Comic 988 - Meanwhile....

6th Mar 2014, 9:00 PM
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Centcomm 6th Mar 2014, 9:00 PM edit delete
Enjoy! - voting seems slow lately .. wondering what I can do to help that.
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Dragonrider 6th Mar 2014, 9:07 PM edit delete reply

I had wanted to see Aeneas reaction to the full story of what happened. But here we go toward where ever they are being sent to keep they from Douchie's thoughts and vision.

Just a thought a "common" cold could be as deadly to Lynn as pneumonia, her system has no natural resistance to the bugs or their effects.
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 12:05 AM edit delete reply

she has "some" resistance.. also a lot of this is just fear on her part.
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 5:20 AM edit delete reply

Well, at least she hasn't caught a "computer virus" !
Tokyo Rose 8th Mar 2014, 3:26 PM edit delete reply

New Troy is fanatical about vaccinations and boosters, and the city's "herd immunity" is spectacular, but it's not always a replacement for individual exposure and immune response. Their general germophobia works against them in that respect. On the other hand, if you go to a hospital in New Troy, you will not come back out cured of what you had but carrying three new infections you didn't have when you went in, so . . .
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 6:58 PM edit delete reply

Wait,what ?

Their hospitals suck ?
Computant 14th Aug 2016, 12:38 PM edit delete reply
By your reasoning US hospitals suck.
In fact, research has shown that if you need surgery you are much better off going to a dedicated surgical facility than a hospital.
It is almost like there are a lot of sick people in hospitals, and germs travel in the air or something!!!
jamie59 6th Mar 2014, 9:25 PM edit delete reply

Don't look at me. I vote all 3 comics. It seams odd Luna is ahead of Data.
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 12:05 AM edit delete reply

I know right? thank you for voting it really helps a lot!
mjkj 7th Mar 2014, 1:28 AM edit delete reply

Well, I also vote usually twice a day for all three comics (once at home, once at work)...

...and I am really surprised that LS is higher ranked than DC... :)
(...not that I mind though)
Sheela 7th Mar 2014, 5:14 AM edit delete reply

I usually just vote for Datachasers and Luna Star once or twice a day (if I remember it).

I may miss a day or two, every now and then ... but that's just me being lazy. :D
Dragonrider 6th Mar 2014, 9:56 PM edit delete reply

Was today cancelled and no one told us?
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 12:05 AM edit delete reply

HUH? not sure what you mean by that?
cattservant 6th Mar 2014, 10:53 PM edit delete reply


Nice segue! From sneeze to sneeze.

[Kind of expected a scene change,
but this one is distinctly A&U!]
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 12:05 AM edit delete reply

yep follow the sneezes :D
Rashala 6th Mar 2014, 11:30 PM edit delete reply

*suggests Women of DataChaser's Very skimpy bikini Picture calendar incentives *

*and is promptly beaten into a thick pink GOO by Dolly AND Tedee*
cattservant 6th Mar 2014, 11:34 PM edit delete reply

There was that lovely roman bath set too, if it survived the great move.
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 12:06 AM edit delete reply

not in its finished state .. but I can recover parts of it I think.
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 12:06 AM edit delete reply

im actually going to give that some thought.. - wonder who would be up first.
velvetsanity 7th Mar 2014, 12:47 AM edit delete reply

Julia and Miraiko! :D
Sleel 7th Mar 2014, 2:01 AM edit delete reply

CeeCeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3

And I'm gonna blame the fact I woke up with a scratchy throat and the feels of coming down with my first cold in 2 or 3 years on this page. Even tho I hadn't see it yet, and the fact I likely got it from my nephews (aka: The Hellions) or the rest of the family over last weekend. x.x
Somethin that makes her hips boom and accentuates them marvelous back muscles. *nosebleed*
Sheela 7th Mar 2014, 5:09 AM edit delete reply

Prince Douchebag and his cat !
He'd be wading in waistdeep water, and she'd be riding on his shoulders... he'd actually *try* to smile, but it wouldn't be sincere.
In the background Maxus could be lunging, making sure the cat has a good time.

