Comic 937 - Mira's Mission

3rd Nov 2013, 7:44 PM
Mira's Mission
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Tokyo Rose 3rd Nov 2013, 6:50 PM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
This was planned out a while ago and isn't really intended as an overt jab at Obamacare.

That said, I fucking hate Obamacare.
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 7:44 PM edit delete
YES the comic is BACK! this is not filler - I repeat this is NOT filler and NOT a test ! Woooo!
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Stormwind13 3rd Nov 2013, 7:47 PM edit delete reply

Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 7:53 PM edit delete reply

YES!! happyness! :D
cattservant 3rd Nov 2013, 7:47 PM edit delete reply

It's Alive!!!
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 7:53 PM edit delete reply

Yeppers, and more pages on the way!

thank you for sticking by us!
cattservant 3rd Nov 2013, 7:57 PM edit delete reply

We are crispy little cockle-burrs!
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 8:14 PM edit delete reply

hehe im just glad your here :D
Stormwind13 3rd Nov 2013, 8:54 PM edit delete reply

Looks around, reloads the page quickly. More? WHERE? :-D
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 11:48 PM edit delete reply

Right now wensday is the next update ( trying to get back in the swing of things )

and zero buffer >_<
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 3:10 PM edit delete reply

I know, CentComm. Just wanted you to know that we are eagerly awaiting more comics. :-) Not that you weren't already aware of that, I imagine. :-D
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 4:40 PM edit delete reply

Yep im aware - :D more comic !
cattservant 3rd Nov 2013, 7:55 PM edit delete reply

There must be some interesting discussions going on at 3C.*
Did they know she was coming
Or did they pick her up her trail
at the city gates?

[BTW: Is Mira excited to be in the big city,
or is it a cool night?]

*(Or is Cent-Comm Actual running this one sub-rosa?)
highlander55 4th Nov 2013, 4:31 PM edit delete reply
@Cat, not a cool night as it appears all wear just enough to cover their man holes!
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 4:41 PM edit delete reply

It depends on where you are on how cold it is - down near the surface - it can be almost sweltering.
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 4:47 PM edit delete reply

Must be the excitement then.
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 4:53 PM edit delete reply

im positive i turned off nipples .. >_<
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 5:04 PM edit delete reply

Mira is just a thrusty type!

[Then again,
If any human
Had SLT pasties
It would be Mira!]
highlander55 4th Nov 2013, 5:07 PM edit delete reply

whispering- <prude>
If it helps I will do the honorable thing and provide the hand bra for her.
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 8:32 PM edit delete reply

Cat, I'm not convinced that is SLT's on Mira. Looking at it, I'm thinking it might be some kind of ruffle, as there seems to be a pattern across the front of the underneath top. Of course, it might be BOTH. :-)
Stormwind13 3rd Nov 2013, 7:59 PM edit delete reply

And what's this, Mira got banned from the races in Steeltown? Possibly TOO successful in modifying vehicles? :-D Might have to pit her skills against the Wisp (see The Last Run by Alan Dean Foster). :-D
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 8:37 PM edit delete reply

hehe - lets hear it for Noodle incidents.. :D
highlander55 3rd Nov 2013, 8:47 PM edit delete reply
+1 for Allen Dean Foster
Stormwind13 3rd Nov 2013, 8:14 PM edit delete reply

And reading the board there, Carry ID At All Times shows that the society isn't truly free. Not a bad idea to have id with you, but it isn't a requirement.
And those taxes are pretty steep, considering what we know of the value of credits. I mean, is that 800 credits per gram of tobacco? That will cure your habit pretty quick. :-p
Alcohol, 400 credits per litre? Damn. Might as WELL be a dry town. The bootleggers must be making a KILLING in New Troy. :-)
And what is this, an android BANNED? I mean that code looks like an android designation (58KL636-1) to me? Anyone else see something different?
cattservant 3rd Nov 2013, 8:26 PM edit delete reply

