 26th Sep 2013, 11:42 PM edit delete reply

that was kinda the idea. to give the pics a " feel " of the charcters. also the prince was totally redesigned as well :D
Kanela 27th Sep 2013, 12:59 AM edit delete reply

is that so?? he still looks very similar :)
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 1:07 AM edit delete reply

I worked really hard on keeping him the same :D took 2 days of work :D
Stormwind13 27th Sep 2013, 2:47 AM edit delete reply

Well your efforts were pretty darn successful then, CentComm. :-)

And good luck with the move. Hope it goes smoothly. And you get your computer back up and running as quick as possible. :-)
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 4:18 AM edit delete reply

here , here on that.
Rashala 27th Sep 2013, 6:01 PM edit delete reply

No offense Centy but the bg image for El Loco Grande there DEci does not really seem to fit....
Don B. 28th Sep 2013, 3:52 PM edit delete reply
What I'm wondering about is the extent of Kyles mods. Was he given the whole cybernetic work-up or just in the areas Rose thought essential? It's never been all that clear to me just how much cybernetic modification your average human can survive in the Data Chasers universe. As far as I have been able to determine, it stops short of the complete body replacement that is common in "Ghost in the Shell" how much is unclear to me.
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:07 PM edit delete reply

I'm thinking they can go pretty darn far, just take a look at Marcus, and he'd pretty much be a complete body rework.
Centcomm 29th Sep 2013, 12:14 AM edit delete reply

actually the "ghost in the shell" Cyborgs are possable but can result in Cyber-psychosis ... and are not common. and they are always combat cyborgs. also refered too as "full conversion borgs"

Marcus has reenforcement and limb replacement - thus how TD was able to rack up some major pain.
velvetsanity 2nd Jun 2017, 3:22 PM edit delete reply

What about medical necessity prosthetic bodies?
Tokyo Rose 29th Sep 2013, 2:07 PM edit delete reply

Nanites are awesome, skilled people lurking in the Wastes are awesome, but the time and resources weren't available to do Marcus-extensive work on Kyle. It'll become a little clearer just what went on while Kyle was snoozing, though. :)
Sheela 29th Sep 2013, 2:47 PM edit delete reply

One would expect he also had some mods before Rose got her hands on him, as well.
Don B. 27th Sep 2013, 5:54 AM edit delete reply
May your move turn out to be as problem and stress free as possible for that kinda thing. We'll miss your presence here. For a short time thankfully.
VanEzzania 27th Sep 2013, 6:03 AM edit delete reply

Me think Decimus and Kali look smexy. Good luck on the moving
velvetsanity 28th Sep 2013, 10:22 AM edit delete reply

Kali does, yeah, in a Russian spy/assassin kinda way. Decimus just looks like an asshole.

Maxus looks good, though :D
VanEzzania 28th Sep 2013, 12:21 PM edit delete reply

Decimus may be an asshole but took at that tight suit revealing those great pecs, I wonder what else it could be revealing? And that beard so manly.... (trails off into inconsistent gibberish that astounds many)
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:10 PM edit delete reply

Decimus has always had good looks, and he is surprisingly muscular too ... he only looks small next to Maxus.

Also, Decimus has his head in the clouds, if Tokyo Rose's image is to be believed. :)
Tokyo Rose 29th Sep 2013, 2:08 PM edit delete reply

I couldn't find a picture of his last colonoscopy to use as an accurate background...
Tokyo Rose 29th Sep 2013, 2:10 PM edit delete reply

Decimus is quite a good-looking guy. If only it weren't for the megalomania and sadism and inability to conduct a normal conversation without monologuing like a comic-book villain written by Charles Dickens. I guess most of those problems could be solved if you just wanted to chain him to a bed and put a gag in his mouth, though.

... Hey, Terri! Incentive art idea!--why are you running away?
VanEzzania 29th Sep 2013, 2:31 PM edit delete reply

" I guess most of those problems could be solved if you just wanted to chain him to a bed and put a gag in his mouth, though."

Me gusta... (nosebleed)
Sheela 29th Sep 2013, 2:48 PM edit delete reply

mmMmmmmhh ... The Douche chained to a bed. :p
KarToon12 27th Sep 2013, 7:20 AM edit delete reply

Every once in a while, it's nice to get recaps like this, to get a bearing on where we're at in the story.
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 7:38 AM edit delete reply

this is a sneaky mini cap :D
Stormwind13 27th Sep 2013, 5:59 PM edit delete reply

Yeah. Reminds us (the readers) of the players in Nova Roma... Since it has been awhile since we have seen them (unless one goes back and rereads the archives) :-D A quick search shows that the last time we visited Nova Roma, was back in late January, currently page 878 (named 31544). So I know the reminder isn't unwelcome to me, and probably a lot of other folks. :-)
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 10th Oct 2013, 9:51 AM edit delete reply

Galina! Crossover elements are yay.
JustNoPoint 14th Oct 2013, 5:19 PM edit delete reply

Looks like the perfect cast to a great fighting game!
Zimriel 17th Aug 2017, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
Ooh, Julia set! (or maybe Mandelbrot...)
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