Prince Douchebag has a blue eye from when he initially said "no" to giving the cat some leisure time. :D
cattservant 7th Mar 2014, 6:18 PM edit delete reply

Actually Kataya would be perched on his head with her tail bolted!
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:24 AM edit delete reply

thats actually kinda cool idea..
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 10:31 AM edit delete reply

The blue eye would have been courtesy of Maxus btw ... because he thinks the Cat needs happy fun times too, especially now his Douchiness doesn't have other girls around him.
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:23 AM edit delete reply

heheh sorry ! :D
Dragonrider 7th Mar 2014, 2:46 PM edit delete reply

Do Rashala a favor and go with TeeDee and Kali.
Rashala 7th Mar 2014, 3:56 PM edit delete reply

@dragonrider Now now.. .Those two would eb the oens who'd IF THEY HAD TO DO IT Would go first...

PERSONALLY. I would Ask for Ceci And her Big somewhat meaner when she has to be Sister CEnty First in the skimpy bikini's
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:24 AM edit delete reply

Ceci and the centcomm doll eh?
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:25 AM edit delete reply

hmm noted..
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 10:38 AM edit delete reply

Centcomm doll with a Centcomm doll!

... really, who else does she fit better together with ? After all, she's completely different from everyone else around her.

I know, I know - The activation of Ceci showed that Centcomm probably have a sort of a mother complex, since she never had real parents, so she's sort of adopted Calliope as her current mother, just like CeCi has adopted Dolly as her own 'mommy' and all that jazz.

So she has at least some human-ish feeling and such, but I just still cannot imagine her evolving romantic feelings for another human/android.

... she *would* however, rock a hightech leotard if she thought it would advance her plans.
... and she would bring two or three identical dolls to cash in on the twins-fetish crowd as well.

She's calculating like that, yes she is. :)
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 12:01 PM edit delete reply

Interesting thought there, Sheela. And you might be onto something. CentComm does seem to have a both a desire to be guided (mothered) and to guide (mother) those around her. :-)
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 1:20 PM edit delete reply

Well, consider that most sentient lifeforms have both a mother and a father at the time she was created, it could have been something she wanted because she could never truly have it.

ie. we desire that which we cannot have.

And Centcomm, the AIS, cannot have true parents/family/children, so she has herself some surrogate ones.
The Taylors, the Androids, the Bots - All of them pieces of her surrogate familiy in the views of her (from a human perspective) very strange world.

I believe I have alluded to the idea that no AIS can be truly sane, in the eyes of a human.
Rashala 8th Mar 2014, 7:01 PM edit delete reply

Now Now Centy I imagine you went through a LOT of facial and hair combinatiosn til you saw a result that just clicked with you as.. "That's Me yes that is ME" Just like The Andromeda Ascendant's Ai When she chose her avatar.

And I am willing to bet because of your....Connection to the Taylor family that you have a fully human like Doll out there somewhere that would look Jaw dropping in a skimpy swimsuit with Ceci ;)
mjkj 7th Mar 2014, 12:26 AM edit delete reply

Yayyyy, Acantha is back... :D

...and Lynn caught her first cold - poor her...

