Comic 967 - Standoff....

16th Jan 2014, 9:00 PM
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cattservant 16th Jan 2014, 9:03 PM edit delete reply

Still talking and not shooting!
For Peace we should be rooting.
Stormwind13 16th Jan 2014, 9:08 PM edit delete reply

Mira hasn't 'challenged' CentComm's line in the sand. She hasn't moved closer. CentComm has to talk until Mira crosses the line. :-)
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:12 AM edit delete reply

She does not "have" to wait but she is.. :D
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 5:29 PM edit delete reply

Well she didn't HAVE to wait; however, CentComm laid down the rules and there would be... reprecussions if she didn't keep to her own rules. She told Mira if she came any closer she would be killed. If she handed over the message though she would be pampered and wined... So, unless she wants all sorts of bad things to happen to her (they probably are going to anyhow, and deservedly so :-D) she needs to stick with her word. :-)
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:11 AM edit delete reply

yep thats a plan..
Dragonrider 16th Jan 2014, 9:04 PM edit delete reply

Nice set of logic Mira. Still a cliff hanger till Monday, You Are Evil!
cattservant 16th Jan 2014, 9:19 PM edit delete reply

A veritable three way dangler it's going to be!
And it may well be Wednesday before all the pieces are on their squares.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:12 AM edit delete reply

LOL okay.. :D
mjkj 16th Jan 2014, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

Wow, Mira really is courageous. Talking CentComm down and being true to her word.

*is impressed by Mira*

*hugs Mira*

Dolly really prepared her - but CentComm somehow is more of a stick in the mud ay anticipated by her - and poor Mira's patience is running short...

Well, Krystal is standing by and enjoying the scene - I believe she would sit down and pop out the popcorn if that was possible... :D

*hugs Krystal*

*looking forward to the next update* :)

cattservant 16th Jan 2014, 9:26 PM edit delete reply

Krystal has a very high A&U quotient!
Don B. 16th Jan 2014, 9:31 PM edit delete reply
A&U quotient? Not familiar with that one.
cattservant 16th Jan 2014, 10:03 PM edit delete reply

It's a reference to our dear Authartistors marked tendency to employ Asymmetrical & Unexpected elements in their plot developments.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:13 AM edit delete reply

note Krystal IS staying out of the posssable "splatter range" LOL
mjkj 18th Jan 2014, 1:31 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, I saw that she kept her distance. She is clever like that. And that is also better for the popcorn. :D

cattservant 16th Jan 2014, 9:59 PM edit delete reply

It occurs to me that by letting Mira into Helios Tower Cent-Comm has lost any chance of of keeping the fact there is a message from Ms. Taylor.
So why didn't Cent-Comm just secretly bug Mira and gracefully facilitate the meeting?
Depending on the message she might be able to be diplomatic with Ms. Taylor or at least take her by surprise.
The way things are Ms. Taylor is loaded for bear and a little shaky in her trigger finger no mater what the message turns out to be.
Dragonrider 16th Jan 2014, 10:29 PM edit delete reply

Evil-1 is in self preservation mode, ie get that damn message no matter what,cover the contents up and preserve Evil-1 as the top dog in New Troy. With Lynn Taylor dead 80+% chance using Evil-1 strategy Calli is reduced to a manageable drunk and no danger to Evil-1's authority.
cattservant 16th Jan 2014, 10:39 PM edit delete reply

I guess Cent-Comm could just lock Ms. Taylor in her Tower and step up the liquor deliveries.
But gee, didn't she develop Dolly's Type Five body without Cent-Comm knowing about it? Gotta wonder what else is in the tower!
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:14 AM edit delete reply

thats true Calliope DID build that Model five FOR Dolly. in her spare time. she used it as a focus project >_<
Sheela 17th Jan 2014, 11:22 AM edit delete reply

Not only did she build Dolly 5.0 without Centcomm knowing about it, but she also spoke to people outside of New Troy without her knowing about it.