Your screen sure has better resolution than mine.*

*(I hope it's the screen!)
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 8:36 PM edit delete reply

actually that number refers to a city law not a andriod and Alcohol is mostly replaced with Synth, the trade quarters have Alcohol at fairly normal prices as long as you drink it there. as for the others again the black market does a booming biz :D
Stormwind13 3rd Nov 2013, 8:43 PM edit delete reply

Ah thank you for clarifying things a bit, CentComm. :-)

And I have pretty decent resolution on my screen, Cat. I'm running 1680 X 1050 on this computer and I had the browser wound up to 250% image size. :-D And I wasn't totally sure what I was seeing. :-)
highlander55 3rd Nov 2013, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
My res is the same and it is just a blur for the most part.
highlander55 3rd Nov 2013, 8:50 PM edit delete reply
Actually it is 1920 x 1080 and everything is dark and blurred / out of focus.
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 11:50 PM edit delete reply

Geeez am i going to have to post a close up of the nonsense I made up for the sign :D
highlander55 4th Nov 2013, 5:30 AM edit delete reply
No just making an observation! ;)
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 10:26 AM edit delete reply

cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 1:35 PM edit delete reply

Hmmn,I don't know,
It just might be
Tokyo Rose 4th Nov 2013, 3:16 PM edit delete reply

Am I gonna have to start closely vetting the nonsense you make up for the signs?! :D
highlander55 4th Nov 2013, 4:32 PM edit delete reply
Hooray!! Something else for Rose to Bitch about! Keeps her form seeing the shit Centy passes under her radar when complaining. LOL :P
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 4:42 PM edit delete reply

LOL it does happen :D
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 4:48 PM edit delete reply

You mean you don't?!!
jamie59 3rd Nov 2013, 9:08 PM edit delete reply

Update YAY!
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 11:51 PM edit delete reply

yep we are back!
mjkj 3rd Nov 2013, 11:22 PM edit delete reply

Yayy update :)

...and Mira seems to like the city - especially the laws and taxes...
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 11:51 PM edit delete reply

yeah - shes not totally sold on all this.
mjkj 4th Nov 2013, 1:19 AM edit delete reply

And she is being followed by CentComm - she must have monitored all incoming with special accesses like platinum class ones...

I wonder if CentComm is able to intercept the message before it gets to the Taylors...
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 4:42 PM edit delete reply

Cent picked up on it as soon as she requested to go to platnium sector
highlander55 4th Nov 2013, 4:47 PM edit delete reply
@mjkj.. I think the reporting from Flitter 727 that Cent-Comm is going to doppelgang to get the info before the real Taylor to "protect" her!
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 4:52 PM edit delete reply

I'm still not quite sure the 'message' is for Mrs. Taylor.
The last we saw of her she wasn't dealing well with things in general.
mjkj 4th Nov 2013, 5:02 PM edit delete reply

Well, Calliope, was always seen busy with work - I believe she will get into action the moment she realises what really is going on.
mjkj 4th Nov 2013, 4:58 PM edit delete reply

Well, Flitter has been hijacked by CentComm.

And is now used as secret spy-bot...
Draginbeard 3rd Nov 2013, 11:30 PM edit delete reply

Trojan horse economics. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Welcome back to update land!
Centcomm 3rd Nov 2013, 11:49 PM edit delete reply

YAY! Updaty goodness! and what you said.. exactly on the nose :D
velvetsanity 4th Nov 2013, 6:51 AM edit delete reply

Yay comic!