So, they come back to the palace and run into Leo straight away...
Centcomm 7th Mar 2014, 1:56 AM edit delete reply

yep - Acantha and Lynn again .. and this cold has been building for a bit- also shes under a lot of stress and that tends to make things worse.. :D
Stormwind13 7th Mar 2014, 3:57 AM edit delete reply

Argh! Another scene change! Just when things were looking like we (the readers) might learn some more! :-D
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:25 AM edit delete reply

I know there are sometimes abrupt scene changes but thats due to "script" demands :D
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 9:37 AM edit delete reply

And here I thought it was just a sadistic and mean creative team producing the comic. How can we TORMENT the readers today? :-D
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:43 AM edit delete reply

ah.. maybe a little of that too.. gotta keep you guys hooked .. right?
cattservant 8th Mar 2014, 10:05 AM edit delete reply

To further the fishing analogy,
Keep the 'line' taut!
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 10:40 AM edit delete reply

Well, that's all fine and dandy .. but did she *have* to use Cyanide as bait?
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 11:37 AM edit delete reply

No, no Sheela. Cyanide would kill the readers off... CentComm and Rose are using a weak form of Curare. It causes extreme muscle relaxation so that we can't run away (provided you don't paralyze the diaphragm and asphyxiate the victim). Have to STAY and read more comics. :-D

(On a side note, Curare might be at least PART of the formula being used on Galina in Luna Star, for exactly this reason).
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 1:23 PM edit delete reply

*chews a bit more on the hook*

No .. no, I'm fairly certain this tastes like Cyanide.


Yah, definately Cyanide!
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 5:00 PM edit delete reply

That would kill us off too quickly, Sheela. CentComm wants us to SUFFER... no quick deaths for any of us.

In sufficient dosage, 3 minutes and Cyanide would kill most people. Maybe someone is trying to get rid of an overly slobbery puppy, hmmm? :-)
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 7:02 PM edit delete reply

Oh ?
Well, in that case they need to up the dose a lot. This is hardly worse than a glass of Absinthe. :)
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 11:27 AM edit delete reply

No, no hooks CentComm... that leaves nasty , messy marks on the readers... I would suggest a net, CentComm. :-D
Johninaustin 7th Mar 2014, 8:15 AM edit delete reply
Voted, could someone tell me what this ranking thing DOES? Cash to the writer or at least a new toaster?
Antonious 7th Mar 2014, 5:11 PM edit delete reply

Think of TWC as a stack of books. Now the position of each book in the stack varies by the number of votes it gets and in turn the number of votes a book gets is related to the number of times it gets read. As you would expect, books closer to the top of the stack get read more often. Humans are so lazy. So voting gets the comic higher in the stack = more readers = more votes = creator's greater interest in creating a comic people like over giving up for lack of incentive.
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:26 AM edit delete reply

thats a excellent example Antonious..:D
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 11:46 AM edit delete reply

We the readers are trying to drive it into the top 10 and keep it there long enough that Marcus will pay OFF his bet. :-p

Which would be a free meal.

Now if we can get it into the top 5 and keep it there, CentComm would have to create a dinner date for Marcus and Dr. Silver. Because so many readers shipped them. :-D

Otherwise it is all about getting the comic noticed more, bringing in more readers (and possibly more money) so that CentComm and Rose can make MORE comics. :-)
KarToon12 7th Mar 2014, 8:36 AM edit delete reply

At long last, we see what these two have been up to. And dang; Lynn's got a cold. She can fight back with germ warfare! XD
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:26 AM edit delete reply

yep Germ warfare for the win!
Rashala 7th Mar 2014, 8:15 PM edit delete reply

Well given the Post above by dragon rider *And a lot of my own thinking* I've come to a couple well....How you could say rather harsh and probally sad realization about the chances I would have In attempting a relationship with Members of the DC cast/universe. I'll list them below and rate each one On a scale of 1 to 10

1= have a better chance of Skinny dipping across a lake of plasma covered in Gasoline on the surface of the sun and surviving than a relation ship with

10= Love at first sight kismet...Meant to be soul mates so on.

and 5 = Probally could easily be close friends, or even Very close friends bot a relationship is a 50/50 chance and that's not a firm chance

Starting :

*Cause people will wanna know*

Tedee = 1 *She just is not interested in a relationship/humans *

Kali = 1 *She -might- be interested but her cold and distant deteached personality would make anything intimate relationship wise impossible and best not attempted*

Marcus = 0 *I don't swing that way. Though I think we probally could be buds. That's it*

Lynn & Acantha = 2 *both spoken for well at least one is and I bet the other Well Not gonna pry into her life there. Friends prolly.