That has to really sting, considering that a military AI is supposed to hold all comm lines in and out of it's "demesne".
highlander55 19th Jan 2014, 12:11 PM edit delete reply
I just remembered when Cali called Dolly Momma that CentComm was wondering what that was all about too! That had to set off alarm bells with CentComm I would think.
Draginbeard 16th Jan 2014, 11:49 PM edit delete reply

I dont know if Cent is pushing for a reason to shoot, but stalling Mira isnt working. She could (and likely has in the past) simply burn down Mira where she stands, regardless and cover it up easily enough, so what is Cent really waiting on?
Dragonrider 17th Jan 2014, 7:01 AM edit delete reply

Witness collaboration that she did everything in her power to avoid eradicating the human.
velvetsanity 17th Jan 2014, 7:06 AM edit delete reply

She's aware of the possibility that those in Calli's suite have been alerted. If she can get Mira to give her the message and back down, all is good in CentComm's "la-la I'm still in charge" land. If she fries Mira without provocation, Calli just might dismantle and redesign her from scratch. And has absolute final authority on doing so, and CentComm knows that and wouldn't be able to prevent it.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:15 AM edit delete reply

Or.... Cent May not be as evil as everyone is thinking...
Dragonrider 17th Jan 2014, 12:43 PM edit delete reply

>>>>>***ANYONE***OR***ANY*** INTELLIGENCE***<<<<< Who orders the death of any young person for any reason, especially to preserve their status quo is EVIL, Despicable, and utterly devoid of any redeeming characteristics. To solve the problem all Evil-1 had to do was have Calli rewrite that section of the code removing the Taylor Clan DNA as the unlock feature for the weapons.

Edit Note: Further discussion on this subject should be taken to private message either here or dragonrider33 at g mail dot com. The story is excellent with plot twists, turns and switchbacks enough to please the most discriminating reader. I just don't for reasons stated agree with that one portion of the plot.
Tokyo Rose 17th Jan 2014, 4:44 PM edit delete reply

That section can't be rewritten. Cent was NOT going to be given the ability to screw with that, even by proxy.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 9:23 PM edit delete reply

Excactly those are HARD coded to her very core. and no one would be allowed to remove that coding even if they could access it.
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 8:10 AM edit delete reply

You mean, that a nuclear breaching charge wouldn't 'rewrite' CentComm's code? Ahhhh... Damn... ::Putting away the device in disappointment::
Rashala 17th Jan 2014, 6:58 PM edit delete reply

Problem with that Dragonrider is If Calli DID that...then Centy would have NO Failsafe on her just going logical and Uncaring on humanity or what is left of it.

Also I do agree on the ORDERS part. *HAlo fan and Sick of people all accusing Dr Halsey of being a monster when she was jsu the scientist who Proposed a concept not the HEad of the ONI who ORDERED her to do it and Made it all happen.
Mister Black 18th Jan 2014, 12:52 AM edit delete reply

Dragonrider, I have to disagree with your statement (at least as it's written) on a fundamental level. Ordering the death of a young person (or, sometimes, thousands of young people) isn't necessarily an evil act. It's sometimes a regrettable but necessary act, and preservation of the status quo is, by default, the reason for at least half of those orders. Just ask any military officer (commissioned or not) who's ever had to give orders under fire.

Cent-Comm is, at her most basic level, a military system, tasked with the preservation of New Troy. With that in mind, and given a certain understandable paranoia, why would she have any real reason to trust an 'outsider' anywhere near a vital military asset like Calli Taylor? After all, she's already been 'burned' once (with Lynn).

I'm not necessarily coming to her defense here, just pointing out that, given her background, and the origins of her core programming, her position, while somewhat extreme, isn't exactly incomprehensible.
Dragonrider 18th Jan 2014, 8:55 AM edit delete reply

Statement stands as written! There is a very slippery slope between that order and sending children with remote detonate satchel charges into razor wire to create a breech in base defense. Blowing up your enemies loaded school buses, sending children with plastique vests into police stations to demolish them. Parts of our society are way to casual in the weaponizing children and I find no reason to think that tendency goes away in the future. [/soapbox rant]
Mister Black 18th Jan 2014, 7:09 PM edit delete reply

So, in your world, General Eisenhower was just as evil (because he ordered thousands of 18 year old kids to their deaths on D-Day) as the regime he was fighting? Are you honestly claiming that there's no moral or ethical difference between legitimate military action (with its inevitable and unfortunate casualties) and terrorism?