And both comics are in the top 20, do we get a prize? :D
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 8:42 AM edit delete reply

hehe - I cant remember if the goal was below 10 or below 20...
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 3:11 PM edit delete reply

I think Marcus has a drink he is going to have to break out. I wanted to get below 10 though and make him get CentComm a meal. If we could have driven it into the top 5, then Marcus would have had to ask Dr. Silver to dinner. And the carnage that would have entailed. :-D

Edit: And here is where Marcus got cornered by the commenters (Anger management). :-D
mjkj 5th Nov 2013, 8:44 AM edit delete reply

Yup a bottle...

quote Marcus Ramesy: I have a bottel to share when we get to 30

Tokamada01 4th Nov 2013, 8:03 AM edit delete reply

Welcome Back Datachasers!
...soooooo is the nice lady in blue and heels a customs agent....cuz the uniform seems impractical...
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 8:43 AM edit delete reply

Krystal is a "personal Assistant" Shes assigned to special visitors. and looking good is part of her job. Although thats lost on Mira.
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 4:17 PM edit delete reply

Not sure I agree with LOST on Mira. I think Mira probably realizes she isn't getting the NORMAL customs agent; however, unless she swings that way then it is kind of wasted on her. :-) Of course, I'm enjoying the view, both of them, even if Mira isn't. :-D
KarToon12 4th Nov 2013, 8:08 AM edit delete reply

At long last, we're finally back! Awesome! :D
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 8:44 AM edit delete reply

Yep- we are back at long last!
Don B. 4th Nov 2013, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
I hope Centcomm isn't going to try something stupid in regards to Mira. She's got enough Karma aimed at her head over this crisis already there'll be nothing but a smoking crater where she used to be when it all comes back on her. Computerized demi godess or not, the caliber of people she is messing with should make her VERY nervous. If she has considered the question "What would they do if they found out?" at all, it is not evident. I don't think she will be pleased with the answer. She'll be lucky to survive it. Updates resume at 19th. Sweet!
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 10:24 AM edit delete reply

The next update is wed :D so hang onto your hats :D And I cant comment on Cents actions per useual :D
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 3:12 PM edit delete reply

LIES! You COULD comment, but you are EVIL so you make us suffer and wait! :-)
rfaramir 4th Nov 2013, 8:40 AM edit delete reply
I like Mira's attitude and perspective. She can see through the façade of 'free' government services to the blunt reality of fascist taxation.
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 10:25 AM edit delete reply

Well New Troys idea if its bad for you tax the crap out of it. ( not unlike tobacco products )
Tokyo Rose 4th Nov 2013, 2:58 PM edit delete reply

It's not a problem for a government to provide a service to its citizens. It's a problem when the illusion is raised that the service is "free", and people don't bother to think beyond that point. Funding for government programs doesn't come out of a magic goose's birth canal. >_<
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 3:39 PM edit delete reply

Rose, you SHATTERED my world view!!! You mean the golden goose is a FABLE?!? =O NO, say it isn't so! :-D
Tokyo Rose 4th Nov 2013, 4:02 PM edit delete reply

The Grimms lied to us all!!
highlander55 4th Nov 2013, 5:17 PM edit delete reply

@Rose.. YOu do know the birth canal shares another function too don't ya?
Tokyo Rose 4th Nov 2013, 5:19 PM edit delete reply

In birds? Oh yes. Yes it does. >D
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 5:42 PM edit delete reply

Cloaca and Draggers!
Eldoran 4th Nov 2013, 7:14 PM edit delete reply
If these taxes are used to finance the otherwise free healthcare, that isn't really a problem. It is obviously a widely known fact.
Generally speaking, a uniform pubic healthcare is clearly cheaper than an optional private one (the same applies to most social security systems). Aside from the anecdotal evidence - the cost/result comparison of the US healthcare system. It should not be any surprise, as most cost factors can be significantly reduced with scale/uniformity.

I'm not sure I really understand all ramifications of PPACA, but it seems like a quite inefficient compromise to me, unlike the USNHCA that should really work. (But I'm no American).
Sleel 5th Nov 2013, 12:33 AM edit delete reply

Uh huh. Speaking as someone living in one of three nations in the world that has a government provided health rationing monopoly (they call it care, but it's really rationing) I see your "clearly cheaper" and raise you a 'fucking bullshit'. In Canada, it takes the average tax payer till MID JUNE to pay the taxes from the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments. Provinces see a massive transfer of funds for their budgets from the Feds. Provinces are the Constitutional holders of jurisdiction and providing of "health care". The average Provincial budget has over FORTY PERCENT of it's annual budget going to health. So, you can take your 'clearly cheaper' grind it up to a fine powder, and scorch it with the rest of whatever you are smoking.