Deci = -100 *not into guys and I am gonna be fighting tedee for a spot in the front row when Calli Has him Fired into the sun

Calli Taylor = 3 (Shes still in love with her dead husband. *permanent friend zone only*

Dolly = 3 She's got enough folks in her life she loves and worries about. Not gonna make her life difficult Respect her too much *Friendzone permanent*

Tokyo Rose = 4 *Share a sense of humor, but get the feeling she ain't looking for a relationship And she already has those three Lushes to take care of *Friends only*

Ada = 1 *already got someone and I am NOT a home wrecker *friend...and not just to have someone to keep tedee from killimg me in a drunken rage

Dr Silver = 2 She's obviously too busy repressing and denying her own attraction and desire for Calli to ever be in a relationship offense but I doubt she really makes CLOSE friends so associates and aquantance only.

Centy = 5 *might be possible might not, I would definitely give it a try if I could but wouldn't Hold anger or a grudge if it went no where but friends.

*And now the one you have all been waiting for*

Ceci = 5 *I will admit I find her attractive... cute, fascinating And well the whole thing but looking back and re-reading back episodes... I think Ceci's already met someone she well wants may be meant to be with *if she makes it though this* And you all can see who just scroll back a few hundred pages to her and dollys first pit stop before Gutter palooza. Not that I would not try if I had a cahcne to see if I could....make a go of it with her in a relationship and more....but I'd put her happiness above my own and if she was happier with This other person I would not stand in the way.

Though if he broke her heart and hurt her I would do things to him that would make Tedee, Marcus AND Kali all so ill they'd spontanioulsy form a digestive tract if lacking JUST so they could vomit......In short....not even a Murder turd would eat what was left.

So there it is Now I am just gonna go over to the side here and wait for the laughter from people reading and any physical harm the cast wishes to do to me for the ratings
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:30 AM edit delete reply

That is really cool Rashala - makes notes :D
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 10:41 AM edit delete reply

What nobody knows, is that I already have formed a long lasting relationship with Calliope Taylor's fridge!!

... it had Smoked Salmon in it! :D
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 5:06 PM edit delete reply

What you didn't know Sheela was that Calliope's refrigerator moonlights as a reporter for the Luna Enquirer. So EVERYTHING you ever said about, near or in the fridge has been reported and embellished (not like they have to do that for YOU though :-D).

The fridge is also responsible for Lynn's predicament too. The fridge was trying to let its editor know about the birthday party so they could get a unit in place to scoop it. Unfortunately, that message was intercepted by a spy for Douchebag (actually Kali)... and Lynn was captured because of it. :-D
Dragonrider 8th Mar 2014, 6:57 PM edit delete reply

That's nothing the toaster is actually a spy for the Greys Mother Ship, just biding their time till they can take over.
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 7:04 PM edit delete reply

I knew about the Toaster, it's in cahoots with the fishtank !
I'm disappointed by the refrigerator though, it shoulda known better than disclosing locations like that.

BAD fridge!
Rashala 8th Mar 2014, 7:10 PM edit delete reply

Oh please.......We all know those are all fronts for the TRUE spy Appliance..

the smart toilet!!!!

Also Incase people Wondered. I did nto put Minx on the list cause well Given her Overclocked Libido Circuits....SEx is a defiante possibility but relationship......yeah not very likely beyond a friend with benefits Soooo didn't list her as her Circuits are currently Overheating for the Gentleman Officer
Stormwind13 8th Mar 2014, 8:00 PM edit delete reply

I knew the toaster was working for someone, Dragonrider, but didn't know it was the Greys. :-)
Sheela 8th Mar 2014, 9:11 PM edit delete reply

Meh .. the Greys are working for the Furries.
velvetsanity 9th Mar 2014, 12:30 AM edit delete reply

But who are the furries working for?
cattservant 9th Mar 2014, 12:49 AM edit delete reply

The flea medicine supplier!
Rashala 9th Mar 2014, 1:21 AM edit delete reply

Oddly enough ....No one's ARgueing with my list ratings.....