If that's the case, folks, pull the plug on SETI, we've already found alien life.
Dragonrider 19th Jan 2014, 4:38 PM edit delete reply

We can discuss Eisenhower off list, he was a coward, aplayboy and because of his policies we got the Vietnam war. He did not order the D-Day Invasion is was ordered by General "Wild Bill" Donovan of the OSS and signed off on by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

No objection to war IF NEEDED, most of the time it's an economic exercise for the benefit of the rich, so is rarely really needed.
Sheela 18th Jan 2014, 9:03 PM edit delete reply

Wait, what ?
The enemy has loaded schoolbusses ? SHIIIT !!! o.O

*looks for rocketlauncher*
cattservant 19th Jan 2014, 7:01 PM edit delete reply

Eventually the FOE (forces of evil) will have selected the 'suicide susceptible' right out of the gene pool.
Grognard 20th Jan 2014, 9:14 AM edit delete reply
@cattservant umm no.
This is the 'altruism' gene, which survives because the 'hero' dies not in spite of it.
Simplifying, the hero's sisters carry the altruism gene to the next generation because the young male adolescent died preventing the predator from reaching them.
Also, if the hero does somehow not die, the alpha female (or the junior alphas in later protohumans) reward him with sex, thus adding the gene into the pool again.
Currently observable with baboons. (Probably others, but the baboon is where I live)
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 5:19 PM edit delete reply

CentComm (the AI) isn't evil, just a TOUCH paranoid is all. And ruthless in dealing with... issues. Her aim isn't to be evil though, but some of her acts aren't what I would call GOOD. :-p

Now as far as the artist of the comics we like... that CentComm is totally EVIL! She keeps leaving us hanging on, waiting to see who lives and who dies! Gah!!! Everyone get their pitchforks and torches out! :-D
Rashala 17th Jan 2014, 7:07 PM edit delete reply

And remember folks... Centy like all Ais are Logical And bound by logic....And as They said in the TV show Andromeda....

Logic Does Not Care.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 9:23 PM edit delete reply

LOL funny :D
Tokyo Rose 19th Jan 2014, 5:30 AM edit delete reply


Oh, so you just mention the artist and not the writer? Who has, on multiple occasions, buttonholed Le Artiste and ear-banged for hours to plan out these scenes for Maximum Effectiveness?!

Mister Black, fetch me the amaretto, it is time for mopey crying over my status as an undervalued creator!
Sheela 19th Jan 2014, 6:42 AM edit delete reply

Undervalued Creator ?

And here I thought you were just setting Centcomm up as the fallguy for all your evil deeds ?
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 7:05 AM edit delete reply

I'm sorry. I know how much EVIL you are injecting into the comic, Rose. It is just now I expect to be able to catch BOTH of you with the pitchforks and torches... I mean, you live in the same area now. And get together all too frequently for this reader's peace of mind. :-D

Of course, being Arizonia I'm not sure you are going to NOTICE torches or us burning the place down even. :-D
cattservant 19th Jan 2014, 7:37 AM edit delete reply

@Tokyo Rose:
Authartistor and/or Artauthorist...
Centcomm 19th Jan 2014, 8:51 AM edit delete reply

hey I memntion you lots! I couldnt do this without you! Rose.
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 11:13 AM edit delete reply

For you, Rose... :-D

"There is no way that writers can be tamed and rendered civilized or even cured. The only solution known to science is to provide the patient with an isolation room, where he (or she) can endure the acute stages in private and where food can be poked in to him (or her) with a stick." - Robert Heinlein

So, it is just EXPECTED behavior out of the author to be evil. Part of the disease. :-D
Rashala 19th Jan 2014, 5:32 PM edit delete reply

Underappreciated? Rose? Never!!!!

*hugs rose,, organizes a Universal TOKYO ROSE holiday with CEnty Dunkign tank*
dakyri 17th Jan 2014, 3:46 AM edit delete reply
She's not evil ... she's just drawn that way.
I think she's more concerned about new Rome turning on the engines of destruction than she is about her power or self-preservation. Complex situation and everybody has a worthwhile position of honour. Love your work.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 10:16 AM edit delete reply

Aww thank you Dak! and I think you may be on to something :D
velvetsanity 17th Jan 2014, 6:02 PM edit delete reply

I believe it was mentioned earlier *in* the comic that Calli is unaware of just how much power/authority that she has over CentComm...and that CentComm has every intention of *keeping* it that way...
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 4:51 PM edit delete reply