Government never does ANYTHING cheaper and more efficiently, NOTHING. Except piss money away and then say they need more of the money you worked for cause their latest pet project deserves it more then you do.
Oh. The only other countries that have a gov monopoly on Health delivery?....

North Korea and Cuba.

Go ahead. Emulate that. Wont be long till near half of your budget is pissed away on a medical bureaucracy, growing to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

While waiting months to get basic testing to just find OUT what is the problem, before you can even start to deal with it. Like the Physical I had scheduled today...... For mid February. Then I get the tests, and get to wait to find out what is wrong with most of my joints. Merely arthritis... or something worse. That's what gov bureaucracy gets you, waiting. Sometimes till it's to fucking late.
Eldoran 5th Nov 2013, 12:17 PM edit delete reply
cheaper != cheap. Healthcare IS expensive. To put things a bit in perspective:

I'm from Austria (which is incidentally directly below Canada in that comparison). Things here are a bit different, but still close to state monopoly - state owned oligopoly of healthcare providers with a fixed provider based on region and job. Despite appearances it is quite efficient - 97.2% is simply the cost of the provided medical services.
A reduction in costs WILL reduce the quality. And one thing that is often overlooked - almost every part is highly efficient - less/no competition means that there is a big pressure on the price of medicine or the wages of doctors and nurses. Risks and costs are distributed which greatly reduces the costs (individual healthcare costs rise with ago or for the chronically ill).
If all those factors need to be resolved individually, the costs to counterinsure and to transfer capital into the future rise. Not to mention the costs of loans are usually significantly lower for constitutional organisations compared to corporations/individual persons.
You could reduce the public spending to virtually zero, but the result would be pretty much what you see in the poorest regions of the world. Education, healthcare, social security systems, infrastructure, law enforcement are all things which only turn profitable in the long run, at the common interest rates, they rarely break even. On the low interest for federal spending this is far easier.
Computant 13th Aug 2016, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
In the US, Medicare pays 98% of funds provided to doctors and hospitals for provision of medical care.
Aetna pays 80% of premiums collected to doctors and hospitals for medical care, and 10% of premiums collected to "claims adjusters" to find reasons to deny care, hopefully long enough for the patient to die so they don't have to pay at all.
Maybe I'm just bitter because I used to do medical billing work. Medicare's paperwork is horrible, but every private group is worse, plus if you get the middle initial of someone wrong on medicare paperwork they either ignore it or ask you to clarify/re-submit. Private companies just deny claim due to "no matching premium holder," and don't tell you what typo you made. Then you get to go over all the paperwork and try to figure out where you misplaced a letter or a digit.
Then you have to deal with the fact that the more insurance companies you have to deal with, the more SETS of rules you have to learn. For instance a company might not pay for certain types of physical therapy if you code it the way another company would pay for, so you have to code a procedure with one number for Aetna, and another for Mutual. Ugh.
As for Obamacare, I moved on from medical billing long before it passed, but my experience was with a Nanny I hired. She didn't make enough to pay for insurance (and I sure couldn't provide it for her) but Obamacare covered her. When she had a tooth die and needed care, Obamacare at least covered an extraction. Granted, the dentist would have rather done a root canal and saved the tooth, but medicaid is not standard care, it is substandard care, since in the US we don't care about poor people, it is their fault for not being born into a rich family.
antrik 9th Oct 2016, 9:07 AM edit delete reply
Weird -- I distinctly remember a request that political discussions be kept out of this comment section...