Nor is anyone argueing about Dr Silver Being secretly deeply in love with Calli and just putting on the whole hate thing as a fascade......
cattservant 9th Mar 2014, 1:36 AM edit delete reply

An old story from their school days.
highlander55 9th Mar 2014, 6:47 AM edit delete reply

I bet there are sorority pictures somewhere?
Stormwind13 9th Mar 2014, 11:23 AM edit delete reply

Doubtful highlander. Calliope is 37, Veronica is 47. So they wouldn't have been in school at the same time. Unless you want to imply to Veronica that it would have taken her the extra 10 years to graduate or something.

If so, let me know so I can sell tickets for what Veronica will DO to you. :-D
Stormwind13 9th Mar 2014, 11:29 AM edit delete reply

Not sure what I can argue about, Rash. I mean, you are talking about YOUR chances of forming a relationship with the various characters in Data Chasers. I would think you would have a pretty good idea of your qualities are. So you would have the best idea of how those would match up with what we know of the characters' qualities. :-)

As for Dr. Silver being in love with Calliope... I think it is an INTERESTING thought.

I don't see it myself, because I think that Dr. Silver is too much in love with herself to ever fall in love with anyone else. She can (and apparently does) play the field, but I just can't see her forming much of a relationship with anyone because of her hang-ups.

::Shrugs:: Just my take on the subject. :-)
highlander55 9th Mar 2014, 4:01 PM edit delete reply

I never said they would be together just have them taken when they were in school. Sort of a Cancun type or whatever passes in their time. LOL
Dragonrider 9th Mar 2014, 5:48 PM edit delete reply

Stormwind the only field that woman plays is at Energizer stadium, understand she has a standing order for two cases of "C" cells every month.
Stormwind13 9th Mar 2014, 6:19 PM edit delete reply

I don't know, Dragonrider. I get the feeling Dr. Silver has a working knowledge of the 'seamier' side of the tracks. :-)

Now that knowledge might be to pick up specific toys, specific boys or both to suit her tastes. Not for me to say. And if we are fortunate, we will NEVER find out. :-D
Dragonrider 9th Mar 2014, 7:33 PM edit delete reply

Stormwind watching her reactions during the fight I have a feeling her motto might be:
Sticks and stones,
May break bones.
Whips and Chains,
Excite Me!!!
Tokyo Rose 9th Mar 2014, 4:10 PM edit delete reply

Good God, of course Dr. Silver isn't in love with Calli. The professional rivalry and jealousy completely negates any chance of personal involvement. (Also, Dr. Silver's tastes run in a completely different direction.)
Stormwind13 9th Mar 2014, 6:22 PM edit delete reply

LOL. Rash's rash list got Rose's attention. :-D And possibly gave Rose hives from the disturbance it caused.
Rashala 9th Mar 2014, 6:41 PM edit delete reply

If I did Then I am doing my job properly then *nods* And can Die happy about 15 seconds when rose has me killed
cattservant 8th Mar 2014, 1:57 AM edit delete reply

It occurs to me,
Out here in the
Shallows of the Night;
If you link S&S and LS
to each other the same way as DC is
it would expedite voting considerably.
Centcomm 8th Mar 2014, 9:27 AM edit delete reply

ok nice idea will have to try that..
cattservant 9th Mar 2014, 1:48 AM edit delete reply

Seeing how much you like your A&U,
how about all of Cent-comm's dolls posed provocatively
on and around her Central Core?
mjkj 9th Mar 2014, 2:51 AM edit delete reply

...but not only dolls but angels, too (black and white ones).

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