I believe Discussions (28 May 2012) is what you are refering to, velvet. :-)

Though it sounds like the true scope is hidden, not that she doesn't know she has authority over CentComm. I think Calliope is smart enough to know that she has a LOT of power over CentComm. :-) She just probably has more than even she realizes.
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 8:41 AM edit delete reply

That was indeed what I was referring to.
KarToon12 17th Jan 2014, 8:11 AM edit delete reply

Calliope is going to swoop in and straighten everything out....right? ^^;;
velvetsanity 17th Jan 2014, 6:03 PM edit delete reply

Of course she is. "What? Message from Dolly? And CentComm is trying to prevent it from reaching me? Oh HELL no." :D
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 8:32 PM edit delete reply

If she has the time, velvet Calliope will SO fix things. :-)
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 9:24 PM edit delete reply

Oh I think the readers will enjoy whats going to happen..
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 2:11 PM edit delete reply

I'll enjoy it, you say... Does that mean I get to use my nuclear breaching charge on CentComm? }:-D~>
Centcomm 19th Jan 2014, 8:52 AM edit delete reply

Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 11:14 AM edit delete reply

I never get to have any fun... ::Goes off to pout:: :-D
Sheela 17th Jan 2014, 8:11 AM edit delete reply

Where's Murphy and why hasn't he shown up yet ?
Is he having an affair with Miss Direction ?
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 4:54 PM edit delete reply

I doubt it, Sheela. Mr. Black is 'employing' Miss Direction... and I know he wants to keep Murphy as FAR away from him as he can. :-D Now they could be sneaking around behind has back, but I wouldn't hold out much hope of Mr. Black not finding out about it.
Sheela 18th Jan 2014, 9:05 PM edit delete reply

Oh ?

I would rather suspect Mr. Black to hire Murhy as an infiltrator of his enemies opposition !
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 9:16 PM edit delete reply

That would put him WAY too close to Murphy for his peace of mind, I would think. :-)
Sheela 18th Jan 2014, 10:46 PM edit delete reply

That's what disposable middlemen are for. :)
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 8:27 AM edit delete reply

Perhaps Mr. Black *is* Murphy?
Sheela 19th Jan 2014, 8:35 AM edit delete reply

Hrmmm ... nooo.

Things go right too often for him.
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 8:40 AM edit delete reply

Exactly why I suggested it, Sheela. Things often go right *for Murphy* because what he does is interfere with other people's plans.
Centcomm 19th Jan 2014, 8:52 AM edit delete reply

they go right for HIM.. not nessacarly for others :D
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 8:56 AM edit delete reply

Exactly my point :D
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 11:15 AM edit delete reply

Well, I won't be shocked if he has another alias that IS a Murphy. :-D
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 12:45 PM edit delete reply

I'd be surprised if he *doesn't* :D
Hornet 17th Jan 2014, 8:57 AM edit delete reply
Mira's got a lot more patience than I have. I would have either said fudge this, or walked off to find a nice explosives dealer.
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 9:25 PM edit delete reply

She gave her word.. it means a LOT to some.
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 2:09 PM edit delete reply

It means way more than a LOT to Mira. I mean, she is risking her LIFE to keep her word. She could be snuffed like a candle in a hurricane playing at this level but she refuses to break her word. That is integrity... Some would also call it STUPIDITY, but Mira is a determined young woman. :-)
Sheela 18th Jan 2014, 9:06 PM edit delete reply

Bit of Column A, bit of Column B.
Young idealists often fail to understand the depth of their own foolishness, which they like to label as "dedication". XD
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 8:25 AM edit delete reply

As was pointed out before, Mira's a Wastelander. Their word and reputation is all they have that can't be taken away, and can mean the difference between staying alive or being killed in a place as lawless as the wastes.
Sheela 19th Jan 2014, 8:37 AM edit delete reply

True enough.