But since you started it: you have a weird definition of "free". Of course every thinking individual needs to realise that if something is offered that requires any kind of resources in the making/offering, it always has to be paid some way, direct or indirect. That doesn't mean it can't be called free: if public healthcare is not "free" by your definition, then neither is public television, basic education, public parks, roads, DAZ studio, Google search, Comic Fury... In the end, we are paying for all of these things *somehow*.
VanEzzania 4th Nov 2013, 9:50 AM edit delete reply

Heh.... Obamacare
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 10:26 AM edit delete reply

This situation was mentioned almost a year ago . before that even became a issue >_<
Sheela 4th Nov 2013, 12:54 PM edit delete reply

Well, well, well .. someone cleans up very nicely. :)
Dragonrider 4th Nov 2013, 1:16 PM edit delete reply

Why do I have a feeling that Mira is about to experience some "unavoidable system programming errors" such as the credit voucher not being recognized, unexplained contraband in her luggage, inability to contact Cally Taylor, the bodyguard being misinformed that she is an intruder. Also I wonder what revenge Dolly is planning and scheming with Ceci and I have a feeling the good doctor and TeeDee may join in on the party for that.
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 3:26 PM edit delete reply

You might be right Dragonrider, but Mira might have more than one message to deliver. And Dolly might have planned for some contingencies. Especially if she is suspicious of CentComm (and let's be honest here, EVERYONE should be suspicious of CentComm, EVIL!!! :-D) so the message may have already been delivered just by Mira getting processed.

On the other hand, CentComm has to pay attention to someone that is going to have the accesses that Mira has been granted. I mean, she is responsible for New Troy and if someone were to kidnap Calliope. And now would be the time to do it, while some of CentComm's best agents and the Taylor's guardian are out of town. I mean, someone had the penetration to pull a kidnapping of Lynn on the fly. And that still hasn't been explained/located. So someone COULD know that lots of the best folks of New Troy aren't available and send in an agent to snare the ultimate prize. Chutzpah is NOT something Douchebag is lacking (murdering your own father plus the guards so no one could dispute it, yeah Chutzpah overflows).
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 4:56 PM edit delete reply

Schemes & Intrigue!

Mrs. Taylor wasn't very functional
when last we saw her.
Dragonrider 4th Nov 2013, 5:13 PM edit delete reply

Actually in his case I put that to the genius of insanity and plain old Hubris. Suggest you get your scorecard because I think its gonna get complicated to remember who's on first pretty quick. I don't think the player most people think is the central "Agent Provocateur" actually realizes they are merely filling a part in a greater plan by another player.
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 5:37 PM edit delete reply

This situation has the potential to get more complex than the Question's bulletin board with who is pulling whose strings and who is backstabbing who (Professor Plum clubs Professor Plum over the head with the candlestick, to keep himself from spilling the secret formula :-D). A scorecard would be totally INADEQUATE to cover what is going on here, I fear. :-D

As for Mrs (or should it be Miss or even Ms., I mean her husband is dead) Taylor, I suspect she isn't QUITE as far gone as you think Cat. I think her biggest problem is LACK of purposeful action. The two most important people in her life (Lynn and Dolly) are off risking said lives, and she is stuck at home. If someone (cue Mira) gives her something to focus her abilities on though, I think she might surprise you with what she can do. :-)
cattservant 4th Nov 2013, 5:46 PM edit delete reply

Good Point!

[Widow Taylor?]
Don B. 5th Nov 2013, 9:14 AM edit delete reply
"Fragile" is the word Dolly used to describe Calliope. While apt in some ways, I think that it does her a disservice in others. Don't forget, when her husband was killed and Lynn was kidnapped there wasn't much she could do about it. I believe her biggest problem is with feeling helpless. I predict that when she finds out what Centcomm is up to, we'll find out just how helpless she isn't. Also...Ray, Minx and possibly Mira would be backup she could depend on in a pinch should she request it. I expect her to beat a lesson on "some things you'd be wise not to fuck around with" into Centcomm. You just know that she's going to violently disagree with the "eliminate Lynn Taylor" contingency to the mission.
Centcomm 5th Nov 2013, 2:38 PM edit delete reply

I wish i could comment but Rose would kill me :D
Stormwind13 5th Nov 2013, 3:16 PM edit delete reply

Poor CentComm, she is going to get beat up in the comic (when everyone figures out how you've been fu?king with them). And now Rose is going to beat you up in real life for even THINKING about spoilers. :-D
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 5:41 PM edit delete reply

Just to be clear here, we jumped over to Mira a bit sooner than planned did we not? The computer problems created some other problems with Kyle's model and until you get them all ironed out you want something you don't have to match up with? And you will be getting back to Kyle pretty soon.