There was a reason why "an eye for an eye" was law during the viking age, it had a tendency to cut arguments short when it came down to bare knuckles. XD
Centcomm 19th Jan 2014, 8:54 AM edit delete reply

Very true.. Also Mira isnt QUITE randomly guessing.. she KNOWS cent could have killed her a dozen times already. shes betting Cent wont.
JacobJSebastian 17th Jan 2014, 12:54 PM edit delete reply

*chuckles* since I went to DarkCon, I know what's gonna happen next! it was in the Datachasers' display! :D (and no, I'm not telling!)
cattservant 17th Jan 2014, 1:41 PM edit delete reply

"The Truth is out there!"
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 5:13 PM edit delete reply

Calls fire on Jacob! CentComm is ENOUGH evil by herself, don't need anyone ELSE getting in on the Evil Bandwagon. :-D
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 9:25 PM edit delete reply

yep I put three of the pages up as a special Darkcon Preview :D
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 9:50 PM edit delete reply

Even MORE evil! We will GET you for that, CentComm. :-)
mjkj 18th Jan 2014, 1:38 AM edit delete reply

Awww, so unfair CentComm. Especially for those of us who could not come because it is too far...

*sniffs* ;)
Centcomm 19th Jan 2014, 8:55 AM edit delete reply

I know - Im sorry if i could I would hold a DC con! and fly everyone in .. but I have enough troble just feeding myself >_< Starving artist indeed..
mjkj 19th Jan 2014, 10:52 AM edit delete reply

*comforts and hugs*

I just hope you are not too much starving, CentComm...

...and I can do only so much - which also adds to not being able to come...

highlander55 17th Jan 2014, 6:31 PM edit delete reply

CentComm must not have seen the ear rings Ceci originally wore. Hmmm! Or did she?
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 6:48 PM edit delete reply

Probably did, highlander. And that would make her MORE suspcious I think. I mean, scavenging dead bodies is a way of life in the wastes (and MANY an adventure game :-D). So, did Mira get the information from Dolly or Dolly's corpse? That is the question CentComm wants answered. :-)
velvetsanity 17th Jan 2014, 9:17 PM edit delete reply

Considering CentComm put them on Ceci before Ceci was initially activated, I'm pretty sure CentComm saw them. But that doesn't mean anything, it's likely a fairly common earring design. (it's been a pretty common design since, oh, I dunno, the 60s?)
Stormwind13 17th Jan 2014, 9:55 PM edit delete reply

The design is pretty basic, this is true velvet. I bet CentComm has analyzed the metal content, the jeweler's mark/manufacturer's mark as well as the shape and can tell with a high degree of certainty that they are the same pair. My only question is, will CentComm ask Mira about where she got them? :-D
Centcomm 17th Jan 2014, 9:26 PM edit delete reply

Shes already noted that fact. the codes plus Ceci's earrings have cent thinking shes a enterprising little con artist.
velvetsanity 18th Jan 2014, 8:19 PM edit delete reply

CentComm must think Dolly fell off the turnip truck yesterday, then, considering the value of those codes. :P
Stormwind13 18th Jan 2014, 8:37 PM edit delete reply

Well CentComm saw Dolly face-plant after waking up in a new body. And there was some signs that she wasn't totally integrated into her new body while being introduced to CeCi. So, CentComm might be concerned someone could have gotten them away from her by some subterfuge.

I'm beginning to wonder though if CentComm might really be trying to protect Calliope. Suppose the message is the last will and testament of one Dolly Taylor. Dolly had arranged for the message to be delivered back if she died. How would Calliope Taylor take Dolly's death in the frame of mind she is in? If CentComm can intercept the message and bury it, until the crisis with Lynn is resolved... It might be dealt without destroying Calliope or become 1000 times worse, depending on THAT outcome. CentComm might simply be playing for time, trying to keep things as normal as possible for as long as possible.
Mister Black 18th Jan 2014, 11:26 PM edit delete reply

There's no doubt in what passes for my mind that she's trying to protect Ms. Taylor. The important question isn't "Is she protecting her?", but "Protecting her from what?" and "Protecting her why?". Details and motive make all the difference in the world.
Rashala 19th Jan 2014, 12:32 AM edit delete reply

Probally protecting her from life responsibility and the power she has OVER centy so centy can keep doing her own agenda without having to explain
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 7:18 AM edit delete reply

There's definitely an element of that in there, Rash, but Stormwind has a very good point that none of us had really considered.