Or am I off-base here, CentComm?
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 7:20 PM edit delete reply

No Mira loaded perfectly so she was up . Kyles segment was meant to be a bit longer but was at a decent stopping point so we just jumped.
Tokyo Rose 4th Nov 2013, 8:36 PM edit delete reply

Basically, yes, Kyle's segment wasn't finished, but Mira loaded without a hitch so we switched gears. Should be going back to Kyle after this, since it's a segment that's rather vital to the plot.

For some reason--and we've discussed it and still can't figure out what that reason is--Cent hates poor Kyle like poison. Every single bloody time we come up to a Kyle segment, Cent starts foot-dragging and getting distracted by video games and TV shows. Fortunately, driving over and doing some face-punching is once again an option, as it was not while Cent was in Florida...
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 8:56 PM edit delete reply

Poor CentComm. And Kyle is just one of the boys, not one of HER girls. :-D
Tokyo Rose 4th Nov 2013, 10:10 PM edit delete reply

After I made that comment, Cent and I were discussing the Kyle-hate, and I'm struck by my own cleverness in saying: "You'd hate him even if he showed up on your doorstep dressed in hundred-dollar bills with an armful of kittens and towing a Radio Flyer wagon loaded with Dr. Pepper."
Centcomm 4th Nov 2013, 10:11 PM edit delete reply

annnd my gut reaction was .. lemme grab my shotgun ( what th hell is wrong with me !! )
cattservant 5th Nov 2013, 12:48 AM edit delete reply

Dear Ms Rose:
Please make a stick figure page of this incident!
Tokyo Rose 5th Nov 2013, 1:20 AM edit delete reply

What, of Kyle showing up with kittens and money and Dr. Pepper? :D
cattservant 5th Nov 2013, 1:34 AM edit delete reply

[And Centcomm chambering a shell on the other side of the door.]
Tokyo Rose 5th Nov 2013, 1:41 AM edit delete reply

Oh shit now I actually kind of want to do that.
cattservant 5th Nov 2013, 1:52 AM edit delete reply

Who knows what evil lurks...

Sheela 5th Nov 2013, 10:16 AM edit delete reply

Stormwind13 5th Nov 2013, 3:31 PM edit delete reply

"The Shadow knows", Cat... :-D
cattservant 5th Nov 2013, 3:36 PM edit delete reply

My mind is clouded...
Stormwind13 5th Nov 2013, 3:56 PM edit delete reply

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay... The Shadow knows!" :-)
cattservant 5th Nov 2013, 4:09 PM edit delete reply

Rashala 4th Nov 2013, 6:15 PM edit delete reply

subject noted......Why do I have a distinctly BAD feeling there
Stormwind13 4th Nov 2013, 8:35 PM edit delete reply

I can't see CeCi's earrings on Mira, because I can't see her ears! :-D Two shots too far to see any details and the other two, the ears are covered by her hair too well.

I would kind of expect her to be wearing them though, as she is dressed up (and looking GOOD) and those would go well with being dressed up. :-)
Centcomm 5th Nov 2013, 2:10 AM edit delete reply

Yeah she came out nicely :D
Rashala 5th Nov 2013, 2:32 PM edit delete reply

I think I have finally decided what to do if Centcomm went evil..
Centcomm 5th Nov 2013, 2:38 PM edit delete reply

get a bunker?
Stormwind13 5th Nov 2013, 2:40 PM edit delete reply

What do you mean, IF, Rash? I mean CentComm (the artist) has been evil for a LONG time. :-D
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