However, CentComm *should* be asking about Dolly and Ceci's status, even if only to gauge Mira's reaction/response as a form of polygraph stress-test.
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 7:39 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, I agree,velvet. Instead of drawing lines in the sand I thought CentComm should pull her aside and ask some tough questions about the why's and how's of her being picked for this mission. They might have told her plenty to better gauge the threat Mira poses to Calliope... and herself.

CentComm probably should have also brought more than the heavy stuff. Something that could restrain Mira, so that she could be uncooperatively moved to a safe location might have been a good idea. Then CentComm could have taken the time to properly question Mira.

Of course, the longer CentComm takes the more chance there is of Calliope taking notice of the situation and sticking her spoon into the batter. :-) And then the cake gets ALL sorts of messy. Which I think is about to happen anyhow. :-D
cattservant 19th Jan 2014, 8:08 AM edit delete reply

That's the trouble with functionally immortal AIs,
You don't know if they're screwing up
Or just being super devious!
Sheela 19th Jan 2014, 8:39 AM edit delete reply

Well, sometimes you have to use the unusual superpower known as Common Courtesy to get your way. :D
Centcomm 19th Jan 2014, 9:01 AM edit delete reply

This is true :D
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 11:11 AM edit delete reply

My only comment to that Sheela, is there is NOTHING common about courtesy in this stupid, crazy modern world we live in. :-p

"...but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot." - Robert Heinlein (Friday, page 242)
Antonious 19th Jan 2014, 8:12 PM edit delete reply

I take it Stormwind that you agree with Heinlein's writing of what in his stories is called the crazy years and that they may be here now?
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 9:15 PM edit delete reply

Kind of seems that way, doesn't it Antonious? He was talking about Corporate Wars in Friday, and it feels like America is a battle ground for the corporations.
cattservant 19th Jan 2014, 8:32 PM edit delete reply

That could be because 'divide and conquer' has been applied to 'The Truth' for so long and so assiduously that you have to ingest it through a straw!
Dragonrider 19th Jan 2014, 5:28 PM edit delete reply

Nicely said Rash Nicely said.
mjkj 19th Jan 2014, 11:04 AM edit delete reply

So, CentComm might be concerned someone could have gotten them away from her by some subterfuge.

Hmm, true, Stormwind, she might have extracted that knowledge from Dolly by the use of alcohol given to an unsuspecting Dolly girl that does not know about drinking at all...
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 11:20 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, mjkj. I mean, Dolly was hemorrhaging all sorts of 'secret' information to Breaker, and to the bar in general even. He didn't have to even LEAD her to the information, just ask a general question and out came enough information to destroy her mission and possibly the world. :-p
velvetsanity 19th Jan 2014, 5:32 PM edit delete reply

Dolly knows about drinking. She just doesn't know how her new body reacts to it, or at least she didn't until Breaker. Of course, CentComm doesn't have the slightest clue how the model 5 would react to it, either, so that would justify that particular concern.
Sheela 20th Jan 2014, 4:41 AM edit delete reply

Or she did and she was playing him.

/devils advocate
highlander55 19th Jan 2014, 12:22 PM edit delete reply
After for reading thru all the comments on just this page I can think the weekends are too long for Monday to get here for the next page. But then Cent Comm and Rose (see- I did include you) wouldn't have something to get together, drink and laugh
their ass' off about the different directions and plot twists we comment about!
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 12:25 PM edit delete reply

Like they NEED an excuse to laugh their asses off at the commenters? :-D
cattservant 19th Jan 2014, 7:08 PM edit delete reply

We're the Commenteers
And we're OK!
We type all Night
And sleep all Day!!!
Sheela 20th Jan 2014, 4:42 AM edit delete reply

LOL Cattservant
highlander55 19th Jan 2014, 7:47 PM edit delete reply

@Stormwind13.. No, what they need is the excuse to get out the liquor. That way Cent is hung over and in an even more EVIL mood to bring us Commenters down another dark alley to ponder and go WTF?! LOL
Stormwind13 19th Jan 2014, 9:16 PM edit delete reply

Chris D 3rd Oct 2015, 10:39 AM edit delete reply
Meh. If she was smart she would just turn this chick into fine red mist and worry about the consequences never. This message needing to be delivered in person is really all the clue she should need to believe the information is damning to her and her mission of "Save Lynn, but execute the hell out of the little shyte and incinerate every trace if there's a 1 in a kazillion chance of prince douchebag getting his way"
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